My Extremely Tiny 69-Square-Foot Nursery Makeover

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Watch first time mom Erin Phraner give her tiny nursery a beautiful makeover!
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    Crate & Barrel Hampshire Crib ($599):
    Article Forma Milkyway Ivory Chair ($699):
    Baba Souk Moroccan Poufs (price varies):
    RH Baby & Child Wool Felt Bunny Mobile ($69):
    Marshalls Woven Hamper (you can find similar product at your local store):

    Rugs USA Wool Rug (similar):
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Comments • 816

  • Charlotte Kraiger
    Charlotte Kraiger 14 hours ago

    My name is Charlotte
    And I kinda looked that baby when i was a baby

  • CosmosYt
    CosmosYt 4 days ago

    I used to have that same like white 3 layer drawer thing in the closet 2:43

  • No You
    No You 5 days ago

    It’s larger than a lot of dorms

  • Ollie Pop
    Ollie Pop 5 days ago

    Motion sensor light in a baby's room? Hah, you can't get me, I've seen scary movies!

  • Crystal L. Glenn
    Crystal L. Glenn 6 days ago

    Aww Charlotte is beautiful Bless her ♡ I loved the nursery. Good job!!!

  • Danielle Bremer
    Danielle Bremer 6 days ago

    she’s such a sweet girl i kinda think she was scammed with all of this expensive stiff & i feel bad :(

  • Maddie Tran
    Maddie Tran 6 days ago

    I want this buzzfeed money too!

  • Kayla Clemens
    Kayla Clemens 7 days ago

    For everyone saying this isn't a small room the average sized room in America is 100 sq ft to 200 sq ft.

  • Roxy Boom
    Roxy Boom 7 days ago +1

    Well it’s bigger then my room for sure

  • callie hilton
    callie hilton 8 days ago

    “She might not remember it”

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 9 days ago +1

    She lives in Brooklyn NY. A 700$ chair isn’t that expensive to her.

  • Isabell Sundholm
    Isabell Sundholm 10 days ago

    “To save money” that was way more expensive than it needed to be

  • M A P L E
    M A P L E 10 days ago +1

    "oh he's just a little camera shy..."
    shows his face in the next scene

  • Alyx Davidson
    Alyx Davidson 12 days ago

    She probably got all this overpriced crap for free for featuring it on Buzzfeed... Also can't get over the fact that this woman wears too seemingly nothing but black and white stripes.

  • Charlotte Greene
    Charlotte Greene 12 days ago

    Aww the baby has the same name as me!!! :-D

  • Izzy Burgeson
    Izzy Burgeson 12 days ago


  • Josefin Stolt Westling

    Why no blanket and pillow in the crib? We’re told by the midwife to use a pillow to prevent flat head and my kid would freeze without a duvet. For the first 3 months he slept under my duvet and it was super cosy ❤️ even though it’s not recommended to share bed with your baby!

  • Hind Ahmed
    Hind Ahmed 13 days ago

    hehe 69

  • Ash- Bob
    Ash- Bob 13 days ago +1

    This room is easily $5K with the furniture, decor, and labor.

  • Megan Valentine
    Megan Valentine 14 days ago

    Can anyone find that light she used?

  • Natasha Lindsey
    Natasha Lindsey 14 days ago

    you're a video producer and yet u still filmed in portrait mode 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Dina Emil
    Dina Emil 14 days ago

    69 hehe

  • Anna Perry
    Anna Perry 14 days ago

    Adorable 😍 probably going to end up co sleeping 🙈

  • ava kristin
    ava kristin 14 days ago

    the audio quality was so bad sry

  • Jennydoesballet -Dance

    I hate this woman so much. Saying that room is tiny is just so ignorant. That is not a small room! That is a big room for the majority of the viewers. Some people just need a big slap of reality. And ffs it's only the babies room. It's not like the baby is gonna shout out. "Mammy, my rooms to smaaalllll!"

  • Jennydoesballet -Dance

    2:59 what a horrible wall paper . Also that room is the opposite of small.

  • Rachel Prewitt
    Rachel Prewitt 14 days ago

    She’s such a beautiful baby, congrats! 🎉

  • Rachel Prewitt
    Rachel Prewitt 14 days ago

    Cute and sweet video and love the nursery theme but I definitely would’ve bought a glider rocker chair, they’re the best!

  • Janine Kennedy
    Janine Kennedy 14 days ago

    So cute

  • Megan Clane
    Megan Clane 14 days ago

    Imagine what her room will look like in the future!

  • Kelsie Ellerman
    Kelsie Ellerman 14 days ago

    She is going to realize really quick how much a rocking chair would help!

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 15 days ago

    Why am I crying? I hope that they have a beautiful life with their baby 👶🏻!

  • Alberta Rose
    Alberta Rose 15 days ago

    Wow! I didn’t do that with my baby room. We had a bunch of hand me downs.

  • Nicole Cruz
    Nicole Cruz 15 days ago

    Ugly ass baby

  • Obviously Lex
    Obviously Lex 15 days ago

    The ending got me in tears 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Maribel V-B
    Maribel V-B 15 days ago

    Why not just move to lower Westchester? More sq footage per $1 it’s 25-35min train ride to Grand central . Depending in the town you decide on

  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red 15 days ago +1

    she spent so much money on a nursery, mine was inside my moms closet XD

    btw it was an open closet so but still tiny

  • Randomcloud :p
    Randomcloud :p 15 days ago

    This might sound kinda creepy but can we just talk about how beautiful her smile is.

  • Tiffany Dillon
    Tiffany Dillon 15 days ago

    Lmao its bigger than my room

  • Brycin Laws
    Brycin Laws 16 days ago

    She has the same birthday as my mom

  • Liv’s Sims
    Liv’s Sims 16 days ago

    My bedroom is 88 squared feet 🙃

  • Diana - Lea Baranovich

    She is beautiful just like her mom !!!!

  • Adventure time With raycye

    Imagine the doctors guessing the gender wrong 😬

  • Ariella Mandel
    Ariella Mandel 17 days ago

    The fact that she called this a small room is astounding. The fact that you even have room for a nursery is a blessing. I grew up in Manhattan and shared a room with 3 other people and I never felt like my apartment was too small. Now I am just finishing college and am terribly afraid that I wont be able to move back to the city I love because of people like her--who grew up in some rich house in the suburbs and them came to the city because they though it was cool, gentrifying the fuck out of it, and then kicking all of us who actually grew up here out. This video was just like 'let me show how privileged I am and complain about how much of a nuisance it is for me.' If you're just gonna move in, raise the prices, and complain, gtfo and don't come back. K cool. Have a good day.

  • nat bailey
    nat bailey 17 days ago


  • Miley Catt
    Miley Catt 17 days ago

    That bedroom is just as big as mine

  • Kesia Richens
    Kesia Richens 18 days ago

    Omg my birthday is the 20th of June!!!

  • BeautiCool Unicorn
    BeautiCool Unicorn 18 days ago +1

    My nursery was smaller than this lol

  • BeautiCool Unicorn
    BeautiCool Unicorn 18 days ago +1

    When I was younger my nursery was smaller than a walk in wardrobe

  • livia
    livia 18 days ago +2

    jeez all this spending isnt necessary, you'll probably regret not going to ikea when your family actually needs it

  • Юлія Julia
    Юлія Julia 18 days ago

    Can't wait for time when my husband will want a baby 😭

  • Lasse and Vibi Vlogs
    Lasse and Vibi Vlogs 19 days ago

    I am more shocked that she is a video producer and she was filming for this video on her phone. Vertically.

  • peggy maresh
    peggy maresh 19 days ago +2

    Your nursery looks lovely. Lots of love went into designing it and putting it all together, Congratulations on your daughter.

  • iona
    iona 19 days ago +8

    "My Extremely Tiny 69-Square-Foot Nursery Makeover"

    **Laughs in British**

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch 20 days ago

    How funny she’s called Charlotte Elizabeth... The pink was called “Middleton Pink” like Kate Middleton who has a daughter called Charlotte, plus Kate’s middle name is Elizabeth (plus Princess Charlotte has Elizabeth as one of her middle names). BUT welcome to the world YOUR princess Charlotte.

  • iiOkayHusky MSP
    iiOkayHusky MSP 20 days ago

    Whenever she gets older at IKEA they have a child’s bed that expands when they get older and it will totally fit in that little room that u have for your baby now

  • Maria Brown
    Maria Brown 20 days ago +1

    I like that nursery more than and normal big one

  • This Weird Life
    This Weird Life 20 days ago

    Awww my birthday is June 23rd

  • lala d
    lala d 20 days ago

    Honestly though, I'm sad and borderline disgusted by all the negative comments about how much the nursery costs, the damn chair, about the dimensions of the room... I scrolled down expecting to read nice and heart-warming comments, after all she seems very nice and the video is about a super cute nursery for a newborn child, but I got exactly the opposite. Stop being so negative, why do you care about how much money she and her husband make or how small or big the room is or whatever? It's not your place to judge or comment, you literally know nothing about them, about their history, so why bother writing something that will only spread negativity? If you haven't something to say to cheer not only her but people in general, please just don't say anything at all

  • Miami Bryce
    Miami Bryce 20 days ago

    I'm not crying you are

  • Jessica
    Jessica 21 day ago

    Not extremely tiny though..... I’m stuck between getting rid of my table and chairs to section of a piece of the kitchen so my child an have more space or just having a rib in the corner of our bedroom right next to the bed... so a room... small maybe...

  • Isabella Dos santos
    Isabella Dos santos 22 days ago

    her baby is so adorable!🥺

  • shiinel love
    shiinel love 22 days ago +2

    My heart was aching a bit when I saw her 'cheap' prices looked like..

  • Angela Backer
    Angela Backer 23 days ago

    My first baby slept in a dresser drawer!

  • momo
    momo 23 days ago

    69sq ft nursery?! My whole apartment in Tokyo is only 80sq ft lol

  • Ashleigh Spence
    Ashleigh Spence 23 days ago +1

    Is it just me or she looks so much better without make-up 😩

  • A P
    A P 23 days ago

    If you can fit a chair,crib and dresser in the room, it's really not that small.

  • هاله
    هاله 23 days ago

    Owww it sting love the effect and how everyone is trying to make it happen

  • Kimberly Hausman
    Kimberly Hausman 23 days ago

    My baby shared our bedroom for the first ten months of her life. You wanna talk about small? Try having two sets of furniture in a one bedroom attic apartment.

  • Olivia Perez
    Olivia Perez 23 days ago

    the view and floors mean that they spend a minimum of $3000 a month lmaoo

  • MsGraciie13
    MsGraciie13 24 days ago

    People talking about their rich but like what do you expect seeing that apartment and living in Brooklyn TUH

  • Mariangel Cubero
    Mariangel Cubero 24 days ago

    I like how she says the chair was cheap but it was more expensive than my living room couch...

  • Charlotte Herbert
    Charlotte Herbert 24 days ago

    Charlotte is a great name

  • Girl PWR!13
    Girl PWR!13 25 days ago

    Why dont you have your husband do the stuff instead of calling your dad and uncle over from across the city ?

  • too skinny 4 you
    too skinny 4 you 25 days ago +1

    “it looks _so_ much more expensive than it actually was”

    it was literally *$700*

  • amanda roberts
    amanda roberts 25 days ago

    This place is the size of my room!!!🤣🤣

  • E Stoops
    E Stoops 25 days ago

    I don't think that is only 69 sq ft. Unless the pictures are really, really flattering... It looks nearly as big as my 120 sq ft room.

  • Ginny Potter
    Ginny Potter 26 days ago

    69 square feet!! lucky!! my room is 11 square feet

  • Pomegranate
    Pomegranate 26 days ago +1

    *_I'm a biiig strooong maaaan_*

  • Simply Tine
    Simply Tine 26 days ago

    Uhm okay enough with the money comments and "that's not extremely tiny" comments. The space is beautiful and I am sure creative people can find ways to get a similar look way cheaper. :D
    And this might be perceived as extremely small to some people. I think it is a perfect size for a nursery and can easily be made into a bedroom for 2 children one day.

  • Leah Tyler
    Leah Tyler 26 days ago

    You people have too much money so youve lost touch with reality. I’ll help u out. That room aint tiny.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 26 days ago +1

    I bought all my nursery stuff from Walmart. I really recommend it if you are on a budget and the quality is great.
    Crib: $300
    Rocking chair: $410
    Blankets and Toys: $230
    Decoration: $255
    Total spent: $1195

  • Porter
    Porter 26 days ago

    Omg I use a company like Framebridge too! It's called "My local dollar store." The process is super simple- you get a few dollars, drive to the dollar store, buy the proper sized frame for your picture/artwork, and voilá! You have an actually practical way to frame stuff

  • Audrey Long
    Audrey Long 26 days ago

    She better keep that chair untill her kid's 18

  • Flore Fierens
    Flore Fierens 27 days ago

    This bitch is caring about freaking deco?!?!

  • Flore Fierens
    Flore Fierens 27 days ago

    I hope that dam stool is made off gold

  • Debby Clements
    Debby Clements 27 days ago

    What a beautiful job and beautiful baby! Well done! :)

  • nutellalover21
    nutellalover21 27 days ago

    Bruh this is just one big ad for all these companies

  • 666hellokitty
    666hellokitty 27 days ago

    The baby is just too cute

  • Hector Raul Duran Jimenez

    This is a baby 👶!! The baby is not even going to remember that room ha ha .

  • Plueschbaellchen
    Plueschbaellchen 28 days ago

    The room looks nice but I'm missing an overall theme or a special eye catcher. The video overall is not relatable. The room is small, ok... but she is turning this into a huge problem which it really isn't. The prices for most of those things are ridiculous, the chair especially... does'nt even look very comfy. And then all the fussing about some small details... the baby won't mind whether there is a hamper with grey pompoms or a table. The priorities just seemed to be messed up here. I don't see a room for a baby but a room for an adult with to much money to spend. You talks about modern and minimalistic... it's none of those things.

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 28 days ago

    They should make a buzzfeed channel called buzzfeedmom or something like that!

  • anda. paulinic
    anda. paulinic 28 days ago +1

    You're so annoying

  • hayley bressers
    hayley bressers 28 days ago

    We have the same birthday!!

  • Poker Chop
    Poker Chop 28 days ago

    she was born yesterday!

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 29 days ago

    That room is NOT small for a BABY. You know what I had for my first baby? A corner in my studio apartment, honey.. wish I could post the photo.

  • Mia Wittenberg
    Mia Wittenberg 29 days ago

    that kid's room is bigger than mine and I'm 14 😂😭

  • Kera Burke
    Kera Burke 29 days ago

    And definitely first time mom. 😉
    With my first I got her room ready, the whole 9 yrds...
    She slept in it..... Ohhhhhh 3/4 naps 😆
    Figured out it was easier to get a bassinet and a small table with a basket for baby things.
    I got really sick after I had my first. And was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 3 months old. So getting up and down during the night wasn't all that feasible for me.

  • Kera Burke
    Kera Burke 29 days ago

    Awee. When she teared up talking about being nervous and excited.
    Everyone that's ever been pregnant or having a baby come in their home completely understands.
    She's gorgeous 😍
    Mom of 2 girls Paisley 5 and Avalon 2.

  • Tamara Turner
    Tamara Turner 29 days ago

    Oh my did she pay for pre framed shit she could have diyed from dollar tree ? And I oop