Liam Neeson clarifies controversial revenge remarks: 'I'm not a racist' | GMA

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • The "Cold Pursuit" star responds to recent firestorm live on "GMA."
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  • Victoria
    Victoria 3 hours ago +1

    nice of him to clarify himself but lets be real, had this been a black man saying it about a white man and calling him a "white bastard" and wanting to kill any innocent white guy cause of rape, I can guarantee people (at least on youtube) would be up in arms and calling the man all types of slurs and blaming all black people for his behavior, etc. you can see how forgiving many people in these comments are which is great, but its sad how real the double-standards are.
    p.s. I don't need people to tell me black people can be discriminatory, I already know that. the point is, white people are always forgiven and given an extra chance no mater what they do. no need to get pissy and mad, its just what I've noticed.

  • sadeladybug
    sadeladybug 3 hours ago

    So my father’s/uncles’/cousin’s/brother’s survival depends on a white person’s abilities to see where they went wrong. Their survival literally depends on a white person getting to a place to SEE that thinking about attacking ANY innocent black men is not honorable. We have to WAIT for you all to see our humanity before we die. I got it.

  • Mark Nutt
    Mark Nutt 6 hours ago

    He could've died , you could've died, everyone's race sensitive. Leave him be , you can't blame him if someone said this old white,Spanish black dude raped your friend . I would be out looking for that fucker. I'm not white, I'm not black, I'm red and blue, I'm spiderman.

  • Mark Nutt
    Mark Nutt 6 hours ago

    There's nothing wrong.

  • Whats App
    Whats App 7 hours ago

    Good journalism is rare now aday, it's all about sensationalising a story, make money and it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process, Liam, chin up, walk tall, you spoke your truth and that's all that matters

  • Nishat Shahriyar
    Nishat Shahriyar 8 hours ago

    Liam Neeson is still a good person and i respect him even more...

  • JayAAO-
    JayAAO- 9 hours ago

    gtfo pathetic everyone knows it wasn't a race thing its a rape thing but its a story so they pipe it up

  • Wicked Alf
    Wicked Alf 11 hours ago

    This woman is retarded, she's the racist one "imagine how a black person gets hurt hearing that an innocent black man could've died for no reason". Wrong! I'm white and i care the same way, than an innocent person would've died, it wouldn't only be be black, he asked more questions about height and weight and so on. So to me, she's the racist bitch here, if not racist, at least a stupid cryi baby like most black people in america, fuck them

  • rhobx
    rhobx 11 hours ago

    Come on people! You can't be racist and make out with Viola Davis at the same time.

  • Uncle BS
    Uncle BS 12 hours ago

    Half of the British Parlament are "used to be" soccer "hoodlems"

  • scatty cat
    scatty cat 14 hours ago

    very refreshing to see the majority of comments here are uplifting and supportive of Liam, shame abc corporation can't even get the title of this clip accurate, Liam states during this interview "I'm not racist" yet the title states; I'm not a racist. no biggie but these small discrepancies have profound effect in the modern world.

  • scatty cat
    scatty cat 14 hours ago

    Load of old codswallop, the world has wisened up to these hollywood soap operas that aim to decimate a persons life, love your movies & wish you the very best Liam.

  • Дмитрий Сяде

    "The pain of an innocent, black man." He went to a black area to get fucked up. What kind of pain she says. Stupid racist cunt, says it because he is white

  • mhamadac
    mhamadac 14 hours ago


  • Mariana Mawa
    Mariana Mawa 17 hours ago

    I empathize with him. I believe every word he says. I see truth on his behavior. Press and people have a very dirty role accusating this man. I am sorry, if he fails, he is real on it. Each one of us in this world have responsability on what is said and what it’s not. At least, he is not there just pretending being someone he isn’t. Let’s have attention on those things.

  • Jackson D
    Jackson D 18 hours ago

    your parents death was not your fault, it was the blacks - Ras Al Ghul

  • Doug Ferrera
    Doug Ferrera 19 hours ago

    You know we all have said and done really dumb things but in today's world it's one strike and your out there are somethings that should be one strike but not everything

  • Doug Ferrera
    Doug Ferrera 19 hours ago

    He wasn't thinking he was pissed that a good friend of his was hurt and ppl need to full story first we always jump into things or hear what we want to hear

  • Nikki Daniels
    Nikki Daniels 19 hours ago

    LIAM NEESON IS TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO GET TICKETS TO HIS NEW MOVIE HE'S SELLING TICKETS. Controversial statements sell tickets why didn't we know about this 10 years ago his timing is very suspicious yes he's allowed to be mad but why now?

  • 1964Loukas
    1964Loukas 20 hours ago were against Trump when accused of you know how it feels now?

  • Chark.Edits
    Chark.Edits 21 hour ago +1

    People are fucking snowflakes, leave the man alone

  • UHFStation1
    UHFStation1 22 hours ago

    I think "lady reporter" might have been the only iffy thing here. Maybe a little sexist. Lol.

  • Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason

    I wish I was there to support Liam and comment on it, race is obviously a very distinctive feature that could help identify a person, and of course it's the only one the media stuck with like IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING SPECIFICLY BLACK, wtf are you talking about did you even fucking listen smh

  • menckencynic
    menckencynic Day ago

    So Neeson is evil because he thought bad thoughts, but Jessie Smollett is a poor boy for *trying to start a race war* Fuck...ALL of you.

  • lowserver2
    lowserver2 Day ago

    i love liam neeson

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Nice seeing all the support in this comment section. I don’t think his career is over

  • Napi Coyote
    Napi Coyote Day ago

    Ever one knows he's hung like a stud...! 😂😂😂😂

  • Shakthi Dhasan
    Shakthi Dhasan Day ago

    This man is not a racist. You can see this human struggle he is wrestling with.

  • Cora Crawley
    Cora Crawley Day ago

    The man did nothing wrong..... God bless you Liam for standing up to modern media that stops at nothing to take any remark out of context and attempt to ruin your life... Good man for facing up to the real animals, looking them in the eyes and saying 'No' you're all wrong and even though I shouldn't have to, I will play your stupid game and tell you what you want to hear by having to justifying something that didn't need justification.... wonderful man... thank you

  • Michael Ingram
    Michael Ingram Day ago

    Hey Liam, there's this actor named Jussie Smolett..........

  • Nancy Thornburg
    Nancy Thornburg Day ago

    Thank you Good Morning America for taking the time to allow both people to speak and have this conversation. And, I appreciate you not pausing for a commercial break.

  • Erdem Memisyazici

    Extra extra! White guy survives racist remarks. Imagine Liam Neeson walking into the suburbs to wait for white people to start some shit. Just like, walking into a Starbucks with a baseball bat. "One of these whiteys did it!"

  • Mseesee Supermeatboy

    This is how I see it he never hurt killed raped cut the heads off anyone he worked hard earned a living sported his family and now he is the one getting picked apart attacked and having his life and reputation fucked yet we glorify rappers who call each other niggers and rap about killing and selling drugs.

  • Nurse Kim TV
    Nurse Kim TV Day ago

    Tell him Robin!

  • Timothy Kittelstad

    Wow, even after he explained it she kept twisting what he said to make him seem like he just wanted to hurt an “innocent black man” in her words. He clearly said he was “waiting to be set upon”.

  • Jamaican Egyptian
    Jamaican Egyptian Day ago +1

    THAT'S LIKE A BLACK MAN or WOMAN going out and Targeting and Killing an INNOCENT WHITE PERSON for the 'Evil Racist Actions" of White Cop killing someone Black

  • cal30m1
    cal30m1 Day ago

    Oh No Liam, you will probably need to really convert to Islam this time to make this go away...

  • kjh ddd
    kjh ddd Day ago

    Call out culture is so cringey. There was nothing wrong with what he said, and anybody would be thinking the same thing in the same situation. Seems people only give a fuck if its relative to them, but when notit's not, they turn the other cheek. Take also into the fact that Irishmen are pretty damn straight forward with the things they say, and don't hold back (which is awesome by the way) it takes balls to just even share these kind of thoughts in this world of social justice warriornazis.

  • young98
    young98 Day ago +2

    He has to defend himself for thought crimes apparently. How far we have come

  • Fat Ass Dogs
    Fat Ass Dogs Day ago

    He really did nothing wrong. His friend was raped by a black person and it phased him so anyone calling him a racist stfu he would’ve done the same thing if it was any other race.

  • kaiser sozay
    kaiser sozay Day ago

    HIS FRIEND WAS SAVAGELY RAPED!!!! Anyone not looking to extract revenge and exercise their anger is the one we all should keep a close eye on and or punish. That it happened to be a white and a black person is NOT NOT NOT the important issue here. If Liam were even possibly a racist with previous issues and behaviors.....maybe race would be the major issue here. He volunteered the story. If he were a racist in today's climate (AS A PUBLIC FIGURE) he would have kept that to himself. FOR SURE!! Our current culture is too sensitive and some are constantly looking to burn any and everyone, instead of properly focusing on real problems of bigotry. Non issue. Move on.

  • B Kay
    B Kay Day ago

    This just came out, this whole thing was a huge joke setup by Ricky Jervais.. so so funny

  • limelight06
    limelight06 Day ago

    Thanks for sharing your story, Liam. Life is truly a journey filled with learning experiences. Nothing but respect for you.

  • Ida Bou
    Ida Bou Day ago

    He wanted to kill a ninja , but he didn’t. Isn’t that special 🤔🤔🤔😏😏

  • Levis Christian
    Levis Christian Day ago

    Tht bitch would sell herself to a racist pimp for money so shut up hoe

  • krystal williams

    People be so sensitive to everything it irritates my spirit. There is a large number of people who even watching a racial intense movie that walk out their doors ready to beat the other race to a pulp. After watching a movie, a video, hearing something racially motivated whatever the case, or after reading a book. To hear a friend embellish a rape story and can describe the perp who did it, or a man’s wife, daughter, niece, or a man who endures harm or violence... Who is not going to feel these ways ??? This is realistic speaking right here. He said 40 years ago this is still today, yesterday, before and in the future unfortunately because no one is really having these honest conversations. Liam, I love all your movies, your truth was a breath of fresh air no matter how it made me feel. I know thousands who would do the same. People kill over money and jealousy, to cover up things and just because they want to on a daily basis so please go live your life. As you haven’t taken anyone else’s. You’re not a racist you’re a sympathetic friend.

  • Steven Amoah
    Steven Amoah Day ago

    It's good he talks about it and didnt hide it and let it build up this is what we need

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther Day ago

    The world is really complicated good and evil are both indulged in each other . If good and evil were separated the world would have been a better place but still there would be evil among us like always. This doesnt make him a racist he was just enraged and disgusted and wanted to standup for that lady without knowing who that bastard piece of shit was. He wanted to get revenge but he just couldnt get his hands on that motherfucker because that coward just did his thing and ran away probably sitting somewhere just merry in his own shitty worthless life without giving a drop of a sweat about what he did.....

  • Jon Irving
    Jon Irving Day ago

    Now Liam will be forced to go on some apology tour. Enough, Liam. No need to apologize for anything.

  • Jon Irving
    Jon Irving Day ago

    Sorry, LIam. You will never be forgiven for being honest.

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner Day ago

    Interesting how everyone is skating over the fact that he didn't seek to harm the first black person he found and waited to be set upon by someone - seeking revenge on a criminal instead - if he was a racist he would attacked the first black person he came across - this was 40 years ago and Ireland was a troubled place at the time - I don't believe he is a racist and I think he is a great actor and I feel sorry for him having to go through all this to appease the ever increasing PC world we live in.

  • ZoraleePvP
    ZoraleePvP Day ago

    Who thinks he is racist? I’ve tried to find names on people who believe he is racist and haven’t found a single name, maybe I haven’t googled enough because surely there is one or two names out there who believe it but what strikes me is the amount of support he gets. So, what are we talking about when, what looks like, 100% or 99% support him? These days the controversy seems to only harbor one side, where are those who accuses him? Is it only russian trolls (again) who wants to stir up trouble and fake controversy? Please anyone link me someone who personaly think he is a racist.

  • riley jennex
    riley jennex Day ago

    He's a artist . It's taught and passed down in true ignorance , that a boy good stuff

  • Four Sword
    Four Sword Day ago

    We can choose to associate with who we want. Love more than others. White people don't have to explain ourselves anymore. We don't owe these non-white peoples a fucking thing. That is all.

  • David Anita
    David Anita Day ago

    Is it just me who thinks he somehow looks like Frank lampard?

  • Vlatka211
    Vlatka211 Day ago

    The teachable moment is to keep our mouth shut.

  • Knuckles x Sonia

    The criminal history from this black men revelead he was a monster. Liam is a knight from justice.

  • Nubias
    Nubias Day ago

    He has not changed,and still feels the same,and he proves it. I do not feel sorry for him. He thinks he is not racist.
    He can be forgiven for thinking that,but he is no better then a Klansman. He was looking for a black bastard,at least that
    is what I read,he does not respect Africans,which is ok for him,he will not need to walk in Compton at night lookin for prey.

  • 1 1
    1 1 Day ago

    Its been 40 years ago, nothing happend, he was just beeing honnest about his feelings at the time. he already had his learning point. Dont get why this is such a big deal. Rage can drive you crazy, you cant fix your mindset when your mad. it takes time. its not always ok. but its human. He learned from his mistakes.

  • 1991tommygun
    1991tommygun Day ago

    Fuck the blacks anyways

  • Charles Fell
    Charles Fell Day ago

    Black white right wrong this interviewer is looking to crucify him without understanding the emotion comments that may come out of her mouth if that happens to her friend.

  • Уркен Исаев

    Что творится в США?! Кто она вообще, чтобы отчитывать кого-то как ребёнка, за вполне естественные поступки?

  • Peter Quad
    Peter Quad Day ago

    He said that attacker was black and he will do it even if attacker was white or asian he does not care about race he care about guy that did it. But leftist again "We can make this racial so let's do this...".

  • Jack Sock
    Jack Sock 2 days ago

    He didn't attack random innocent black men. He was waiting for a black man to attack him so he could exact some sort of personal revenge for his friend who was raped by a black man. The woman was raped and somehow nobody cares about her.

  • Grailsarvas
    Grailsarvas 2 days ago

    I love how the same people behind hashtag metoo are the same ones villifying this man for wanting to get revenge for a woman that was raped. Since it wasn't a white man though that means it's out of line. I love the message behind that too. Leftists will say a black man raping women is alright with their logic here. And if you don't think for a MINUTE Neeson would be hailed as a hero for wanting to "kill a white bastard" to these same people you're out of your mind.

  • InvisibleMan95
    InvisibleMan95 2 days ago +5

    Nothing but respect for this wonderful man and great actor.

  • Tinine MARS
    Tinine MARS 2 days ago

    As a Catholic that he is , he is already a MURDERER for hating someone in his heart, that what JESUS said!!! That's a RACIST thought! Therefore he is RACIST! How many time does one has to fell that way to be a RACIST???
    And 40 YEARS later .... things in his mind are still so fresh , he didn't let go of the guilt , nor of the HATRED for he feeds on the later for acting purposes!?!?! 40 YEARS on.. really!?!? He is seriously CONFUSED!
    When you ask GOD to forgive you, then don't go fishing in the swamp! But he went to a priest instead.... oh boy

    • love singh
      love singh Day ago

      DAMN!!! You seriously need your own brain.

  • Korben Boombastik
    Korben Boombastik 2 days ago

    He doesn't have to clarify anything. You are stupidly dumb if you didn't understand when he said it the first time. He did things to help himself out of that funk. More than what I can say for people who live around here.

  • James Harrington
    James Harrington 2 days ago

    I respect this man for having the courage to share his feelings even after all that has happened
    in our media

    • James Harrington
      James Harrington 2 days ago

      Honesty shouldn’t be punishes. It should be a learning curve for everybody

  • Eugen Filippov
    Eugen Filippov 2 days ago

    "The pain of a black man who is not involved"
    About which pain this fool speaks?

  • DeInfiniteGaming
    DeInfiniteGaming 2 days ago

    "Your friend, im glad she is ok"
    "She actually passed away"


  • barry durham
    barry durham 2 days ago

    Man was upset because a friend got a assaulted by a black man
    That doesn’t sound racist
    Sounds factual

  • some guy
    some guy 2 days ago

    Is it racist for the media to milk every racial remark for views and money? Hmm

  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 2 days ago

    Nothing to be ashamed off we had skin heads, punks, bikers, mods,so throw the IRA in the mix.People talk crap different generation you live it you have the right if not shut up.Also he forgot army on streets police snatch squads bad bad time

  • stheday1
    stheday1 2 days ago +3

    He didn't ask for forgiveness or apologize. He is a racist who is just saying these things to save his career. And 7:00 shows his true colors.

    • Tye Nickell
      Tye Nickell 23 hours ago

      +love singh Haha. You're good. Definitely not talking about Liam.

    • love singh
      love singh 23 hours ago

      +Tye Nickell oh my bad. I thought you were talking about Liam.

    • Tye Nickell
      Tye Nickell Day ago

      +love singh why you replying to me. I was on your side.

    • love singh
      love singh Day ago

      +Tye Nickell You didn't HAVE to reply then why did you?

    • Tye Nickell
      Tye Nickell Day ago

      Literally the dumbest shit I've ever heard. He didn't even have to bring it up.

  • Daniel Son
    Daniel Son 2 days ago

    Grilling him for something he didn't do 40 years ago. You can't win.

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 2 days ago

    He's NOT.

  • Milo MT
    Milo MT 2 days ago

    I believe that he is a liar and no rape happened. He's just a racist trying to promote his crappy movie.
    He still hasn't said where this rape was supposed to have happened.

    • Pancakes611
      Pancakes611 Day ago

      Liar ? It's a fact that black people lie and steal more than any other race. Hypocrite !

  • petros asparagos
    petros asparagos 2 days ago

    Thoughts crossing your mind do not make you racist, they don't make you anything really.

  • Joe Hirst
    Joe Hirst 2 days ago

    Who has actually been outraged by this? It feels like the media are created the outrage and are creating a witch hunt to fill their own pockets. Surely everyone can understand his perspective here...

  • Johnny King
    Johnny King 2 days ago +1

    What happened to liam nesson friend

    • Milo MT
      Milo MT 2 days ago +1

      its lies, hes just trying to promote his movie and thought saying a black man raped his friend would be more effective.

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 2 days ago

    Its okay to be racist.

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 2 days ago

    Not assaulted but raped.She was BRUTALLY raped by a black man. This black reporter even ignores his trauma of growing up in Ireland. I bet she is an affirmative action black. She is anti-white and pro-black talking only about the innocent black guy who might get hurt. Not feeling sympathy for the real victim, who did get hurt. That's the left. Fake victims is more important then real victims.
    Liam Neeson is going all SJW on that last part about bigotry and racism. Liam doesn't understand that the Polish had a great deal to suffer under the rule of the jews.

  • musa yunus
    musa yunus 2 days ago +1

    He isn't a racist and i love him for what he stood up for.

    • Pancakes611
      Pancakes611 Day ago

      Milo MT his friend was savagely raped by a black man. What he is doing is honoring his friend because us whites are honorable people and we don't take things like this too kindly. The thing about white people is we are very peaceful people but if you mess with us you are screwed.

    • Milo MT
      Milo MT 2 days ago

      He went looking for an innocent black man to kill??

  • saif daifallah
    saif daifallah 2 days ago

    well if a man raped a woman and he is black i think i have the right to call him black bastard

  • John Luke
    John Luke 2 days ago

    My favorite actor of all times. Hit like if you love him.

  • Atr42Greasemonkey
    Atr42Greasemonkey 2 days ago

    You all live in a fantasy world if you think racism will be cured .

  • Althea Scott
    Althea Scott 2 days ago

    You can't just take out your pain on innocent people because of your anger over something that had nothing to do with you. Yes, it was wrong what happened to your friend and I understand your pain. We all have those feelings of revenge when someone close to us is hurt, but it's not normal to go out into other people's neighborhoods looking for trouble and waiting to harm them over something they know nothing about nor did. Unbelievable. I used to be one of your biggest fans. No one's perfect but Wow! Really?!

    • love singh
      love singh Day ago

      Do you even understand the meaning of 40 fking years?

    • ThePiscesgirl318
      ThePiscesgirl318 2 days ago

      Grow up, thats obviously not the moral of the story. No you're not SUPPOSED TO but ppl do everyday. At least ppl can deal with this kind of racism now that we're being a little honest!

  • okochaten
    okochaten 2 days ago

    Anyone who does not learn from this and the context of it all must be ignorant and a hypocrite.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 days ago

    Always gotta spin it into a race thing. He was clearly stating he was surprised by the rage inside to hunt down anyone who matched the description. Black, white, or otherwise. Not that he unearthed some deep down hatred of black people. Trash journalism by ABC.

  • Capt Fathom
    Capt Fathom 2 days ago

    Legend and the fucktards can go sit on their dildos

  • hofifut
    hofifut 2 days ago

    the most amazing thing about this interview is frankly, how shiny the black lady's legs are

    JOEL HIDALGO 2 days ago

    Racism affects everyone around the world. But racism this is not. This incident was just about hitting the people who hurt his friend. All races do this. They hunt down the guy who rapes a dear friend or family member, no matter the race/gender or nationality, including their own. He said it himself, had it been a Irish guy he would have done the same, and I believe him. Why? Because as a man I understand that that’s how we initially respond in the moment, with anger and rage. Like him, it takes us a moment to come down from those very negative feelings in order to cope better with the situation at hand like he did. It’s sad that nobody even cared to ask about the well being of his raped friend at the very beginning of the conversation. What a slap in the face when Liam tells her that she has now passed. She worried more about some possible person in the past getting hurt (which did not happen) than the present well being of an actual victim whom she never even bothered to ask about or do research on. The media is just out for a scapegoat. Had Liam actually done harm to another innocent person of course that would have been a different story, and even then it would not have been about racism, but about revenge. This also clearly shows that the actions of one person affect the whole tribe/group of people, and that violence only begets violence. Does racism exist? Yes. Was this about racism? No. This was about hate towards anyone that looked like or represented who the perpetrator was, and about getting revenge for the hurt that was done to his friend. Was that the correct thing to do in general? That is very debatable depending on who and what your views/beliefs are. But it wasn’t racism.

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le 2 days ago

    Not a race issue honestly. The man wanted revenge against a person of X characteristics; that person happens to be black. That person very well can be a gamut of things... all of which would be irrelevant. I commend and respect him for his honesty and courage. Move on.

  • Pete J
    Pete J 2 days ago

    Wait! Did he say 40 years ago??????
    If I can tell all the crazy shit I did 40 ago...!
    No one lives a perfect life! NO ONE!

  • DeltaJugg
    DeltaJugg 2 days ago

    It's getting harder and harder to proclaim myself left-leaning everyday with this extremist SJW libtard bullshit. Isn't the whole purpose of fighting off racism to change people's minds and opening them to others' perspectives instead of acting like racist people never had those views at all? Liam's had a THOUGHT, under very emotional circumstances of his close friend being RAPED, that he never actually acted upon and never attacked anyone. He then came to his senses, realized it was dumb to think that, and moved on with his life, still beating himself up for OVER 40 YEARS to even dare think something so awful. There are literally thousands of people everyday expressing their racist views in a cruel and awful manner with their actions of violence and hate speech, and you go on a limb to lynch a guy who feels remorseful over a thing he thought in his head under a ton of emotional strain almost half a century ago that he's learned a valuable lesson from, changed his ways, and yet still feels remorseful after all this time and even opens up about it. Zero fucking perspective, zero fucking understanding of his mentality, zero empathy, from the very same people that later dare claim conservatives are all evil Nazis because they don't have those very values you do not bother express for others. Way to fucking go.

  • sanfordsson
    sanfordsson 2 days ago

    God this is stupid.

  • panthera
    panthera 2 days ago

    He never said "an innocent black man," he said a black man that attacks him first for no reason. There's an important difference there...

  • Vinh Dinh
    Vinh Dinh 2 days ago

    I want to see Liam's next movie Taken: out of context

  • Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia 3 days ago

    The lesson here is to never be honest because even if you admit of doing or thinking of doing something stupid, people will spin it anyway they want and shame you for it.