Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Ep 11: STATION REJIG - Early Access Let's Play, Gameplay

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Join me as I play Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up, a tycoon game about building underground metro stations and keeping commuters happy! These folks are extremely demanding: can we satisfy their every whim and not go bankrupt???
    Buy on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/726110/Overcrowd_A_Commute_Em_Up/
    A huge thank you to SquarePlay Games for providing me with a game key!
    Early Access Release Date: 6 June 2019

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    About Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up:
    Every day, millions crowd the tube in a desperate bid to get to work. Can you build and run the perfect metro station to help them make it on time?
    Overcrowd is a tactical management sim set on the metro of bustling city Lubdon Town. Blending base building with pausable real-time strategy, Overcrowd offers a unique mix of spatial puzzling, strategic thinking and split-second choices.
    Excavate your way through 4 layers of earth. Design your layout carefully and plot commuter routes with user-defined directional signs. Keep things on track with a wide range of equipment to unlock and procure.
    You’ll need to assemble a crack team, tool them up and deploy them to run your station in real time. You can set priorities, schedule breaks or just deploy them manually. Keep your staff room well stocked and your employees levelled and you can take you tube station to new depths.
    Commuters have needs, just like you and me. The hazards of a badly run station - delays, heat, dirt, rats - will affect their state of mind and your station reputation. Beware hoodlums and pickpockets who will try to derail your operation!
    Everything from bin emptying, generator refueling, power, litter collection, heat, commuter AI, shop prices, stock and staff activities are simulated down to the individual level. The huge range of interacting systems gives scope for emergent and unpredictable gameplay.
    Procedural campaign. Build a network of stations in the procedural campaign, procuring more tech and hiring staff as you go. Return to past stations when you have more resources and try to earn a full 5 star rating!
    Sandbox mode. Define everything from money, staff, map size and win/lose states. Make the game as easy, as hard or as creative as you want.
    Commute of the day. Build a station on a randomly generated map, unique to that day.
    Buy on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/726110/Overcrowd_A_Commute_Em_Up/
    Website: overcrowd.co.uk/
    Twitter: SquarePlayGames
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Comments • 33

  • Chris Comley
    Chris Comley 2 months ago

    So during your night free-move period, why pause so your staff remain unhappy?

  • orlondok
    orlondok 3 months ago

    A big part of this episode was renovating the existing station ... and that part was just as entertaining to watch as the rest ... lol

  • orlondok
    orlondok 3 months ago

    Not sure if you noticed, but another viewer mentioned that if you put two different types of rooms next to one another ... you can use 2 doors ... sort of making a corridor ...
    not sure if or how it works ... just read it on the last video ...
    I was also wondering myself what the effect of making smaller utility rooms ...
    sort of make a broom closet in one place with maybe the picker-upper and the mop maybe ? or something like that ...

  • orlondok
    orlondok 3 months ago

    Just wondering ... are you playing on Normal difficulty ?
    If this is easy ... I will definitely not be able to play this game ... lol

  • Niko B
    Niko B 4 months ago

    I don't know this game but I saw you upload it and I will like it anyway. You definitely deserve more views, I love listening to you ❤️ you are doing an awesome job, keep uploading (:

  • Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage 4 months ago +2

    With that amount of generators you need at least two fuel barrels or you won't have enough to refuel them all in a day. One fuel barrel per 5 Mk1 generators seems to be enough. And the main source of overcrowding is your platform isn't big enough. You need to give the commuters more space to move about.

    • KatherineOfSky
      KatherineOfSky  4 months ago +1

      I do have two fuel barrels. The landscape makes space VERY difficult. I tried auto-rest earlier in the series and staff are impossible if there is an emergency, e.g. they just go and rest and won't take care of important things.

    • Collateral Damage
      Collateral Damage 4 months ago +2

      Oh, and another VERY helpful thing - instead of giving your employees a rest schedule, you can set them to go rest when they need it. I also try to hire staff with high perception, it cuts down on having to micromanage them.

  • colsoyeti1
    colsoyeti1 4 months ago +1

    BTW, the staff room may require an additonal seat, I am however curious to see what effect this has on the staff if you leave it just with 4 seats xxx

  • colsoyeti1
    colsoyeti1 4 months ago

    KOS, what an enjoyable series this is shaping out to be. Wishing I could take you into my board meetings to manage my crisis at work!

  • LatNWarrior
    LatNWarrior 4 months ago +2

    At the entrance go right 4x6/8 squares to make stairs going up and 4x6/8 squares left to make stairs going down. Relocate the generators room upstairs. Move team room also to a central location and expand the size of the present platform for more room and alleviate crowding... go right or left four squares for all platforms or more! Once you remove the team and generator rooms you have enough space for commerce... Use the 2x2 walkway next to the team room as a way to get down also if needed...

  • LatNWarrior
    LatNWarrior 4 months ago +2

    You need a mop to clean up the vomit, but not to worry the rat ate it, 17:10. the vomit is the reason for the rat!

    • LatNWarrior
      LatNWarrior 3 months ago

      @KatherineOfSky Meaning of :P?

    • LatNWarrior
      LatNWarrior 4 months ago

      @KatherineOfSky , ohh my apologies, may need to prioritize if the area is crowded and he has the mega phone.

    • KatherineOfSky
      KatherineOfSky  4 months ago

      I'm sending the guy with the mop to clean the vomit :P

  • John Otter
    John Otter 4 months ago

    I guess this game would not be the right medium for AMSR vids...

  • Christian Lemon
    Christian Lemon 4 months ago +1

    40 minutes of telling people what to do. 3 minutes of building. Yikes.

    • Ben
      Ben 3 months ago

      Not actually seen anyone who is worse than KoS at this game

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago

    You can't place the footbridge at the tunnel cuz of the news stand

  • almightyhydra
    almightyhydra 4 months ago +1

    I would have built a small area for the ticket machines to the side of the main entrance, and put the stairs where the ticket machines are. I think you might have crowding / throughput issues funnelling 2 trains of people onto such a narrow platform. Otherwise I think you're on the right track (pun intended) with the new layout :)

  • Hazim Zaidani
    Hazim Zaidani 4 months ago +4

    Thank you KOS for the Overcrowd series! Lovin it so far. Can't wait for the new platform!

  • Joshua kouame-Cheung
    Joshua kouame-Cheung 4 months ago +3

    invest your bonds on the batteries so when you run out of power the batteries can still power the station while the generators are out of gas.

  • propyne
    propyne 4 months ago +6

    Kinda odd that you need a generator room at all, instead of drawing power off the grid and paying a power bill.

  • Aaron Doherty
    Aaron Doherty 4 months ago +1

    Wonder what's on deck for the big update Tuesday.

    Feels like commuter happiness and station rep. are pretty punitive at this point. Hopefully the update will include some balancing in this regard.

  • jedw95
    jedw95 4 months ago +4

    If you make two rooms then join them you can get a room with two doors and use it as a corridor too. With the staff, they get better at the skill they are doing, so if you give them all of the one type and only use them for that I find they get better quicker and they level up faster then too. In my own play though I just had two refuse staff then only one staff for the other categories and out them on auto break and then barely any micromanaging was needed. Other than that you are my favorite of the overcrowd TheXvidrs so keep it up :)

  • Juanita
    Juanita 4 months ago +13

    I hope you'll be playing after the reset. I enjoy watching you play Overcrowd.

  • Alan Bareiro
    Alan Bareiro 4 months ago +3

    Wow, geez game. Employees can die... maybe the devs should ease up the micromanaging on this game a little bit.

  • Andreas Quvang Jepsen
    Andreas Quvang Jepsen 4 months ago +2

    You can’t configure the platform while paused

  • Димитър Тасев