I Tried Marine Bootcamp

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of training like a Marine recruit for three days at Parris Island! Thank you to the Marines for sponsoring this opportunity. To everyone who has served: you are a badass, and thank you for your service.
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  5 months ago +7954

    I hope you guys love our long awaited new episode of #ChallengeAccepted. I am excited to share that you can expect a brand new release every single Sunday for the next 5 weeks! You guys are going to be blown away by what we’ve been working on. We are BACK!!! :)

  • us mc
    us mc Hour ago

    Was stationed there, I can still smell those squad bays..

  • Axel Mendoza
    Axel Mendoza 3 hours ago

    Omg I would cry when they yell at me 😭

  • llethnac dordanf
    llethnac dordanf 4 hours ago

    I think I would be crying within the first 10 minuets

  • Seth
    Seth 5 hours ago

    Ay that was my Crucible hike at the end of the video. I was asleep during the hike so I had no clue all of this was going on. That’s cool.

  • Sierra is lame
    Sierra is lame 7 hours ago +1

    And I thought jrotc boot camp was tough....they went through hell

  • Fjsjfgjf dfdfdf
    Fjsjfgjf dfdfdf 7 hours ago +1

    This doesn't look NEARLY as hard as the Coastguard Video I just watched. They go through HELL.

  • Hi3142 Gaming
    Hi3142 Gaming 8 hours ago

    'the word I will not be part of your vocabulary'

    -'I understand'

  • Donna Weinstein
    Donna Weinstein 9 hours ago

    Worst part for me was the pool.....

  • Teresa Eubanks
    Teresa Eubanks 22 hours ago

    unless you are comfortable sliding down the rope full speed no control without hands of steel, all control and ability to stop yourself is out the window. that grip is only ubtainable by going down backwards

  • TFGL Cloudy Plays

    When I saw them wearing their covers inside I was like o sht

  • Levski
    Levski Day ago +4

    Female Drill Instructor: Stand up straight!
    Girl being a marine: Aye Aye “SIR”

  • Rachel Osuji
    Rachel Osuji Day ago

    Oof i cant like it anymore after breaking it when i hit it 123338484009948579999998812334556780986424578

  • DimitriYar
    DimitriYar Day ago

    I salute you Michelle !!! :)))

  • Manny. atz
    Manny. atz Day ago

    He’s a quitter

  • creamy
    creamy Day ago

    dO YOu ThinK tHis trAIniNG Is HarDER ThaN NinJA WarRiOr

  • brethany robinson
    brethany robinson Day ago +1

    “You want guacamole with your chips?”
    “Aye Ma’am!”

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht Day ago +1

    This would defintely not be for me. I would stomp the drill instructor in his/her face.

  • Fangirl_4_ever Zin in

    amazing video 👍❤

  • Reubens Ralte
    Reubens Ralte Day ago +1

    I know i am late to the party
    But the resilience i see in you and the fact that they are infact still goinh soft on you.
    Don't get me wrong though
    respect to all

  • Jacob Harding
    Jacob Harding Day ago

    My dad went through all of the weeks, in fact my profile picture is his face.
    (He looks like a Viking)

  • Fifi Kamdani
    Fifi Kamdani 2 days ago +1

    shut up you soilder

  • Gold Donut
    Gold Donut 2 days ago

    Does the marine helmet looks like the German helmet in WW2? Like if it does look like it

  • Case Sheep
    Case Sheep 2 days ago

    esSQuOOSe mwe 7:56 thATs nOT an M16 rEEEEeE thATs an M16A3 wDAWDaDdAWIFfadgaGEH

  • Angel Acevedo
    Angel Acevedo 2 days ago

    Why one guy still has his beard wtf ???

  • Jeremiah Baker
    Jeremiah Baker 2 days ago +1

    They're tough because if you don't learn this now, you have to learn it during a deployment. During a deployment if you don't learn it in a split second you die. They want to you succeed. They can't go easy on you and expect you to live up to the Values and Legacy of The United States Marine Corps.

    The real hero's of the Marines are the DI's who shape the Marines who go on to be in the news for bravery.

  • Ezekiel 2011boy
    Ezekiel 2011boy 2 days ago

    I'm a marine in the nerf army

  • Ciara Nguvauva
    Ciara Nguvauva 2 days ago +1

    This made me laugh my head off😂🤣🤣😂😂but scary

  • Mateo Ron
    Mateo Ron 2 days ago

    So good video 👍

  • Slyboss 316
    Slyboss 316 2 days ago

    This is what I'm going to do when I'm older

  • PsYcHo_FiXeR
    PsYcHo_FiXeR 2 days ago

    a lot like football lol

  • Valerie Cadotte
    Valerie Cadotte 2 days ago +2

    I need one of these instructors for my marathon training especially at mile 10

  • Coco nuts
    Coco nuts 2 days ago

    It s fake (who the fuck in army has big nails?

  • Gaia Mihalič
    Gaia Mihalič 2 days ago

    i wanna do this sooo baaad

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan 2 days ago

    I also want to join the marines can you help me

  • phithakphong ruanai
    phithakphong ruanai 3 days ago

    If you can do it in a computer game, do it now.
    Sci-fi games

    If done like in a computer game, do it immediately.
    Inside information, including the destruction of criminals and help

    (and Sci-fi games)

  • MrLemonbaby
    MrLemonbaby 3 days ago

    Watched and enjoyed your vids. Well done!

    You might recall that in 1958, at the height of his career, Elvis
    Presley was drafted into the army and served for two years in Germany
    in an armored division.

  • Brett Hadfield
    Brett Hadfield 3 days ago

    10:19. The drama Jesus Michelle needs drama

  • Jacquelin Castillo
    Jacquelin Castillo 3 days ago

    Sorry STUPID COMING IN.....
    But my question is what's the point of the loud yelling?
    What's it for how does it help?
    I understand the training but not the screaming and yelling....

    • Morgan
      Morgan 2 days ago

      They need to be able to do things when stressed out and still pay attention and be coherent. Combat can be very loud and obviously distressing they don't want the Soldiers or Marines to panic. So first thing they do is cause recruits to panic by getting yelled at and they become desensitized to it over time.

  • Nivia Lima
    Nivia Lima 3 days ago +2

    This was like watch a horror movie every concern she had I would’ve had in that situation

  • Austin Turner
    Austin Turner 3 days ago

    They make you do the same things all the time and make you yell to show you who the boss is

  • juan medina
    juan medina 3 days ago

    5:22 😂😂 the way she screams "lucas"!!!

  • cute psycho
    cute psycho 3 days ago

    My father is an Army Every Morning weekend he yells at us like that and it’s hard even i’m not in a camp
    and he wanted me to be a marine but my mother was against it because i’m a jelly 🙂

    ORIGINS X 3 days ago

    It’s 16 weeeks not 13

  • reckless king
    reckless king 3 days ago

    They went so easy on them

  • Damia Park
    Damia Park 3 days ago +1

    I DIED when I found out that Caleb City was in the boot camp🤣🤣 who else is w/ me?

  • jade nguyen
    jade nguyen 3 days ago

    The most horrible part for me is that English is not my first language, so if they ask me somethinh I would probably do the opposite

  • Ale Penguin
    Ale Penguin 3 days ago +4

    Everyone: gets sponsored by a known brand
    Michelle: gets sponsored by the fricking government

  • Brittany Scott
    Brittany Scott 3 days ago

    The rappel tower makes me a little uneasy. That looks like a long fall all the way down 😟

  • Dawn D
    Dawn D 3 days ago

    I could absolutely never. I cry when I get yelled at even a little bit and I’m terrified of heights so nahhh

  • Hydra Nation
    Hydra Nation 3 days ago

    My brother did this. Right after his senior year. 2019

  • Zing Official
    Zing Official 3 days ago

    13 week omg they are superheros

  • Poochino The dog
    Poochino The dog 3 days ago

    I have never been to the marines oviously but I can tell you that if you did anything like her and start crying they would scream at you make you get ok call you cry baby and taunt you so yeah don’t believe this

  • Poochino The dog
    Poochino The dog 3 days ago

    All my family has gone to amazing colleges and gotten phds but I’m not gonna go to college and go into the millitary and the only part scared about is f
    Doing soemthing wrong or not understanding what they are saying or saying the wrong thing it terrifies me

  • gojo197zero
    gojo197zero 3 days ago

    Would you ever enlist? You 3 did good.

  • Liberty Jones
    Liberty Jones 3 days ago

    I am dead!! 😂 "I have no idea why I'm here, I'm completely unqualified".. I felt that! Caleb is my spirit animal!

  • Wendy
    Wendy 3 days ago

    get out my bus

  • Luis Amaya
    Luis Amaya 3 days ago

    i i'm a Marine

  • Phoebe Wyers
    Phoebe Wyers 4 days ago

    Your young wow and there was ALOT of screeming

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 4 days ago

    So now I know that you have to be the equivalent of a marine to do well in Ninja Warrior

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 4 days ago

    I wish she did the whole first week

  • Misty Henderson
    Misty Henderson 4 days ago +3

    I stood on those footprints June 8, 1998. This brought back many great memories. One of the hardest and most humbling experiences of my life. Being a marine is one of the proudest moments of my life. Being handed the Eagle, globe and anchor after 13 weeks... no better feeling in the world.

  • A nobody
    A nobody 4 days ago

    11:45 literally me on my way to school😂

  • A nobody
    A nobody 4 days ago

    I can't stop watching this lol

  • nia pack
    nia pack 4 days ago

    I have such a problem with authority I would be laughing and screaming right back. Ahh I cant believe people put themselves through shit like this jesus

  • Zozi
    Zozi 4 days ago

    This isn’t even a real boot camp🤣🤣

  • wtfhades
    wtfhades 4 days ago

    My guy Caleb went from vine to a marine lmaooo

  • Yukitori
    Yukitori 4 days ago

    is anyone and extreme empath? because when she started on the "tough one" i started feeling her fear and started shaking, i could never do that

  • Cameron Ash
    Cameron Ash 4 days ago

    I think all female Marines should wear skirts.

  • 0369 DevilDawg
    0369 DevilDawg 4 days ago

    I served as a US Marine for over 21 years as a Infantry Unit Leader. I commend you for giving this very very short Marine Corps Recruit Training a shot. I remember Boot Camp as if it were yesterday. I congratulate all of you for doing just this much of our recruit training. I could believe I was yelling out motivation at you MK while at times laughing at you eat that gas outside of the chamber...... I been there done that many times. Please never forget this brief experience going forward. You over came fears of the unknown. "If Everyone Could Be A Marine, We Wouldn't Be The Marines".

  • Amit Shivika Kashyap

    dont they lose their voice😂

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 4 days ago +5

    “I can’t because I would start laughing when they screamed at me”
    Said ever civilian ever

  • Aileen Abrahams
    Aileen Abrahams 4 days ago

    Why do they always have to SHOUT SO DAMN MUCH???

  • Geneva Doll
    Geneva Doll 4 days ago +7

    I appreciate that she didn’t make any silly faces after getting commands or minimized the training in any way. She took it very serious and really did her best! Way to go!

  • Toonenough27
    Toonenough27 4 days ago

    I know i my mom isn't inside the video but when the instructors were screaming for no reason i felt like my mom was in there lol.