North Korea delegates arrive in Seoul for pre-Olympics inspection

  • Published on Jan 21, 2018
  • North Korean delegates arrive in Seoul on their way to inspect venues and prepare cultural performances for next month's Winter Olympics, in the first visit by Pyongyang officials to the South for four years.

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  • News Mug
    News Mug 3 months ago

    I think one of them are agent spy of North Korea. Look at those eyes glaring at everything or they might amaze how rich South Korea was

  • News Mug
    News Mug 3 months ago

    I can't imagine how north Koreans envy South Koreans lifestyle and how losers there country was. They might even thought how far there country was left behind by the South Koreans success and glamour. For a train in South Korea they were way left behind.

  • Happy Robins
    Happy Robins Year ago

    Best bus ride of their lives

  • diego item
    diego item Year ago

    People listen carefully!! i think North Korea have a bad plan ! this country has been isolated and also did not respect the UN conditions of peace! and suddenly they start to be friends? i think is a excuse to enter spys or to get useful information to find a vulnerable point to defet the enemys! When the devil caresses you, it wants your soul

  • Catch_Me_ If_You_Can

    the leader of Moronbang band?
    why dont Taeyeon be the leader of the south's hosts team then :D

  • Cory Frymire
    Cory Frymire Year ago

    NoKo used the last bit of the fuel they had for those busses lol

  • James Hobson
    James Hobson Year ago

    I Truly Pray that this is the Dawning of a Great & Brave New Golden Age of Peace & Combined Prosperity! Amen.

  • Ko Ma
    Ko Ma Year ago

    Massive defection XD

  • Hope Angel
    Hope Angel Year ago

    What a drama.

  • Georgi Kaua
    Georgi Kaua Year ago +2

    NK delegates probably was AMAZE by modern SK and thinking we wish we have all this in NK

  • Inconspicious Fellow White Man

    US should leave the region they are the ones escalating tensions

    • Reaver
      Reaver Year ago

      True. But US troops and Trump need to stop escalating things.

  • GamingFps
    GamingFps Year ago +1

    Hahaha ingit sila sa south korea! XD

  • true
    true Year ago +4

    Unification? What!!!!! US military contractors will lose billions!!!!!

  • true
    true Year ago +5

    US Fake News reported that she was executed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what other Fake News have I been listening to in the USA

  • BermyHustlinTV
    BermyHustlinTV Year ago +3

    Escape while you can.

  • Ryan Paul
    Ryan Paul Year ago +2

    Hmmm.... I'm glad there is peace! But not sure about this! The world needs to take a step back really. We can't have leaders to dictate our future...True Canadian:) always neutral

  • Spike and Sam And me

    0:53 that bass tho XD

  • S.W.W.
    S.W.W. Year ago +1

    What an Amazing step taken by both Koreas. It is time for the enemies of the USA and its Allies to show that the Democratic Dream of the once great USA has always been a dream of all Nations in spite of their differences!
    The World needs to move forward without the USA and their aggressive leaders and seek peace as great Nations that we all are!

    • JayKing908 Willis
      JayKing908 Willis Year ago

      S.W.W. You mean two world wars happening a decade after each other? Barely half a decade after that, the Korean War, Decades after that Vietnam, then Desert Storm? This "US aggression" is the reason we haven't had another world war. We can pull out of South Korea right now but tell me, what are the chances of North Korea invading the South again?
      We can pull out the entirety of Europe but tell me this, when that does happen how much heat will the US receive from the constant nagging from these European countries? We can't win with you people in this world. First you demand, it's not even asking anymore, that we defend YOUR nation, then you complain that we're "occupying/Colonizing" your countries, but i bet you if we tried to pull out now there would be a uproar. You nations need to make up your minds, either US stays or we leave (benefits us so we won't have to worry about YOUR PROBLEMS and start focusing on OUR PROBLEMS) but so much for your great nations speech eh?

    • DataSerpent
      DataSerpent Year ago

      I heard a rumor that hon song wol is the wife of kim jong un..... I believe she would have never been part of these meetings in south Korea if she wasn't....

  • ItchyPilauBoto808
    ItchyPilauBoto808 Year ago +1

    Defectors?? The recent ones guarantee believe war would break out soon... These are spies fo sho

    • ItchyPilauBoto808
      ItchyPilauBoto808 Year ago

      Rey1221 Kenobi there was the nk soldier who ran across the dmz and got shot 5 times by nk gaurds that crossed and shot over the border line. Then there were more i believe.. Just happened like little over a month ago or sometime recently. The soldier survived

    • Jin
      Jin Year ago

      xxBEASTITxx what do you mean? Recent ones?

  • RobZoneFire
    RobZoneFire Year ago +3

    within a few hours we will hear north koreans defecting to the south

  • Rita Geraghty
    Rita Geraghty Year ago +13

    Everything in South Korea is bigger and better than in poor North Korea.
    North Korea is TOO POOR to host Olympic games.

    • Rita Geraghty
      Rita Geraghty Year ago

      Thunder Snake, I absolutely feel so very sorry for the poor North Koreans. Despite their fake smiles on cameras, they are the most miserable nation on earth. Just look at them. Their smiles look very forced. The poorest peoples in Africa are a lot happier and bubblier than the North Koreans. I wonder why is that? Kim Fatty III is the only happiest guy in North Korea. Only he has the greatest freedom there, because he is the fat mean dictator who is entitled to do anything. He can retire early and play hard, while poor poor poor North Koreans work longer, work harder and work till they drop. Mean selfish Kim Fatty III is into all grabs, all takes, no gives, no thanks.
      It is disgraceful how poor elderly grandfathers and grandmothers are marching in North Korean army. Truthfully, they don't look they don't get pensions at all and that is utterly disgraceful. Look at how skinny and overworked they are, those poor poor starving elderly solders. My heart goes out to them. They should have retired decades earlier and enjoy the fruits of their labour, but Kim Fatty III is *TOO POOR* to pay them pensions for their great many years of services. Poor soldiers are so undervalued. Same story with elderlies in the navy, police, etc.
      It is really absurd how he can afford so many rockets while some richer countries can't afford them but yet take much better care of their elderly people, disabled people and orphans.

    • Rita Geraghty
      Rita Geraghty Year ago

      Kim Fatty the Third is the only richest guy in North Korea and the only fattest guy up there too. 👻

    • Thunder Snake
      Thunder Snake Year ago

      With that type of attitude you won’t get far in life. Being rich don’t make you better

    • Risbo Lensky
      Risbo Lensky Year ago

      yeah and still they will be there. Keep biting your pillow you ladyboy pervert

    • Angel천사
      Angel천사 Year ago +1

      North Korea is best Korea:

  • Rita Geraghty
    Rita Geraghty Year ago +8

    How many athletes and delegates will defect? How many government officials will too defect? Just wait and see.

  • kyle
    kyle Year ago +6

    That would be dope if all the athletes decide to stay

    • Catch_Me_ If_You_Can
      Catch_Me_ If_You_Can Year ago

      Vernon Kristov ESL no they wont

    • Catch_Me_ If_You_Can
      Catch_Me_ If_You_Can Year ago

      l highly doubt

    • zbudda
      zbudda Year ago

      Vernon Kristov ESL yes...state blackmail as an incentive not to defect aside.

    • Vernon Kristov ESL
      Vernon Kristov ESL Year ago

      zbudda their familes would be so proud at the same time though

    • zbudda
      zbudda Year ago

      kyle not so dope for their families back in North Korea?

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen Year ago +4

    This is good for the whole region of North Asia.

    • Scanix
      Scanix Year ago +1

      North asia??xd

  • Theo Schutz
    Theo Schutz Year ago

    Hahahahahah NK playing games other than olympics. .hahahahahaha fatty boy tik tok tik tok.tik.tok....boooom
    No more fatty boy