President Trump's Doctrine: We're America, Bitch! - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • The MSM criticizes President Trump's approach to U.S. allies at the G7 summit, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launches a vulgar attack on America.

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Comments • 323

  • zorro456
    zorro456 51 minute ago


  • Get a load of This
    Get a load of This 4 days ago

    I never even raised as much as grin watching that.If this passes as political satire/comedy in America these days then America has let its standards fall of the scale.
    Absolutely woeful attempt at being funny.

  • Kerath
    Kerath 4 days ago

    I like it, he shits on everyone equally. No super-strong political bias.

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M 5 days ago

    This shit is so embarrassing.

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon 5 days ago

    replace ‘“allies” with “globalists”

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon 5 days ago

    u mad, liberals? u mad

  • BethanyPodcast
    BethanyPodcast 7 days ago

    Trump is president Bush on steroids. He stole the election, couldn't handle hurricanes and cut taxes

  • Keith Ashford
    Keith Ashford 7 days ago

    So a 270% tariff to Canada on dairy is a good thing?

  • Kie Dan
    Kie Dan 8 days ago +1

    People who support the so called left in the uza don't watch what politicians do they just believe every lie they tell, killary is a monster like her coked up so called husband.

  • Kie Dan
    Kie Dan 8 days ago +1

    Seems like Trump is destroying less of the middle east and doing nothing to attack Russia or China so he's way way better than any of the other war criminals since the 9.11 coup but I guess that doesn't suit your expansionist masters.

  • Totalitarian Hologram

    This show is trash - InfoWars is much better. Leftist and Liberals are butthurt LOSERS. #Trump2020 #MAGA

  • sean mcgann
    sean mcgann 8 days ago

    And yet again more lefty rubbish what a surprise...not

  • J - Hump
    J - Hump 8 days ago

    What is up with all these do you like trump surveys youtubs throwing in the form of ads

  • Lanky Boi
    Lanky Boi 8 days ago

    How is this funny

  • Lanky Boi
    Lanky Boi 8 days ago

    Americans r so dumb Europe has such higher education than these idiots

  • Kay McKee
    Kay McKee 8 days ago +19

    *Frее Tо Wаtсh H.о.T Girl Alоnе shоws оn livе S.е.X саМs.*
    *Wаtсhing fоr а Livе S.е.X Pаrtnеr nеаr уоu?? Gо hеrе:* >>>

  • Sugar
    Sugar 8 days ago +1


  • Alex Osborne
    Alex Osborne 8 days ago +1

    You paid to be on trending and you can't even reach more than 200k views? Embarrassing Jordan.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 days ago

    If I was American I'd be proud of my president I think l'm more eligible to live there than some of you bitches. Come swap with me come to England and get raped stabbed acid attacked by a muslim. Atleast the NHS will help...

  • MZhris
    MZhris 9 days ago

    Lol at all the butt hurt liberals in the comments, trump is president of America, you lose.

  • Ludovic Turlier
    Ludovic Turlier 10 days ago

    "Canada drives me crazy. It's like somebody took Bernie Sanders and stretched him into an entire country."
    Don't make laugh out loud at work : I'm so busted now !

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 days ago

    600 billion dollars for the military
    the US does that not only to protect themselves but there allies to and they literally have 600 to 800 bases across the world. At least give credit that he hasn't disbanded NATO yet. Also the denuke Korea deal give him credit for that also give credit to Dennis Rodman

  • Belinda Dragonstaye Gagelman

    Hilary shot Lincoln! Makes perfect sense, like all the other ridiculous allegations against First Lady and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Thank you for the comedy relief💜

  • mary dupree
    mary dupree 10 days ago

    just when we thought slavery was ba....we get spanky bone spurs

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El 10 days ago +1

    David Barid, your clearly a Trump supporter. But riddle me this, they said a white house senior official said it, which is different from Trump himself saying it how?.

  • WILLIAM Utube
    WILLIAM Utube 10 days ago

    please help free #tommy sent to prison for reporting on child grooming. will you sign our petition

  • imrickjamesbeeoch
    imrickjamesbeeoch 10 days ago

    if you were going to play that WWE gif over and over, you could at least change the word "allies" to the actual countries that were involved. LAAAAAZZZZYYYY. Great clip nonetheless.

  • Joseph mut
    Joseph mut 10 days ago +5

    And who are you?

    • Django Fett
      Django Fett 6 days ago

      Who the fuck are you? A hobo with a petrol huffing addiction.

    • cor boet
      cor boet 7 days ago +1

      Alex osborne my oh my, it's the frustrated delusional oaf once more... how surprising...

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago +2

      He's a liberal propagandist.

  • Carl White
    Carl White 10 days ago +1

    🖕 FUCK TRUMP 🖕

  • j r
    j r 10 days ago +2

    It must be so easy to be a comedian in america today. You just need to describe trump's day to day activities. What a joke of a president!

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 10 days ago +2

    Why the fuck is Poundland Jon Stewart on trending... oh he said something against Trump? How brave of him

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El 11 days ago

    So it's not a ok for Samantha Bee to say the C word but it's ok for the president to say to the whole world "We're America bitch!"

    • David Baird
      David Baird 10 days ago +1

      Talaris Watts-El Hey didn't literally say it you fucking retard

  • Alex Osborne
    Alex Osborne 11 days ago +1

    you're an irrelevant propagandist who nobody gives a shit about

  • drew rosander
    drew rosander 11 days ago +1

    prager u and happy bday donald trump are the ads based on the criteria of this video...fuck you. disgusting fascist capitalist cocksuckers. america is dying thanks to you old white pieces of shit. -middle aged white "middle class" american

  • Greg Roy
    Greg Roy 11 days ago

    Obama FAILED!

  • Ghostface Justice
    Ghostface Justice 11 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ another Trump bashing mainstream media late night host? We definitely needed more of those... I mean this guy is less cringeworthy than the others, but fuck me is it redundant. Plus the jokes are shit. Not offensive just crap.

  • Karla Peña
    Karla Peña 11 days ago +1

    Cant believe I hadnt subscribed! I am a proud Opposer!

    • Karla Peña
      Karla Peña 8 days ago

      Alex Osborne thanks! #Resist

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago +1

      So you're proud to mindlessly follow what this partisan hack spoon-feeds you? Have fun being a literal cult member.

  • Cy Ka
    Cy Ka 11 days ago +1

    You need to see your doctor

  • Wayne George
    Wayne George 11 days ago

    This is what i think

  • darth geekboy
    darth geekboy 11 days ago

    President Obama didn’t NEED to say: “we’re america, BlTCH.” when he got bin Laden. the world already knew it.
    if you have to say it, you’re overcompensating for your SMALL hands.

  • Ace Sul
    Ace Sul 11 days ago +1

    Nobody has ever heard of this guy and its "trending" on youtube? Yeah right. How much are viacom paying for this.

  • Stem 2K
    Stem 2K 11 days ago +1

    I don’t think this show would be aired if it wasn’t bashing Trump. This guy comes from the perspective as a conservative/libertarian and bashes Trump. I think the goal here is to get people from the right of the Left to watch the show with the intention of aiding them to think that Trump is the bad guy. As long as he bashes Trump, liberals are not going to have a problem with him talking conservative topics. I think this is accurate and only after watching one episode, which involves this clip. Further I think there’s an attempt to group people from the right with the left.

    • Hebi-chan
      Hebi-chan 9 days ago +1

      He's a hardcore liberal that is talking in conservative truisms to satire them. He was a correspondent for the daily show and regularly features two gay stand up comedians on his show. Notably he takes cues from O'riely and Hannity.
      liberals know this. He's a replacement for The Colbert Report.
      There's no attempt to group the left and right together, this is a complete potshot at the right at every turn. It's not specifically a thing against Trump, its just an easy talking point since he's sort of the president.

  • Principal Vernon
    Principal Vernon 11 days ago +3

    Canada? Canada??? Come on, Donald. You can't be this cra... Oh, forget it.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      Justin, Justin?? You don't really wear fake eyebrows do you? Oh you embarrassing.

  • timetowaste
    timetowaste 11 days ago

    this is so fucking lame.

  • arbknight12
    arbknight12 11 days ago +1

    There’s nothing worse than a beta male (Trump) who tries to act tough

    • arbknight12
      arbknight12 8 days ago +2

      Alex Osborne
      He’s really not
      I’ve known guys like him
      They’re loud and like to strut. But deep down, they’re actually cowards.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      Trump is more alpha than anyone except Putin

  • Audrey Muzingo
    Audrey Muzingo 11 days ago +1

    Canada only taxes us high to take in our dairy in order to support their own dairy farmers fairly. We do the same thing--extra high taxes on nations who want to sell us tobacco, for instance. If we let them export to us as cheaply as they want, we would have Americans losing their farms in the Eastern seaboard.

  • 88Netor
    88Netor 11 days ago

    Who is this prick? Yes America needs to be the boss and Donald is showing them what's up. Dint Trudeau man handle some reporter back in the day? What a male feminist.

  • Saint Duck
    Saint Duck 11 days ago

    I'm just glad that we have an actual Alpha-Male as president, let's me sleep easy.

  • David Conley
    David Conley 11 days ago +1

    Comedy Central, but not funny.. hmmm

  • Thelonestar Pelican
    Thelonestar Pelican 11 days ago +4

    The old 00s movie "Team America: World Police" perfectly personifies the MAGA crowd's idea of patriotism, national self-respect, etc. It's like half (or at least a quarter) of the US confuses the world stage with a wrasslin' match.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      pffft. National self-respect. What a laughable concept! All nations are the same, we shouldn't have border! I totally agree! Now move to Zambia and tell me it's exactly like the US, chump.

  • Ya Boy Grinda
    Ya Boy Grinda 11 days ago +1

    I got a trump commercial smh

  • Conflict Of incest
    Conflict Of incest 11 days ago +11

    Canada 🇨🇦 will build a wall and USA 🇺🇸 have to pay for it

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 9 days ago

      Sink into Hillary's rancid butthole

  • Jennifer Eddy
    Jennifer Eddy 11 days ago +1

    You can make milk from nuts now? We have cows, maybe not the healthiest cows. Ivanka drinks organic Canadian milk.

  • Sandi Billingsley
    Sandi Billingsley 11 days ago

    If president pussy Grabber is going to impose tariffs... What does he think is going to happen? jackass.

  • Alena G
    Alena G 11 days ago

    Has anyone else seen those really fucking weird pro-Trump ads saying to sign the petition to save the 2a, end chain migration, vote on the quality of the media, and more? Holy fucking shit

  • Marc Otieno
    Marc Otieno 11 days ago +2

    Jordan Klepper on trending list, wow😂😂😂

  • Bobzter
    Bobzter 11 days ago +2

    Trump wants to form the new axis of evil alas WWII. Eventually even evil finds out he can't be trusted. In the end only these brain dead zombies with MAGA caps will follow still.

  • MPDeventer
    MPDeventer 11 days ago +3

    Im in Europe, i thank god were not america.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      I live in the UK, so glad we're leaving the EU. Did you know that the EU is currently passing a law that will allow memes to be copyright striked? As well as working with Facebook to block any news about the swarms of rapefugees entering the continent.

  • Totally-Random Enzo
    Totally-Random Enzo 11 days ago +1

    Yeah, the word America is offensive.

  • Miles Law
    Miles Law 11 days ago

    Jesse Pinkman, the next secretary of state

  • Mike Feng
    Mike Feng 11 days ago +1

    I think the show got a new writer and s/he's doing a great job.

  • nafISAhabib Ruhullah
    nafISAhabib Ruhullah 11 days ago +1

    Trump is so wrong on this . he is gonna regret it. You simply don't treat ur allies like dis

  • Orangutan
    Orangutan 11 days ago


  • Orangutan
    Orangutan 11 days ago


  • VianneyCreates
    VianneyCreates 11 days ago +1

    That 270% milk though! LOL!

  • shadowhead masked bandit
    shadowhead masked bandit 11 days ago +3

    Lol Bernie was stretched into Canada.

  • Dimitrijus Zigunovas
    Dimitrijus Zigunovas 11 days ago +6

    does everyone think, todays tough guys are Trudeu and Marcon? I mean really tough, high IQ, precise measuring what to say, how to act, and so on

    • Scottish
      Scottish 6 days ago

      +Thomas Putin is an idiot??? Compared to who? Are you on drugs??

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      Nope, massively popular in Russia. Unlike Justin 'fake eyebrows' Trudeau. By the way, Trudeau used to grope people.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 11 days ago +3

      Putin is the ruler of the fourth strongest nation, and he is an absolute idiot. The only reason he is still in power is fear. He is so used of hearing the yesmen that he cant even utter a proper argument, he just talks threats all day. Only an idiot would trust a word he says.

    • Trent Rubenacker
      Trent Rubenacker 11 days ago

      Dimitrijus Zigunovas Gadafi controlled a tiny little nation that's not had a stable government in living memory. Putin rules the 2nd or 3rd most powerful nation on Earth. Gaddafi got overthrown by the Americans for threatening the petro-dollar, not his own people. Putin is Ex-KGB. He's smart as hell, and more ruthless than any other nation which is playing at that level. He's also pretty damn popular among his people. More popular than Trump or Obama are in the U.S.

    • Dimitrijus Zigunovas
      Dimitrijus Zigunovas 11 days ago +2

      I'd say putin is a soon to die russian mafiozo who's in fear his own crowd will hang him. Remember Gadafi

  • Emmocracy
    Emmocracy 11 days ago +12

    Come back, Obama.

    • Rage Quit
      Rage Quit 2 days ago

      Emmocracy so happened to the whole thanks Obama thing?

    • Django Fett
      Django Fett 6 days ago

      Nah, we need a bernie type, not captain Wall Street again.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      6 more years for Trump! ;D

    • Ben Higgins
      Ben Higgins 9 days ago

      Obama? Obama did just as much as Trump has done...nothing

    • Rando Me
      Rando Me 10 days ago

      Peak_ Chilly I believe by a “man with no balls”, you mean yourself. Reply for my amusement, I’ll be waiting.

  • Lucifaga X
    Lucifaga X 11 days ago +1


  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 11 days ago


  • Penzalza Ink
    Penzalza Ink 11 days ago +1

    I think the G7 should impose all the same sanctions on Russia once Russia's hold on Trump is clear.
    Edit: Correction, it's simply an impression he's giving as Trump wants to be the boss of Russia. All his actions make sense from the angle of a psychopathic control freak. All of them.

  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 11 days ago +4

    Trudeau shouldn't have stabbed Trump in the back. It's a disgrace!

    As a neighbour you should've known that Trump hasn't got a spine, stab him in his weak spot next time: his bonespurs

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd 12 days ago +1

    I just realized that this whole show is sarcasm

  • judge me not by my web history Loktu

    You are bitch America *

  • paul coy
    paul coy 12 days ago

    That 77% joke needed a bigger laugh.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      It's fucking bullshit, the wage gap DOESN'T exist. Apparently the audience is smarter than you, chump.

  • Marius Raab
    Marius Raab 12 days ago

    The G-7? More like the OG-7.

  • Fiorenza Agazzi
    Fiorenza Agazzi 12 days ago

    So before meeting a dangerous dictator with nuclear weapons to discuss peace Trump has:
    - shit-talked a foreign country (UK) for the way they handled a terrorist threath
    - shit-talked an entire continent and the people living in it (shithole countries)
    - pulled out of a deal already established going against his allies advices (Iran deal + Paris climate accord)
    - became hostile towards an ally and started imposing sanctions (Canada) with ridiculous excuses
    But don't worry North Korea you can surrender your weapons, America is TOTALLY trustworthy.....

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 12 days ago +1

    USA has ongoing military operations in over 70 countries. That's American "diplomacy" and international cooperation.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      All down to Clinton, Bush and Obama. Trump has nothing to do with that.

  • Jonas Sandoy
    Jonas Sandoy 12 days ago +2

    *BREAKING NEWS:* Business as usual!

  • Jedd the Jedi
    Jedd the Jedi 12 days ago +1

    3:17 Kuato would like to speak to Quaid.

  • CelestialBloo
    CelestialBloo 12 days ago +37

    dear world,
    please help us. we're being held hostage by a maniac.
    - 🇺🇸

    • Shadow Fan
      Shadow Fan 9 days ago

      David Conley strange none of them go to Mexico

    • Mictla
      Mictla 11 days ago

      Krazud, I hate guns so I cannot use guns. Plus Americans are cowards and would never dare challenge our corporate overlords.

    • Mictla
      Mictla 11 days ago +1

      David once again. Packing up and leaving the country requires lots of resources and time which most people do not have. Heck moving to another city is difficult. We are trapped where we are and live paycheck to paycheck.

    • David Conley
      David Conley 11 days ago +1

      Then fucking leave, no one is holding you hostage anywhere, go to Canada.

    • Krazud
      Krazud 11 days ago +2

      You have guns, use them.

  • sniffthecactus duh
    sniffthecactus duh 12 days ago

    America can't get isolated soon enough. The G7 should be able to focus on important worldwide problems like climate change and immigration. Let trump stay at home.

  • Herb Tenderson
    Herb Tenderson 12 days ago

    How the fuck do you manage to piss Canada off?? Canada you should build a wall on your southern boarder. Keep Canada un-fucking-stupid and not fat.

    • ShandalfGreyhame
      ShandalfGreyhame 11 days ago

      Just misgender someone. That's enough to puss off Canada.

  • raghav bharadwaj
    raghav bharadwaj 12 days ago +1

    Jordan .. I think you may be funnier than Trevor..

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      The carbuncle on my left foot is funnier than Trevor. Jordan is still a fucking loser though.

    • Eric Burkheimer
      Eric Burkheimer 11 days ago +2

      raghav bharadwaj not may be... Is. I just don't find Trevor funny at all. But no one beats the originator Stewart and Colbert.

  • VIXZ777 MK99
    VIXZ777 MK99 12 days ago +1

    I wonder how trump donors let them destroy there market

  • VIXZ777 MK99
    VIXZ777 MK99 12 days ago +1

    1:07 she is about to Spink him

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am 12 days ago +10

    This episode was Truly Colbert Report-esque
    He almost has it.

    • Alex Osborne
      Alex Osborne 8 days ago

      He never had it, doesn't have it, and never will have it. Colbert is a useless hack and a shill for the democratic elites.

  • Tim Power
    Tim Power 12 days ago +1

    His poll numbers are rising....

  • G Alan Davis
    G Alan Davis 12 days ago

    Also Trump’s doctrine: We’re Russia’s bitch!

    KAIJU MECHA 12 days ago

    Historical my ass! Trump is an asshole

  • Ro G
    Ro G 12 days ago +2

    270% milk! Or as t'rump calls it...a diet drink.

  • Praetor_Fenix420
    Praetor_Fenix420 12 days ago +1

    What? What? What? Minster of Cheese Ballz represents us biatch!

  • itsmepuja
    itsmepuja 12 days ago +1

    G7 sounds like reality tv show.. something like Real housewives. Lol. For e.g. She called her bitch and arrived 20 mins late to the party. Blah blah

  • Maxime Prometheas
    Maxime Prometheas 12 days ago +9

    You know that coloring map of America Spanky Trump likes to show off to everyone - which counties he won in 2016? America's allies should impose tariffs on the red counties until such a time when the Oval Office is no longer inhabited by somebody so resembling in demeanor a sick pig.

  • sam pjk
    sam pjk 12 days ago +1

    But us bitches can't chill until we stop waging bullshit wars, alienating our allies, and having middle-class Americans declare bankruptcy because of healthcare costs. 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheWalletWaffling
    TheWalletWaffling 12 days ago +24

    And people cried about Obama a "bad president" for last 8 years...

    • TheWalletWaffling
      TheWalletWaffling 7 days ago

      Interesting. Nobody here replying.
      @Orangutan whats way that make Obama was a sh*t president?

    • TheWalletWaffling
      TheWalletWaffling 8 days ago

      @Orangutan Okay, just advise; you were talking about Hillary and Democrats always been racist party even though, its not true. Hillary was Secretary of State under Obama since 2009 after she lost the Election against Obama, worked with other leaders across the world except Russian, meaning she worked with others difference of white. As a "racist", democrats have been working with Black, Asian and others over worker's right since Trump's speech of clean coal... Dont forget, Hillary gains most of black, hispanic and other's race votes back in 2016, btw.
      You cited Democrat as racist party even though, Trump and Republicans blamed and lied against Democrat, supported the concentration camp, separation of families and rapist Republican. Trying to get a freaking "10 ft" glorious walls from approval of Council, hypocrite.
      "When has he ever sided with the KKK?" from the Trumpster had been listening to daddy's mouth and never heard of "both side have a fine people" speech after the incident, someone slammed into protesters, wounded 60 and killed one beautiful lady. And still refusing to condemned KKK leader, David Duke even David spoken highly of Donald Trump. KKK had a party, did nazis sign, celebrating of Trump becoming elected (there is video of them talking about how great Donald would be president of USA, inclined to change the America). You are so blind when Americans already being assaulting by the hate crime and booming up with violence of hate crime and gun like Nikolas Cruz and Stephen Paddock. Both of them supported Trump and posed themselves in pictures with assault weapons on Facebook. How I knew they are Trumpsters? They both were talked about it and wanted to shoot up in school or public. Go look em up.
      Oh sure, go blame on Democrat they have nothing to do with anything, but your leader has a power to remove Obama's rep' to allow the mentally ills to buy the dangerous weapon like those pro gun 2nd amendments nut, Stephen and Nikolas. :P Fyi, one of them supports KKK. Oh, he kept calling Obama liar even Obama proved his birth and his accomplishments even he accused him over "wiretap". Sooo who is racist now?
      Seem you dont want to face the truth, instead of listening all lies from pop. Im surprised nobody defied em.

      @Jami Thing happened in Libya in 2011, but not entirely blame on Obama...Okay, i doubt that would his fault. Do you know IS is military right? They have weapons like USA have, tanks, RPG. So you saying it was Refugees fault, i mean really. Do you expect them to run and fight them against IS? My gosh, stupidity at finest.
      You both knew the Right Wing lies. They'd lies and always lies.

    • Jami
      Jami 8 days ago

      TheWalletWaffling. The Libya thing happened in 2011.
      And just to be clear, of course the blame is not entirely on Obama since many other NATO countries were involved.

    • Ben Higgins
      Ben Higgins 9 days ago

      TheWalletWaffling I’m not saying that, I was referring to Jami saying that Obama’s has tried to strengthen relationships with allies. I don’t doubt that trump has probably done worse but I’m saying Obama hasn’t done anything good. You just proved my point, Brexit had NOTHING to do with the USA... so why did he try to get involved when it’s not his place?

    • Orangutan
      Orangutan 9 days ago

      TheWalletWaffling when has he ever sided with the KKK? I think you’ll find they endorsed Hillary as the democrats have always been the racist party

  • Daniel Wiest
    Daniel Wiest 12 days ago +6

    Pure awesome !

  • Artagan
    Artagan 12 days ago +17

    I know this has been said many times but guys please watch the movie Idiocracy and tell me all the stuff that is happening now doesn't look like what would happen if they made a prequel of the movie!

    • mriee
      mriee 6 days ago

      Wheatboi true your right it's much worse which I didn't think was possible 😢

    • Orangutan
      Orangutan 10 days ago

      Geoff Baumgartner you sound so mad 😂😂😂

    • Geoff Baumgartner
      Geoff Baumgartner 10 days ago +1

      No, I think its adorable you're always hanging around here. And I know you get a kick out of any attention you can muster up. Just don't go making shit up.
      Thanks..ya Lil Fucker.

    • Orangutan
      Orangutan 10 days ago

      Geoff Baumgartner you mad bitch?

    • Geoff Baumgartner
      Geoff Baumgartner 10 days ago

      Orangutan is such a bullshitter..

  • Frank C
    Frank C 12 days ago

    מנא מנא תקל ופרסין

  • Esmeralda Bruno
    Esmeralda Bruno 12 days ago

    O my god they wanna put tariffs on cheese? Noooooooo