🔴ARSENAL BOSS - AUDITIONS!🔴 Rodgers, Poch, Ljungberg?

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 1 036

  • Super Mario Roldan
    Super Mario Roldan 2 days ago

    I would sign Brendan Rodgers

  • Super Mario Roldan
    Super Mario Roldan 2 days ago

    Reafel tries out for all the manager options

  • Haroon Nadim
    Haroon Nadim 4 days ago +1

    Only true ones know Barsene Benger

  • Khan Ishaaq
    Khan Ishaaq 6 days ago +1

    Now he said he doesn't wanna leave

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker 6 days ago


  • Jay Njoroge
    Jay Njoroge 10 days ago +2

    Massimiliano from Italy..
    "Good evening.."

  • Leyenda de un Crack
    Leyenda de un Crack 17 days ago

    Los entrenadores mas amados son en la actualidad Klopp , Rodgers , Eddie Howe , Sarri , Conte , Gattuso , Allardyce , Fabio Capello , Klinsmann , Koeman , Mancini , Inzagui y Simeone
    Los mas odiados son Emery , Benítez , Mourinho , Pellegrini , Valverde , Solkjaer , Ranieri , Montella , Pioli , Ancelotti , Puel , Gaultier , Favre y Zidane .

  • Arsenal Rex
    Arsenal Rex 17 days ago

    Pepe is now incredible

  • Arsenal Rex
    Arsenal Rex 17 days ago

    We got Mikel

  • Alex Gamer
    Alex Gamer 18 days ago

    I think they will get artera

  • Razor_Stealth
    Razor_Stealth 19 days ago

    Ian's dead I think

  • Kasհ
    Kasհ 22 days ago +1

    Mikel Arteta. Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United. Boom.

    KING RETARD 22 days ago +1


    Ars 2-0 Man U

    Pepe wasn't shite after all

  • Ranjith Selvan
    Ranjith Selvan 23 days ago

    Didn't Ozil play for Real Madrid in 2012??????

  • Михаил Гьошев

    Jose: I should have waited for Arsenal!
    Me: The good news are you are not eliminated for now.
    The bad news are you are behind Man U(Manchester United)

  • Zildane Hr
    Zildane Hr 27 days ago

    Aubameyang have Zidane voice :'v

  • Herpes free since 04, in jail out soon

    I’ve watched this video so many times it’s my favourite

  • Cedric.04
    Cedric.04 28 days ago

    0:38 The Winner

  • Niccxxon
    Niccxxon Month ago

    do more arsene wenger videos 😂

  • Hüseyin Tok
    Hüseyin Tok Month ago +3

    Pep: No way! I already have a whole defence to replace!
    Mikel: Which defence?🤨
    Then Mikel joins Arsenal *back* !!

  • Hamza Abusalim
    Hamza Abusalim Month ago +3

    China and Özil...

  • Leonard Gladzah
    Leonard Gladzah Month ago +1

    Barsene Benger😂😂😂

  • Ramos Jammeh
    Ramos Jammeh Month ago +8

    Who's here after Ateta appointed

    • Neymar
      Neymar Month ago

      Ramos Jammeh me

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Month ago

    Claude looks Handsum

  • Aldo Meylano
    Aldo Meylano Month ago

    Who's here after Arteta getting appointed as a new Arsenal manager?

  • Carrot The Gamer
    Carrot The Gamer Month ago +1

    Please can you make a video about Mikel Arteta being the new Arsenal manager

  • Jay Boland
    Jay Boland Month ago +20

    And your winner is:
    Mikel Arteta!

  • Jayden John
    Jayden John Month ago +2

    Me : ( scrolls through phone)
    Phone : Unai Emery has been sacked
    Me : It was probably a BAD EBENING

  • Nwankwo Divime
    Nwankwo Divime Month ago

    I have missed wenger

  • PokeN
    PokeN Month ago

    Good ebening

  • toto calcio
    toto calcio Month ago +1

    Lol Ozil 👽 👽 👽

  • nobody Khan
    nobody Khan Month ago

    Fr is the security the robbers who attacked kolasinac and eyezil

  • Archie Handler
    Archie Handler Month ago

    Why does 442oons think that making fun of spurs every video is entertaining?

    • Harp9290
      Harp9290 Month ago

      Archie Handler what do we think we think of Tottenham,shit. How do we think of shit, Tottenham

    • Archie Handler
      Archie Handler Month ago

      @Harp9290 they just aren't anymore though! I'm not a spurs fan (man city), I don't really care I just want 442oons to start making funny videos again instead of this shit

    • Harp9290
      Harp9290 Month ago +1

      Archie Handler because spurs still is a funny long term joke of a team

  • Mihai Sevastre
    Mihai Sevastre Month ago

    I love that in this video Aubameyang was acting like Sanchez when he was in Arsenal

  • Jupiter111
    Jupiter111 Month ago

    I would like the mesut eyezill tshirt

  • Nathan Fedjo
    Nathan Fedjo Month ago

    Rafa benitez for arsenal

  • jono brown
    jono brown Month ago +1

    the best boss is Klopp in this video

  • The Spud
    The Spud Month ago

    The Rafa vid should’ve been censored

  • Bwire John Favour
    Bwire John Favour Month ago +1


  • Gamer Dave
    Gamer Dave Month ago

    Well Good ebening, Arsenal !
    The new coach won't say that.
    The fans will miss Unai Emery.

  • Frank Natzel
    Frank Natzel Month ago


  • Frank Natzel
    Frank Natzel Month ago

    Brendan Rogers signed a contract until 2020

  • Cosmin Contra
    Cosmin Contra Month ago

    LOL Ozil

  • Opu2130
    Opu2130 Month ago

    Jesus the wenger voice is gold

  • DannyanwarGT
    DannyanwarGT Month ago

    Legend has it that Wenger is still wondering who Aubameyang is

  • Jayden John
    Jayden John Month ago +2

    Özil : Freddie, this isn't an audition for Harvey Weinstein you know!
    Bro I'm done out here.

  • Su Truong
    Su Truong Month ago

    Nice vid

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy Month ago

    442oons should make a “Bohemian Rhapsody” parody about Arsenal. Pierre: Will you let me goooo? Arsenal: NOOOO we will not let you go Real Madrid: LET HIM GOOO

  • Ifwat Hma
    Ifwat Hma Month ago

    The club is far from title being a title contender now. Divided fans, loss of confidence etc. Not surprised if Auba and/or Laca leave this winter or summer. I feel sorry for them too. Welp, as a fan, I just have to keep supporting the team.

  • aola wili
    aola wili Month ago


    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan Month ago


  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago

    imagine if arsène went back to arsenal 😂

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy Month ago


  • Dexter Pettman
    Dexter Pettman Month ago

    Spurs are smashing arsenal

  • NerdWithFriends
    NerdWithFriends Month ago

    Soon Dean's going to run out of letters for The ' ' Factor

    • aola wili
      aola wili Month ago

      imagine if arsène went back to arsenal 😂

  • Gloria Enyabine
    Gloria Enyabine Month ago

    Freddie your hand are so soft, do you moistures😁.

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith Month ago

    That did not age well!

  • Ezel
    Ezel Month ago

    Sacked in the ebening

  • Dylan Johal
    Dylan Johal Month ago

    this is too fucking funny man😍

  • Christopher Taylor
    Christopher Taylor Month ago

    How quickly did Brendan sign a new contract after this video came out- I think he was bricking it that Arsenal might want him!

  • The Fun Station
    The Fun Station Month ago

    You will get too much punishment after death for trolling with other's face. Have you saw your own face in the mirror? DISGUSTING... Like a old man.

  • Psyo 77
    Psyo 77 Month ago