HBO's The Outsider - Official Trailer (Ben Mendelsohn, Jason Bateman)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • HBO has released the first trailer for its new series, an mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's The Outsider, which hits the network on January 12, 2020. The Outsider mini-series stars Ben Mendelsohn and Jason Bateman, the latter of whom also directed and produced the HBO horror show.
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  • MidwestMom MaBear
    MidwestMom MaBear 3 days ago

    Stephen King just writes what we dream about, nightmares, BUT brings it to a whole new level in his mind and stories. Thank you Jason Bateman for trying to make this a reality in this show! And Thank you Stephen King for writing down your dreams! I have a dream journal so I TOTALLY get it!!

  • DescargalaMEGA
    DescargalaMEGA 5 days ago

    Download HD720p - The Outsider |

  • Lars Werner
    Lars Werner 19 days ago

    this show wille be better than this trailer

  • A.C. Patterson
    A.C. Patterson 20 days ago +2

    Criminal: "Who are you?!"
    Bateman: "I'm Bateman."

  • Dilip Patel
    Dilip Patel 23 days ago

    Bateman is a criminally underrated actor!

  • Jonasen Deathstalker
    Jonasen Deathstalker 26 days ago +6

    First impression: huh, this looks interesting.
    >Stephen King
    Oh, so it's going to be and insteresting premise with terrible ending. Got it.

  • Oleg Kozak
    Oleg Kozak 27 days ago

    Meh. I thought it's something about the Outsider from Dishonored

  • Ian Michael
    Ian Michael 29 days ago

    Mendelsohn and Bateman, this looks tasty. Stephen King is so hot right now in TV and Cinema, so I'm a bit over-King'ed. But this could sway me back to the dark side of the Force.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Uncle
    Jiu-Jitsu Uncle 29 days ago +2

    Do you feel in charge?

  • Fofty
    Fofty Month ago

    i LOVE those 2 actors. such great casting

  • chan ngo
    chan ngo Month ago

    This looks great.

  • Anuvith Premakumar
    Anuvith Premakumar Month ago +4

    This seems like the same plot to Stephen King's new book also named 'The Outsider'

    • Anuvith Premakumar
      Anuvith Premakumar 20 days ago

      @A.C. Patterson I didn't watch the whole trailer because I don't want to spoil it, I haven't read the book yet

    • A.C. Patterson
      A.C. Patterson 20 days ago

      You guys need to actually read the graphics the trailers have in them... it says right there, "based on the Stephen King novel."

    • The Beat Fabrik
      The Beat Fabrik 29 days ago +2

      I thought the same thing when I saw it was based on the book The Outsider. Definitely seems like it.

  • Singing Magpie
    Singing Magpie Month ago

    Shaaniq'uaa makes for a perfectly plausible detective.

  • TheKingbuttar
    TheKingbuttar Month ago

    True detective vibes

  • laxmannate07
    laxmannate07 Month ago +1

    Ben Mendelsohn = watch

  • laxmannate07
    laxmannate07 Month ago

    Ben Mendelsohn = watch

  • Andre
    Andre Month ago

    I'm in!

  • mister meatcake
    mister meatcake Month ago

    Can't you have one mainstream tv show without the token extra african black character?

  • fullhouse
    fullhouse Month ago +1

    why they call "true detective 4" Outsider?

  • nadak47
    nadak47 Month ago


  • Al Sam
    Al Sam Month ago +8

    reminds me of True Detective season 1

  • mohammad sharafi
    mohammad sharafi Month ago +15

    I thought it was true detective season 4

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie Month ago


  • mopslikvonstein
    mopslikvonstein Month ago

    so GBI is this reality's FBI?

  • bill clay
    bill clay Month ago +1

    I'll watch Bateman in anything, but I wish this was just a movie.

  • brett linthicum
    brett linthicum Month ago

    isn't there like a doppelgänger of him?

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +9

    Some cinematographers are about to get hit in the face with awards

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +1

      "Oh, it's beautiful"

  • uzzwal kumar
    uzzwal kumar Month ago

    Some True Detective vibes

  • Pedro Daniel
    Pedro Daniel Month ago +1

    The book is superb and I hope the show does it justice.

  • trent kursen
    trent kursen Month ago

    this looks amazing

  • dbzispimpin
    dbzispimpin Month ago +3

    True Detective Season 4 looks great!

    PATBLOGZ Month ago

    Where's Ponyboy

  • en bonj
    en bonj Month ago

    Looks awesome

  • Max_payne To the max

    Is this Stephen kings adaptation of the outsider?

  • Kevin Squibben
    Kevin Squibben Month ago +1

    I absolutely love Ben Mendelsohn's acting. He plays the perfect creepy sleazy bad guy.

  • El Noone
    El Noone Month ago +4

    Im a simple man, i see Jason Bateman, i click

  • PyromaticIdiot
    PyromaticIdiot Month ago

    I hated this book

  • Rudy
    Rudy Month ago


  • K**** C*****
    K**** C***** Month ago

    The book was fantastic, hopefully they stay close to the source material.

    • PyromaticIdiot
      PyromaticIdiot Month ago

      K**** C***** I couldn’t stand this book😂

  • David Mrg
    David Mrg Month ago

    Director Krenning you have an appointment at 3 p.m with Lord Vader and then dinner at 7 with Bane

  • Empathic Paradox
    Empathic Paradox Month ago

    The antithesis of the beast is jesus.... Hollywood/america always wants you to entertain the idea of the beast without ever giving you the solution.... Jesus is the solution.

  • jelaninoel
    jelaninoel Month ago +1

    Where is Ozark season 3 though

  • interlinked Media
    interlinked Media Month ago

    Holly is _just_ how I pictured her while reading the book(s).

    • PyromaticIdiot
      PyromaticIdiot Month ago +1

      interlinked Media I thought she was better cast in Mr Mercedes

  • CT2598
    CT2598 Month ago

    Director Krennic????

  • bdiddi
    bdiddi Month ago

    Is this going to have some demon/paranormal stuff? If so, I would love to see these cops attempt to arrest the devil. It's like an amime

    • Frank Pham
      Frank Pham Month ago

      According to the vibe of this movie, it feels more like a fight to survive type of situation.

  • Lykie Itoo
    Lykie Itoo Month ago

    Read the book , never thought they’d actually make it...touché HBO.... touché

  • besi art
    besi art Month ago

    this should be a movie

  • Milky Way Huizar
    Milky Way Huizar Month ago

    Dam reminds me of silent Hill

  • sous_chef192
    sous_chef192 Month ago

    Ben mendelsohn should be the next true detective...or joker...or riddler?

  • Adian Daniels
    Adian Daniels Month ago +1

    dude im literally reading this book lmao

  • R DG
    R DG Month ago

    Cool another True Detective genre is always welcome XD

  • Dimas Nugroho
    Dimas Nugroho Month ago

    Uwh, Director Krenic


    Hollywood sure likes these Australians. Another Australian playing an American.

  • dyrcosis
    dyrcosis Month ago

    You lost me at Stephen King.

  • Jchengcc
    Jchengcc Month ago

    Where is the next season of Ozark?

  • Usimortis
    Usimortis Month ago +8

    HBO after the 8th season of Game of Thrones with people hating them:
    "We were on the verge of greatness we were this close"

    HBO releasing these awesome series after GoT and people actually dig them for their content:
    *insert Picachu meme*

  • RED
    RED Month ago

    I'm still reading this book. It came out last year. This is the fastest King adaptation I've ever seen

    • RED
      RED Month ago

      @PyromaticIdiot I'm gonna at least finish it since I'm on it now. I'm gonna mute notifications from this comment just in case someone decides to spoil the book.

    • PyromaticIdiot
      PyromaticIdiot Month ago

      RED I hate to break it to you but this may be one of his worst books. I started strong and just kinda fell apart

    WOLFY Month ago +14

    I was hoping for Dishonored but Ill watch anything with Ben Mendelsohn in it so I'm in

    • Jon M
      Jon M Month ago +1

      I just re-watched The Place Beyond the Pines.I hope gets the recognition he so obviously deserves.

    • Kevin Squibben
      Kevin Squibben Month ago +1

      He played a really cool villain in that florida keys show. He basically owned that entire show surfing the first season.

  • Yolo Submarine
    Yolo Submarine Month ago

    I loved the book, this looks great

  • Yahya Baller
    Yahya Baller Month ago +1

    I read this as The Outsiders and clicked right away. Disappointed