I Tried Marine Bootcamp

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of training like a Marine recruit for three days at Parris Island! Thank you to the Marines for sponsoring this opportunity. To everyone who has served: you are a badass, and thank you for your service.
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    Check out Lucas, Jesse, and Caleb’s Videos of our experience! :)
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  3 months ago +7109

    I hope you guys love our long awaited new episode of #ChallengeAccepted. I am excited to share that you can expect a brand new release every single Sunday for the next 5 weeks! You guys are going to be blown away by what we’ve been working on. We are BACK!!! :)

    • Maya Blackburn
      Maya Blackburn Day ago

      Where in south carolina did you go because I would like try and do that.

    • Ulysses Edens
      Ulysses Edens Day ago

      How did you as a citizen gain access to this 3-day bootcamp course?

    • Audrey D.
      Audrey D. 2 days ago

      please please please train like an equestrian!!!!!

    • Trey Slay
      Trey Slay 5 days ago

      HOLD UP!!! On 3:24 is that CALEBCITY!!!!!😲😲😲😲

    • Ghaizan Prasetyo
      Ghaizan Prasetyo 8 days ago

      Michelle Khare be a airborne for 3 days UP TO CHALLENGE? #CHALLENGE

  • Maddie G
    Maddie G 54 minutes ago +1

    *I can't even do one push up.....*

  • iiLazerLunar
    iiLazerLunar Hour ago

    This is really inspiring me to try things new and get more physical..

  • Claudia love vely

    its a great way to challenge your self i went back in my days i felt it live it for a moment it something that make you belive there no for an answer you can do it if not for you then a bit of it stay with you mentally and make you belive in your self and be better that what you really are

  • Mark Sprague
    Mark Sprague Hour ago

    Respect ....you would have made an outstanding Marine........ great job.

  • saul garcia
    saul garcia 2 hours ago

    Whats the song called when lucas raced the veteran

  • Ash O
    Ash O 2 hours ago

    I would legit be so scared

  • Smokey the wolf
    Smokey the wolf 3 hours ago +1

    this is such a good video i respect everyone and anyone in the service or not

  • It’s Delightful
    It’s Delightful 4 hours ago +1

    The gas chamber scares me.

  • Animal Person
    Animal Person 4 hours ago

    If they yelled at me I would cry or laugh my butt off😂

  • Sandra Seals
    Sandra Seals 6 hours ago

    This isn't how it happens. When I arrived and changed into the uniforms we were not allowed to blouse our pants until after our baby days. The women and men do not ever be in the same squadbay and we don't train together. I only saw the guys at the weapons range and water qualification. But I guess they could not separate them as it was not that many, to begin with. Good, though.

  • William  Via
    William Via 7 hours ago

    Man, you got to do all the fun stuff! Brings back memories, a lot of good - and some bad and I don't mean the gas chamber. My time was 72 - 98.

  • kateflieshigh
    kateflieshigh 7 hours ago

    This make me happy bc my dad was a marine

  • Ms KayLynae
    Ms KayLynae 7 hours ago

    if I were in there I would laugh as soon as they would yell

  • Savvy C
    Savvy C 9 hours ago

    “I’m Caleb City and I literally have no idea why I’m here”
    Lmao what

  • Hunter Alan
    Hunter Alan 9 hours ago

    10:39 oh no lol

  • Equestrian Vlog squad
    Equestrian Vlog squad 9 hours ago

    You should take another boot camp with the same people

  • Scourgestar
    Scourgestar 10 hours ago

    What's the song when Lucas was challenging the season marine?

  • Jocelyn Escobedo
    Jocelyn Escobedo 10 hours ago

    Ok although I have a really bad attitude I would be cowering in fear if I ever was yelled at by a higher authority like the army, navy, marines, etc. I would be like:
    Marines: *GET UP NOW!*
    Me: Y-ye-yes m-ma’am...
    I would literally die in the marine training camp

  • Sophia Parra
    Sophia Parra 11 hours ago

    dang that lady tho i would of not obey her if she talked that way to me

  • Stephanie Larios
    Stephanie Larios 11 hours ago

    They are being soft on y’all.

  • hannah palmer
    hannah palmer 12 hours ago

    I’m sorry if I’m slow for this but what is the rap from when he challenged the marine??

  • Jessica Baccay
    Jessica Baccay 12 hours ago

    What is the song called in the beginning

  • HeyitsSusan
    HeyitsSusan 13 hours ago

    I live there

  • Drew Valdez
    Drew Valdez 14 hours ago

    You aren’t a marine until you finish all of the weeks

  • Gillian Candlenight
    Gillian Candlenight 14 hours ago

    the trainer's voices are dead 😂😂

  • Milagros Jiménez
    Milagros Jiménez 15 hours ago

    I need this

  • Alex1ro
    Alex1ro 15 hours ago

    Go army !!!

  • Stella sarria
    Stella sarria 16 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like natiles outlet I am new to this channel sorry

  • Lisa Miranda
    Lisa Miranda 16 hours ago

    Now I know what my brother went through as a marine...

  • Minty Zx
    Minty Zx 18 hours ago

    They’ve only been through a few days of training I don’t think they deserve the eagle globe and anchor like the marines who trained for weeks to become a marine.

  • Miah Moore
    Miah Moore 18 hours ago

    18:22 is the best part ... and the song Made it even better

  • Carlos Ávila
    Carlos Ávila 19 hours ago

    17:34 I think she was so tired at this point

  • Kiwii Gatcha
    Kiwii Gatcha 20 hours ago

    What song is on the beginning I'm confused.

  • Marta Just Marta
    Marta Just Marta 21 hour ago

    I can't even climb a rope

  • Marta Just Marta
    Marta Just Marta 21 hour ago

    I got too much anxiety from this

  • maxeneee
    maxeneee 21 hour ago

    my throat literally hurts after watching this aksjsh

  • Renate Roke
    Renate Roke 23 hours ago +1

    I have a fear of hights/falling I was so scared for you on that obstacle 🙈

  • Queen Alise
    Queen Alise Day ago

    I feel like this would be good for my brother bc he is just a soft boy he needs to be tested to the extreme

  • Ly Nguyen
    Ly Nguyen Day ago

    How the instructors not lose their voice?

  • bosanski dečak
    bosanski dečak Day ago

    Imagine military training in Russia

  • Ariska Nguyen
    Ariska Nguyen Day ago +6

    Can we just admire how determined Michelle is and how hard she works to get these videos for us?

    You didn’t have to.... :c ♥️

  • TheHottestOoferBoi


  • TheHottestOoferBoi

    I don't approve if I was there I'd be kicked out bc of my stubborn ass

  • Gavin 1703
    Gavin 1703 Day ago +2

    My friend just left for marine boot camp and now i'm like super worried for her😭😭😭

  • Little Kiddo
    Little Kiddo Day ago

    I’m sorry but this wS funny

  • Antonio Chiaramonte

    The guys at 21:30 THATS MY PLT 2008 omg I won’t forget that day earning my EGA and becoming a Marine best moment in my entire life god I miss my buddies from boot damn seeing that brought so many memories

  • Gruesome Mayan Man

    There was this story my dad told me that he was at a bootcamp, and the rice was so hot that they had to poor kook aid that they were supposed to drink and eat the rice and beans like that.

  • dr phil
    dr phil Day ago

    my bf is in bootcamp for the marines rn and in his letters he’s like “yeah I’m fine it’s not even that bad” yeah ok

  • Addie Elliott
    Addie Elliott Day ago +1

    10:39 haha whenever I sneeze

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Day ago

    What song is this in the intro?

  • Reanna Sharif
    Reanna Sharif Day ago

    You know what I want to know is that they are serving the country and they are treating them like they just committed murder like dude Chill

  • Irene Ferrell
    Irene Ferrell Day ago

    Wow. I could never. I have a brand new respect for these people

  • charisma benavidez

    So surprised that drill instructor didn't even say anything bout your burpees 💀 yeah they went easy on y'all LMFAO marines and also Navy have intense training, this isn't even half of it.

  • RedSodaCup
    RedSodaCup Day ago

    My brother trained right there and I thought it looked familiar..

  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue Day ago

    Imagine accidentally saying "Ay Sir!" or saying "Ay Ma'am!" to the people

  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue Day ago

    Damn this is so cool

  • Cheer and Dance Fanatics

    My sister is a competitive dance do that next it is hard work she had practice from five thirty or six to eight thirty tonight

  • Car T
    Car T Day ago

    you are so pretty

  • Toussaint Lou
    Toussaint Lou Day ago

    As USN, we almost never sleep when we're at sea. We go 'round the clock, but when Marines show up, we're thinking, "oh...it just got crazy!" Thirty years removed, and I work with 95% former military, all branches. If anyone says, "Worse day as a civilian is better than my best day in the military", everyone silently nods. Looking back, I loved it, wouldn't do it for a single day, ever again.

  • Dream Piano Player

    3:38 when my teacher gets mad at us while sitting chris cross apple sauce

  • Victoria Real
    Victoria Real Day ago

    My brother just left to marine boot camp on Paris island and I miss him so much ☹️

  • Grisha Patel
    Grisha Patel Day ago +3

    The scariest part is not understanding what they are saying.

  • Melissa Hernandez
    Melissa Hernandez Day ago +1

    Me:....*my mind* o frick im never gonna go there*

  • Mary Caroline Baker

    That’s my hometown!

  • Graciegoose 05
    Graciegoose 05 Day ago

    You go Michelle! You are a QUEEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr_ Strange0017
    Dr_ Strange0017 Day ago

    *Just proud of you girl*

  • rebeca melendez
    rebeca melendez Day ago

    My dad was a marine and a police but now he is a builder

  • Muna Mohammed
    Muna Mohammed Day ago +2

    Sounds like a normal day in the household

  • Gameplay Roblox, blogs, and more. K

    I would Cry Omg I’m to fat to do that...

  • Luciel Choi
    Luciel Choi Day ago

    Womans are scary creatures lol.

  • Anika Akter
    Anika Akter Day ago

    But never reveled it

  • Anika Akter
    Anika Akter Day ago

    It was hard for him

  • Anika Akter
    Anika Akter Day ago

    My brother is in the us marine he had a recruit name

  • Alligator Ttv
    Alligator Ttv Day ago +2

    At 5:25 when your mom does not buy you a toy

    I mean hear the screaming

  • RD2 4
    RD2 4 Day ago

    Easiest shooting ever lmao😏

  • shaaswatha ramachandran

    Marine Bootcamp instructors: i'ma boutta end this man's whole career

  • max gallagher
    max gallagher Day ago +1

    You think this training is harder than Ninja warrior ?
    Yess it’s the marines

  • SavedSinner 03
    SavedSinner 03 Day ago

    I'm very surprised. I expected them to be a lot meaner at the camp, and they actually had a lot more compassion than I thought. It wasn't a cakewalk, but not as bad as I expected.

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G Day ago +1

    So this is what my boyfriend is doing 🤔🤔damn I’m so proud

  • Clara Passeri
    Clara Passeri Day ago +2

    I subed:)

  • pedro franco
    pedro franco Day ago

    Ha!! 13 weeks !!! That’s a joke try the army 22 week cycle !

  • Afreen Arif
    Afreen Arif Day ago

    does anyone know the song in the beginning?????????

  • Rania Ali
    Rania Ali 2 days ago

    When I hear that you went to shoot in South Carolina I cant help but wonder if u shot any videos in North Carolina 👀

  • Emma Mohring
    Emma Mohring 2 days ago +6

    By the time they start yelling you on the bus I would just ball my eyes out and I'd have to leave honestly I cant handle that😭😭😭😭😂

  • WePostTrailers HD
    WePostTrailers HD 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for that girl

  • legendary gamer426
    legendary gamer426 2 days ago

    The moment i heard, "this is just day one" I'm like, YEET THE SKEET MY MAN, I'M GOING BACK TO CHINA TO EAT SOME GOOD OLE RAMEN.

  • alphadoggod god
    alphadoggod god 2 days ago +1

    She hasn't even gone to PT

  • rick_rock rockstar
    rick_rock rockstar 2 days ago

    Geese and i thought my teacher is strict

  • ItsGachaPawer !
    ItsGachaPawer ! 2 days ago

    I'm not surprise the 'coaches' lost their voice around the end of the journey... ;-;

  • Time to wait another 90 days

    My boi Caleb

  • Dani_ela potato451
    Dani_ela potato451 2 days ago

    I'll be CRYING if they screamed at me😹 I'm scared of people like that

  • The King.
    The King. 2 days ago

    I would've cried lol

  • Heyimapotato !
    Heyimapotato ! 2 days ago

    5:17 for réal thought she was gonna say « what are thooose »

  • Mariel Aparra
    Mariel Aparra 2 days ago

    this is my fave vid on her channel

  • Tiara Mayers
    Tiara Mayers 2 days ago

    He'll no

  • Wolfette Smurf
    Wolfette Smurf 2 days ago

    This for some reason brings back memories when I was in a marine corpse school and I still don't regret going there

  • Serelus
    Serelus 2 days ago

    My boy Caleb left 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Olivia Jade
    Olivia Jade 2 days ago +1

    The other two were like professional and then Caleb...”I have no qualifications” **cuts to video of Caleb with a leaf taped to his head**