Joe Rogan Experience #1147 - Dr. Debra Soh

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Dr. Debra Soh is a former sex researcher, neuroscientist, columnist, and podcast host. She is the co-host with Jonathan Kay of "Wrongspeak" available on iTunes & Google Play.

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  • mommachupacabra
    mommachupacabra 15 hours ago

    Is there a Joe Rogan drinking game? There should be.

  • ShePulledTheTrigger

    The photo of the trans man who gave birth.... Look at that baby's facial expression "What the fuck?!"

  • Michael Patton
    Michael Patton Day ago

    Long form convo's should be what we base our decisions on. Potolics included ;)

  • SingRazorback
    SingRazorback 2 days ago

    I like her im monogamous comment immediately after Rogan talks about his "friend" who is an open relationship lmfao and I also enjoy how much he all of sudden finds Chinese culture so cool lol real subtle Rogan real subtle, also the comment he makes about his looks "because i look like the devil" and she plays it cool AF and doesn't take the bait to stroke his fragile little ego.

    POINTTWOFIVEMOA 2 days ago


  • DevilDocNowCiv
    DevilDocNowCiv 3 days ago

    Is fear of Wa-wei or however its spelled - the Chinese phone maker thats tied into the ChiCom Gov - is it a reasonable fear of the ChiComs or fear of Chinese domination related to the Chinese as a race? Until one solves the decades old stealing of so much US private data from our defense dept, big companies, almost anyone or anything they want - and until President Trump, nobody really stood up to them and made them compromise on anything.
    And they haven't yet - but he is fighting. Meantime - we are definitely justified in rejecting any ChiCom connected biz in the US. Totally different than prejudice against Asians, which is a totally wrong thing. A violation of individual rights in the category of racism. Which used to be a clear, simple "wrong thing." Left and right had fighters against it. Now the right is still against it, and the left says all Whites are racists and ignores all non-White races most of the time except Blacks.
    Very weird and wrong, and both Dr Soh and Joe have to tip-toe around that part of it, even thought they dance very close to it when she says something like "you are wrong both ways (being white and male)" and he says something like "yup." I hope Joe at some point makes enough money to risk being "unpersoned" like Alex Jones was. Many are now moving to have SubscribeStar accounts along with Patreon and PayPal for their subscribers. Consider it, Joe - in case the impulse to speak out even more strongly against the craziness of PC puts you "outside the zone of approval."

  • Affeofen
    Affeofen 3 days ago

    Damn! Her "Mmm Hmm" distracts me too much.

  • Spud Ruckus
    Spud Ruckus 3 days ago

    Yall so butt hurt that he talked more than her. 😂🤣 Only because you are just as hot for her and it's interrupting your fantasy! 😂😂😂

  • yuriy wankiewicz
    yuriy wankiewicz 3 days ago

    I once wrote a paper at university up in Canada about whether or not women and men should compete together in sport at a competitive level and I took a biological stand point in that argument and said they shouldn't-knowing it was a sociology course in a kinesiology program I put as many special circumstances counter to my point in that paper, even so the TA who marked my paper gave me a note that my stance was extremely cynical and I'm not sure but I think it affected my grade😂

  • Blaze windsword
    Blaze windsword 3 days ago +1

    How dose sex affect working out and your exercising for male, Any help please?

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 days ago

    @47:25 Jamie caught some heat

    SXXXLT 3 days ago

    wood smash

  • Wan Dimashqi
    Wan Dimashqi 4 days ago

    Dr. Debrah Soh voice is really soothing to hear.

  • lifestyle126
    lifestyle126 4 days ago

    Men seems to be obsessed over their surperior physical strength. As if their manhood relies on this matter... Haha. Anyways! Physical strength is not that important as it was in earlier history when we for example was living in the Neolithic period. Now, we have - and continue creating things that replace human physical strength. I am not saying that you should'nt work out and take care of your body, because we clearly should for several reasons, but the present will be more about innovation, compassion, and good teamwork across the world. Now, that said, there is a deep need of a better balance in this world, and I believe the world lacks female leadership - and is in deep need of female leadership. Especially if we are going to progress as species. We need to balance the skills of one human with the complementary abilities of the other one. In this case, I am talking about both women and men working together. We should have more respect for each other strengths and abilities and stop thinking we are better than the other sex (or sexes:P). If we use our time here to compete against each other we are competing against our race as humans. Itś not the most productive thing to do - I think :)

  • Daxton Walker
    Daxton Walker 5 days ago

    2 1/2 hours in:
    “Ok so tell me about yourself”

  • Stephanie Delony
    Stephanie Delony 5 days ago

    Wishes wash people ran amok .

  • Neznaboh
    Neznaboh 5 days ago

    How will you decide who goes to which lavatory if you'll have more genders?

  • Bhrett Gray
    Bhrett Gray 5 days ago

    A wise man once said about brilliant women,
    “but she was hot, so nobody cared”
    -Joe Rogan

  • Merel Moistra
    Merel Moistra 5 days ago

    The elephant in the room is that gender is biological AND a social-construct at the same time!

  • Blake Sutherland
    Blake Sutherland 5 days ago

    Yes Joe the cell phone is doing magic. I love his podcast and this is the first one that I’ve watched that I’ve been very disappointed by. I think Joe should take a sec to learn from this and understand he needs to keep himself more composed and on topic during conversation. Normally Joe is on target and asking relevant questions, but this time he jumps around and brings up his own theories about totally unrelated stuff. How did we go from gender to cell phones?

  • youiloves 12
    youiloves 12 6 days ago

    She is so beautiful 😍

  • Grizzly Medve
    Grizzly Medve 6 days ago

    Is it just me, or she’s officially HOT? ❤️

  • Brea Cheeze
    Brea Cheeze 6 days ago

    I've never heard Joe talk so much about himself...

  • Adam Kent
    Adam Kent 6 days ago

    1:16:56 Joe says as he and the whole room are being recorded. I think I found your mechanism man.
    It is a good point though jokes aside.

  • Sebastian Nicolas Agozino

    there are no chicks with dicks, only dudes with tits

  • Slim Frenzy
    Slim Frenzy 7 days ago

    She is such a gorgeous lady! And quite brilliant honestly.

  • Dream weaver
    Dream weaver 7 days ago

    Idk, why is everyone so interested in what’s in the pants? Everyone asks oh cute baby, girl? Or boy? Why does it matter what’s in the diaper? And I don’t care what you do in the bedroom.

  • Chuck T.
    Chuck T. 7 days ago

    Joe Rogain, what does SHALL NOT be INFRINGED mean to you?

  • larson gregory
    larson gregory 7 days ago

    Rogan quote of the day: "there are a lot of old dummies that survived because we nerfed up the world."

  • larson gregory
    larson gregory 7 days ago

    Joe "what I do do is I let people talk" Rogan talking 80 percent of the time while debra just nods and says "mhmm' and 'yeah". LMAO!

  • Michelle Morrison
    Michelle Morrison 8 days ago

    “I like people. I like when they’re nice.”
    That’s a T-shirt slogan if I’ve ever heard one

  • larson gregory
    larson gregory 8 days ago

    i love it when Joe calls someone a "bald blah blah fuck" with a no hint of any irony of him saying it.

  • Zachary Heil
    Zachary Heil 8 days ago +1

    Hm, Dr. Debra Soh fine.


  • E. Spatharius
    E. Spatharius 9 days ago

    Clearly mental illness, multiple personality syndrome along with many other forms. Exposing their children to confusion of what and who they are is highly toxic especially when children need structure and proper guidance! God help us!

  • Trevor Klotzbach
    Trevor Klotzbach 9 days ago

    Joe "I don't like definitions" Rogan

  • empoker007
    empoker007 9 days ago

    Is she married?

  • brownbuffalouno
    brownbuffalouno 10 days ago +1

    Joe operates from the general assumption that things are "equal" and have consistently been so over time. His "analysis" is devoid of any historical context. The reason "power" movements (Black, Brown, Worker, Poor, Woman, Trans, etc.) have risen, is directly in response to historical and generational disempowerment of those same communities. Its communities of people, who fall under those categories, who have experienced marginalization over time, lifting up CONSTRUCTIVELY the very precise category/identifier/etc. that they've experienced marginalization around. In other words, its rallying around the very reason one is harmed, and saying "we refuse to allow others to tell us this should be a source of shame/guilt/ or the reason you mistreat me." Its in defiance to the status quo. Joe either isn't aware, ignores, or doesn't care about any of those things, and that's the typical fatal flaw to most of his arguments.

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson 10 days ago make me soh horny.

  • j v
    j v 10 days ago

    It's very frustrating that everyone wants to be so unique by identifying themselves as a twisted web of made up shit, just be you, who cares if you're a skilpelapotrntusexual, if you wanna be attracted to transgenders dresses like seals, go on, whatever makes you happy, i have to fucking tiptoe in many communities, it's annoying.

  • Wesley Shaw
    Wesley Shaw 11 days ago

    Joe "is your dog gender fluid?" Rogan.

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 12 days ago

    OK is it just me or is DR. Soh and dude.....on ESTRA?

  • XO
    XO 12 days ago

    10:00 Feminine boys aren't as accepted as masculine girls, not even close.

  • No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky 12 days ago

    This was deffo the Joe show. But fucking hilarious!!!

  • Humanity
    Humanity 12 days ago +1

    Who cares if your accused of transphobia? You are afraid of be accused of transphobia? Is there a phobia of being accused of being transphobic? This is one of the best talks I have ever seen. So many good points. I wish I had more friends like these two. This is the way people should be. Curious and open to other people’s viewpoints but also honest enough to question shit that doesn’t sound crazy. Model minority is what I learned the Asian in America is viewed. We are human. We are human first. All other shit doesn’t matter. If you forget to be human or put less value on it, really doesn’t matter what else you are.

  • Humanity
    Humanity 12 days ago

    No males and females are different sex of the same thing. Of course they are different but the ways they are the same should be focused on more. Of course they are different. Brown hair is different. We all have differences and we focus on them because I think Joe is right. We are envious, insecure, and the grass might be greener on the other side so I don’t want to even know there is grass or even that there is another side.

  • Mihai Costache
    Mihai Costache 13 days ago

    She says "Ihmn" the same way Jordan Peterson does when he agrees to a point... I've listened to them one after the other and it was a bit weird

  • Fastback GT
    Fastback GT 13 days ago

    A lot of guys in the Western world are afraid to talk to women 1:24:37. I know too many Gen X guys having their house and children taken away by their ex's. Gloria Steinem and her controls are responsible for this.

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien 13 days ago

    Wow, she was awesome. Very thought provoking conversation

  • Henry Jung
    Henry Jung 13 days ago

    I'm a fan of Joe's work... But I wish he just paraphrase his thoughts.

  • MrMethadrine
    MrMethadrine 13 days ago

    Dr.Debra (yeah) Soh

  • Konstantin Gorbunov
    Konstantin Gorbunov 13 days ago

    You are welcome doctor! Fuck how l love smart women! They are so rare nowadays!

  • Shamanic Rites
    Shamanic Rites 14 days ago

    "I see it as political correctness running amok" aaaaaand skipping this one

  • Rachel Sullivan
    Rachel Sullivan 14 days ago

    I had one of those huawei phones... I live in Alaska and I bought it from Walmart for like $90 on the at&t prepaid thing... I liked it and it had an insane battery and a crazy good camera front and back camera. HOWEVER I had it for approximately 4 months and started noticing noise on phone calls, things would randomly open without me opening them, apps would be running that I never used, apps would download that i didn't download, I found a bunch of weird encrypted "logs" in my files. The most important thing is after I got a new phone because I thought someone had hacked me I signed into that phone with the same Google account and it took 3 more phones from different manufacturers before I made a new account and that fixed all of my issues. I'd believe they were hacking and listening to people who had those phones.

  • gerardo canete
    gerardo canete 14 days ago

    I wish my d&ck was that microphone and she whispered "mhmm" all day long

  • fireflyus10
    fireflyus10 15 days ago

    She's pretty cool Joe should knock it off with the F word she;s a Doctor Joe have some respect man

  • Erena Wismer
    Erena Wismer 15 days ago

    so can I pick the "I don't give a fuck" gender? I mean I'm a hetro 5 foot female that can lift 75lbs over my head, out work any man in most physical activities but don't let the fact I gave birth 3 times slip past my "gender". As if gender is a frame of mind I would be a birthing gay man.

  • Albert Nada
    Albert Nada 15 days ago

    Debra is Soh sexy 😉

  • Buck Turgidson
    Buck Turgidson 15 days ago

    This man is profound beyond all measure.

  • Declan Argue
    Declan Argue 15 days ago

    Smart and silly cute, wilfie material

  • J.J. Arnold
    J.J. Arnold 15 days ago

    One of Joe's better intellectual podcast

  • Baron Thundercunt
    Baron Thundercunt 16 days ago +1

    *heavy weeabo breathing intensifies*

    TRAGICTACTICS 16 days ago

    Anyone know where the James Gunn discussion is? I’m an hour in and nothing yet

  • Kojy
    Kojy 16 days ago

    it'd be interesting if Joe had more Europeans on the show to see how his US experience compares to European

  • L ocke
    L ocke 16 days ago

    No joe the 2nd amendment is about the right to defend yourself and others. The principals of the constitution are what most gun owners are trying to defend. You are taking the gung ho minority and projecting it on all 2a supporters.

  • Slagon Drayer
    Slagon Drayer 16 days ago

    For a scientist, she sure makes a lot of blanket statements.

  • michael garcia
    michael garcia 17 days ago

    She has beautiful lips

  • Mike Bracciodieta
    Mike Bracciodieta 17 days ago

    Soh isn’t all that quiet in the interview....soon as Joe mentions he likes weird things....she jumps in and says she is weird....coincidence.....or attraction to Joe....hmmmmmm ... she also immediately asked Joe if he likes her shirt soon as he mentioned it....oh oh do you like it?! Lol

  • Mike Bracciodieta
    Mike Bracciodieta 17 days ago

    Joe asks Soh how much do you Joe’s mind he’s wondering ....hmmm can I Bench press her?

  • Sam Champine
    Sam Champine 17 days ago +2

    Let's do a test. Skip through the video to a random part 10 different times. See how many you get where Joe is talking and how many you get where Dr. Soh is talking.

  • Rikard Fjellhaug
    Rikard Fjellhaug 18 days ago

    So when does he start interviewing her? I mean she hardly get any airtime at all. What a shame she seems interesting and had an interesting education.

  • Black Sarah
    Black Sarah 18 days ago

    Some scientists feel Dr. Soh is missing some crucial base information in her research. Here is a little expansion on that-

  • Richard Medina
    Richard Medina 18 days ago +1

    Joe is so mean to Jamie. Lol

  • devin yeaman
    devin yeaman 18 days ago

    Dr Debra "blinks every word" soh

  • Charlie Theory
    Charlie Theory 19 days ago +1

    I love the t-shirt. 😈

  • David Rhoads
    David Rhoads 19 days ago

    Three hours, she gets to talk for a total of 6 minutes.

  • Gozer The Gatekeeper
    Gozer The Gatekeeper 19 days ago


  • Christopher Ketchum
    Christopher Ketchum 19 days ago

    Joe gets so redundant

  • JiiTee1324
    JiiTee1324 19 days ago

    Maybe let the professor talk a bit more and put a bit of a hold on the long monologues as the interviewer....

  • Bryan H
    Bryan H 20 days ago

    The whole harvard asian thing, fine by me. For example, if asians took up all the space for engineering, it wouldnt allow students from other another ethnicity to study engineering since the space is full. So non-asian students would never be able to pursue engineering. So though it isn't fair it it is just.

  • Damon Kelly
    Damon Kelly 20 days ago

    Holy shit, smart and drop dead sexy...Great episode! She was as easy on the mind as she was on the eyes. Wish Joe hadn't monopolized the air time.

  • Cpt. Battlecock
    Cpt. Battlecock 20 days ago

    damn she looking hot.
    whats with asians and good looks.

  • drums&drones
    drums&drones 22 days ago

    I think it's funny kinda lame too that actors can play a part with a English accent or English playing a American accents and nobody's offended but play a minority person and it's hell to pay!..people!!.. get the fuck over it!

  • Dougaldinho Fishdinho
    Dougaldinho Fishdinho 22 days ago

    Rogan talked for 3/4 of the interview. What a waste of time.

  • Anthony Sanford
    Anthony Sanford 23 days ago +1

    Did Dr. Soh just interview Joe.

  • Logicism ADD
    Logicism ADD 23 days ago

    fashion is a way of speaking without sayong a word
    what is she trying to say with that tee

    • Jared Nance
      Jared Nance 18 days ago

      She's a columnist for

  • Logicism ADD
    Logicism ADD 23 days ago +2

    why is she wearing a playboy tee shirt im confused about her intentions

    • Iroquois Pliskin
      Iroquois Pliskin Day ago

      Who cares what kinda shirt she wears? I'm here to listen to what she has to say.

  • grimreefer
    grimreefer 23 days ago

    I was waiting for this to turn into a porno... Asian Domination

  • nadia Eliza
    nadia Eliza 23 days ago

    I’d love to see Joe do a podcast on the topic of the War on Waste.

  • Bradley Robin
    Bradley Robin 23 days ago +1

    dammit! i love this podcast; and i only leave positive - and relevant - comments because otherwise i'd just be wasting my time. but this is one time that i do have a problem with something said at around 1:45:00 about twitter. first of all, i do agree with joe rogan that limiting characters forces you to get your idea across with an economy of words. but this is also the very reason twitter is an ocean of stupidity. ideas that might have merit are trimmed down to snarky bumper stickers. so of course comedians love it. it's designed for one-liners. but then at about 2:49:00, they contradict their point by confirming my point that in order to present an opinion worth hearing, they prefer to let people fully expound on it. if it is a consensus that this is a "long form" podcast, don't whine and moan about "long form" comments - like this one.

  • GblazeVids
    GblazeVids 24 days ago

    Hahaha Joe's spent 2 hours JUST triggering the fuck out of her. Good on her for not taking the bait

  • kirk mcclean
    kirk mcclean 24 days ago +1

    So the issue is Asians are not a minority. There's like 3.5 billion of them. There's only like 1 billion white people. So that's why all the races aren't all for Asian dominance because they have the mumbers and the brains.

  • Mark Alden
    Mark Alden 25 days ago

    I think the core issue to a lot of peoples' issues is attention. And, sorry, but that points to parenting, or lack there of. People will seek what they feel they have a lack of, what they didnt get when they needed it the most. People want/need to be loved they will go to extremes to get it, especially if they dont have strong loving ties to their family. Love your kids and make a safe place for them to grow up, regardless of their orientation(s), if you dont, they will suffer and seek toxic relationships. It all starts at home.

  • Lionel Lynn Kim
    Lionel Lynn Kim 25 days ago

    Joe is in the therapy~Dr Soh is a good shrink👌

  • qp ghost qp
    qp ghost qp 25 days ago

    Love how he dismisses ben shapiro as if hes just some young guy who hasnt experienced enough. Joe may think hes a liberal but almost all of the stuff that he says aligns with conservatives, he also is very passive agressive with that comment, dont worry joe we see you. Your costume is starting to fall off better get a new one before people realize youre fake. Loves to hunt but thinks spear hunting is too cruel and sounded like a crybaby liberal when he said it too oooh what are you trying to prove blah blah becareful joe were watching you. I bet you think youre smarter then jordan peterson as well.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 25 days ago

    Oh wtf? Huawei is pronounced "Wha-whey"?!

    • Ghost
      Ghost 16 days ago

      +Mike Bracciodieta HAHAHA Hawaii, I can totally hear it.

    • Mike Bracciodieta
      Mike Bracciodieta 17 days ago

      Ghost lots of white people don’t know how Huawei is pronounced....hell I can barely remember how to spell it....when I first encountered it I pretty much said it like Hawaii lol

  • TheNerdyVlogger
    TheNerdyVlogger 25 days ago

    She confuses sex and gender

    • wozzup08
      wozzup08 25 days ago

      +TheNerdyVlogger Social roles and gender are not even close, gender = sex. All you and all freaks do is playing with words.

    • TheNerdyVlogger
      TheNerdyVlogger 25 days ago

      wozzup08 I’m studying science. I’m not an anthropologist or sociologist. You shouldn’t put much stock in individual scientists. I try to only listen to the scientific consensus. Social roles based on sex aren’t the same cross culturally. No reputable anthropologist will say gender is static.

    • wozzup08
      wozzup08 25 days ago

      +TheNerdyVloggeroh, really? Do you know who and when has presented this bullshit first?
      Are you even a scientist? I mean not this stupid feminist 'scientists' but the real one?

    • TheNerdyVlogger
      TheNerdyVlogger 25 days ago

      wozzup08 no it’s a scientific difference. My sex is biological and my gender is sociological. Gender is just a social role.

    • wozzup08
      wozzup08 25 days ago

      Yet another difference invented by crazy lefties.

  • drutgat2
    drutgat2 25 days ago +1

    Debra (and Joe) are making huge inferences/presumptions here, and are confusing two separate issues when Debra says (at 29.30) that the argument for the idea of gender being a social construct is based on, "The ideas that women should be equal, and obviously, as a woman, I believe that, and so any sort of subjugation of women must somehow be imposed by society. Because if we acknowledge that women are different biologically in any way, that's going to be used as justification why they don't deserve to be treated the same as men, or they're not as capable as men".
    She and Joe are (1) confusing two ideas here, and (2) are ignoring the ways that culture(s) function.
    First, let's address socially constructed ideas.
    To use but one example, the values that are expressed in a culture at any point in time are often codified into laws. And the way that those values arise, and that those laws are put into practice, is the result of social interaction, leading to the formation of ideas, opinions and beliefs.
    That is all that social constructionism is - the creation of ideas as a result of social interaction. And, if the process goes further, the implementation of those ideas in various ways.
    As Debra acknowledges at 30.00 "There has been a history of sexism" against women. What Debra does not say here is that the very sexism she is describing was/is based on socially constructed ideas about women. And, further, the idea of sexism itself is a socially constructed belief! But it cannot be 'proven' by science :)
    Joe and Debra are saying that anyone expressing support for (as an example) gender fluidity is unscientific, and therefore is wrong. This one opens a can of worms:
    1. The idea of gender flluidity (i.e., the way that one constitutes one's 'self' in relation to gender) is obviously an idea arising from interaction with others, and one identifying more, mostly, or wholly in a particular way.
    This idea is not unscientific, because, quite simply, it has nothing to do with science.
    Putting gender fluidity and science in opposition to one another, as Debra is doing here, is like saying that I should not vote for a political candidate because they like different foods than I do. It makes absolutely no sense because one subject has nothing to do with the other.
    One has absolutely nothing to do with the other because we are talking about ideas about the Self (which cannot be measured or quantified) being cast in opposition to, and looked through the 'lens' of, a discipline (Science) which measures and quantifies the physical world, and which has steadfastly maintained about itself that it has nothing to do with philosophy and ideas.
    2. Science is often guilty of not being humble enough about knowledge. History is replete with wonderful scientific developments - and it is also replete with 'facts' and claims by Science about things being The Truth, which have been subsequently disproven. So, making claims for the great God of Science is a tricky proposition.
    3. I am highly suspicious of an ideology like Joe and Debra's in which people seem to feel compelled to adopt a bifurcated view of things, i.e., one idea must be described as being in opposition to another, on different, opposite 'sides', so to speak.
    Why? This way of approaching differences closes down all possibilities of true dialogue around issues such as these, which is not only a great shame, but is also a way of approaching things every bit as dogmatic and inflexible as the ideas that Joe and Debra are bemoaning.

  • Rhatik Magana
    Rhatik Magana 26 days ago

    definitely one of his best podcast ever.

  • sentryogmixmaster
    sentryogmixmaster 26 days ago

    she is so hot!

  • Miss Smith
    Miss Smith 26 days ago

    This girl is full of shit WAKE THE FUCK AND FIND GOD