The OnePlus 7T Pro is great!.. if you wanted the 7 Pro 🤔 (Review!)

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • The OnePlus 7T Pro is here and by all standards it's a beast. However, it's very similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro, so should you even buy it? Read our review:
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Comments • 379

  • ProFess
    ProFess Day ago

    Watching on my OnePlus 7T Pro

  • Joshua Martínez
    Joshua Martínez 9 days ago

    2 SmartPhone in 1 year with minimal improvements, I don't think it's very successful by OnePlus.

  • Pranav Sapre
    Pranav Sapre 26 days ago +1

    Phone with top class performance 💯

  • kedar patil
    kedar patil 27 days ago

    I love this video very much.. this is the most trusted mobile reviewing youtube channel i ever seen.....

  • shamatuu
    shamatuu 28 days ago +1

    So i can still get it from third party sites if i live in the US. Needs links.

  • Deepak Meena
    Deepak Meena 28 days ago

    Nice mobile

  • dopendra verma
    dopendra verma 28 days ago

    The best gaming phone

  • JZ
    JZ 28 days ago

    would you upgrade from a 6t?

  • wizzgamer
    wizzgamer 29 days ago

    I’m gonna wait for the 8t with hopefully a pop 🥤 up camera 📷 and no curved screen like the pro.

  • Demetrius H
    Demetrius H 29 days ago +2

    Headphone Jack, headphone Jack, headphone jack 😩

    • Demetrius H
      Demetrius H 26 days ago

      @George Lund thanks dude but I really like my headphones and dongles get lost and left behind. I'm just old fashioned I guess🙂

    • George Lund
      George Lund 26 days ago

      You could just buy USB Type C headphones. The only problem is obviously you can't charge the phone whilst using them. This solves the problem of Bluetooth earphones as well as carrying a dongle as well as the headphones. I saw some on Amazon for cheap at only £8.

  • faizan choudhary
    faizan choudhary 29 days ago

    Your voice is awesome

  • italkgory99
    italkgory99 29 days ago +1

    You guys are acting like you have to get a phone every six months or something. Just don't worry about this and wait for the OnePlus 8 or even later than that. It's no big deal.

  • propeldragon
    propeldragon Month ago

    How is the battery considerable better? You should retest. I think the operating system might be playing a big factor if your getting much better battery life.

  • Øystein
    Øystein Month ago

    First picture it says the 7 Pro has 4000mAh battery. When compared it suddenly has 3800mAh..
    And you can't put the resolution in that order (shortest X longest side) and at the same time say it's a "20:9" display. Then it would be a "9:20". Switch the pixel numbers the right way (Longest X shortest) and then it's a 20:9 resolution. That's the way normal people watch video and pictures etc. Too bad there is no 12Gb option like the 7 Pro..

  • rim knocker
    rim knocker Month ago

    This channel will not say anything good other than Huawei. Better change to huawei authority

  • HornieCow
    HornieCow Month ago +1

    0:38 When you do the comparing slides, could you start defining witch are the models? i get confused every time...

  • spartan2498
    spartan2498 Month ago

    Is that herp on the corner of his bottom lip?

  • Selcuk Yilmaz
    Selcuk Yilmaz Month ago

    Do these work in US? If so what carriers?

  • c creations
    c creations Month ago

    Powerpacked smart phone

  • Muhsin Mustafa
    Muhsin Mustafa Month ago

    7pro also 1440x3120 display

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van Month ago +1

    _🌆10PM Oct 15 2019~_

  • Rahul Wagh
    Rahul Wagh Month ago

    ♥️♥️♥️Nice smartphone... ♥️Liked the review...I do need this upgrade...

    HEXÄNA PÛN Month ago


  • Samson Raj
    Samson Raj Month ago

    Should have shown more of the camera.

  • Yogu Raj
    Yogu Raj Month ago

    Nice mobile

  • Bharat Rao
    Bharat Rao Month ago

    Owsom Mobile

  • Jiasun Zhang
    Jiasun Zhang Month ago

    I think it's more like a marketing issue. They should just lanch 7T first, then 7 Pro, then they don't need to released the 7T Pro.

  • Manoj Biswas
    Manoj Biswas Month ago +1

    Flagship pro🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex Dcosta
    Alex Dcosta Month ago

    Great review Sir.

  • Essa Moshiri
    Essa Moshiri Month ago

    I am quite annoyed that the 7T does not come with 256gb storage and one has to buy 7t Pro!

  • Ed L
    Ed L Month ago

    There is no 7T-Pro. Only the 7T . OnePlus 7 pro has 13 GB RAM option which this 7T only has 8GB

  • Sagar Bairagi
    Sagar Bairagi Month ago

    best phone

  • Tejas Dhavare
    Tejas Dhavare Month ago +1

    🔥🔥🔥its a sign of high quality manufacturing process . and when it splash you will hope it have .🎁🎁🎁

  • icecreampaintjob
    icecreampaintjob Month ago

    The op7 curves pleases me just the right amount lol

  • Maroof Ansari
    Maroof Ansari Month ago

    Very good brand👍 good quality
    Nice smartphone

  • Supremacy 98
    Supremacy 98 Month ago +1

    The specs for the OnePlus 7 pro is a bit wrong, resolution is exactly the same as the OnePlus 7t pro and the aspect ratio shown is the OnePlus 7t's aspect ratio

  • paitki suchiang
    paitki suchiang Month ago +2

    I really love the phone..😍😍📱


    OnePlus 7T Pro is great!

  • J TOEICer
    J TOEICer Month ago +1

    disappointing that they didn't add wireless charging

  • Buchi
    Buchi Month ago

    Oneplus needs to stop making unnecessary phones. In less than one year since the 6T, they made the 7, the 7Pro, the 7T, the 7T Pro, and the 7T Pro McLaren Edition. It is just a tiny incrament updates. It's like they are watering down with minor updating. Still no major improvement in camera. Still no option for wireless charging. Still no official water resistant rating. And still slowly raising prices. Although very good phone, One Plus was really never a "flagship" killer. Even from day one. Because there are phones out there that are now cheaper and more powerful than OnePlus.

    NXJ ONLINE Month ago

    I hope other brands will make a compact device that we can use one-handed.

    • Nrt2Pnt0
      Nrt2Pnt0 Month ago

      Tiny hands confirmed.

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar Month ago +1

    OnePlus 7T pro giveaway

  • KiM VaNHeNG
    KiM VaNHeNG Month ago

    Is it cheaper than the 7pro?

  • Philippe Verdy
    Philippe Verdy Month ago

    is it me but why I don't like the current trend to eliminate all buttons and areas at top of bottom of the screen. E.g hiding the camera just to get poor images for selfies, much more fragile devices, unpractical fingerprint reader (that can fit perfectly on the central home button at the bottom), poor flash, missing leds replaced by abusive full screen notifications (which are also a problem for privacy and cause poor battery life).
    And I don't like notches. And anyway I don't think we ever need full 4K or even 2K on a smartphone to watch a film on a so small device with poor viewing conditions and poor audio. Actually the experience is best on a TV, and smartphones can only be used for very short videos, or for very basic games.
    Let's restore the fundamental usage, and improve instead the connectivity (to use another external display/audio when available in good conditions) and our constant dependy to battery chargers. Make solid phones, that will not activate random functions when they are in the pocket. And smartphones should have a much better way to extinct all applications and notifications when we are not interested (especially on the go, or when driving). I hate the addictive behavior that smartphone makers and app providers want to instigate (with the false feeling of being "social", we no longer see the real world around us).
    But this smartphone continues on the very bad trends with no other real benefit: they continue being even more expensive, less solid, less reliable and ruin our real social life (which is absolutely not on so-called "social networks") by their constant spam and by constant surveillance of our real life. They are also now a huge target for malware attacks, and in fact kill the normal communication between people, and just promote abusive or very rude behavior (no nuance) on networks.
    Personally I much prefer paying less, use a simpler device, being free to manage my life time, and I don't care at all about "+1" or "like" that promote a very boring standardized society.
    One smartphone maker at least has created a very useful UI for Android: ZenUI from Asus is a killer for me, but now even Asus is killing it in its new models, and it is also killing the physical buttons and uses the new trend for overlarge and very fragile screens (and the foldable displays now highly promoted by Samsung are even more fragile with their soft plastic surface)

  • Ed Charles Pasia
    Ed Charles Pasia Month ago

    Is 7 Pro receiving a macro feature in camera through software update?

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry Month ago +3

    OnePlus should've at least decreased the size of the phone 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Nrt2Pnt0
      Nrt2Pnt0 Month ago

      Tiny hands confirmed

    • ImAnEthicalHacker
      ImAnEthicalHacker Month ago +1

      Nah it's fine, I'm used to holding my dick in my hand and it's bigger than this phone so it feels just right for me.

  • RealTalk
    RealTalk Month ago +1

    So it has a gorgeous bezel-less look....and it definitely needs a case due to it being slippery? lol
    Is the extra £150 over the standard 7T worth it?

  • Hannon
    Hannon Month ago +2

    I miss Lanh Naguyen! This dude lacks experience. Picked outta bus stop or someplace.

  • Go Raid
    Go Raid Month ago

    Worth the upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

    • Go Raid
      Go Raid 23 days ago

      @Jason McConnell Hmmm?? I don't live in the States. I live in South East Asia. 7T Pro is better right?

    • Jason McConnell
      Jason McConnell 23 days ago

      @Go Raid nope As I said USA spec One plus 7t
      There is no 7T pro in USA

    • Go Raid
      Go Raid 23 days ago

      @Jason McConnell OnePlus 7T Pro?

    • Jason McConnell
      Jason McConnell 24 days ago

      Yes absolutely I upgraded from my Note 9 lol went to One Plus 7t USA spec here
      And the differencs are literally astromical ! Just pure epic never going back to 60htz or Samsung again
      Do yourself a favor get the 7T or wait for the 8

  • branIsA CrippledDoucheBag

    hope the 7 pro drops in price slightly because of this

  • Waiel A
    Waiel A Month ago +2

    I just got in the call and they said it will release the 7T pro in USA, and even the McLaren edition, but one catch. It will only be available as locked on T-Mobile

    • SuperTuNiX
      SuperTuNiX 25 days ago

      I hope we can get it unlocked from eBay

    • Waiel A
      Waiel A Month ago

      Guadalupe Sandoval not now, they said after some time

    • Guadalupe Sandoval
      Guadalupe Sandoval Month ago

      I'm only seeing the oneplus 7t being available on Tmobile, in the USA

  • Emma
    Emma Month ago +4

    Man I have been saving for almost a year for the 7T pro mclaren and its not even being sold to the US

    • pablo.rodriguez.2003
      pablo.rodriguez.2003 Month ago

      Just buy the op7tpro normal version and save the rest of the money for other purposes

    • Vangmay Jayant
      Vangmay Jayant Month ago

      Get it imported. Or if a friend is travelling

    • Ashi Stark
      Ashi Stark Month ago

      @Chris F call apple CEO and ask them 12 gb ram 1 tb rom A15 bionic chip

    • Chris F
      Chris F Month ago +1

      @Ashi Stark iPhone 11 pro max has 4GB RAM instead of 8

    • Ashi Stark
      Ashi Stark Month ago +2

      Go for iphone 11 pro max 8gb+516gb

  • Delcio
    Delcio Month ago

    An IP rating doesn't mean that the manufacturer will do a water damage exchange. The phone is $300 cheaper than an iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy Note. It's cheaper than other flagships. Stop crying people. Go buy a Motorola or Pocco if you're so worried about price.

  • Alfredo Durán
    Alfredo Durán Month ago

    The only one of this year's 7 series is the OnePlus 7T, yes, the one with the Motorola-style round rear camera, screen without an edge (we leave that to Samsung and its Note line, they're the only ones who know how to take advantage of it) with good viewing angles, sober design and it doesn't look as fragile as the 7 Pro and this 7T Pro. IMHO!🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Barry Perry
    Barry Perry Month ago

    I hope to get this next month coming from samsung s8+ will this be a great upgrade if not can anybody recommend a great phone

  • Kamran KaraKurt
    Kamran KaraKurt Month ago

    Which is better OnePlus 7 Pro or OnePlus 7T Pro?

  • Crypto Miner
    Crypto Miner Month ago

    No DEX. No wireless charging and they call this pro

  • Coruscate
    Coruscate Month ago

    OnePlus we knew is dead. Now its just money money money

  • Berlin2Best
    Berlin2Best Month ago

    Still no headphone jack

    • Ed Charles Pasia
      Ed Charles Pasia Month ago

      Dont expect flagship phones to have headphone jack. Just go buy ROG.