Won a storage room auction for $400 found a safe I had to see what’s inside opening a safe

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
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  • max jimenez
    max jimenez Hour ago

    I like how precise his hitting was. I can't hit something in the same spot twice to save my life

  • Cremzie
    Cremzie Hour ago +1

    8:40 my man is about to go to the fortnite island look left

  • Jo-E
    Jo-E Hour ago

    Safe was pretty expensive.

  • Jason Chow
    Jason Chow Hour ago

    red necks love to do this kinda thing huh.

  • B S
    B S 2 hours ago

    talk about hammer skills, nice!

  • namcost freeson
    namcost freeson 2 hours ago

    plasma cutter the hinge. harbor freight sells one for like 200 bucks.

  • kris Ill
    kris Ill 2 hours ago

    It really should be illegal for storage companies to sell all your shit like that I’m pissed off before I can even enjoy the video

  • Randy ButterNubZ
    Randy ButterNubZ 3 hours ago +1

    just dislike and move on, dude finds nothing.

  • Wind
    Wind 3 hours ago

    For future reference you can break into those cheapo safes with nothing more than a magnet and about 60 seconds .

  • Joe T. Plumber
    Joe T. Plumber 4 hours ago

    Ruin a perfectly good safe. $400 down the drain.

  • Justin McNabb
    Justin McNabb 4 hours ago

    It was unlocked in the beginning. You can hear it lock. I have the same safe. Lmao......

  • Rowan Burns
    Rowan Burns 4 hours ago

    10:23 fortnite battle bus

  • David V
    David V 4 hours ago

    If he was black doing that on the curb he would have been shot on the spot

  • geoff moore
    geoff moore 4 hours ago

    Ever heard of a thing called a tripod????

  • MrColdwatercanyon
    MrColdwatercanyon 5 hours ago

    Kilo of yeao

  • pig spartan
    pig spartan 6 hours ago

    This guy has 100% accuracy

  • Youtube Admin
    Youtube Admin 6 hours ago

    Wonder what people thought seeing you outside trying to open a safe

  • Steel Knight
    Steel Knight 7 hours ago

    iS tHaT tHe bAtTLe bUs

  • Brandon Pakfar
    Brandon Pakfar 7 hours ago

    Pretty nice set of clubs lol

  • SkyZer0GigaByte
    SkyZer0GigaByte 7 hours ago

    10:35 woah sick loot crate bro!

  • Tim L
    Tim L 9 hours ago +8

    10:24 battle bus?

  • Cymply
    Cymply 9 hours ago +1

    You found that in your stupid storage locker? YOUVE BEEN IN MY RECOMMEND FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS

  • David Sutherland
    David Sutherland 9 hours ago

    Hey Geraldo would have been nice if you could have told us 10 minutes before that you found nothing in the safe,

  • Liam Med
    Liam Med 10 hours ago +13

    3:32 is that the battle bus

  • Shadow Shroud
    Shadow Shroud 10 hours ago

    Blow it up with a C-4

    NOTAMV 12 hours ago

    Who do it 3 feet away from your truck tho?

  • Joseph Amado
    Joseph Amado 12 hours ago

    Valuable time left the chat

  • chaptenkickass0
    chaptenkickass0 13 hours ago

    Hey man did you get your money back lol

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  7 hours ago

      I showed the rest of the room did really well with it

  • Alexander Harris
    Alexander Harris 13 hours ago

    This clearly isnt the first safe this guy has opened...

  • Jay Cominos
    Jay Cominos 13 hours ago

    Look up Mr. Locksmith, he shows you how to open these in like 3 seconds.

  • Marc
    Marc 14 hours ago

    you can open those safes with a strong magnet

  • joel cataylo
    joel cataylo 14 hours ago

    Did you found the car? 🤣

  • Mr. Sander
    Mr. Sander 15 hours ago

    I don't see the point in buying someone else's shit. Valuable or not. If you want something valuable go work for it yourself. Don't be a douche and take someone else's shit. That's lame as fuck. 😂

  • MrEverything
    MrEverything 15 hours ago

    These Sentry safes are easy to open without the combo if you just did a few minutes of research.

  • Troy Mann II
    Troy Mann II 16 hours ago

    Well this is fourteen minutes of my life I can't get back.

  • Mikey Donnelly
    Mikey Donnelly 16 hours ago

    3 titles in 1, nice

  • thotslayer43
    thotslayer43 18 hours ago

    Probably from a store of some sort

  • Burrknee Δnderson
    Burrknee Δnderson 18 hours ago

    safe cracking is a felony here in Ohio

  • Myles Matisse
    Myles Matisse 20 hours ago

    If I had won this auction, after finding out who it belonged to through the passport, I would've contacted the owner to see if he wanted his belongings back.

  • Just Somebody
    Just Somebody 20 hours ago +1

    So basically this whole video is about a guy who can’t open a safe

  • pro mast
    pro mast 21 hour ago

    Useless !

  • Robster Thermidor
    Robster Thermidor 21 hour ago

    400 bucks to steal 15 mins of your life....why would you bothet

  • Bill Burke
    Bill Burke 22 hours ago

    Too funny. All you needed was a big magnet, and you would have had that open with zero effort in one second.

  • AnotherBluntPlease
    AnotherBluntPlease 23 hours ago

    All that hard work for some $1 stamps. $400. CRAZY!!! You win some you LOSE some

  • John L
    John L Day ago

    Isn’t that the safe you can open with a magnet?

  • Oracle
    Oracle Day ago

    To save you all 15 minutes. All he does is break it open and the only think of value is a BMW key that he will sell online.

  • Jason Little
    Jason Little Day ago


  • Boom Hower
    Boom Hower Day ago

    Some effort involved but you seemed to have an effective strategy . Maybe those stamps will have value to a collector or maybe that 1$ bill . Why keep that in a safe?.

  • Lotan Kritchman
    Lotan Kritchman Day ago

    Lol the safe was worth more than what was inside it

  • AJ Shaw
    AJ Shaw Day ago

    Hm Trenton Central diploma

  • mark pineda
    mark pineda Day ago

    That was entertaining despite the end lol

  • Brayden East
    Brayden East Day ago

    Golf clubs for sale? I would buy them

  • wanky wanker
    wanky wanker Day ago

    3:42 battle bus?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    There's my fob!

  • Jackson Peck
    Jackson Peck Day ago

    If u pause it at 11:12 i swear there’s cash sticking out of the envelope he’s holding, not 100% but it looks like it

  • logzy72
    logzy72 Day ago

    Lol. Couldn't wait till he got home, had to but it open on the side of the road.

  • BuckGreywolfe
    BuckGreywolfe Day ago

    A strong magnet slid across the upper left corner may activate the solenoid mechanism for the lock

  • thomas grace
    thomas grace Day ago

    He has all this dudes legal information...

  • Dank Stunts
    Dank Stunts Day ago

    Why is the Fortnite battle bus in the back

  • archingelus
    archingelus Day ago

    He just destroyed the most valuable things here; the safe

  • Ketchupdude13
    Ketchupdude13 Day ago

    This video wasted my life...who post a video and not have anything interesting..THANKS FOR WASTIING EVERYONE'S TIME!!!!! DISLIKE! 😡😡😡

  • HumeAndBean
    HumeAndBean Day ago

    You might be a redneck if........ You destroy a safe you own, out in the street.

  • brian music
    brian music Day ago

    You know this turd is just going to toss all of that guys personal info and important documents, if he cant steal anything from it. Dude probably lives in his area too. smh

  • David Haney
    David Haney Day ago

    what ???......you bought a safe in a storage unit , and there was no cash in it ????.....shocker ...!

  • Alek Cunningham
    Alek Cunningham Day ago

    Did u find the title to the bmw ?

  • Ben Vianese
    Ben Vianese Day ago

    you can tell by the way this man swings that axe that he didn't graduate high school

  • Turtle-_- Gaming

    That dollar and stamps could be a valuable print

  • Kenny G.
    Kenny G. Day ago

    What you don't have a grinder or a dam sawsal

  • Bear Dropz
    Bear Dropz Day ago

    4:55 the battle bus 👀

  • j-wan13
    j-wan13 Day ago

    13:04 the battle bus in the backround

  • Dollar tree Bleach

    At least this video is real and he didn’t rip open a crappy save that had a lot of fake money and guns.

  • Mike Dalley
    Mike Dalley Day ago

    There's 14min and 50 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

  • evan duncan
    evan duncan Day ago

    Well now you have all of this persons information, that's what they get for leaving you with only a dollar

    JRAB FILMS Day ago

    Right in your front yard dude? I don't care but I'd be worried about the neighbors

  • dre bybeats
    dre bybeats Day ago

    to bad you didnt have a neodymium magnet lying around sentry safes open by just holding one up to the left of the keypad

  • Ramapo River
    Ramapo River Day ago

    You could have used a circular saw and been done in 3 minutes.

  • WarriorExcile8
    WarriorExcile8 Day ago

    He got it open at around 10min marker

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever Day ago

    The value was in the safe metaphorically because he made a video on it and the views got him the money he was looking for... thank me later

  • x420Tony Moralez

    so you payed 400$ for sum stamps lol

  • PyroComet
    PyroComet Day ago

    be adviced, that the white stuff in between at 6:58 could possibly be asbestos. Not saying it is, but it is never sure as to what the stuff is the particles are tested.

  • charles sawallich

    A loss of 400 bucks, go gamble an have fun

  • Brady Dempster
    Brady Dempster Day ago

    3:45 deadass thought the blue bus in the background was a battle bus 😂

  • James Drissel
    James Drissel Day ago

    Never force a tool, Use google first. You probably could get in that safe in less than 5 minutes if you spend half an hour researching it. Start with Lockpicking Lawyer or Bosnian Bill. That tubular lock is a weak point, a strong magnet might work as might dropping the safe at different angles. Unfortunately children have opened such safes and gained access to firearms that parents thought were secure...

  • Florida Lottery
    Florida Lottery Day ago

    put that sheet in the street...the soft surface is an issue lol

  • Duke Of Hesse
    Duke Of Hesse Day ago

    $400 - buh bye.

  • craig lo
    craig lo Day ago

    Love your Videos
    Blue Bus Dave,
    ...I live in Jersey City and i was looking into buying Storage units..how does one get into it?


    And if this was bomb?
    And you looks like real robber 😉

  • Matt Patt
    Matt Patt Day ago

    Lol 200$ safe or a $15 3 day wait to get the code and the key??? Hmmmm what a waste... even if you are impatient.

  • Xeop 215
    Xeop 215 Day ago

    Wondering what the people around him thinking? Nothing new here he is just opening it on a side of the street 100% normal you see this all the time

  • John
    John Day ago

    rare 1 dollar?

  • geee Whizz
    geee Whizz Day ago

    hopefully thats not asbestos insulation in that safe

  • Andrew Sugerman
    Andrew Sugerman Day ago

    He has a blue school bus

  • LBCvalenz562
    LBCvalenz562 Day ago

    "useable stamps" with Malcolm X on them hahahaha nice.

  • ItzAboody
    ItzAboody Day ago

    who tried to zoom on the credit card lol

  • Polar
    Polar Day ago

    You should get a sledge bro

  • X XX
    X XX Day ago

    Fat pig can’t stop breathing

  • Edward Sessum
    Edward Sessum Day ago

    Why not just use the magnet?

  • Dragon Steel
    Dragon Steel Day ago

    Get a big earth magnet, about 1" thick and 2" around. Now when you win auctions with Sentury Safes, you put the magnet on the front until it attracts the solenoid pin, slid back and open the safe. Then you get what's in the safe and keep the safe too since when it is open you can reprogram the pad. Takes about 15 to 30 seconds to open a Sentury Safe. This works for many keypad type safes since the all seem to use solenoids.

  • Rogskiv
    Rogskiv Day ago

    Well. He got some usable stamps

  • MrDJSkeptik
    MrDJSkeptik Day ago

    You could have opened it with a magnet.