Daniel Caesar - CYANIDE: REMIX ft. Koffee (Official Video)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
    Directed by Keavan Yazdani & Sean Brown for theENDS
    Starring Daniel Caesar & Koffee
    Written by Daniel Caesar & Keavan Yazdani
    Music by Daniel Caesar, Koffee, Kardinal Offishall, Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, Sean Leon, River Tiber
    Guest Starring Jermaine & Trevaunn Richards
    Daniel Caesar’s ‘CASE STUDY 01’ out now: ffm.to/casestudy01
    Follow Daniel Caesar:
    Website: danielcaesar.com
    Facebook: dannyixxi
    Twitter: danielcaesar
    Instagram: danielcaesar
    Copyright (C) 2019 Golden Child Inc.
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  • QueenRoyaltyIBe
    QueenRoyaltyIBe 11 hours ago

    Rise Forever Mamba 🖤🖤🖤

  • Jamin McGhee
    Jamin McGhee 12 hours ago +1

    Is it a sin that I like this more than the original 😂

  • Antoinette Brown
    Antoinette Brown 14 hours ago +1

    I love this❤️❤️❤️

  • BossyPoo
    BossyPoo Day ago

    I was leaving my hometown Udon Thani in Thailand to return to America where i live. My transfer was in bangkok so we were there for 2 nights before the flight to explore a little. I was feeling really down about leaving because the whole point of this trip was to see my ill grandmother and i felt horrible for leaving her in her condition. My flight was at 4am so we had to be at the airport around 1am. I don’t know why but this video came at the perfect time for me. Something about this video and his amazing song together really put everything to rest. After watching that video in my hotel room i remember the feeling of my last night in thailand. Since i’ve came back, i’ve watched this so many times because it just makes me feel like i’m there. Thank you.

  • Marlen Quiroz
    Marlen Quiroz Day ago


  • ツval
    ツval 3 days ago

    koffee bodied this wtf

  • Towana Benn
    Towana Benn 3 days ago


  • protein girl Esther
    protein girl Esther 4 days ago

    This is my favorite song on the album

  • london hair
    london hair 5 days ago

    4YE in the CUT are you dumb??????

  • Jordan Fitzpatrick
    Jordan Fitzpatrick 5 days ago

    People dont understand real music no more

  • Tego Tv
    Tego Tv 6 days ago

    Come press your lips pon me, lsd got me feeling empathy... 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Donovan Rose
    Donovan Rose 6 days ago

    damn, this is nice.

  • The Vandal
    The Vandal 6 days ago

    I love it so much! Awesome remix.

  • Gonz Madness
    Gonz Madness 7 days ago +1

    What is the meaning behind this video? What is your creative aura?

  • thats right my type
    thats right my type 7 days ago


  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 8 days ago


  • Dashawn Allen
    Dashawn Allen 8 days ago

    645 Haters

  • Danni Washington
    Danni Washington 8 days ago

    JA REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!

  • Nor Syakira
    Nor Syakira 8 days ago +1

    i love you daniel ceaser❤️

  • Confait
    Confait 9 days ago


  • Mariana Salazar
    Mariana Salazar 10 days ago

    I love your vibe🤗🤗

  • Lethabo khumalo
    Lethabo khumalo 10 days ago

    Ooooooff this remix tho😩

  • Wolfgang Nünemann
    Wolfgang Nünemann 12 days ago


  • stephon taylor
    stephon taylor 12 days ago

    Adventist link up!!!!

  • Avery Thompkins
    Avery Thompkins 13 days ago

    turn from your sins, be baptized in the NAME of THE FATHER THE SON and THE Holy Spirit and believe in THE LORD Jesus Christ and you shall be saved

  • phinda buyeye
    phinda buyeye 14 days ago

    🤯🤯🤯🤯 you da baddest thing in the creation

  • MelanatedGoddess Ma'aT

    ❤🇯🇲🙌🏾 proud of my heritage 😎

  • so Dope
    so Dope 15 days ago

    both r sweet melody love yo...

  • cocaNOHA Revan
    cocaNOHA Revan 15 days ago +1

    This is art actually creative art thank u Daniel

  • unseasoned chicken
    unseasoned chicken 15 days ago +4

    everyone in this video is . like so beautiful 🥺

  • ifeoma E
    ifeoma E 15 days ago

    them violins in the beginning is what i live for

  • Jada C
    Jada C 15 days ago

    This makes me want to go to Jamaica

  • sam pucket
    sam pucket 16 days ago

    most beautiful thing i’ve laid my eyes on in a while🥺😻

  • TTV_Impact _Gold
    TTV_Impact _Gold 16 days ago

    Brilliant collaboration from two brilliant young artists

  • Sandiso Mchiza
    Sandiso Mchiza 17 days ago +1

    Beautiful music right here. Salute all the way from South Africa.

  • Jared Ariega
    Jared Ariega 17 days ago

    I love dominantly
    You make me weak, make me thirsty for release
    Wan', come compliment me
    Then become my enemy
    Cop a flight to Paris, low key
    It's you baby girl I'm trying to breed, please
    Baby, try to understand me
    I'm not a monster, I'm just a man with needs
    I take flights when I learn it's time to go
    Tryna take time back crossing timing zones
    Come press your lips 'pon me
    LSD got me feelin' empathy
    Wan fi' alter the mind chemically
    'Cause we suffer endlessly
    Could be Kamikaze, only time will tell
    Even though I'm godly, might end up in Hell
    Sweet melody, wind up yuh body pon mi
    Yuh lovin' baby girl, you know mi need it, need it
    Let me fight for it, mi achieve it, 'chieve it
    Sweet melody, wind up yuh body pon mi
    Yuh lovin' baby girl, you know mi need it, need it
    Let me fight for it, mi achieve it, 'chieve it
    Feel my love drip over your skin
    Rich dark chocolate, sweet melanin
    Forevermore you gon' be my kin
    Whatever Jah has binded, let no man enter in
    You give me your love, it's unrequited
    The thought of you gets me excited
    I guess I'll come to your crib, uninvited
    A few of your favorite vices, girl I know you like it
    Girl, you came through like (Lightning)
    You light up my life, you're like (Lightning)
    Danny be good? That's (Unlikely, likely)
    But Jah be comin' down, yeah
    He turned my life around, yeah
    Sweet melody, wind up yuh body 'pon mi
    Yuh lovin' baby girl, you know mi need it, need it
    Let me fight for it, mi achieve it, 'chieve it
    Sweet melody, wind up yuh body 'pon mi
    Yuh lovin' baby girl, you know mi need it, need it
    Let me fight for it, mi achieve it, 'chieve it
    Feel my love drip over your skin
    Rich dark chocolate, sweet melanin
    Forevermore you gon' be my kin
    Whatever Jah has binded, let no man enter in

  • Ziplok
    Ziplok 18 days ago +3

    Koffee is my favorite artist in 2020.

  • Aly Kat
    Aly Kat 19 days ago

    This video is everything!

  • Mary Salib
    Mary Salib 19 days ago


  • Yuges Krishnan
    Yuges Krishnan 20 days ago


  • T B
    T B 20 days ago

    I liked this song until I heard this shit feature

  • Shaun Fernandes
    Shaun Fernandes 20 days ago

    Why they gotta ruin the song. What's with sooo much talking.
    Original is the best!

  • Delmar Burrell
    Delmar Burrell 21 day ago

    4YE 🤣👏

  • Dee JamaicanBeauty
    Dee JamaicanBeauty 21 day ago

    I looooove this ♥️🔥

  • Cleo Cañada
    Cleo Cañada 22 days ago +21

    "Even though I'm godly I might end up in hell."

  • Salomongonzales gonzales
    Salomongonzales gonzales 22 days ago +1

    Daniel Caesar/Justin Nozuka collaboration is much needed

  • Cneh Khamba
    Cneh Khamba 23 days ago +7

    I really appreciate artist like Daniel Caesar/ H.E.R and others .. Who's music touches the soul and heals the mind.. Some artist of nowadays just do it for the money.. Creating music that influence gender based violence and greed..
    It's quite hard to find people who still sing because it's what they love.. Just being themselves singing from the soul

  • Frankie B.S
    Frankie B.S 23 days ago

    I need another album from you bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    BLACK PERCEPTION 24 days ago +3

    Whose rooting for Koffee this year to get a Grammy?🏆🙌✨

  • Ahmed Is King
    Ahmed Is King 24 days ago +4

    He did good getting Koffee on this, cause no one would have heard it otherwise

  • Ned Zeo
    Ned Zeo 24 days ago +4

    Became a fan of Daniel Ceasar the moment I heard this jam

  • Theolan Griffiths
    Theolan Griffiths 24 days ago

    Kaffee part nice but the rest a fuckry

  • Jordan Schleck
    Jordan Schleck 25 days ago

    Nice one

  • Thick 2 Fit Mamaz
    Thick 2 Fit Mamaz 26 days ago

    The opening scene where they are washing the horse is di most comforting. Also, the guy in the back who has to hold his locs because they are too long is so hilarious to me for some reason. Awesome video, lady and gent! ❤️

  • Earl T Dynamite
    Earl T Dynamite 26 days ago

    Who wants to see wha dey saw

  • Elizabeth Cruz
    Elizabeth Cruz 26 days ago


  • devonia vernal
    devonia vernal 26 days ago +16

    The intro with that beat drop is everything. Sounds like something from out of a dream 😍

  • Jon Jb
    Jon Jb 26 days ago

    One of my good buddies, man I love him but he so white it funny to hear him sing the lyrics at the top of his lungs “Rich dark chocolate sweet melanin” 😂

  • Yom Rap
    Yom Rap 27 days ago

    Koffee brought me here, she killed this 🔥🔥