I Tried Marine Bootcamp

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of training like a Marine recruit for three days at Parris Island! Thank you to the Marines for sponsoring this opportunity. To everyone who has served: you are a badass, and thank you for your service.
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  8 months ago +9061

    I hope you guys love our long awaited new episode of #ChallengeAccepted. I am excited to share that you can expect a brand new release every single Sunday for the next 5 weeks! You guys are going to be blown away by what we’ve been working on. We are BACK!!! :)

    • Ashley's life and challenges
      Ashley's life and challenges 6 days ago

      This is very dangerous

    • Rihannabilon Martinez
      Rihannabilon Martinez 10 days ago

      I have to go to a army academy in the summer because I'm not doing good in school and this is my movement

    • Head Station
      Head Station 11 days ago

      Oorah Michelle I’m in Okinawa japan a marine it humbles me to see this video sharing what everyone goes through see if you could go on a field operation maybe you’d see a lot of cool stuff there too

    • fishtacos007
      fishtacos007 15 days ago

      You're a badass. I just watched your SDPD video and I think you could have made the whole 3 months.

    • Emma Harper
      Emma Harper 16 days ago

      At the end of the day, it's not about the training being hard or your arms feeling numb and noodle-y, or the fact that your ears are ringing from all the screaming (not my words, just saying), it's about the fact that you accomplished something and you inspired someone. You can be a Marine if you put your heart, soul, and blood into it. You just gotta work hard, be strong, have faith, and believe in yourself. Don't let others put you down, you can do this. Because if you think otherwise because of someone's thoughts, then you won't make the cut. You are strong and I believe in you. (Even if you aren't actually becoming a Marine, you still did great, Michelle.) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Krystoffer Broszat
    Krystoffer Broszat 2 hours ago

    Earrape warning 0:00 to 23:27

  • Rick J
    Rick J 5 hours ago

    Ooh Rah!

  • The Poet
    The Poet 5 hours ago

    So I just got home from parris Island and I was disappointed because that rappel tower was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be.

  • Annabelle Grace
    Annabelle Grace 6 hours ago

    This looks fun 😃

  • asa. .kendall
    asa. .kendall 7 hours ago

    What song is in thiisss

  • Shawn Connolly
    Shawn Connolly 14 hours ago

    Lucas -Marines are required to shave daily so I know you had a weak ass seal in the gas chamber - your beard allowed CS gas to leak in 💯💯💯

  • Shawn Connolly
    Shawn Connolly 14 hours ago

    Michelle is BEAUTIFUL & lucky she wasn’t on Paris Island 🌴 during sand flea season- sand flea burials are the best 🤣😂🤣

  • Tito O
    Tito O 14 hours ago

    Let me pop that zit for you

  • Deyv Masteyn na treshchine

    No offense but I’m not a big fan of the girl drill instructors but even the man drill instructor was too soft!

  • Ble blo
    Ble blo 21 hour ago

    Why are they screaming?

  • le monke
    le monke 21 hour ago

    Yay i want to join

  • Maizie McCollum
    Maizie McCollum 21 hour ago

    Why they gotta wear their hats like that though

  • Lab Belcat
    Lab Belcat 23 hours ago

    Koyak bhai klau lama2...

  • AllBlackSRT
    AllBlackSRT Day ago

    Just you wait till REAL bootcamp

  • GuitarGod2112xx
    GuitarGod2112xx Day ago

    You should try BUD/S, shit I’ll watch that shit all day.

  • Joy Fricks
    Joy Fricks Day ago

    tbh bootcamp nothing like this video, the went hella easy on them lol, this is a pretty bad representation of bootcamp lololol

  • Jack Sew
    Jack Sew Day ago

    Caleb is weak sauce.

    Change my mind

  • B C
    B C Day ago

    Michelle's face tho🤣

  • B C
    B C Day ago

    *my last 2 brain cells in an exam*


    AIRBORNE TRAINNINGS WORSE but its worth it

  • WindowsXP Gamer
    WindowsXP Gamer Day ago

    May I ask why you did this?

  • christoph hacker

    What’s the name of the song in the end?

  • Chuck Lotro
    Chuck Lotro Day ago

    My personal opinion is that I find your 72 hrs of glamping in Boot Camp insulting to my military service. Donning the uniform and taking an oath to defend the Constitution is a responsibility not clickbait.

    LOL WTF your producer(?) didn't even have to shave? 4:06 Would that hurt his feels? I know I'm in the danger zone assuming gender based on visual ID but it's hard to ask preferred pronouns in the comment section and I'm confident preferred pronouns are a thing to some of the subscribers of this channel.

  • Barnabas Asamoah Boateng

    i really really wanna have this experience.

  • Cherry Smoke
    Cherry Smoke Day ago

    Judging by other videos, they went really soft on you

  • EmmyRuns27
    EmmyRuns27 Day ago

    Yeah...this is a hard no from me 😂 I don’t do people yelling at me.

  • DaddyoBaby
    DaddyoBaby Day ago +1

    I plan in the future to join the marines and honestly I love and appreciate this video and shows me something I need to prepare for what's to come

  • Trees Brother
    Trees Brother Day ago +2

    You should try martial arts training. Its fun.

  • Sbrubblynuggets
    Sbrubblynuggets 2 days ago +1

    I cant wait to go through this when I apply for the U.S. Army

  • Spartan 9013
    Spartan 9013 2 days ago +1

    What a bitch😂 he only had to stay 3 days. He quit the first day

  • ABortnite
    ABortnite 2 days ago

    Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

  • All Purpose
    All Purpose 2 days ago +1

    The idea of Caleb in the marines is the funniest idea in the world to me

  • Anikó Kónyi
    Anikó Kónyi 2 days ago

    Since when professional military personnel are allowed to wear long fake nails? The woman who is shouting at the beginning seems rather to be an actress.

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Noting like the real thing

  • Emily Gonzalez
    Emily Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I wouldn’t last an hour

  • Jacob Calanden
    Jacob Calanden 2 days ago

    What the name of the intro song a t the very beginning of the video. The rap song?

  • Charinah Jumamoy
    Charinah Jumamoy 2 days ago

    Lucas is frickin hot

  • Lourelll
    Lourelll 2 days ago

    she still looks pretty

  • FaKe Big Maq
    FaKe Big Maq 2 days ago

    I actually feel like I’d be able to do this.

  • big brain
    big brain 3 days ago

    I can do everything but the tough one

  • Trinity Endsley
    Trinity Endsley 3 days ago

    3:26 my choir when we turn to go on/off the risers

  • Kaden Will
    Kaden Will 3 days ago

    try navy boot camp i am going to be in the navy

  • Eclipse Z
    Eclipse Z 3 days ago

    Welp.. My dreams are ruined... I have a very strong noise.. And it gonna hurt like hell if I smelled that..
    Also... I think every deadly stuff is fun.... Is that normal??? Because I wanna join the army but I also don't wanna die or get shot.. And go through toxic stuff.. Also this seems fun but.. I'm young and I'm so freaking lazy.. I have to wait 7 more years any way..

  • Gary Bhullar
    Gary Bhullar 3 days ago

    Try SEAL or Spetsnaz next (This is a joke)

  • Wonderful • Ravenclaw

    I was scared Michelle was gonna pass out..

  • Abby
    Abby 3 days ago

    Can u train like the navy?

  • Zetamomma
    Zetamomma 3 days ago

    Synchronized swimming!! I think you would love the challenge and be surprised at how MUCH of a challenge it would be!

  • Abdy Naveed
    Abdy Naveed 3 days ago

    Why won’t Donald dump do it

  • Tori Gullion
    Tori Gullion 3 days ago

    Are u going to war?

  • Savagedontplay
    Savagedontplay 3 days ago

    There going to blown there vocal cords one day

  • Jason Llorente
    Jason Llorente 3 days ago

    Drill Instructor: WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?
    Me: No Reason..
    My Mind: BLA BLA BLAH YOU’RE GAY bla bla bla

  • Anon Nymous
    Anon Nymous 3 days ago

    The marines is a form of mind control and the same technique cults have been using for thousands of years. You're indoctrinated into believing a group mentality, and support your new "family" over real family and friends.
    They break you, the same way as was done when capture bonding of our ancestors, causing Stockholm syndrome.
    They're not a "badass" but a victim, and proof humanity has a long way to go, or else we'll exterminate ourselves.
    The military itself even calls this evil, "psychological operations," which is just another term psychologists call, "psychological warfare."
    I have many family and friends who were or currently marines. They're screwed up for life, with PTSD and all sorts of psychological ailments.
    I don't blame them or anyone else who's served, but the machine which caused them is evil, and we must do everything in our power to stop this cruel treatment of all humanity, and the countries our military exploits, even against its own citizens.

  • Ha Vi Dao
    Ha Vi Dao 3 days ago

    I‘m literally Caleb City😂

  • Oppau
    Oppau 3 days ago


  • Suro 6
    Suro 6 3 days ago

    This is way less intense than bootcamp lol. Like extraordinarily less intense, but understandable considering the circumstances. Just don’t want this video and expect that this is what it’s like.

  • Bobanowski
    Bobanowski 3 days ago

    5:43 That instructor is just chill

  • Dave Xander Villapaz

    the boys who helped is so kind to her.
    Also no ones gonna talk about Lucas winning the competition he’s so good

  • Kawaii main
    Kawaii main 3 days ago +2

    Bruhh she was getting yelled at and I felt like crying for her 😭

  • Sergio _
    Sergio _ 3 days ago +1

    I’d be doing push ups at 5:23 because I’d be laughing so hard at her screaming hahaha