Delusional Owner Serves Frozen Food While Claiming It's Fresh | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Waluigi The Wizard
    Waluigi The Wizard 7 hours ago

    Maybe the chicken is actually just her pale tongue collection

  • HannahBanana Xo
    HannahBanana Xo 7 hours ago

    Oh Lord that lady is completely nuts. Denial!!!

  • MrTbag El
    MrTbag El 7 hours ago

    Then she blames her son😂

  • Steph MacCormick
    Steph MacCormick 8 hours ago

    Whoever edits sound for this crap should be shot in the head. The music is unbearable.

  • OkayKatie
    OkayKatie Day ago

    Bro, its just fresh frozen bro, ya know just fresh frozen as normal!

  • BurgerKing1 1
    BurgerKing1 1 Day ago +1

    Even the TheXvid logo started to turn green during this video.

  • AquaJetEmpoleon
    AquaJetEmpoleon Day ago

    They ice box ain't even bad they just hoarding the nations supply of chicken lol

    BLAKKISBEAUTII92 2 days ago

    Has anyone else literally stopped eating out at restaurants now because of this show......I have 🤚🏾🤣🤣

  • Craig Jesus
    Craig Jesus 2 days ago


  • Jy4nna
    Jy4nna 2 days ago


  • Iman Sofi
    Iman Sofi 2 days ago

    I don't like frozen food

  • rosenrot234
    rosenrot234 2 days ago

    Pfft. Tries to throw her kid under the bus for her problems then gets butt hurt when her kid doesn't stick up for her mistakes.

  • Nitin Kanal
    Nitin Kanal 2 days ago

    We need people like him.

    DEADPOOL YT 2 days ago +1

    Lol ima beat justin y haha mr gordon is always looking at failing restaurants LoL

  • Kitty Squishie
    Kitty Squishie 2 days ago

    If I were him, I be wearing gloves for daysss

  • Mindstealer
    Mindstealer 2 days ago

    2:56 the way he got back up looked like he’s 20 meters up now 😂

  • Ian Stephenson
    Ian Stephenson 2 days ago

    Who thinks it's ok to microwave shrimp?

  • Anderson Evelyn
    Anderson Evelyn 3 days ago

    She is ridiculous

  • Student Arianne Alor Fuentes

    I bet they never went to Wendy’s

  • Angel Singer
    Angel Singer 3 days ago

    That duct-taped cannot possibly keep the proper temperature, it just can’t.

  • Jivan Scarano
    Jivan Scarano 3 days ago

    *iT's fResH FroZeN*

  • Kristen Ashburn
    Kristen Ashburn 3 days ago

    She's a damn idiot. Why is she not getting the fact that FROZEN is NOT FRESH?
    She's freaking stupid. She has to be on drugs!

  • Aneeeka’s G
    Aneeeka’s G 3 days ago

    What episode and season is this??

  • Guarishi
    Guarishi 3 days ago

    I ate frozen chicken nuggets that said fresh on them! Nightmare

  • HaylonHarroo87
    HaylonHarroo87 3 days ago

    What I don’t get, is why it’s so hard for people to understand that the reason they’re hemorrhaging money, is bc they buy a shit ton of food, prepare it, FREEZE it, then reheat it for when a customer orders it.
    It does nothing but waste money on food that might not even be ordered, money that they won’t get back, bc it’s not like the people who DO order it, will return there, cuz frozen food tastes gross
    I’m a restaurant genius

  • thepeiwitch
    thepeiwitch 3 days ago

    Oh man it’s beyond raw that’s probably why he so mad

  • Wilz Zizi
    Wilz Zizi 3 days ago

    2:57 u wot mate

  • Laurie Penner
    Laurie Penner 3 days ago

    So other than the fact the owner has no idea what's going on in her own restaurant, what exactly is wrong with buying meat in bulk and freezing it? It's cheaper, it keeps longer, and it tastes exactly the same once it's cooked.

  • Catlicker 445
    Catlicker 445 3 days ago

    2:50 seeing Gordon slowly stand up is unbelievably scary

  • Lorn
    Lorn 3 days ago

    I don't see what's wrong it them. They're fresh frozen.

  • Danny Gutierrez
    Danny Gutierrez 3 days ago

    is this bitch dumb honestly

  • Piseth Seak
    Piseth Seak 3 days ago

    Hello!!! Where is my NINOOOOOO?

  • Sans 562
    Sans 562 3 days ago

    Frozen shrimp😓🤮

  • Alexis Brown
    Alexis Brown 3 days ago

    I feel like they cut this clip to look more extreme, but I know some people can really be this naive. Does anyone know if it’s just the video editing that makes it look like the owner is this naive?

  • rick lopez
    rick lopez 3 days ago

    Beautiful tits though

  • Beast Bros25
    Beast Bros25 4 days ago

    F r I e n d s that is how you spell friends

  • bibi
    bibi 4 days ago

    owner: "im not a fan of frozen food"
    later on:
    owner: "so, if its frozen its bad? lol

  • Fortnite's Finest
    Fortnite's Finest 4 days ago


  • Hannah Rennard
    Hannah Rennard 4 days ago


  • dancs
    dancs 4 days ago

    my iq dropped to 20.

  • holy macaroni
    holy macaroni 4 days ago

    3:02 are u crazy?

  • Respectful GT
    Respectful GT 4 days ago

    Just like my step mother she believes its best for my 5yr old sister to be whores and slaves when they growup and the freaking lawyers and attorneys dswd think shes right and supports her and just to clarify it is some what normal in phillippines this crap self denial and stupid beliefs

  • Natalia Komorowska
    Natalia Komorowska 4 days ago

    I watched the whole ending part just to hear Nino and he didn’t show up

  • David Thepotatoe
    David Thepotatoe 4 days ago

    F R E S H

  • Shane Perez
    Shane Perez 4 days ago

    Did this bitch just throw her son under the bus ?

  • Pamela Gierjina
    Pamela Gierjina 4 days ago

    If it is your business and you're an owner the responsibility is all yours.

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life 4 days ago

    Gordon: This calamari is 3 years old!!!
    Owner: Yes, it's a fresh 3 year old calamari, yes, yes. Yes.

  • Rach Czarny
    Rach Czarny 4 days ago

    She's so naive

  • Dakotaangel1
    Dakotaangel1 4 days ago

    Owner looks disgusting and dirty.

  • Joe 13
    Joe 13 4 days ago

    *Hello Ma Names Nino*

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas 4 days ago +1

    I don't even trust my roommate to cook.

  • Darko Parcon
    Darko Parcon 4 days ago

    The way he says,” what the fuck?” Is so funny

  • Darius McCaskill
    Darius McCaskill 4 days ago

    It's fresh frozen

  • spooky boost
    spooky boost 4 days ago

    It's flipping frozen ya dumb ass oh it's so wrong no it's not she throws everything on her son like the fak mate

  • spooky boost
    spooky boost 4 days ago

    No 20 year experience in not going to eat dat shit I rather eat fresh shit right off the fucking grill

  • Cotot Boyz
    Cotot Boyz 4 days ago

    Nothing is more fresh than Subway

  • Centi Chan
    Centi Chan 4 days ago

    Every video always manages to mention Nino in the comments

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong 4 days ago


  • scoot tf2
    scoot tf2 4 days ago

    It's fresh

  • Rich Herman
    Rich Herman 4 days ago

    Jesus Christ Gordon was talking to a brick wall that whole time 😂

  • The Nerdmaster
    The Nerdmaster 4 days ago

    Only NINO in all his divine glory can fix this
    (Ps, love you gordon. No homo)

  • ao el
    ao el 4 days ago

    If Gordon ever asks you "have you got 2 seconds?" You might as well run out the front door as fast as you can

  • FaZe Jesus
    FaZe Jesus 5 days ago

    iTs fReSh

  • Blue Carbon
    Blue Carbon 5 days ago +2

    Talking to her is like talking to a democrat. Zero logic.

  • Jheyo venero roncal
    Jheyo venero roncal 5 days ago

    i aprecciate you are no longer adding this "NIno" voice sound at the end...

  • Abby Flaherty
    Abby Flaherty 5 days ago

    Its *RHAW*

  • Whats Good TD fans
    Whats Good TD fans 5 days ago


  • Nathan Carreon - Clifton PS (1357)

    Gordon ramsey quick question how much do you love in-n-out?

  • Mr. Pretzel Games
    Mr. Pretzel Games 5 days ago

    are u crazy doesnt respond lmao

  • Mr. Pretzel Games
    Mr. Pretzel Games 5 days ago

    a good vet coud bring that chicken back tlife

  • Typixx
    Typixx 5 days ago

    Anyone know the season and episode?

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 5 days ago

    I’m confused. If your a restaurant owner how is the kitchen not your responsibility? That’s part of being a restaurant owner. How stupid can she be?

  • Elisha Hebrado
    Elisha Hebrado 5 days ago

    drinking game: take a shot every time she says “fresh”

  • monstarr .x
    monstarr .x 5 days ago

    All the meat and chicken in my freezer all frozen. Lol

  • Pro Bow 47
    Pro Bow 47 5 days ago +1

    Well I find it pretty *COOL*

  • Mortika Valentine Kennedy

    Omg!! She's just throwing her son under the bus

  • PixelDustGaming 457
    PixelDustGaming 457 5 days ago

    bro she has no Chromosomes or Neurons.

  • car first
    car first 5 days ago

    I need a guy like Ramsey to take care of my school

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 5 days ago

    Cover up those saggy bosoms woman‼️ You look as fresh as that nasty chicken blood in the sink. Gross‼️ This woman looks like she has a foul smell to her‼️

  • Navel Kisser
    Navel Kisser 5 days ago

    The owner probably thinks 1or 2 days in the fridger is still fresh

  • Navel Kisser
    Navel Kisser 5 days ago

    I wonder if Gordon has any fridges in he’s restaurant or house

  • Has A
    Has A 5 days ago

    It's not that hard to get fresh chicken. I don't understand why they buy it in frozen. The owner should know what is going on in the kitchen. Her claiming not to be the chef is just not taking responsibility. Lazy lady!

  • Has A
    Has A 5 days ago

    A lot of people/restaurants use frozen shrimps/seafood in general. But they don't claim that they use 'fresh' shrimps. Also it shouldn't be defrosted in the microwave as far as I know...

  • Has A
    Has A 5 days ago

    Omg, this channel is still actively uploading videos!

  • Shifuku Yen
    Shifuku Yen 5 days ago +1

    To be honest,my mom can make anything good (seriously)(not bragging or anything)(lol)

  • my ipad is 2%
    my ipad is 2% 5 days ago

    kitchen nightmares mystery box :
    Contains :
    - 98% eLsa fROzE tHe fOOd NoT mE (common)
    - 98% cHeF mIKe’s fOod (common)
    - 98% dIrtY fReeZeR bOi (common)
    - 1% good food (lengendary)

  • Tommy The Shoe Shiner

    2:58 Ramsay looks like he's going to beat the shit out of the bitch

  • CJ Gemini
    CJ Gemini 5 days ago

    "You got 2 seconds yea??".......10 mins later "wtf is this!?"

  • Juliza124
    Juliza124 5 days ago

    She is crazy

  • July Is Tuesday
    July Is Tuesday 5 days ago



  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 5 days ago

    Gordons an idiot. Everyone can clearly see the food they serve is fresh frozen

  • Raptor Cell
    Raptor Cell 5 days ago

    Do people not understand that if you want to keep something cold and not diseased that you are going to serve that day, you put it in a fridge...

  • black goku
    black goku 5 days ago

    I've actually eaten here.. Food tastes like God damn plastic.. For those who r wondering

  • Sean Dy
    Sean Dy 5 days ago

    Its not frozen. Its not fresh.
    Its "Fresh Frozen"

    VODKA CONTAINER 5 days ago


  • Cman Y
    Cman Y 5 days ago

    Their is nothing wrong with frozen food, it's the lack of integrity in keeping your word that the food is fresh.

  • Eddie Baker
    Eddie Baker 5 days ago

    Fresh but frozen. Lol

  • SUPnwrst
    SUPnwrst 5 days ago

    It’s always the owners fault and she is way too delusional!

  • PanchJuhana Makitalo

    Can someone please give Gordon a pair of gloves

  • Michael
    Michael 5 days ago

    Holy fuck, shit goes into one ear and out the other. She's throwing her own son under the bus instead of taking responsibility of her mistakes and negligence.