SJ (OFB) Guilty in Murder Of Kamali Lynck (WoodGreen) #MusicNews

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • One of the most streamed drill rappers or his age this year and Sj aka Jayden Oniel was arrested or the murder of Kamali in Woodgreen in febuary last year and the attempted murder of his friend Jason Fraser who was stabbed 8 times and shot before Kamali drove a car into the gang before he was chase into a shop and stabbed to death .
    They used footage from witnesses at the scene to identify and as more evidence emerges they will be updated .
    please pay your respects to Kamali and also think about the talent that Sj had in music and football that now has been wasted .


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  • snoopy558 tt
    snoopy558 tt 3 hours ago

    Fuck him man, all of them rot in pen, rip to the real friend who died trying to protect his boy a lot of man woulda ran off in that situation, brave youte

  • dubay hood
    dubay hood 4 hours ago

    Karma of drill music

  • George Simpson
    George Simpson 7 hours ago

    Has anyone deeped how moist all these man actually are? Bunch of losers legit.. At least 5 on 2 all with shanks and at least one gun , and still only managed to kill one of them.. just saying.

  • MrFranco969
    MrFranco969 9 hours ago

    Everyone trying to be a big man thing.....all starting from when they are young left alone from the parents without role model and education.....the right don't expect nothing better than this type of situations as at the end of the day you just shows that one colour and one blood cannot living together in peace....and the only result is murder and jail.....oh I forgot that from the video they was looking like crazy chickens running around grabbing the trousers to not to fell off......just ridiculous is to see this kids getting wrong everyday because they think they are something are meat for the day one is the butcher and one the meat and the day after the opposite..... wow you are just called losers.....nothing else.....GOD is not watching and protecting you as you have the EVIL INSIDE YOU......SAY NO MORE FAMS....

  • gaz gaffa
    gaz gaffa 14 hours ago

    I've got an idea for all these young thugs, come an box the older thugs, it isn't that bad, if you get a hiding you get a hiding but its gotta be better than this shit, get down the club lads that's how men do it lads.

  • Haks Hustle
    Haks Hustle 20 hours ago +1

    Once someone gets touched it’s tough to break the cycle & I get it but eventually you’ve gotta realise one side gets their time and future taken away from them and another loses their life causing suffering to loved ones. A lot of us have been involved in street shit but time and peace is priceless. You’ve gotta value that shit, invest in yourself, your lifestyle, health, family & happiness and get money together if you can. Cut all that other stuff out, if you don’t fuck with each other that’s kool, there’s people I’ll never fuck with but do your thing and go your way and win cah the street shit is tiring at this point frfr. Niggas don’t have principles anymore, I honestly don’t think they know why they’re beefing each other and why cats are catching bodies anymore. Leave it alone and focus on winning at life for real

  • Nordic Nightmare
    Nordic Nightmare 22 hours ago

    Never got dry snitching

  • devontodetroit
    devontodetroit Day ago

    All these are fucking demons, They all need locking up. ALL OF THEM are useless eaters and there fucking familes. waste of space

    GHETTO BOYZ Day ago

    I’m tryna make man run with a trey no songs smh he had bars let him rot tho clueless kids

  • Baitnewstv
    Baitnewstv Day ago

    Sj just got 21 years 😱

  • Arks Ekrem
    Arks Ekrem Day ago

    These young thundercats got it all messed up. Gang life will only send you to prison...IF! you're still alive.

  • aaron feeley
    aaron feeley Day ago

    Dayyum young man got on the stand tuttut

  • sosa 97
    sosa 97 Day ago

    My man was a G for going back for his boy

  • markcozzie
    markcozzie Day ago

    Why 20 yr old can't be named?,informer?

  • Tom Ehlen
    Tom Ehlen Day ago

    See you in 2040

  • Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa Day ago

    Let’s face it folks. These kids need locking up :(

  • Jaffe Cake
    Jaffe Cake Day ago +1

    Should’ve got longer.

  • mohammed yahya
    mohammed yahya 2 days ago

    Leave him man good free sj100

  • TheStreamOfMaine
    TheStreamOfMaine 2 days ago

    Which one is o'sav?

  • Pierpointt
    Pierpointt 3 days ago

    Got smoked no bong

    RK_MOSTHATED ! 4 days ago +1

    The guy that took the vid and baited sj is done out ere I don’t think sj would do dat doe he’s just a young guy fam he had so much ahed no one cares about the guy that died let’s be honest sj was a footballer bro he’s innocent Idc I won’t stop sayin dat till he gets out

  • Western News
    Western News 6 days ago

    Probably would of bussed it if they all Stuck to the code 🙄

  • Mike Kvarnfors
    Mike Kvarnfors 9 days ago

    Kamali was a gangmember still.

  • Yxng A.1 Raps
    Yxng A.1 Raps 12 days ago

    3sj x1000

  • Roman GD
    Roman GD 14 days ago

    Who even gives a fuck about these rats running around hurting each other... making shitty music that you cant even vibe to... The mentality of young men these days in the UK is just weird asf, everyone wants to be a wannabe gangster/Tough boy, gotta separate urself from the pack and dream big. Shocking.

  • sarsonrock
    sarsonrock 14 days ago

    Believe me these morons are dumb enough to put what they did into some bad rap lyrics. These waist of space are dumber then a bag of rocks.

  • sarsonrock
    sarsonrock 14 days ago +1

    These pieces of dirt need to get out of my Country.

  • Uniqqe
    Uniqqe 19 days ago +1

    ofb on top

  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30 21 day ago +1

    Free sj ⚔️🔐🔐

  • natasha waller
    natasha waller 21 day ago +1

    and how can he kill k1 but at the same time killing jason k1's friend is dis guy a multitasker

  • natasha waller
    natasha waller 21 day ago +1

    if k1 saw an opp he would of done the same thing and he was about to run sj over i would try and do something wouldn't u

  • Lil K
    Lil K 22 days ago


  • KILLER Tek
    KILLER Tek 23 days ago

    All of them would of had a good chance to buss case but osav from npk opened his mouth in court and told them everything

  • Yar D Blah
    Yar D Blah 24 days ago +5

    When these man get out, and the mandem dat "hold dem down 4 life" have all moved on and dont wanna know them..we got serial middle aged murderers with no one to turn to..

    OFB GANG 26 days ago

    Fuck komali

  • Xerqt
    Xerqt 28 days ago +1

    Hope Kamali Is resting in Heaven his heroic act of kindness doesn't go unrewarded.

    • Jack
      Jack 13 days ago +1

      Xerqt What did he do that was kind ? Die ?

  • Ceejay LoKii
    Ceejay LoKii 28 days ago

    How many years did he actually get

    • Rexx YT
      Rexx YT 27 days ago

      Ceejay LoKii tbh kamali was chatting load of shit

    • Rexx YT
      Rexx YT 27 days ago

      Ceejay LoKii Yh but when he comes up he will be older but I just think he should be free

    • Ceejay LoKii
      Ceejay LoKii 27 days ago

      @Rexx YT that ain't that long tbh

    • Rexx YT
      Rexx YT 27 days ago


  • Advic77
    Advic77 Month ago +1

    Youths need to know that "Roadlife" or "Education" is a choice only you make for yourselves, with another 10+ years of either choices what will the outcome be...? Pls think 🤔

  • zohaib
    zohaib Month ago +2

    It’s sad to see manz wastin nex man and themselves over stupidness !!!

  • Spenny
    Spenny Month ago +2

    Why does this remind me of the Tay-K case?

  • Jay Henderson
    Jay Henderson Month ago

    SJ should have stayed away from this, I hope bando and Double lz learn from his mistakes Cuh that’s a lot of talent wasted

  • Your Addayz
    Your Addayz Month ago +4

    people saying “wasted talent” but if you really deep it there wouldn’t be as much success and respect with these rappers if there was no smoke behind their words , yea his a talented rapper but his a “drill” rapper so there has to be action otherwise his a neek

    • Bounty
      Bounty Day ago

      Your Addayz EXACTLY! i hate people who say “these guys are talented drill rappers they could of gone far in music” what people don’t understand is if he wasn’t on road beefing ect he wouldnt be a drill rapper to begin with

  • M_8
    M_8 Month ago

    Murders Kamali, This is giving me top boy vibes

  • Ali Ghanbari
    Ali Ghanbari Month ago +2

    Sick and tired of this, I've been a fan of the drill scene for quite some time now but I've had enough, it surely does contribute to extreme violence and crime, anybody who denies it is ignorant and fucking dumb, the time has come to stop showing support to these hoodlums, because too many is glorifying this lifestyle. This is just too much, I pray for the families🙏

    • Ali Ghanbari
      Ali Ghanbari 21 day ago

      @Mr No Name what a wasteman 😏

    • Mr No Name
      Mr No Name 21 day ago

      Go and listen to justin bieber

  • tony henry vii
    tony henry vii Month ago

    Why these young men don't make it,no discipline from the start to the end.

  • Compton G
    Compton G Month ago +2

    This is the reality of stabbing someone. They can easily die, then you'll end up on prison for a long time. Two lives wasted. These idiots actually think they can get away with it. SJ will be out in his 30's, with no job, no chance of a job with a murder conviction behind him, no music career, no one will give a fuck about drill, no one will give a fuck about him, or even remember who he is, and he'll have no money.
    This silly cunt probably won't even survive jail, as he'll end up crying himself to sleep at night, then eventually committing suicide. I have zero sympathy for this silly cunt, my sympathy is for the victim and his family.

  • legendary Gamer
    legendary Gamer Month ago

    Has he got life sentence

  • J Dennis
    J Dennis Month ago +1

    I can speak on road because I'm not from it but it's wasted talent , when guys mature you'll realise all this beefing is irrelevant and you could've been so much more

  • Tragic trauma
    Tragic trauma Month ago

    All you seem to cover is skinny scrotems that think there bad .. need a good wash n a job half of these maggots

  • Bottom Lobster
    Bottom Lobster Month ago

    What a dickhead

  • skylar blacc
    skylar blacc Month ago +2

    They need to go and spend time with REAL killers and theyll never be the same! Again this generation of children ....need deliverance something their sick in the head!

    • skylar blacc
      skylar blacc Month ago +1

      @u b 😔its so sad because they just be killing themselves 🤷🏾‍♀️😔😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤦🏾‍♀️😔

    • u b
      u b Month ago +1

      @skylar blacc yep London is arguably one of the best cities free education,free health care,free living places and benefits and yet these yutes still play the victim card. I know people who grew up in third world countries who made it in life and are earning hella Ps. I could've gone down that path but mans going uni now it's about focus not getting distracted into the street life just so you can wear gucci sweaters and chains and then end up dead,jail or living with guilt

    • skylar blacc
      skylar blacc Month ago +1

      @u b you know what I would be but honestly we all have a choice and this is not mine which is why I've not gone down that path it's common sense were humans we make the world we live in remember that the choices we make we know the consequences AND still some of us make them why🤷🏾‍♀️😔🤦🏾‍♀️I really want this to stop it's too much they need to just chill the oras going round boi they ain't good😔for anyone

    • u b
      u b Month ago


  • Montage King2006
    Montage King2006 Month ago


  • GE Dann
    GE Dann Month ago

    Fuck lampz 3SJ

  • bhuncho
    bhuncho Month ago

    3SJ 1000000x

  • Ryan Hand
    Ryan Hand Month ago

    Fuck sj deserves 20 plus years imo

  • Ash G
    Ash G Month ago

    im glad hes in jail! dumb yout needs to learn consequences

  • TrickificHd
    TrickificHd Month ago +4

    I don’t even want to see free sj

  • Nexiid
    Nexiid Month ago

    At this point I side SJ, I’ve lived on the south-East part of London, most of the times you get killed is because you did something wrong first, being a roadman is a big deal you can’t go around shanking people for no reason

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith Month ago

    Fuck sake man.

  • Sirenic 667
    Sirenic 667 Month ago +2

    People saying ahh its a shame he woulda made it in music, stfu, Im happy he didn’t make it in music because of how bad of a person he is, he doesn’t deserve success, hes at home now, where he belongs.