Won a storage room auction for $400 found a safe I had to see what’s inside opening a safe


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  • buzzkill1964
    buzzkill1964 2 hours ago

    A powerful magnet would open the safe

  • Bin diveruk
    Bin diveruk 3 hours ago

    What was on that map? Why lock a map away in a safe?

  • Chelsea Johnson
    Chelsea Johnson 20 hours ago

    I was on the edge of my seat! : )

    1OFGODSOWN 2 days ago

    You don’t need a combination for any electronic safe. It will open in 5 seconds with a magnet.Watch the videos here on TheXvid.Also they all have plastic storage drawers in them that slide around when you shake or turn them over.

  • yoni navarro
    yoni navarro 2 days ago

    por que no agarró una amoladora?

  • Linda Fox
    Linda Fox 3 days ago +1

    Anticipation hurry up my friend!

  • iamlight
    iamlight 3 days ago

    Sad indeed. That was the reason that storge got abandoned; if there was anything in that safe, it would have been claimed.

  • Mike Wimberly
    Mike Wimberly 4 days ago

    Next time call a lock smith

  • jet Knight
    jet Knight 4 days ago

    12:27 he will give back all that personal information???
    They Don't want there Bills Back!

  • jet Knight
    jet Knight 4 days ago +1


  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno 7 days ago


  • thetribber
    thetribber 9 days ago

    The safe WAS the most valuable thing...get such a kick out of impatient people.

  • J Scrutchmo
    J Scrutchmo 9 days ago +1

    Paid $400 destroyed $200 item, is something wrong with that kind of thinking?

  • ruby smith
    ruby smith 10 days ago


  • Tywin Lannister
    Tywin Lannister 11 days ago

    I’ll be honest fellas, that chisel was looking great. But...I could’ve used a little more pickbar...

  • ter sull
    ter sull 12 days ago

    I think i would drive around town with that key fob pressing the buttons in parking lots, You might get lucky and find the car someday.

  • Lilia Gardisky
    Lilia Gardisky 12 days ago

    My baby David knows that I love him. Even though he is a idiot, I still know the love we have Is good enough for the both of us. My love knows no boundary.

  • Colin Amondson
    Colin Amondson 12 days ago

    ROFL....Errr..............go to a locksmith 50 bucks and he is in

  • Ieighton bailey
    Ieighton bailey 12 days ago


  • wholebird
    wholebird 13 days ago

    You just destroyed the most valuable thing there: the safe! Those fireproof safes go for $500 and up.

  • Tony Bochene
    Tony Bochene 14 days ago

    can you say "power cut off saw." ????

  • Thomas Perretti
    Thomas Perretti 14 days ago

    Let’s put that safe on a slippery slope and bang the piss out of it. The driveway is much to stable. Not too bright

  • Wayne Adams
    Wayne Adams 14 days ago

    That dollar was a rare 1943 Silver Note Series 7 error 1. There are 12 in existence. You threw out 1.2 Million Dollars.

  • Wayne Adams
    Wayne Adams 14 days ago

    Sentry Safe? Take a circular saw, sawall, or jig saw and cut a hole in the side. Really, it's that easy.

  • ringhunter 100
    ringhunter 100 14 days ago

    womp womp womp

  • Dylan Brawley
    Dylan Brawley 14 days ago

    dumb asss if the stamps are in the safe what dose that tell u and that 1$ has red on it...its worth money

  • Ross McCauley
    Ross McCauley 15 days ago

    Looks like your impatience cost you money. Sometimes keys and/or combinations are kept in the storage unit. What's wrong with a smith?

  • jack Rabbit
    jack Rabbit 15 days ago

    If U got enough leverage
    you can move the world!

  • Brandon Freer
    Brandon Freer 16 days ago

    Rods are at the top, bottom and front. Not at the hinge. Good logic though.

  • ryetim32
    ryetim32 16 days ago

    What a waste of fucking time. Why even post this shit?

  • Marty Brantley
    Marty Brantley 16 days ago +1

    Heard of a locksmith??
    Charge you about 30 bucks and you still sell the safe if you don’t need it.

  • awginized mcilroy
    awginized mcilroy 17 days ago

    that was so exciting thank you ,..nemine if there wasnt much in it ,..just fantastic that you shared with us ,..awesome as

  • Charles Townshend
    Charles Townshend 17 days ago

    Did he even look at the paper? They may have been cash bonds.

  • Patrick Kem
    Patrick Kem 18 days ago

    Need the jaws of life,,,lol

  • Angel MoyaRomero
    Angel MoyaRomero 19 days ago

    Next time put a ski mask on. It will make it more interesting for the passersby.

  • Connor Creamer
    Connor Creamer 19 days ago

    Tune in for his next video of him loosing at cards

  • eidodk
    eidodk 19 days ago

    Funny to see a man completely destroy a safe that can be opened by a neodymium magnet. thexvid.com/video/mN90RTwXX5E/video.html

  • john tuttle
    john tuttle 19 days ago

    All Capone vault

  • Meet Virginia
    Meet Virginia 20 days ago

    11:15 Did check the price on the sheet of stamps before using them??

  • Jim Jakosh
    Jim Jakosh 21 day ago

    Too bad!

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 21 day ago

    Thanks for nothing!

  • Cecil Payton
    Cecil Payton 21 day ago

    Could have professionally got it open save the safe sold the safe and made your money back instead you like a barbarian destroying to save stupid I'll tell you

  • James Newberry
    James Newberry 21 day ago

    The $200 safe you busted was half the price of your unit. Could have banked the $200 and started clearing out the unit.

  • Karen Sosa
    Karen Sosa 21 day ago

    It would have been much better if you just got the code to open the safe. The safe itself was worth a lot more than what was in it before you destroyed it.

  • Jager Navet
    Jager Navet 22 days ago

    Maybe you should have gone thru the paperwork in the storage room and see if there is a combination in there? Then you'd be able to sale the safe too.

  • marty mac
    marty mac 22 days ago

    what a waste of time

  • Gail Arnold
    Gail Arnold 23 days ago

    3.5K didn't like the mystery journey....I did. lol.

  • leisa hammonds
    leisa hammonds 23 days ago

    There is never anything good in these safes.

  • whyicare
    whyicare 23 days ago

    I think those are collectible stamps worth $2.

  • Jon Reinhard
    Jon Reinhard 25 days ago

    Was it a safe or a fridge ? Not a good advert for either

  • High Roller Suite
    High Roller Suite 25 days ago

    Bmw key, stamps, one dollar.. could of been empty.. remind me not to buy one of those easy open safes lol👍😂😎

  • Cindi Richter
    Cindi Richter 26 days ago

    Don't quit your day job

  • SusanBrooklyn
    SusanBrooklyn 26 days ago

    You hit a deer? Aww...poor bambi 😥

    RALPH JUKES 26 days ago

    use a few sticks of P E

  • Sergio Zayasbazan
    Sergio Zayasbazan 27 days ago

    People are great at taking others belongs

  • inkey2
    inkey2 27 days ago

    that plain ranch house behind him would be worth an easy 700 grand where I live.

  • arron young
    arron young 29 days ago

    The door isn't the place to open those kinda of safes

  • arron young
    arron young 29 days ago

    Dude those cheap safes where ever the holes to mount to the floor or wall is weak don't bother with the door one hit with an ax less than 3 seconds you in

  • Hero
    Hero Month ago

    Going to return his information after you destroyed his safe and took possession of most of his stuff. He’s more likely to punch you once you try to return his stuff.

  • gun fisher
    gun fisher Month ago

    How do you manage to get so many dislikes its spreading all over you tube must be some kind of haters convention in town. I thought it was a good video.

  • Gary Matukaitus
    Gary Matukaitus Month ago

    That is not a hammer that is an ax. You would been better off with 10 lbs. Sledgehammer.

  • M . Ali GOAT BX
    M . Ali GOAT BX Month ago

    I’d there was any valuable in it I thinking’s he owner would of come back for is.

    EDY BEE Month ago

    11:32 keeps his composer but hes ferkn 😠...

  • Frank Enstein
    Frank Enstein Month ago

    Good job Heraldo. That's 15 min if my lifetime not getting back.

  • TS
    TS Month ago

    Search youtube for how to open those with just a magnet.

  • Randy Slocum
    Randy Slocum Month ago

    Look on youtube and save the safe.

  • Tammy Hollia
    Tammy Hollia Month ago

    The jocks use their teeth for this haha

  • Cheryl Salinas
    Cheryl Salinas Month ago

    I doubt that any safe in a storage unit has money in it. I’ve seen lots of storage lockers with money in various places but never a safe.

  • Luz Maria Rahla
    Luz Maria Rahla Month ago

    Was there any other way to open the safe without destroying it? I guess you still can take it to the scrap place, :>)

  • Kenneth Connors
    Kenneth Connors Month ago

    all you had to do was go to the company explain the buy and they would have helped you open it, it would be worth $$$ to sell

  • richard henderson
    richard henderson Month ago

    What!!!! A crummy commercial!

  • Dawn  Nadal
    Dawn Nadal Month ago

    Have you broken into a safe before?! Lol, Looks like you knew what you were doing. Wonder what pple driving by thought or your neighbors!?! 😂 “That crazy guy is breaking into a safe!, what if he stole it?!?” Lmao 🤣

  • John Lowe, Photographist

    If you go to TheXvid and search “opening Sentry Safe” as well as any other brand you will soon learn just how easy it is to get into these things.

  • John Lowe, Photographist

    A rare earth magnet in the top left of the door slid to the right will activate the relay that will open the door, that simple.

  • Alika Noyb
    Alika Noyb Month ago

    Here's a tip if you want to open a safe like that get yourself a 3" rare earth mag. and run it at the top left hand part of the door holding the latch at the same time put the mag in a sock when you use it if its a deep type door you will need 2 3" mag

  • Donna J
    Donna J Month ago

    U should check the card.

  • Salvador Berga
    Salvador Berga Month ago

    Always go through the bottom or the back of the safe they are the weakest part of the entire structure

  • Ric Nos
    Ric Nos Month ago

    If I just had something to stop this safe from moving so much like the back of my pickup truck, that would be great!!! You can use you dollar and stamps to pay for the damage to your car!!!

  • common since
    common since Month ago +1

    I'm confused why you destroy the safe like that instead of taking it to a locksmith to open it for 20-30 bucks and if you find out it's empty you can put it for sale for a couple hundred dollars easily. The safe itself was probably more valuable than the key

    • Akis V.
      Akis V. Month ago

      who would buy a cheap ass safe without a key?jesus do you people even think before typing?

  • Maine Guide
    Maine Guide Month ago +1

    I have opened a few large safes and used a skill saw, metal blade. Easy pezy.

  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber Month ago

    $400 car key, lol.

  • Brent Doege
    Brent Doege Month ago

    So what about the Diploma and passports? Try to find the person who they belonged to?

  • SpeakTruth
    SpeakTruth Month ago

    If it is the round lock like yours then search "tubular lock picks" on eBay or Amazon and a small investment will save you a lot of effort. Most of these fire safes open with the key if you forget the combo or the battery dies (a fail-safe ya know?). It takes a little practice and a lot of patience but the lock picks work. Then you can clear and reprogram the combo . After that you can order a new key using the s/n found INSIDE the safe or sell the safe and let the buyer get the key themselves (sometimes the pick set is cheaper than replacement keys though). I have opened a number of these safes and old vending machines found in storage units with the picks. Work smarter, not harder.

  • mark thorpe
    mark thorpe Month ago


  • Firefox Oblivion
    Firefox Oblivion Month ago

    All you needed to open the safe was a magnet.

  • helmut hoess
    helmut hoess Month ago

    It is extremely painful to watch!

  • Mark Combs
    Mark Combs Month ago

    open it easy with a magnet... here is the link thexvid.com/video/ApJQ2wcYjBo/video.html

  • Silver to burn
    Silver to burn Month ago

    All ya need is a grinder!

  • KSReferee
    KSReferee Month ago

    WTF? Why didn't you take it to a locksmith and have them open it and have a key made for it? What a dumbass!

  • rob heathcote
    rob heathcote Month ago

    i hopeyou caught the deer, peeled off its wrapper and put it in your freezer

  • Cheryl Youmans
    Cheryl Youmans Month ago

    Sorry not much in safe for all of that work!!! Carry on!!!!!

  • 601stROMAD
    601stROMAD Month ago

    The safe would be worth more than he paid. Duh. GOT TO SEE tho!

  • M H
    M H 2 months ago

    All that for a 🔑, stamps, and ☝️ 💵!!! Lol!!!

  • Raider Matt82
    Raider Matt82 2 months ago

    Damn I could of had it open by now

  • tebollenbacher
    tebollenbacher 2 months ago

    Paid way too much.

    • Blue Bus Dave
      Blue Bus Dave  2 months ago

      Got good stuff in the rest of the room ✌️✌️✌️

  • Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton 2 months ago

    There ate youtube videos that show you how to break into this very safe. A simple magnet defeats the locks.

  • Komplete Rethink 101
    Komplete Rethink 101 2 months ago

    What a dope....and a greedy one at that who got what he deserved....Zilch !!@

  • Ryan Day
    Ryan Day 2 months ago

    He should check out that dollar bill some of that stuff is collector and it's worth money

  • Sandy Wisdom
    Sandy Wisdom 3 months ago

    Cat given to good home we are moving and can't have her

  • Mark Winterling
    Mark Winterling 3 months ago

    Guy doesnt own a grinder