Zion Williamson VS LaMelo Ball!!! LIVEST Game Of The Year Full Highlights!


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  • MeetMeAtTheRim
    MeetMeAtTheRim  Year ago +475

    SC Supreme won over Big Baller Brand
    LaMelo had 36pts, 9asts and 6 rebs and Zion had 31 pts and 8 rebs

    • paul hogans
      paul hogans 21 day ago

      15 year old Melo vs 17 year old Zion

    • David Jones
      David Jones Month ago

      Melo is too weak, won't survive, ball handling skills will break down under real defense.

    • Mike Rithjin
      Mike Rithjin Month ago

      Melo with about 1k turnovers

    • Chief Louie
      Chief Louie Month ago

      SC team is huge.

  • dee gee
    dee gee 7 hours ago

    .....ZION will be drafted to NBA next season...while LaMelo will be staying with his daddy's league for long time, or join Europe/Chinese

  • Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé

    The ball family should join the Kardahshian's and leave basketball.

  • Neon
    Neon 5 days ago

    1:15 the guy in the back is putting his middle finger up at Lamelo the little stupid rat

  • dog picks
    dog picks 7 days ago

    Who won

  • Olav Langli
    Olav Langli 10 days ago

    Must be hard for a kid with all that hype and greedy mooching family and "friends"

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  • Thats Thiccc
    Thats Thiccc 11 days ago +1

    I love that number 6 kid

  • chance healey
    chance healey 13 days ago

    @7:42 mans is bitch lmfaoooo got stuffed by the rim

  • Jesse Sawian
    Jesse Sawian 13 days ago

    Meat Vs bones

  • John Lukach
    John Lukach 19 days ago

    Zion missed what 4 to 5 dunks and got ZERO J

  • John Lukach
    John Lukach 19 days ago

    Toothpick got NO D and he dribbles the ball way too high

  • Meti Susanti
    Meti Susanti 20 days ago

    Who's win??

  • Maj Kadunc
    Maj Kadunc 21 day ago

    What is the name of zions team number 2 point guard...he is good

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal 21 day ago +1

    Is LaMelo wearing Michael Jackson’s shoes?

  • paul hogans
    paul hogans 21 day ago

    15 year-old Melo vs 17 year-old Zion.

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart 22 days ago

    one will tear the league up one day.... the other won't

  • Howard Hill
    Howard Hill 23 days ago

    LaMelo has potential. Lots of work needed, especially in weight room, but I like his shooting and assists.

  • Mateo Flores
    Mateo Flores 24 days ago

    Ball team played a better game FACTS

  • Larry Moorehead
    Larry Moorehead 27 days ago

    Zion looking like zach randolph over there.

  • Djrhr Rhrhrbr
    Djrhr Rhrhrbr 28 days ago

    Camera had a bag over the lens half the time plus it doesnt help that the operator had Parkinson's

  • Davi lexis
    Davi lexis 28 days ago

    8:05 top

  • Martini
    Martini Month ago

    Basically a man verses a child

  • Za Za
    Za Za Month ago

    Zi iz the future of the NBA

  • alfpolo29
    alfpolo29 Month ago

    Holy shit this young guys play like a PRO !!!!! Im curious if Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James when they was young has this level..maybe yes...or maybe ....

  • 3DaveP
    3DaveP Month ago

    LaVar Ball strikes me as being "that parent" who all the other parents loathe and their kids games.

  • Jason B
    Jason B Month ago +1

    Lamely is overrated

  • Earl Carl
    Earl Carl Month ago

    I’m not sure how old lamelo is but he better get serious and start training hard if he wants to go to the nba. Very clumsy with the ball and no pull up jump shot that I can see . Man seems like with all the money they have they would have him with a good trainer and fix a lot of those issues with his shot and ball work he takes the basketball too low when he drives to the basket and the basketball is all over the place. In the nba every time he drove or dribbled someone would just knock the ball away or just steal it from him. I would like to see him succeed but he’s gotta want it and get in the gym and work every day any his game to fix all that stuff like right now.

  • kenny albert
    kenny albert Month ago

    why is lamelo walking but when he get the ball he running and his dad call him the best👎👎

    IRWIN ROMMEL Month ago

    Zion Williamson=Run away freight train-get out the way man!!!

  • ron ross
    ron ross Month ago

    It should be ZOpoo not ZO2

  • ron ross
    ron ross Month ago

    Bruh Dame dolla was there so was oprah, daaaaamn just to see lemelo vs Zion!


    Melo is ready for the college. Then, the pros ..

  • Eric Cervantes
    Eric Cervantes Month ago

    LaMelo plays horrible!!!

  • Christian Bation
    Christian Bation Month ago

    lavar looks really angry 3:56

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg Month ago

    who won the game tho

  • Gerald Charles
    Gerald Charles Month ago

    Zion reminds me of Charles Barkley when he was NICE.

  • Archibald Marajas
    Archibald Marajas Month ago

    Number 2 is good

  • Brian Anthony
    Brian Anthony Month ago

    The Ball kid is not getting back on defense at all...

  • Brian Anthony
    Brian Anthony Month ago

    LaMelo looks like T.I.’s son King🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Brian Anthony
    Brian Anthony Month ago

    The kid Zion is a BEAST!💯 I wish you nothing but success young man! Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall through 💯🙏🏾

  • Nedu Dee
    Nedu Dee Month ago

    ...size won this game

  • Mark Yates
    Mark Yates Month ago

    Lamello who??

  • Lovechie4life
    Lovechie4life Month ago

    No skill in just banging skinny small kids. That Zion needs a lot of work. No passing skill no, no back to the basket, no shooting. All i saw was dunks and lay ups.

    • Lovechie4life
      Lovechie4life Month ago

      uh.. no? there are lots of highschool kids who can shoot! stop with the excuses.

    • Junior Quarles
      Junior Quarles Month ago

      Not his fault that he is bigger and more athletic than mostly all kids his age. You should expect to see all dunks and layups.

  • CorgLordCS
    CorgLordCS Month ago

    Lamelo might be the ugliest person I know

  • King James
    King James Month ago

    Zion anit better than no lamelo

  • Arnel Villanueva
    Arnel Villanueva Month ago

    Zion wiliam is a monster
    Ball garbage

  • Aggelos Georgopoulos

    10:54 the kid just slipped jesus thats not an ankle breaker he was just dribbling straight

  • Aggelos Georgopoulos

    Is the guy with the 2 Julian Newman?

    DA_ SUNTOUCHA Month ago

    he gon b rookie of da yr and win the dunk contest

  • Christopher Hamm
    Christopher Hamm Month ago

    LaMelo Ball looks like a nasty dirty q tip ruining up and down the court

  • dakkok dakkok
    dakkok dakkok Month ago

    WTF who dislike

  • Marcus Mason
    Marcus Mason Month ago

    this kid right here can play

  • mo williams
    mo williams Month ago

    He can win the NBA dunk contest this year!

  • Israel ocampo
    Israel ocampo Month ago

    Who is the #2 in zions team?

  • anwjuice
    anwjuice Month ago +2

    I cant believe some think Melo is the better prospect here. Zion took ball from him at least 3 times and he is the forward not the guard. Zion will be a top 10 pick. Doubt Melo gets drafted. Not playing defense is going to hurt his chznce if he gets invited to nba combine. Nba prides on defense now. Not that chino hills matador defense.

  • niahxxx x
    niahxxx x Month ago +1

    Zion williamson vs lbj highschooler who winning

  • bordiguy
    bordiguy Month ago

    The Monstars vs. Loony Tunes

  • therealtubeplayer
    therealtubeplayer Month ago +1

    Number 4 on lamelo team was on fire. He needed more touches.

  • Dwight Partlow
    Dwight Partlow Month ago

    LaMelo is the worst defender of all time. Cherry picking extraordinair!

  • Molly Bags
    Molly Bags Month ago

    This video just made Zion look even better, I feel the longer lomelo goes undrafted he will soon fade out due to his father pulling him out of college to play over sea’s. I just hope things work out for him and his dreams

  • Eric Maye
    Eric Maye Month ago +2

    Did melo win defensive player of the year ?

  • Damon Morgan
    Damon Morgan Month ago

    who is the kid wearing #2 on Zion team. he is pretty good

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  • Mister No
    Mister No Month ago +1

    This kidd Lamelo no chance in Nba. He doesn't exist in defence.

  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez Month ago

    BBB are kids of wealthy parents n they are probably playing an inner city kids n they are kicking their ass.

  • Ray Perez
    Ray Perez Month ago

    Damm he's almost as good as his dad on point average per game.

  • alviory santana
    alviory santana Month ago

    6:48 is this legal?

  • Marcellus Perry
    Marcellus Perry 2 months ago

    DUNK CONTEST champion 2019 Zion walliamson

  • Beckham Ryan
    Beckham Ryan 2 months ago +1

    Who won blue team or the black

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 2 months ago

    Smfh it's pathetic how people on here hating on kids.... Get a fucking life that consists of getting pussy and not behaving like one yeah?

  • Chad Ault
    Chad Ault 2 months ago +16

    I am half way through and can’t watch anymore. This is some of the worst team basketball I have ever seen. The Ball kid shows zero interest whatsoever in Defense. He stands there and swipes at the ball as the other players drive by then he starts heading the other way to get the ball for himself to try to score. Pathetic. I would hate to have a teammate like that who is only interested in padding his points scored stat. He look lazy, slow, out of position and outmatched when it comes to defense. Looks like he never was taught the other side of the game. Selfish, lazy player.
    No wonder he skipped college. He might be forced to learn fundamentals!
    This is just showboat basketball. What a joke.

  • jason hernandez
    jason hernandez 2 months ago +1

    Number 2 is nda ready

  • Madabird
    Madabird 2 months ago

    Mama cooked Zion in the womb too long.

  • DA S
    DA S 2 months ago +1

    Dude where is the final score?

  • yannick willems
    yannick willems 2 months ago

    Man video is hype i love it😊

  • Sean Faccio
    Sean Faccio 2 months ago

    Ball will put on muscle in college. Highschool players don’t need to have bron strength

  • BC Clark
    BC Clark 2 months ago +2

    That was like men Zion’s team vs boys the ball kids team...

  • Tisha Baker
    Tisha Baker 2 months ago


  • Tisha Baker
    Tisha Baker 2 months ago

    Rim .com

  • Spencer D
    Spencer D 2 months ago

    All u see in the crowd is ppl holding up they phones shits annoying

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 2 months ago

    Lamelo is like 6'6 and 80 pounds jesus Fuck

  • Al Me
    Al Me 2 months ago

    The kids can't have this much fun with the ancient game, a.k.a. baseball anymore.
    That's why basketball is here to stay with this unlimited of supply of talents.

  • Little Ant
    Little Ant 2 months ago

    My name is zion

  • Allagadan Design
    Allagadan Design 2 months ago +2

    Zion is an NBA caliber, He will surely be the next Charles Barkley.

    • chrisrose
      chrisrose 24 days ago

      Not really... he got a lot of flaws.... 5 pig in the nba if he would go now.. Srsly he cannot bully anyone there. And he lacks a lot

  • Dr Waffles31
    Dr Waffles31 2 months ago

    zion is a grown ass man

  • Dawn D.
    Dawn D. 2 months ago

    Zion is NBA-bound.
    LaMelo is nice but he needs to evolve...

  • Dawn D.
    Dawn D. 2 months ago

    LaMelo looks unsure of playing defense.
    Zion looks like Lawrence Taylor. Damn...whew!

  • York Li
    York Li 2 months ago

    Why is BBB team so skinny?

  • Mario Laguna
    Mario Laguna 2 months ago

    how is the #2 from sc supreme??

  • Mheephone
    Mheephone 2 months ago

    Just tall , noob skills olo

  • Classix Gamer
    Classix Gamer 2 months ago

    The way Zion plays he gonna get 10 trips to the line lol

  • EnErGetYx Arts
    EnErGetYx Arts 2 months ago

    18 y/o against 12 y/o

  • Fadeable
    Fadeable 2 months ago +2

    Number 2 on Supreme is hot trash and gets in his own head smh

  • The Jerry Jerry
    The Jerry Jerry 2 months ago

    Those warm up dunks are lit

  • marco narca
    marco narca 2 months ago

    They need to gym

  • Hou Hawaiian
    Hou Hawaiian 2 months ago

    Zion is a cheat code

  • Hou Hawaiian
    Hou Hawaiian 2 months ago

    Zion... more like THANOS!

  • Lil Jet Ski
    Lil Jet Ski 2 months ago

    I’m starting to think lamelo can’t even guard a middle schooler one on one💯

  • Richard Rojas
    Richard Rojas 2 months ago +1

    number 2 and zion are killers.