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  • oddly satisfying videos return!!
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  • Noah969
    Noah969 14 hours ago


  • Cai Potter
    Cai Potter 14 hours ago

    I got rejected by my crush today 😭

  • super pig
    super pig 20 hours ago

    I had a really loud and annoying add then couldn't tell when it ended

  • George Simmons
    George Simmons Day ago +1

    13:19 The cake looks like one from purble place

  • spuok 69
    spuok 69 Day ago

    cat anime

  • Saber Killer 456

    At 7:41 the pancake things in the pan are pronounced “Arrow skeur” and they taste amazing.

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor Day ago

    Blue bogo🥵

  • MP498
    MP498 2 days ago

    The Christmas wrap desk prank was epic. It deserved way more than a 0. Wish we'd done this at my work.

  • Zzkorblox Deatherzz
    Zzkorblox Deatherzz 2 days ago

    Will: says anything at all
    Gee: hAhA lItErAlLy

  • Steve L
    Steve L 2 days ago

    CEO of agreeing to everything

  • Oblivious Thief
    Oblivious Thief 2 days ago

    The æbleskiver isn't sweet they are usually eaten with jam or sugar

  • SweetHumbleBee
    SweetHumbleBee 2 days ago

    My dad makes rivers. I guess he has your dream job!

  • Rory Bush
    Rory Bush 2 days ago +1

    When you want to be sponsored by honey and uses it for click bait without it being in the video

  • Ariel Balanovsky
    Ariel Balanovsky 2 days ago

    You rated the christmas tree on creativity but the video is based off satisfying

  • maximillian mortensen

    8:12 hey I'm Danish. You eat then with jam and powder sugar

  • Fruity Gameplays
    Fruity Gameplays 2 days ago

  • Bakari summers
    Bakari summers 2 days ago

    Found that hall fountin in science museum and garden mueseum

  • Oscar Wright
    Oscar Wright 2 days ago

    of it was yesterday when the snow flake fell on you hat then it would of melted

  • JustYourRegularSimp
    JustYourRegularSimp 2 days ago +1

    2:29 new enemy approaching

  • Jake Guitars 9870
    Jake Guitars 9870 3 days ago +1

    He's already a streamer

  • Eva Speice
    Eva Speice 3 days ago

    ia this WILLNE?

  • RG Incoming
    RG Incoming 3 days ago

    ImCanadian so I saw mathews do the stick flip live

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 3 days ago


  • Luca Barnes
    Luca Barnes 4 days ago

    Im genuinly confused

  • Yeet
    Yeet 4 days ago

    NoRwAy 4 LiFe

  • Chip the Dino
    Chip the Dino 5 days ago

    WTF NONE OF THESE ARE SASTISFYING there’s a difference between cool to look at and satisfying

  • Oddros Gaming
    Oddros Gaming 6 days ago


  • DerpLlama
    DerpLlama 6 days ago

    Its pronounced JIF not GIF, just like giraffe, you pronounce that Jiraffe not giraffe

  • PandaLord 163
    PandaLord 163 8 days ago

    That was the worst intro I've ever seen

  • rockstar_1209
    rockstar_1209 8 days ago

    11:28 there’s a massive one in niagra falls in Canada. It’s so beautiful! Also water flows all around them so on a hot summer day I just hugged it😂

  • TheSaltyCoy
    TheSaltyCoy 8 days ago

    Jesus you guys criticise more things in this video then the backlash anthem got at its beta so how's YOUR unfolding wooden tree going? hmmm how straight is your screen protector hmmm? do you have a automatic bathroom curtin? do you have the dedication and effort to wrap every little thing in a office cubical? how many times has a perfect snowflake landed on you hmm? still not good enough? CAN YOU? lift 100-200kg worth of human over wall no? didn't think so. Lady do you understand the physics and measurement to get that ball rolling perfectly without blasting water everywhere? vaguely thought so. Skills and fine motor skills to make a cake like that could you do it?

  • WaterBob CirclePants

    You can eat æbleskiver with powdered sugar or jam

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 9 days ago +1

    This ruffian doesn't use a screen protector?

  • Lucas Spencer-Horne
    Lucas Spencer-Horne 10 days ago

    insert fortnite meme here (its also a great exerzise move)

  • mads jensen
    mads jensen 10 days ago

    Why did you Copy W2S name?

  • Bradley Wallbank
    Bradley Wallbank 10 days ago


  • I hate you
    I hate you 10 days ago +1

    There judging is horrible

  • G7Chameleon
    G7Chameleon 11 days ago

    dog jumps on beanbag: ohhhhhhhhh
    another dog jumps on the beanbag: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 11 days ago


  • Chris’ Corner
    Chris’ Corner 11 days ago

    Your flat mate is gorgeous! Love her!

  • John Sharples
    John Sharples 11 days ago

    8:18 They are like pancakes, they share the same texture and flavor but you can use them like filling donuts and put jams and butters and creams in them.

  • Todoroki shouto my love
    Todoroki shouto my love 12 days ago +1

    I liked this video not because it was satisfying,it's because of this 12:24

    My god u so adorable

  • gSouls
    gSouls 12 days ago

    in México there are also Æbleskiver's but i knew them as little balls xd

  • Jim Reubens
    Jim Reubens 13 days ago

    Gee “ha”

  • mathias vestergaard
    mathias vestergaard 13 days ago

    You eat æbleskiver with jam sugar and powdered sugar

  • Heroin Simpson
    Heroin Simpson 13 days ago

    You guys should date

  • Brad The Gamer
    Brad The Gamer 14 days ago

    Erm at 2:29 there's something behind her

  • A Person
    A Person 14 days ago

    2:47 It’s good to see people acknowledge Austin Matthews skill

  • Booze Fortnite
    Booze Fortnite 14 days ago

    Æbleskiver is pronounced like “Ehbluskiver” and you eat them with your fingers, with marmalade and somehing called flormelis, its a classic

  • Mc Needless
    Mc Needless 14 days ago

    She Said æbleskiver pretty good if your wondering they taste just like pancakes

  • Pokar- Roblox ‘-‘
    Pokar- Roblox ‘-‘ 15 days ago

    2:26 whys ya tongue blue?

  • HK_anime
    HK_anime 15 days ago

    you eat æbleskiver with powde sugar and jelly

  • G G
    G G 15 days ago

    That wasn't even a real snow flake

  • Clutch Rez
    Clutch Rez 15 days ago

    do you like wwe

  • DrivingGod1998
    DrivingGod1998 17 days ago

    Move videos with Gee

  • damp flannel
    damp flannel 22 days ago

    No one:
    Will: ACK IO BR O OM

  • The dank Caden
    The dank Caden 24 days ago

    Get george up the tree

  • Ash Pino
    Ash Pino 25 days ago

    Æbleskiver's are like balled pancakes with strawberry jam and coated in powdered suger. They da besttt

  • Saxumbios
    Saxumbios 27 days ago

    5:49 just like your pp

  • sella boi
    sella boi 27 days ago

    no shit that one spinning ball on the Water Fountain you paused the Video on actually spins and its rught outside my house wtff

  • Daniel Potter
    Daniel Potter 28 days ago +1

    Did anyone else realise that Will’s tongues was blue

  • Jolie -w-
    Jolie -w- Month ago

    5:16 I'm unsubscribing lol

  • Ana Patterson
    Ana Patterson Month ago

    anyone who’s ever worked at the apple store is triggered by will asking why you need a screen protector machine

  • mz204455
    mz204455 Month ago

    If he ever hit someone with that jaw it’d be murder with a lethal weapon.

  • I like memes! Add in cars!

    Pause on 2:29 kinda creepy still

  • Muji_Arts
    Muji_Arts Month ago


  • vod ka
    vod ka Month ago

    No one
    Absolutely no one

  • MadDon
    MadDon Month ago

    anyone else get big time clickbaited

  • Zentro X
    Zentro X Month ago

    I feel at this point he is flexing with his girlfriend

  • Gavin Buchanan
    Gavin Buchanan Month ago

    I'd love to imagine the people who make the ditches think to themselves "man I love making rivers"

  • Corey Edits
    Corey Edits Month ago

    oH nO WIlL FOrGOt tO SAY “RIGhT HELLo 👋 “

  • Kawaii- wolf
    Kawaii- wolf Month ago

    ..*getting the bubbles out of scream protecter is satisfing
    Me*....what...not if u have OCD ;-; they used the thing on my phone it's so smooth and makes it like there is no screen protector at all lol 😂

  • Tictoc Uploads
    Tictoc Uploads Month ago

    Stop asking girls on fiverr to make videos with u

  • It's_chloe 16
    It's_chloe 16 Month ago

    8:54 I thought my phone was broken

  • Vizard Exotiqz
    Vizard Exotiqz Month ago

    They r laughing way to much @chip

  • Jonah Pulse
    Jonah Pulse Month ago

    Wait why is his tounge blue

  • L13YTON YT
    L13YTON YT Month ago

    His tounge is like gees hair (blue)

  • L13YTON YT
    L13YTON YT Month ago

    His tounge blue

  • Takeshi Kovacs
    Takeshi Kovacs Month ago

    He already plays with streams

  • Team ZuRa
    Team ZuRa Month ago

    s2w= w2s backwards