Liam Neeson clarifies controversial revenge remarks: 'I'm not a racist' | GMA

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • The "Cold Pursuit" star responds to recent firestorm live on "GMA."
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  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 11 hours ago

    I learned something today guys... Liam Neeson is Irish ☘️

  • Catalyst - D B
    Catalyst - D B 15 hours ago

    I stand with Neeson here. It’s not easy to become my friend but if something like that happens to a close friend of mines, I wouldn’t go looking for random innocent people, cause that’s illogical and Neeson admits that here, I’d only go looking for the one person who did it. Not random innocents. But I stand with Neeson here. He’d be a great friend to have you know?
    (I’d probably strip the raper naked and anonymously dump his zip tied self at the police station with a copy of the evidence I’ve collected and his belongings in a bag duct taped to his balls or something while 4 AM from a highway somewhere. Key is to keep your hair and voice and skin color and eyes secret without any phone or device on you either so the bad guy doesn’t know anything about you)

  • Andrew Hannah
    Andrew Hannah 20 hours ago

    I know I am very late to the party but I try to avoid social media for these reasons. I can't scroll through TheXvid or Facebook etc etc without hearing the word racism.
    I think it is 100% ignorant for any person to say they have never been guilty of having a racist thought or racial profiling based on an experience that they have had.
    Was his actions wrong? Absolutely, but he acknowledged what he did was wrong. He acted irrational in what would be a very heated moment. For example growing up, I was bullied for a time by a group of blacks. At the time it ignited a rage in me and wanted to prove to any black that I was not weak. I started looking for fights. Was it wrong? Absolutely, am I racist? No I have friends of many colors and was not thinking rationally in the heat of the moment. I also became aware that it was wrong in the way I felt and should not have blamed an entire race for a few people's actions.
    Another example my long time fiance and myself were having problems. I was wanting to talk and work things out because it was mostly my fault but she didn't want to hear any of it. I found out she was going to talk about things with a local Mexican in town instead of coming to me to try to talk about us. She was lying to me about it and he was trying to get in her pants the whole time which she turned down again and again because she was not sure she wanted to end things with me. At the time I didn't want to look at a Mexican because it ignited an anger when I saw one and reminded me of what was happening between her and this man. Was I wrong to think that way? 100% I was but in the heat of the moment people have problems thinking rationally in times of anger and stress. Was I shocked to think this way absolutely. One of my very good long time friends is Mexican.
    Bottom line is you can't always help the way that you are going to feel with certain situations. I think people need to talk about these issues and things that people have a hard time talking about. Everybody wants to look in the mirror and think to themselves that they are politically correct. Even if you beleive that you are now, are you ignorant enough to tell me that you always have been?

    We are humans, we are going to make mistakes. We are going to feel ways that we don't normally feel. That is life, it's how you go about fixing those situations and problems that you had. This man didn't kill or harm anybody but in the heat of the moment he fell into the racial profiling catagory. I understand how this would rub many people the wrong way, he explained he was ashamed the way he felt and how he sought help and grew from it.
    A lot of people don't come to this self realization. Me myself learned what I was doing was wrong and I grew from it. What he did at the time was yes racist. What i did at the time was yes racist, but I am not going to condemn a man for the way he felt 30+ years ago in the heat of the moment. Nor will I believe that how he felt one week in his life is in any way going to label his thoughts, feeling, and beliefs for the rest of this man's life because I know myself that is not the way I feel now compared to back when these situations happened when I was young, dumb and not thinking straight.
    Thanks for listening I know it was long and if you disagree with anything that I said and want to discuss it. I am perfectly fine with that but please for the love of Christ try to remain civil. That has become a real problem these days with debates.

  • Paul Oz
    Paul Oz 2 days ago

    This sort of interview only promotes hate; what a waste of time.

  • Abulele Morara
    Abulele Morara 2 days ago +1


  • sonicXtreme12
    sonicXtreme12 3 days ago

    I dont really like this interviewer, I feel like she's really insincere

  • Harleen Quinzel
    Harleen Quinzel 3 days ago

    yea he's totally racist

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 4 days ago +1

    The race war is just getting ridiculous. America is a fucking mess. The fact that Americans only think that black people are only the racist target is ridiculous. Lmao bunch of ignorant. A lot of Jews, Asians, Filipinos and etc are being targeted by racism in America. I hate how black people think they’re the victim when it was Liam’s friend and Liam who was the real victim. Stop victim blaming and put yourself in his situation. I fucking hate people in general

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 4 days ago +1

    I just want I beat up the people who is hating on this man, whatever fucking race. And this interviewer is part of the problem and ignorant

  • Tiffany Mayer
    Tiffany Mayer 4 days ago +2

    The real villain is the *media*

    HASSAN JI 4 days ago

    fuck this new revolution

  • brent holladay
    brent holladay 5 days ago

    Hypocrite bastard go back to Ireland

  • Sara Saunders
    Sara Saunders 5 days ago

    You don’t need to explain yourself. You are a decent man. GMA needs to fire Robin. How dare you shame him! I want to slap you off your chair!
    Oh yeah, and we never mention the black guy that DID rape a woman. Was he being racist by choosing a white woman to rape? The point of this story has been missed.

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy 5 days ago +1

    When Neeson threw it back at her I heard an achievement unlock. #spareusrobin

  • smack daddy
    smack daddy 5 days ago

    Robin needs shut up. She kept seeing innocent black man. No, Neeson said specifically if he was set upon! You’re not innocent if you try to mug anyone regardless of your race. It wouldn’t have been an unprovoked race crime!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago

    “The hurt of an innocent black man...”. He didnt say he was going to attack a black man, he said he would fight a black man only if the black assaulted him. Stupid bitch.

  • Virmana
    Virmana 5 days ago

    They don't want the guy to apologize, they're not gonna let him. They're not gonna let him back down or come to a reconciliation, that wouldn't serve their cause. They only care about exploiting the situation, even if it tears this man down. That's how hellbent they are on forcing everybody unto another reality, that involves if anything a return of segregation and demonization of white people. A part of it probably involves revenge on white people, this is how sad these low-lives are. And most of them probably aren't even conscious of what they're doing.

    GOLDENG 7 days ago

    With Liams logic, all black people should want revenge for: the millions of rapes during slavery, flogging, child abductions, innocent lynchings of the early and mid 1900's where the white people of today's ancestors used to smile with their kids in photos at public events where blacks were being burnt alive, race riots, redlinings separating black people from wealth and segregating them into lower income places, then beating them and brutalizing them in said places, burning down black buisness, bombing blacks for trying to attend white schools.. ect. The difference is:
    You shouldn't be blaming a whole race for an individuals action/or the actions of a collective of individuals because they look the same. Period. The fact he wanted to get into a fight with ANY black man so he could kill them shows he sees black people as a group of the same people.. not as individuals. Are all white people automatically racists then? Of course not. But looking at any white person an assuming that because the actions of many is wrong. So is Liam Neeson. Anyone who agrees with Liam Neeson on this is a delusional psycho.
    You be angry with the individual who wronged you or wronged who you cared for; Not any random person who looks like them..why is anyone defending this shit. Don't @ me. He's a moron for this you idiots.

  • what is the cuestión? sabiduria

    The Best actor

  • Tex Avery
    Tex Avery 8 days ago

    Fucking liberals blowing things out of ppl dont even care...

  • skyhawk747
    skyhawk747 8 days ago

    Liam is an awesome guy, come on stop trying to make some kind of racial issue out of this, it was 40 years ago for gawds sake. Leave him alone and move along....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago +1

    This lady doesn't care about anything he's saying all she cares about is to hear him say the word "black"....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago +1

    I don't know why he feels guilty about that, other than guilt trips... Black people would have done the same thing... times one thousand!!

  • Hamza Afzal
    Hamza Afzal 9 days ago

    Lol she speaks like she’s the God of all blacks

  • St Sabados
    St Sabados 9 days ago

    His friend was attacked, so he went for a walk in areas where many of them reside in hopes one of them attacking him so he can get revenge,....... how is that racist? He is subconsciously trying to find and bait her attacker! ow about the pain of women that walk the streets and get raped? Thats worse than someones feelings getting hurt!

  • Matt Jonson
    Matt Jonson 11 days ago

    Trump 2020 baby!😁🇺🇸👍

  • Baseshocks
    Baseshocks 11 days ago

    3:10 I grew up in a area far worse then what was going on in the U.S at the time, i pride myself for staying out and staying peaceful.... Reporter... but but black man, you were going to target a black man... Right after he clearly stated that he was looking for criminals and hoping they would try and rob him.
    This bitch is pushing the raciest card even though he has explained his actions, tried to explain his past (she cut him off because it was far worse then what was going on in the U.S at that time), turned the conversation around about race again..
    How many black lives matter protesters and black panthers members go around white areas and try to belittle white people with the "white privilege" slogan.
    I am Canadian and i know it must be shitty in southern U.S where the movement started but don't act like its like that every where else and don't act like every white guy has to explain himself.

  • The First
    The First 13 days ago

    I will like take a photo with you liam . I really like your movies

  • deans0209
    deans0209 13 days ago +1

    My parents were badly assaulted on Christmas eve about 20 years ago. The culprits were 6 white men. I did the same as Neeson, I went out looking for trouble from white males. Even taking a weapon out with me so that I could take on more than one.
    Am I a racist for looking for white men?
    No, I just wanted revenge like Liam did.

  • Alex Morrow
    Alex Morrow 14 days ago

    What a shitty host

    MO KOKO 14 days ago

    Hi lady
    Ur leg more glossy than ur face

    MO KOKO 14 days ago

    Liam Neeson kind guy
    Good man.
    May Allah bless you .

  • The Social Corner
    The Social Corner 14 days ago

    Anyone who was offended or feels that he has to apologize should go jump off a bridge, if I were him I would’ve thrown a tennis ball at the camera and called it a day. Get a life, white people don’t have to turn their souls inside out over things that others do every day without question.

  • Allan
    Allan 14 days ago

    Do not take things by emotions. If He said something when he was in anger,

  • Serenity
    Serenity 15 days ago

    The extreme cringe at 7:00, be careful.

  • Sea Bert
    Sea Bert 15 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 15 days ago

    When actors Black woman make a word to be worse than the criminal rapist crime, effects of Obama44 dumbed down race🧔🏿 it's the Democrats way of justifying black rapists rape🧔🏿 focus on his skin color named? Fools🕋🕌🌙

  • RedVilkas
    RedVilkas 16 days ago

    4:15 “or a lithuanian...”
    haha im lithuanian and i still love him

  • booqueefius 2.0
    booqueefius 2.0 16 days ago +2

    Liam Neeson is a good man.. just stop hating on him

  • Mudshrooze
    Mudshrooze 16 days ago

    Leave liam alone for fucks sake he isnt racist

  • Writers Ink
    Writers Ink 17 days ago

    liam didnt say he was going to attack innocent black men he was going to get into a fight and beat them if they wanted to attack him so he was looking for violent black men to fight with

  • Writers Ink
    Writers Ink 17 days ago

    love this guy he is a diamond amongst us all Im a black person and I understand his anger I feel the same toward white people when they abuse me ......Liam is honest and I respect him for this . We are all on a journey of learning none of us a not guilty of these feelings and behaviours

  • Archer's Logic
    Archer's Logic 18 days ago

    Liam Neeson's confessions are just showing that legitimate and uncontrolable anger can be the root of our many societal problems and tragedies. It's not about race.

  • something
    something 18 days ago +2

    The only crime Neeson committed was having the benefit of the doubt that the public/media would not vilify him. What did the public/media do? vilify him. Learn, people, learn. Most people are dumb. They're not to be sided with, only to be manipulated to get what you need and then leave.

  • 23 Hats
    23 Hats 18 days ago

    Pick a fight with a black man because of the sins of another black man, why, because they're all black?

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 19 days ago

    Give me a break just another one of those stupid ass ridiculous arguments.

  • Branson H.
    Branson H. 19 days ago

    It's like a movie how manipulative, and deceiving GMA is.. trying to prove thier own narrative

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    You never hear Asian people call themselves yellow 😂

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    Black host 💃🏿 do you ever hear us call ourselves by our skin color? NO! BECAUSE WE KNOW WE ARE AND EVERYONE CAN SEE ITS WHITE 🇺🇸💃🏼✝️🇻🇦

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    Black host 💃🏿 as you like to call yourselves black 🧔🏿🧕🏾🧕🏽🧕🏿🧕🏽 why don't you invite this girl on your show
    Or is it racist?

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    You people of color are proving how absolutely ignorant you truly are 🧔🏿🧕🏿🧕🏾🧕🏽🧕🏿🕌going back into slavery Sharia law Plantation slave owners of Saudi Arabia 🕋

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    40 years ago? Doesn't the black host have anything else to talk about? Maybe she'd like to bring Paula Deen who hired the black man who put a gun to her head doing a bank job?

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    The host is acting like she Sharia law police 🕌💃🏿 minus her burka 🧕🏿who allow Muslim brotherhood 🧔🏿to rape everyone on the planet and Marry newborn girls and rape prepubescent children, but adults can't communicate opposite sex and they never get arrested allowing children to be raped in their countries 🕋🕌🧔🏿🧕🏿🧕🏾🧕🏽👰🏾

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    The country has never been so dumb down as after the first black president

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago +1

    Tell the host to go to the CD rappers and tell them to stop calling each other niggars

    • Lorin Ware
      Lorin Ware 15 days ago

      Fuck Liam Nelson. He would of gotten his ass whopped. A black guy would of given him a black boots party. Black Power

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago


  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    8 years of the first man of color in the White House and the people of color can only see and hear color 💃🏿🚶🏿‍♀️do you think they can rise above their skin color with their soul and grow in Holiness with their intelligence 🇺🇸💃🏼✝️🇻🇦

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    People of color only see skin color that's all they hear today's skin color...they went back 60 years from dr. Martin Luther King jr. Marching so they wouldn't be recognized for their skin color 🚶🏿‍♀️💃🏿 🔊 GROW UP MEN AND WOMEN OF COLOR GET WITH THE TIMES YOU'RE IN THE HUMAN RACE 🇺🇸💃🏼✝️🇻🇦

  • M St.M
    M St.M 19 days ago

    People of color want to tell everyone they're black...21st century, so what's the big deal?
    God bless you Liam neeson I'm so grateful you went to confession don't forget Divine Mercy Sunday 💓 lifetime punishment and forgiveness of sins 🇺🇸💃🏼✝️🇻🇦 with Jesus crucified Mary

  • sofritopapi
    sofritopapi 19 days ago

    Your true fans love you Liam, as a person and an actor. No one is perfect and it's not easy to be honest like that and sincerely apologize on that platform. Many are racist in this world. Few will actually admit when they are. We need to continue keeping this conversation open respectfully and act rationally as adults.

  • Platypus Paws
    Platypus Paws 20 days ago +1

    What I find horrific about this is not what Nielsen said, but the immense desire the Journalists & some of society displayed for emotional control of others.
    He actually did ZERO wrong to anyone, as he didn't end up acting on it toward ANYONE (except some dirty looks at the time?).
    BUT BUT BUT immensely emotionally manipulative and controlling attitude that Journalists display toward us the Public. For example in The Guardian they reported Neilsen apologizing to the while world for his THOUGHTS 40 years ago....he DIDN'T HURT ANY OF THE PEOPLE HE APOLOGIED TOO!!!!
    None! So what is it for?
    I understand why Neilsen have a corrupt apology: accepting false guilt toward ppl he didn't hurt, in return for approval & to prevent vicious attack.
    But he doesn't recognize that it is false, controlling, manipulative and dishonest Love.
    If it was real Love, it would never, ever behave in such a perverse and illogical way. The Journalists don't even seem aware of what they do and the terrible effects, Inc encouraging dishonesty and facade rather than truthfulness and safety.

  • Penguin Pie
    Penguin Pie 20 days ago

    The man was using the story to frame how he had the wrong attitude when he was younger. Instead of hiding behind this facade of political correct attitudes like we're perfect people, can we just admit that from time to time we think and do shitty things? This whole thing shows how messed up our society really is.

    ATHENA I AM 20 days ago +1

    Liam Neeson to black man:
    I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a lifetime. Skills that make me a nightmare for blacks like you.....

  • ray jay
    ray jay 20 days ago +1

    Liam you felt exactly the way a lot of people have felt toward blacks don't apologize. Blacks feel same way at times about whites

    • Jessica Ellis
      Jessica Ellis 20 days ago

      I agree with your statement but with the difference that whites hate blacks without reasons for decades that y black think like that towards whites

  • Narjit Mankoo
    Narjit Mankoo 20 days ago

    Liam Neeson is a brilliant actor, we need to look carefully at his comments, but the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I cannot believe for one minute he is a racist and revenge seeking human being. As Liam says we need to open up and bring this into the open. I am against all sorts of racism and love all humanity

  • C-17 Report
    C-17 Report 20 days ago

    Liam you cuck. Apologize when Black people start apologizing for white racist comments. Let’s see how about actions speak louder than words Jussie Smollett? Yes, I’ll stand by calling you a cuck.

  • fantablum
    fantablum 20 days ago


  • Jose Salinas
    Jose Salinas 21 day ago +1

    I'm so glad to see all these comments in support of Liam. His reaction was reasonable.

  • Mushroom Head
    Mushroom Head 21 day ago +1

    Ras Al Ghul got mad!

  • Diego  Aldair
    Diego Aldair 22 days ago

    Why does this sound like he’s giving a monologue in a film.

  • Jimmy Alexzander
    Jimmy Alexzander 23 days ago

    Liam is just another white demon playing the victim in white America. No one is surprise by this NOBODY AT ALL.

  • chicksy22
    chicksy22 23 days ago

    What if your friend lied? A lot of people go around blaming black people for everything even if it wasn't true. History has proven this over & over again that black people are arrested wrongfully for things they didn't even do. Certain races go around blaming black people just because they hate black people. This is shameful

  • Dean novani 89
    Dean novani 89 24 days ago

    Robin Roberts, shut up

  • Stefanplaza
    Stefanplaza 24 days ago +2

    Leave this man alone. AND WHY IS THERE RANDOSSSSSS ON THE BACKKK?????

  • JB Entertainment
    JB Entertainment 25 days ago

    Power Walking should get the racist out of all these people!

  • Johnny King
    Johnny King 26 days ago +1

    Liam nesson will find you and he will kill you

  • Zo Max
    Zo Max 26 days ago

    40 years ago jesus

  • Libertarian Populist
    Libertarian Populist 26 days ago

    Racial prejudice is an illogical conclusion based on a hasty generalization fallacy.

  • Shaun Ramkumar
    Shaun Ramkumar 27 days ago

    GMA sounds too much like GMO tho.

  • gRa F
    gRa F 28 days ago

    We humans have emotions, and some emotions are stronger than other. And in this case liam's emotions was overpowering, so he fell into that state of anger but at least he came back and woke up. SO PLEASE STOP HATTIN , I KNOW HE WAS WRONG BUT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES

  • Chris B
    Chris B 28 days ago +1

    Admire your honesty mate your a legend and 40yrs ago life was bad in ireland

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones 28 days ago +1

    All these blacks forgiving this guy is freaking awesome, once a slave always a slave. At least they still have loyalty to their masters, good boy. This racists career is over, racists can't even keep openly racist businesses afloat!! Example: Openly racist sports equipment store in Colorado closed its doors permanently after only a few months after publicly stating racists beliefs and boycotting Nike for signing Kapernick. Racists are usually poor and uneducated that blame minorities for their lack of education and money. They see wealthy whites as brothers that won the fight against minorities suppressing them....... it's a delusional but fair assessment of facts. The wealthy racist whites see their poor supports as nothing but pawns, the rich don't care about you, no matter what your belief. Being a racist doesn't mean you are closer to becoming wealthy, lol. Mental disorders are a nasty, complicated thing...... believe me.

  • Albert Hicks
    Albert Hicks 28 days ago +1

    Black men have been lynch behind bullsht like this.she might have been fcking him and got mad an miss me wirh that b.s.....we talking "Ireland".....for real?......thats not a big country.a black man would stand way he never found who he was looking for
    ............that part

  • Jon Paul
    Jon Paul 29 days ago

    U seen folks black ppl can be as openly racist towards to whites and there crickets...... white ppl look at a black person wrong it’s racism 24/7 365.

  • Vedant Pithia
    Vedant Pithia Month ago

    I think it’s weird to generalize black people everywhere, but almost specifically African Americans don’t differentiate between any black people even though Africa is an incredibly large and diverse CONTINENT.

  • Pleasant Folk
    Pleasant Folk Month ago

    So his girlfriend cheated while he was out of town and she distracted him by manipulating his emotions. The old cliche that has worked for literally hundreds of years. And he fell for it. He spent a week completely distracted by his own insecurities toward the Black penis. Goodnight.

  • Adam&Qi ZR
    Adam&Qi ZR Month ago

    White people have to endure a constant stream of threats and harassment online in certain spaces* and are just told to "shut up and deal with it" or told it doesn't exist, but probably most of all we are told "stop taking it so literally!".
    Liam Neeson opens up about feelings he had decades ago over wanting a black man to attack *him* (NOT the other way around) because of unhealthy feelings of rage he had when a friend was raped by a black man....and suddenly the Woke Mafia and their idiot lackeys in the press are up in arms and shitting chickens everywhere.
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Can't make this up.
    * (Those spaces being anything left wing politically, race activism spaces and "intersectional" feminist spaces)

  • Pleasant Folk
    Pleasant Folk Month ago

    It's really exhausting that Black people are constantly being provoked with race baiting comments and sensational press. Then we are mocked when we share our feelings about it. First we were animals and then 3/5 human and then scary thugs. Now that we share our human vulnerability via complex thoughts or feelings, we are 'snowflakes' that should shut up and stop complaining. I'm sick of it. There is a long history or certain kinds of women lying about being raped by Black men and his friend's story sounded quite hollow IMO. This could have easily been another Emmett Till. If he deserves an ovation for being courageous, then I deserve a parade cause it takes a lot of courage to walk out the front door as a Black woman. Keep in mind African Americans formed communities with the Irish here in the states when the British treated them like garbage. We married them (half my family tree is Irish), fed them, and protected each other. The Choctaw Nation sent tons of raw food to Ireland during their famine and saved many lives. Show some damn respect for the communities that loved you when the whole world wouldn't.

  • Abdul Mukith
    Abdul Mukith Month ago

    He looks guilty

  • Whitney Eather
    Whitney Eather Month ago

    stupid woman

  • Liam Neeson
    Liam Neeson Month ago

    I Love you liam, i from brasil

  • Garry Williams
    Garry Williams Month ago

    So he's brave enough to open up and be honest about something he did that he is ashamed of and people somehow act like he is bragging about it or justifying it? I've even heard some people compare him to Kevin Spacey. Fuck right off! Liam is awesome.

  • Julian Lugo
    Julian Lugo Month ago

    I would of felt the same thing

  • Coldedge
    Coldedge Month ago

    It was inconsiderate of the host to imply that he doesn't understand how hurtful it was for a black person to hear his story. It's clear that he feels alot of remorse and shame for his way of responding to the rape of his friend. I actually gained respect for Liam's honesty and introperspective. He discovered first-hand how rationality and empathy can be put aside when strong negative emotions are present. Alot of people can learn from his story.

  • renay1291
    renay1291 Month ago

    What is this interview, he was not looking for an innocent black man, he was looking for a criminal holy shit 2020 is going to be rough.