Won a storage room auction for $400 found a safe I had to see what’s inside opening a safe


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  • Komplete Rethink 101

    What a dope....and a greedy one at that who got what he deserved....Zilch !!@

  • Ryan Day
    Ryan Day 2 days ago

    He should check out that dollar bill some of that stuff is collector and it's worth money

  • Sandy Wisdom
    Sandy Wisdom 5 days ago

    Cat given to good home we are moving and can't have her

  • Mark Winterling
    Mark Winterling 6 days ago

    Guy doesnt own a grinder

  • Colin Lautzenheiser
    Colin Lautzenheiser 7 days ago

    I saw the battle bus at the 3:30

  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz 8 days ago

    Can he open the safe the world may never know

  • remnard ruben
    remnard ruben 13 days ago


  • Cathy Holley
    Cathy Holley 14 days ago

    Check out the dollar bill. What year is it? You will reap benefits by returning vw key and the passports and papers. Their may be a reward. GOD BLESS.

    FERAS SAFAR 14 days ago

    Dude feel bad for you what kind of neighborhood you just bust a safe with an ax on the sidewalk

  • Boycott Mainstream Media

    how do you get these storage boxes, whose stuff is this?

  • The Bros
    The Bros 16 days ago +1

    What a waste lol

    NKWTI 16 days ago


  • Moco Ganzo
    Moco Ganzo 16 days ago

    Good to know SentrySafe makes a pathetic product lmao

  • Reckless
    Reckless 19 days ago +1

    You should investigate the dollar it might be worth something nobody keeps a dollar in a safe 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • adem cornish
    adem cornish 20 days ago

    That's what i love about America, casually proceeds to break open safe with an axe in the street and not at all concerned with what his neighbours might think.Love it!!

    PUNISHER USMC 21 day ago

    It has a default code, it's digital......Smh
    If you would have called the safe company, explained Howe you came into possession of it, they would have given you the default code. SMH

  • Furious Ghost
    Furious Ghost 21 day ago

    The courts ordered me to stay away from my home until the outcome of my criminal court case. Which peopled lied on me. I lost 4 Glocks that was inside my safe inside my home. Someone broke inside my home and stole my safe. I could not file a police report because I had no serial numbers which were in my safe. 2 years later my case was dismissed. My home foreclosed. I was out of work.

  • inUR2teeth
    inUR2teeth 22 days ago

    It looks more like a camping cooler to me than a safe......

  • E anderson
    E anderson 22 days ago

    Dude...Next time, call the company get the safe info to open safe..Get shit inside...sell safe....

  • theonedom Gaming
    theonedom Gaming 22 days ago

    The best thing on that was the safe

  • LS Slay123
    LS Slay123 23 days ago

    Hey better luck next time! The next one might be a great one!

  • Graham Whittle
    Graham Whittle 24 days ago


  • Graham Whittle
    Graham Whittle 24 days ago

    It's not your fault mate some you win and some you 😉

  • Tom Schatza
    Tom Schatza 24 days ago

    What part of the wedge drive all way down start with? u been in it way before u r! But hey I not a expert wedge guy! Lol

  • glen1arthur
    glen1arthur 24 days ago

    The stamps possibly collectables? Ask the person if they still have the car or who owns it now those keys are costly.

  • kiD incA
    kiD incA 24 days ago

    Any DT evidence??

  • Marlene Cardinahl
    Marlene Cardinahl 24 days ago

    Hit the lock seen people open by that

  • mike boe
    mike boe 24 days ago

    The safe its self was more valuable than the junk that was inside. Too bad you didnt come to my lock shop. For a small price of $40 i would have opened it for you and reset the combo.

  • Flutterrbye Soon
    Flutterrbye Soon 24 days ago

    You should've left the Bambi story out. So sad I'm glad you're family are ok.

  • ronnette harvey
    ronnette harvey 24 days ago

    Wouldn't that suck if you find the combination later in some paperwork

  • Bwana Mann
    Bwana Mann 24 days ago +1

    Don't waste Your time, safe is open at 10:34and He didn't find sh!t.

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man 24 days ago

    What the fuck did you really expect to find LOL. A fool and his money soon part $400 wasted may as well went to the casino better odds

  • Tom Dees
    Tom Dees 25 days ago

    My Grandpa willed his safe to me....the stipulation was, I could have everything in it but only if I get it opened without destroying it and still be usable...It was/is an old Wells Fargo safe...the jest of all this...the only place Pop kept the combination, was in his head...well so we thought...Hired a lock smith...$250...he couldn't get it open...found another lock smith, he guaranteed he could open it without damage...$300...couldn't get it opened...back-up-five-yards-and-punt...out of curiosity I decided to turn the damn thing over, took three of us to do it...sun-of-bitch...the combination was painted on the bottom...Pop, you crafty old fart, he was 92 when he passed...anyway, in the safe was all his hand guns, 2 1943 copper penny's, one 1964 D penny (look these up) and I swear to god $550 cash! A cash box full of silver eagles and $20 gold pieces...I'll say this much, I had no student loans/collage debt and there is still money in the bank...I still have one 1943 penny and the 1964 D penny, the guns and the safe...Thanks Pop!

  • antyeardsley
    antyeardsley 25 days ago

    What a waste of my time watching

  • Naomi
    Naomi 25 days ago

    Haste makes waste. If he waited to get code then he could have sold the safe. The safe alone was a valuable item .

  • Navnick Chandra
    Navnick Chandra 25 days ago

    worst camera angles possible

    • Navnick Chandra
      Navnick Chandra 24 days ago

      +Blue Bus Dave i wanted to watch, bc it looked like it was gonna be a great vid, but the camera angles ruined it for me, sry

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  24 days ago +1

      I know isn’t great ✌️✌️✌️

  • William Hansen
    William Hansen 25 days ago

    Click bait. Why would you post such a disappointing video?

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  25 days ago

      Sorry to disappoint but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Trying to keep things real. Sometimes you find a treasure other times a dollar. Can’t all be winners but I think it’s important to show the good and the bad. Thanks for watching✌️

  • Dman W
    Dman W 25 days ago

    I would have used dynamite like they did in the old days. :)

  • John Brown
    John Brown 25 days ago

    That was painfully to watch

  • Rupert McNaught Davis
    Rupert McNaught Davis 26 days ago

    Shouldn't have destroyed the safe then.

  • Frank Quitely
    Frank Quitely 26 days ago

    Great advertising for that safe!!

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 26 days ago

    What a moron!

  • Nichole ward
    Nichole ward 26 days ago

    Imagine watching this video and you realize this your safe he’s cracking open

  • Cris LeRose
    Cris LeRose 26 days ago

    Hey a whole dollar and a busted safe......pure profit....

  • arnicus208
    arnicus208 26 days ago

    69 Thank me after🙂🙃

  • Bigga Winna Crapsa
    Bigga Winna Crapsa 26 days ago

    I think I'll fill an old safe with counterfeit hundreds and leave it somewhere. Give somebody a heart attack.

  • Sharpeyed Watcher
    Sharpeyed Watcher 26 days ago +1

    You just destroyed a safe that was worth the cost of that room you bought.

  • John j
    John j 27 days ago

    That digital safe could have got you $100. if you had been patient enough to get the code for it

  • D L
    D L 27 days ago

    Next time just hit strait down on the handle with your sleage it'll pop right open! Thats a white trash guaranty

    • Vegas Eddie
      Vegas Eddie 25 days ago

      You’ll just break the handle off. You could use a crowbar and pry it open.

  • kribby
    kribby 27 days ago

    Thats a good commercial for the safe company. it is had to crack.

  • Pat Armstrong
    Pat Armstrong 28 days ago

    I thought this was an ad for Sentury Safes and how hard they are to get in to...

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  28 days ago

      Jellies about your catfish pic ✌️✌️✌️

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L 28 days ago

    All that, and he didn't even take that one dollar bill? :)

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 28 days ago

    Yip, you sure fucked the safe up.

  • Richard Hutchings
    Richard Hutchings 29 days ago +1

    Another Heraldo safe opening.

  • Canadian Man
    Canadian Man 29 days ago

    Omg, that’s like $1000 in labour.. lol

  • michael sullivan
    michael sullivan 29 days ago

    I was more excited than he was, what a downer. Better luck next time.

  • diceman220
    diceman220 29 days ago

    you and I have the same luck $%^&*()??????_

  • 208E36GUY 208 Autowerke

    Why are you in your front yard lol 😂

  • steve perry
    steve perry 29 days ago

    the safe was tougher than i thought it would be. all that for $1 and some stamps. put on safety specs next time.

  • sfgmanCA
    sfgmanCA 29 days ago

    Please be empty... please be empty... Please be empty...

  • simon desjardins
    simon desjardins Month ago

    We all have that weird neighbour....

  • rizla75
    rizla75 Month ago

    why didnt just drill the lock out lol

  • Greg Giles
    Greg Giles Month ago

    use to lay underground electric cables,, overhead lines now irk me.

  • Noe Vega
    Noe Vega Month ago

    Not safety goggles!!!!!about u losing an eye if a piece of metal hit u right in it!!!

  • Steven School Alchemy

    safe full of paper reciepts

  • uyou me
    uyou me Month ago

    Jimmy Hoffa's head is in it

  • Beau Skelton
    Beau Skelton Month ago

    Watching this guy try to use tools is painful

  • Shane Darden
    Shane Darden Month ago

    You. S.O.B.
    i watched that, thinking it was gonna be something!!!
    Why air it, if it nothing

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  Month ago

      Sometimes I find gold I just don’t plant stuff ✌️✌️✌️

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  Month ago

      I don’t always get roses why should you

  • Buddy Scurlock
    Buddy Scurlock Month ago


  • Tegra
    Tegra Month ago


  • Oregon Patriot
    Oregon Patriot Month ago

    You could have saved yourself a lot of work if you would have watched the video of the guy using the rare earth magnet to open that very safe. (And many other models) Opened in 10 seconds.

    • Oregon Patriot
      Oregon Patriot Month ago

      +Raymond Tram .... do a TheXvid search for... "magnet opens safe"... you will be amazed at how quickly a rare earth magnet can open this particular safe

    • Raymond Tram
      Raymond Tram Month ago

      What is the point of saving the safe if he don’t have the combo or key for reuse.

  • Anthony Wood
    Anthony Wood Month ago

    Remind me to not buy one of those safes...If that was all the work it took to get in.

  • steve jette
    steve jette Month ago

    Same thing happened to Geraldo, Dude. His career never recovered.

  • PARA Trooper
    PARA Trooper Month ago

    Two kids from the local housing project could have that thing open in 2 minutes flat!

  • Peggy Day
    Peggy Day Month ago

    you better look the papers over. you might find bearer bonds. always look thru papers. if you find bearer bonds anyone can cash them.

  • Stanley Keith
    Stanley Keith Month ago

    You missed the $1.00 bill . Stamps maybe worth $$$$$

  • Stanley Keith
    Stanley Keith Month ago

    Just take the dial off and see the tumblers inside.

  • Brian Kopia
    Brian Kopia Month ago

    Lumberjack with a safe. Keep on splitting wood dude.

  • Rick Bauer
    Rick Bauer Month ago

    Why do storage warriors always destroy the safes which are usually far more valuable than the contents inside the safe or usually the whole storage container? It's especially ignorant when the person is making a youtube video while not showing the intelligence to do a youtube search and find out that most of these safes can be opened in seconds or minutes with far less work than it takes to destroy the safe. Sentry safes are some of the easiest to open. This particular safe can be opened in 3 to 5 seconds using nothing but a magnet.
    Just think, they could make a video showing them appearing to be highly intelligent rather than blatantly ignorant.
    This particular safe opens in this method.

  • Larry
    Larry Month ago

    Dumb would best describe this useless piece of sh.. video

  • David Shoemaker
    David Shoemaker Month ago

    That particular safe can be opened with a pretty strong magnet on the upper left corner of the door. Could have saved the most valuable item.
    The beemer fob is specific to only one vehicle, can't be re-used.
    Poor guy...

    PEARLDIVER Month ago

    Safe was the prize

  • dave hassell
    dave hassell Month ago

    thats 15 minutes i wont get back... what a waste of time

  • Steve Griffith
    Steve Griffith Month ago

    He needed to call the "Cracken"

  • plumber12131
    plumber12131 Month ago

    lol safe was worth more intact. Wtf

  • Priesty
    Priesty Month ago

    Haha I've never seen a more cack-handed demonstration of how not to open a safe. Gotta love a guy whose toolkit consists of an axe, a chisel and an iron bar. Rrrrrrrrrr.....

  • migcar100
    migcar100 Month ago +2

    Shoulda you tubed it, guy uses magnet to open a similar safe

  • Enco Encomen
    Enco Encomen Month ago

    Cops on on there way dude.

  • tuna huna
    tuna huna Month ago

    Dude....safety glasses!

  • Joe S
    Joe S Month ago

    Ever hear of a chop saw

    • Rick Bauer
      Rick Bauer Month ago

      Chop saws destroy the safe and throw sparks risking destruction of valuable items inside. Could end up destroying thousands of dollars in bearer bonds, antique or misprinted money, stamps, etc. Chop saw blades also wear out. Rare earth magnets from amazon or ebay cost $15, do not wear out, do not destroy the sage, do not risk burning or damaging the items inside the safe, and take 3 to 5 seconds to open the safe with no damage and no hard labor.

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  Month ago


  • sbragg2
    sbragg2 Month ago

    I worked half the night once opening a BIG safe, only to find a DIME!! A Mercury dime was all that was in it!

  • ben d
    ben d Month ago

    The golf clubs and bag would have doubled your money minimum

  • Donna Blosser
    Donna Blosser Month ago

    Save 10 minutes by fast forwarding the video.
    He finally get its open at about 10 minutes, 20 seconds.
    Nothing exciting here. No treasure.

  • Zergon7
    Zergon7 Month ago

    nice set of clubs though

  • Shadow Equinox
    Shadow Equinox Month ago

    Naw man you dont look suspicious at all smashing open that safe right next to the curb

  • Neal Pilger
    Neal Pilger Month ago +1

    Next time you find a Sentry Safe with digital keypad, just use a rare earth magnet to move the nickel pin. Takes less than 15 seconds. All Sentry Safes are faulty like that, but what do expect from something sold at Walmart.

  • Ian Ewers
    Ian Ewers Month ago

    If you had a brain you would be dangerous.

  • Mark Lanton
    Mark Lanton Month ago

    You just paid 400.00 for a room of junk.lol

  • Allina Kirkland
    Allina Kirkland Month ago

    Why didnt you use a grinder boi

  • Rafael Klene
    Rafael Klene Month ago

    Holy-Kats Batman u r kiddin' me. Right ?????