Joe Rogan Experience #1147 - Dr. Debra Soh

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Dr. Debra Soh is a former sex researcher, neuroscientist, columnist, and podcast host. She is the co-host with Jonathan Kay of "Wrongspeak" available on iTunes & Google Play.

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  • Hennessy 1979
    Hennessy 1979 Hour ago

    Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer with an honorary science degree he doesn't know anyting that you couldn't read off a script

  • Clifton Jones
    Clifton Jones 3 hours ago

    Every guy sat up a little straighter when she said she was single

  • zatabalabala
    zatabalabala 10 hours ago

    Joe" What I do do, is let people talk " Rogan.

  • Carcharodon megalodon
    Carcharodon megalodon 10 hours ago

    Brains are plastic. New neurons & pathways can be made all throughout life, granted there is no illness.
    Poor nutrition both in the mother & while the child develops, as well as exposure to chemicals (in buildings etc.) & early neglect contributes to IQ.

  • Nikolay Nikolov
    Nikolay Nikolov 16 hours ago

    I do the same when I like a girl. I just keep talking and talking for all sort of things trying to make a case and be funny.Now that I see how it looks like I might shut up.

  • Erdem Memisyazici
    Erdem Memisyazici 22 hours ago

    I would love to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Tucker Carlson's show as a guest. Given that both personalities hardly let the other person get a word in in a conversation it might just blow up the studio. I thought it was somewhat cheap for him to invite Bill Nye to "berate science". Not that it's at all interesting to listen to one person just constantly cut the guest off and yell over them.

  • Em Christobal
    Em Christobal Day ago

    I want more Suh. Gimmie more Suh.

  • Em Christobal
    Em Christobal Day ago

    Love her voice.

  • Jops P
    Jops P Day ago

    Shes so hot 😍

  • 131untouchable
    131untouchable Day ago

    They are sterilizing themselves.... Fuk it let them transition then...self inflicted eugenics

  • xbulsara
    xbulsara Day ago

    After this interview I know all there is to know about Joe Rogan.

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain Day ago

    She has a lovely voice

  • JM Performance Jack Markgraf

    Well I've officially heard the most stupid analogy Joe Rogan has ever said... Comparing 2A defenders to trans people... one is insisting that a Constitutional right will not be infringed. The other is a mental disorder.

  • turbobenx
    turbobenx 2 days ago

    goddamn, he spent 3 hrs plus with her!

  • 321seb
    321seb 3 days ago

    cuckholding still relies on a notion of ownership or exclusivity of partners and isn’t an accurate representation of polyamory. for some the complete autonomy of the individual is a sovereign right. the people they love are free to behave as they wish, to be happy in the ways they choose, both sexually and otherwise. it’s not about someone using your girlfriend as in the cuckhold fetish, it’s about respecting the person they love as an individual and having masculinity that is in many cases stronger. for it doesn’t rely upon the brittle notion of exclusivity and jealousy. the urban dictionary description was a perfect example of the fallacious thinking, for the equate loyalty and honesty with fidelity. these are conservative notions, many of which hail from prescriptive religious traditions. loyalty and honesty and respect and communication are all necessary for non-monogamous couples. fidelity is admirable in monogamous relationships but in consensual non monagamous arrangements fidelity can be more subtle, entailing emotional elements or even non essential.

  • 321seb
    321seb 3 days ago

    there’s one root for all of these problems, particularly rapid onset gender dysphoria. that problem: tumblr! people, especially young people, want to feel like they belong, like they are important and that’s natural. tumblr provides a community with the idea of inclusivity and then these people are exposed to ideas, that when you dig deep enough you realise that outrage culture lies at the root, and that realistically, that when they’re closely examined the ideas are not so inclusive. they’re about forcing and enacting legal change that conforms to ideas of hurt ‘feeling’ rather than the nuanced variety and difficult intricacies of life. the social contagion is spread through social media!

  • Preselected lika Mfer !!

    Ok to make it fair there should be a Trans MMA league where only Trans fighters could compete including Trans bears that wish to be human.

  • Alex T
    Alex T 4 days ago +1

    Wasn’t a fan of this one she didn’t seem to have much to really say

  • montyman montyman
    montyman montyman 4 days ago

    Amazing woman

  • Jon Morris
    Jon Morris 4 days ago

    Joe talks a lot in most of the episodes.

  • Chris Johnston
    Chris Johnston 4 days ago

    Sooo sick of the trans talk

  • EyeHeartShantel
    EyeHeartShantel 4 days ago

    He's talking too much on this one.

  • jimmicrackhead12
    jimmicrackhead12 4 days ago +1

    Shes trying to be shocking so she gets youtbue rotation

  • Yamada Taro
    Yamada Taro 4 days ago +1

    Why Asians (Koreans And Chinese only) are not treated equally? It's a simple reason. All Chinese and Koreans are enemies (spies and destroying US) for Americans and Western countries because they are Anti-US and Anti-White with intense hatred. All Chinese and Koreans are intense haters and racists. And historically proven, all Koreans and Chinese immigrants are harmful in any country including Japan. That's why. I hope you Chinese and Koreans won't have any question about this anymore.

    • 131untouchable
      131untouchable Day ago +1

      Spoken like a true jap good job buddy.... Isn't it your country whitewashing your history in world war 2

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 4 days ago

    As an answer for the trans issue in physical competition, creating two classes of competition. One for trans only competitors as well as a class for free entrance may be the answer to include everyone.

  • behnam2778
    behnam2778 4 days ago

    Does she talk in this?

    • Bruce097
      Bruce097 3 days ago

      behnam2778 oh yeah, very briefly 😃✌️

  • Jack Arney
    Jack Arney 4 days ago

    She is a REALLY good listener.

  • Fabtp76
    Fabtp76 4 days ago

    How do a baby know if he is gay??? This “dr” must be smelling dirt socks all day

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 4 days ago

    what percent of the interview is just rogan talking? 😂

    • Bruce097
      Bruce097 3 days ago

      Andrew Austin 99.89% 😃

  • Malc4dead
    Malc4dead 5 days ago +1

    Where can I buy audio of Debra Soh just talking? I don't care what she talks about... OMG I would buy any audiobook that she narrates

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 5 days ago +1

    "he's a woman for six months and wins woman of the year" 😂😂

    • 131untouchable
      131untouchable Day ago

      Gavin McGinnis had a hilarious comment on it....he said Femist always say men and women are equal and then Katlin come around is a better woman then women

  • De Vious
    De Vious 5 days ago

    She's so hot! I can listen to her say "Mmm hmm" all day

  • Manners
    Manners 5 days ago

    7:40 What does it mean to be 100% strait? Its hard to say the exact line but if you enjoy beating a dick to completion, even if its only your dick, you are not 100% strait.

  • Hernán Camilo
    Hernán Camilo 5 days ago

    I looooove her voice... her "um hums" are adorable... plus beautiful

  • kierbaudy
    kierbaudy 5 days ago

    OMG! JR must have swallowed 10 cups of coffee and didn’t say anything interesting. Who is interviewing whom?

  • Lord Penetron
    Lord Penetron 5 days ago +3

    damn rogan, didnt you feel the need to hear more of that sexy voice? you shot yourself in your own swollen third leg..

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 5 days ago

    Sigh. Joe regurgitates opinions he has articulated countless times previously while we wait for his guest to have a brief moment to add to the conversation.

  • Mariah Burrell
    Mariah Burrell 5 days ago


  • Eli Bartlett
    Eli Bartlett 6 days ago

    Would have been nice to hear what the expert in the field had to say about it.

  • Kate Ross
    Kate Ross 6 days ago

    Bill Nye worked as an engineer for Boeing, by the way. He has a bachelor's in engineering from Cornell.

  • Theo Mor
    Theo Mor 6 days ago

    Joe, thanks for showing us that mansplaining is real. Also, it's funny how you used the Asian accent to show the stereotype: 'You must be doctor', only to later criticize Charlie Chan films for using the fake Asian accent, to which Dr. Soh responds by saying using accents is offensive. I guess anyone can be tone death.

  • Marie Hornung
    Marie Hornung 6 days ago +4

    Joe, I love you to death. But for the love of god let your damn guests speak!

  • piretedudes
    piretedudes 6 days ago

    The reason Joe talks alot ( to me atleast ) is because her answer are short, to the point and have impact, she dosent need to go on huge ramblings, she gets her opinion and point across effectively.

  • TheAutisticMuffin
    TheAutisticMuffin 6 days ago

    Even if we had machines that could read memories they would still be super inaccurate because it's super easy to implant false memories in people's heads and our recall is super fallible especially the further removed from the situation you are.

  • Julio Orc
    Julio Orc 6 days ago

    If you look at the cyberspace of it all Asian has been hacking America and stealing all of their Manufacturing secrets and so that's how the made these superior products because they steal the best products combine them and create a superior then anything in the market

  • Kiteh Kawasaki
    Kiteh Kawasaki 7 days ago


  • Billy Fisher
    Billy Fisher 7 days ago

    Yeah Joe arguing to win is how they teach to write in college. I failed writing because I tried to make a neutral argument once, but when I understood colleges want me to choose one over the other and argue it to win regardless of how I truly felt I never got less then a 90 on a essay again in college. So arguing to win is how colleges teach, they don't want you to say both idea's presented are equally bad or good.

  • 4 & 20 Black Birds
    4 & 20 Black Birds 7 days ago

    It's call bi-poler disorder.

  • Steve Garip
    Steve Garip 7 days ago

    mansplaining and propagating the patriarchy

  • Brad Of The Valley
    Brad Of The Valley 7 days ago

    I think she brought very valuable insight and conversation to the podcast, she didn't talk quite as much as other guests but for what she said, she said alot, and enough, not everybody is super outgoing

  • L Prey
    L Prey 7 days ago

    Asian's are the majority of the Human race, we don't need them turning the entire world Asian. I support Harvard in keeping Asians out of American Universities!

  • Logan Walters
    Logan Walters 7 days ago

    I bet they had a fun night

  • ultimentra
    ultimentra 8 days ago

    Wow, Dr. Soh is so intelligent, well spoken, and beautiful! And she's single too! Glad I got hear what she had to say. She's a rare woman.

  • mr bluesky
    mr bluesky 8 days ago

    I thought "open relationship" just meant a relationship you tell people about, as opposed to a secret one. I've been saying "open relationship" for years without knowing what it meant 😂

  • Daniel Fleming
    Daniel Fleming 9 days ago

    1:20:50 Joe hasn't seen "It's a good life" from The Twilight Zone.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 9 days ago

    ITT: so much projection.

  • Bruce097
    Bruce097 9 days ago

    she knows it was a bad idea to turn up 1 second in, Joe’s had a testosterone shot and she kindly treats him like a “hmm, hmmm”, Aunt, or bored older Sister. Damn embarrassing Rogan. I guess he’s nervous??

  • Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s
    Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s 9 days ago

    Damn joe just doesn't shut the fuck up this podcast eh? Let the girl with the degree speak ya monkey!

  • Neet Freek
    Neet Freek 9 days ago

    Really hope joe has gotten more informed on the difference between sex and gender since this talk... Sex is definitive in science while gender is a social construct, it's not real and is defined by the majority perspective at the time. You have to understand this before you enter this conversation.

  • shaba laba
    shaba laba 9 days ago +1

    I don’t get it. Why all u guys keep nagging.
    Maybe she enjoys listening as well.
    There is a good flow.
    Or is this some kind of an insider joke and I don’t get it??

  • Richard Vincent
    Richard Vincent 9 days ago

    This lady's voice is so damn smooth.

  • abigrabbit
    abigrabbit 9 days ago

    dr debra is so hawt~~~!!!

  • academic person
    academic person 9 days ago

    They said the pendulum always swings back............and then one day it didn't.

  • academic person
    academic person 9 days ago

    Let her talk! Interesting topics and Rogan has interesting points but I want to hear her too. Oh well.

  • bj0rn
    bj0rn 10 days ago

    I think the main source of confusion regarding gender is that people are not in agreement on the definition. Biological gender, gender identity, legal gender, masculine/feminine behavior, etc. are all conflated. Every discussion on gender should start with agreement on definitions.

  • Taylor Cruize
    Taylor Cruize 10 days ago

    I wanna fuck her voice

  • allen alesna
    allen alesna 10 days ago

    You forgot, Rocky Balboa. He's Italian.

  • Ryne Jackson
    Ryne Jackson 10 days ago +1

    She should stop using "mm-hmm" especially while someone else is speaking.

  • Logan Walters
    Logan Walters 10 days ago

    She's sexy

  • Alaric Goldkuhl
    Alaric Goldkuhl 10 days ago +2

    Harvard... China has over a billion asians. If the US doesn't make the best of the few that you have, you're gonna get crushed.

  • Andy
    Andy 11 days ago

    I learned nothing about the guest in the 3 hours she was on the podcast. Poor interview.

  • Taylor Morton
    Taylor Morton 11 days ago

    have you ever noticed that Asian women are either generic or absolutely stunning? there's no middle ground lol

  • Susan Borochov
    Susan Borochov 11 days ago

    0 comments what the hell

  • Jenny Talwarts
    Jenny Talwarts 11 days ago

    Was Joe confusing Italian from Italy with Spanish from Spain? I don't think Italian was an original language anywhere in South America? It was Spanish from Spain and Portuguese from Portugal...
    PS: And the thing about Huawei... The CFO of Huawei was arrested a couple months ago in Canada for shady practices and the Chinese government promptly imprisoned a Canadian representative for no reason just to pressure the Canadian government into releasing her so the company does have links with the Chinese government and monitoring private data...

  • The Metal Pig
    The Metal Pig 11 days ago

    Could only watch 30 mins before turning it off because Joe was talking way too much. I thought the point of a guest is to ask them questions.

  • Superlative Service Inc

    He wants to fuck her.

  • Amnesiac Angel
    Amnesiac Angel 11 days ago

    Joe Rogan knows what a wood elf is. NERD! Cucks are Duckie are from Pretty In Pink.

  • tezzo55
    tezzo55 12 days ago

    :-B They should have another date, one where Joe lets HER do all the talking, I mean she's a doctor or something, so I bet she's really interesting, besides obviously being unfeasible beautiful :-B Love ya XXX,

  • Jarl Nieminen
    Jarl Nieminen 12 days ago

    Ffs Joe shut up

  • Jarl Nieminen
    Jarl Nieminen 12 days ago +1

    Joe how many times did you say people denying climate science are loons?

  • Jarl Nieminen
    Jarl Nieminen 12 days ago

    White racists are keeping minorities down therefore people who are not oppressed are not minorities. Delusion100

  • Jarl Nieminen
    Jarl Nieminen 12 days ago +3

    Person of colour? Nah she a person of hotness 😂

  • Nate Pace
    Nate Pace 12 days ago +1

    Wow im glad i listened to the whole thing and then articulated what i was thinking at the end😂

  • Nate Pace
    Nate Pace 12 days ago

    3:00:27 HAHA HE SAID DO DO!

  • Digital Witness
    Digital Witness 12 days ago

    Huawei isn’t allowed because China keeps our tech out also man. Samsung is from South Korea

  • Frank Feldman
    Frank Feldman 12 days ago

    What the FUCK is going one here? Is he worried she's an idiot or has nothing to say? That doesn't seem to be the case. I have never heard him babble on like this and monopolize the conversation in such a distasteful way.

  • Kyle Kilday
    Kyle Kilday 13 days ago

    "I wonder how many of those things are just distraction..." Umm, all the things, Joe. All the things.

  • 1845Raven
    1845Raven 13 days ago

    So.....we meet at last.

  • Fee_fee 64
    Fee_fee 64 13 days ago +2

    I listened to it for that long ari 🤷🏻‍♀️ I sat through this whole thing even if joe talked a lot what he has to say is still interesting!

  • Fee_fee 64
    Fee_fee 64 13 days ago

    My grandparents grew up in a time where media and government could lie to you and you would never know, so they can see when the tv is bullshit, to not take things at face value and it shows in their beliefs which are clearly false sometime.

  • Irritated Electrician
    Irritated Electrician 13 days ago +8

    Let the woman talk bro. She’s a scientist. Soh, tell Joe to scientifically shut up.

    • Irritated Electrician
      Irritated Electrician 11 days ago

      +Jenny Talwarts “I’ve got a great otolaryngologists you should see."

    • Jenny Talwarts
      Jenny Talwarts 11 days ago

      But how do you tell someone to scientifically shut up? Like "Could you theoretically avoid making your vocal chords vibrate"?

  • Brad Luck
    Brad Luck 13 days ago +1

    "there's a lot of older dummies out there because we nerfed up the world for em" HAHAHAHA! Bloody cracker mate!
    Tulsi Gabbard

  • TheSpiritOfTheTimes
    TheSpiritOfTheTimes 13 days ago


  • Cecil
    Cecil 14 days ago +1

    as a Chinese Canadian, I am not a fan of any major Chinese companies. These companies are just an arm of the Communist Party

  • Bert LeMoi
    Bert LeMoi 14 days ago +10

    2 hrs in. i feel like listening to a non-stop rant from joe. hilarious.

  • Rmir2
    Rmir2 14 days ago +11

    Joe talks too much. I would rather hear more from Debra.

  • Sarah Miles
    Sarah Miles 14 days ago +45

    It would be cool if Joe would let Debra talk for a few minutes

    • Jorge Zepeda
      Jorge Zepeda 3 days ago

      She kept asking him to expand!!

    • Jared Schmidt
      Jared Schmidt 6 days ago

      Sarah Miles lmao stfu bitch

    • Bruce097
      Bruce097 9 days ago

      academic person yep, I felt kinda sad for Dr Soh , was Joe trying to get her pissed off to get something from her. She’s very polite.

    • academic person
      academic person 9 days ago

      Yeah I thought that too. And she seemed like she would have interesting things to say.

    • Abdikadir Mohamed
      Abdikadir Mohamed 12 days ago +2

      yeah I was literally keep rewinding to see her talking I keep rewind and still Joe keep talking

  • 57 Defective
    57 Defective 14 days ago

    Joe it's so true about Generalizing.
    Collective narrative - lol
    It's the same old thing:
    Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

  • Fotorama
    Fotorama 14 days ago +5

    Combine Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu, add some more brains and you get the perfect wife material of a 21st century man. She is gorgeous in more than one way.

  • Emill Road
    Emill Road 14 days ago

    Joe call Jared Taylor on the show.