Andy Ruiz on Anthony Joshua Loss, 'I Partied Too Hard and Ate Everything!' | TMZ Sports

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • "I think I ate everything ... EVERYTHING ... that's why I gained so much weight."

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Comments • 4 692

  • Untold Story
    Untold Story 2 hours ago

    Nothing but excuses

  • Rudy1959 Romero
    Rudy1959 Romero 3 hours ago

    🎥 next go into the movie's

  • Edwin Urena
    Edwin Urena Day ago

    Fun fact: Hes gonna open a taco stand on the strip. Giving 1 for the 3 and 10 for the 4.

  • SF001
    SF001 Day ago

    Talent means squat if you don't put it to work. That's one opportunity that is not comming back..

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 11 days ago

    Im a big fan of andy and am british. I loved the fact he came from being written off, working class. What a lovely guy, one of the nicest most humble guys in boxing and a credit to mexico

  • hyena131
    hyena131 12 days ago

    Fat waste of space full of excuses, lard and burritos who can't even speak English despite being born and raised in USA. 3rd fight? Nobody cares, porky - you're yesterday's news.

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star 14 days ago

    Lol Ruiz needs to lose weight

  • emanny1986
    emanny1986 15 days ago

    Somebody get him to shut the hell up and stop telling people he ate too much!!! You lost, you lost, there is no third fight!

  • carpetinstaller323
    carpetinstaller323 17 days ago

    You are not getting the third fight.pendejo

  • Daniel Shephard
    Daniel Shephard 17 days ago

    This guy has shamed everyone who believed in him. There is nothing more pathetic than someone who threw his greatest opportnunity away for nothing more than self absorption. Nothing can make up for the betrayal he has perpetrated upon the people of his community. His self professed pride in his roots and those of his family were disgraced. His lackadaisical responses to his defeat portray someone not in touch with self deception. As someone who has spent his life promoting the honor and dignity of this sport I can not find the words to convey my destain for someone given this Golden opportunity and pisses it away on some delusional idea that his opponent would arrive unprepared and not seeking to atone. As for his part, I can not convince of manner in which he can atone. The imperial Valley is not big enough to contain the shame he has brought upon the community who embraced him. Lets pray the Gods of War will drop a true on his head and remove him from sight. He will enter my next series of Boxing Heroes Volume as the jelly belly fraud that brought shame and disgrace to the people he claims to prodding represent.

    • hyena131
      hyena131 12 days ago

      Daniel Shepherd
      Very well said. This fat man is a disgrace to the beautiful, noble sport of boxing and I sincerely hope he vanishes into the shadows never to be seen or heard of again.

  • kelly wallet
    kelly wallet 18 days ago

    runing to much like always do 🥜🥜🥜🐒

  • kelly wallet
    kelly wallet 18 days ago

    🖕they pay you to lose vendido de mierda te pagaron para gue perdierasboxin is a mafia sport should be clean

    ESTABLISHED IN 1982 19 days ago +1

    Tacos always beat Mexicans 🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • mandorules1
    mandorules1 19 days ago

    Pinche panzone no tiene verguenza.. no trilogy.. you’re not a serious fighter. You knew that you had a big fight coming and you ate more then you practice. You have no discipline, fat boy.
    You loss a fan so go back and eat tamales fatty.
    This fat boy talks about having faith in god but he just said he was having to much fun with friends, beers and many girls... This fat boy is married..

  • Tashinga Kucherera
    Tashinga Kucherera 22 days ago

    The world hyped him up with all them sneakers memes + belts and he thought he slick

  • Anser Khan
    Anser Khan 22 days ago

    He don't owe u a 3rd u dreaming!!!!he schooled u !!!! Go eat some doughnuts and cry your self to sleep.....!!!!!

  • My Name is Jeff
    My Name is Jeff 22 days ago

    Pacquiao train hard everytime

  • Wirsitz Miau
    Wirsitz Miau 23 days ago

    Unfortunately it is to late Andy. I really believed that Andy could stop Joshua second time and I am very disappointed of his attitude and not only me, I did'nt pay millions from my pocket.

  • Michael Cousins
    Michael Cousins 23 days ago

    He got his ass whooped. No excusees

  • pablo flores
    pablo flores 23 days ago


  • Willie Ortiz
    Willie Ortiz 25 days ago

    Joshua didn't run he boxed smart and regained his belts you just ate your way into embarrassment and lost your belts and you want a trilogy? What a joke 😂

  • Kul D. Sak
    Kul D. Sak 25 days ago +1

    Look, I'll just say what everyone is thinking but is too scared to say: "Andy Ruiz is a fat stinkin, good-for-nothing spik that needs to hop his worthless ass back to Mexico and stay there". You're welcome.

  • Alberto Perez
    Alberto Perez 25 days ago

    disappointed in you homez, but at the same time im happy for you as well. Even after losing possibly the most important fight in your career you still keep a good vibe. I hope you take it serious now Andy alotta people look up to you.

  • Peter Krasnoff
    Peter Krasnoff 25 days ago

    Got lucky first fight and don’t want the fame to end

  • pedroferia1988
    pedroferia1988 25 days ago

    In mexico theres a saying, " Que no se te suba mijo" in other words he got caught up on the lifstlye and lost it as quick as he got it. What really sucks here is that in buisnes terms theres no way he is getting mentioned until fury and wilder slug it out and then face joshuam its buisness. His only option is to fight his way back to the top i mean make so much noive through actions that he just cant be ignored.and if he does that, he will be a dangerous fighter in deed. Question is does he have what it takes?

  • dr. bombbay
    dr. bombbay 26 days ago


  • Sandra Rios
    Sandra Rios 26 days ago +1

    What a disgrace to us, Mexicanos!! It is a shame what happens to you, Andy, you let it get to your head! Do you not have any respect for your wife and kids???? WTF parting with your homeboys, instead of training losing weight to show us Mexicans that we really have a true champion!! You think you are going to get another chance, think twice. You are done!! I really hope that you secure some money for all of your kids!! Because you won that amount of money, it can quickly be gone if you are not smart!! I really feel bad for your wife and kids!!! Think about your kids when they grow up and realize what a loser father they have!! This would be for the wife, Mija. Right now, if I was you, I would file for divorce and take more than half of what he has. Because I am sure, you both did not have a Prenuptial Agreement!! He will cheat on you if he has not already done it!! You are a very beautiful woman that deserves a man who will be true to you.
    Please think about it because I hate for you to regret years down the line!! And for you mom and dad, you should not feel bad!! He is a big boy and knows right from wrong! He did not listen to his dad and trainer, and that is why he lost!! I give you that you are the first Mexican to win the Heavy Weight title. Just think about how the president of Mexico thinks of you. What a shame!! Oh, by the way, I am a woman writing this post. One that has been around boxing for many years!! You should have retired as Oscar De La Hoya did. With great respect and a true Champion!! He came from the hood of East LA, his mother died at a very young age, and through all of that, he was smart!! Look at what he is now, not only handsome but very wealthy!!d He won as a Champion and retired as a Champion. That is what boxing is all about! Trust me, no one, especially Joshua, will want a re-match with you!! Well, I can go on and on but what for, I said what I needed to say!! Oh, one more thing, before you spend all that money, buy your mom and dad a mansion like yours! They deserve that and more. Secure your money for your kid's education. I really hope that your kids will not be like you, a homeboy. Teach your kids to be responsible and respectful to others!! YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL AND MORE IF YOU HAD PLAYED YOUR CARDS RIGHT!!

  • Astuteous Maximus
    Astuteous Maximus 26 days ago

    That's what a bit of money does to some people. Ruiz would be best off retiring and enjoying his money.He's a partier before he is a fighter.

  • James Handley
    James Handley 26 days ago

    Dumb excuse. Even if it were true witch it isent . You don’t eat and party when u become champ real champs are displined

  • Domingo Borreri Borreli

    Stay away from tacos, fajitas, snickers and bad influence concentrate in boxing, because you are a good one....

  • Barbosa 602
    Barbosa 602 28 days ago

    Andy Ruiz is a fake , probably a coke head too !

  • Malani Mordecai
    Malani Mordecai 28 days ago

    Laziness and overeating will make you lose a lot of supporters and fans. We rooted for you for a few months there.

  • Stuart Hanna
    Stuart Hanna 29 days ago

    There wont be a third fight, at least for a very long time. They wont give ruiz that even though he gave joshua the rematch.

  • Pman D
    Pman D 29 days ago

    Andy Ruiz a great guy though slow kinda but a fkn great,honest n humble guy but am team AJ forever.

  • pho man
    pho man 29 days ago

    Man fuk that. You got to the top and let all your fan base down for being selfish and not taking being on top seriously....Go back to your norm and eat your life away....Milli Vanilli

  • Durandisse84 Durandisse

    He needs to string together some wins (at least 5 or 6) before getting another shot

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Month ago

    The most highlight of this world champion was he made Anthony Joshua quit thats a real champion he will be back learn from this loss and get his trilogy 1 all draw yu deserve a trilogy champ coming from an ex joshua fan.

  • Ru Ssia
    Ru Ssia Month ago

    I think he should fight jarell Miller

  • Ivan Skinner
    Ivan Skinner Month ago

    Bla-bla-bla)) Lazy boy is talking)) You had the one-lifetime chance and you blew it! How stupid it is?! Don't you think Eddie Hearn is as stupid as you are?? Hell no, there will be no trilogy))

  • michael bonojo
    michael bonojo Month ago

    Joshua beat you ten times more. No excuses, give him his credit and go sit down pls. This all campaign after elections

  • Nullone 36
    Nullone 36 Month ago

    Mediocre mentality.

  • colintx800
    colintx800 Month ago

    Who ate all the pies ????

  • Aldo Medrano
    Aldo Medrano Month ago

    I don’t understand why fighters kill themselves to get to this point just to blow it all away there shouldn’t be no 3rd fight !

  • JaySamurai79
    JaySamurai79 Month ago

    Andy this is your profession. You wasn't just a boxer, you became the champion. If being a champion doesn't motivate you to take your job seriously then you might aswell join me stacking shelves and working the tills. We got a lot of overtime available!!

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper Month ago

    Fat bastard ain't getting no third fight , more like third slice 😂🤣

  • John E
    John E Month ago

    wow! horrible comments by all these "fans"/traitors. Everyone deserves a second chance

  • Lay Heavy FatBoy
    Lay Heavy FatBoy Month ago

    Meanwhile back at Taco Bell ,Can I take your Order Andy , Just let me in the back and help myself

  • Leroy Grimaldo
    Leroy Grimaldo Month ago

    Te corrompistes perro.

  • Goody Motivation
    Goody Motivation Month ago

    What Trilogy ... See your mouth 😂

  • Steve .Wright
    Steve .Wright Month ago

    A third ain't happening. Ever

    ROCKSOLID Month ago +1


  • DrewPlus
    DrewPlus Month ago +2

    Homie will not see a 3rd fight. Him saying this shit is the exact reason why lol

  • Julius Kwaku
    Julius Kwaku Month ago

    Andy is a professional glutton

  • STEVEN N. L.
    STEVEN N. L. Month ago

    Excuses... excuses....

  • kg kojo
    kg kojo Month ago

    The guy gained weight last 2 weeks to his fight and y’all pinning his loss to that. Do you think he would have been able to take all those shots from AJ. Surely, it was a strategy . He would have been beaten both ways

  • Ayotunde Emmanuel
    Ayotunde Emmanuel Month ago

    If Andy Ruiz Jr beat Anthony Joshua in their rematch, nobody would definitely talk about his weight gain, of course, AJ would be condemned as a bad loser again.
    Enough of all these useless excuses, you lost the fight and it's as simple as that. You were lucky to beat Joshua in your first fight, you shouldn't have beaten AJ in the first place anyway.
    We saw how Andy Ruiz was seriously preparing for the fight, we saw several videos of him in the gym, destroying boxing pads, knocking people out in training. So, where did all these excuses come from?
    When AJ lost to Ruiz in their first fight, AJ gave him credit and described him as the best heavyweight boxer out there.
    I have said it many times that if AJ and Ruiz meet 10 times, AJ is gonna beat him 9/10.

    CARLOS AGUIRRE Month ago

    I feel betrayed.
    Wow. I can not believe it.
    I am Mexican, but no longer interested in his fights.

  • dbase340 dbase340
    dbase340 dbase340 Month ago

    He ate everything and STILL DIDIN'T GET KO'D XD Now THAT'S SKILL!!! :) LET'S GO RUIZ!!!

  • Carlo Paulo Tolentino

    Nah. Seems like he did a business decision. Lose to get another big payday for the trilogy.

  • J
    J Month ago

    What ever they ain't going to be no 3rd fight!!