Bournemouth v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Bournemouth v Liverpool | Uncensored Match Build Up
    Chris, Adam, John and Georgia are here to preview the game at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday as Liverpool try to gain another 3 points in the Premier League!
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  • Thunder213MMXI
    Thunder213MMXI Month ago

    Liverpool dominated the game and showed our class in the 5 goals to 2 win against Everton. We actually could have scored a couple more. The 2 goals LFC conceded could have easily been avoided. We initially blocked the ball for the first goal but we were a little late to the second ball. 8:30 Haha picture a dinosaur with little arms stretched out falling backwards with Origi chipping the ball over it.

    I think Liverpool FC need to continue playing at a similar level of intensity and rhythm that we have been playing. Origi, Lallana and Shaq were pretty good and did not miss a beat when they played. This showed the high level of training, intensity and preparation the entire LFC squad goes through before a game. LFC needs to be wary of Bournemouth on the attack and they will try to make it tough in the midfield, however we can really get at their defense creating plenty of good goal scoring opportunities.

    Liverpool will need to continue with our good goal scoring form. Our defense needs to be a little bit more alert at times to keep a clean sheet. I think Liverpool will win this game against Bournemouth at Dean Court Stadium scoring at least 3 goals.

  • nick rich as in spirit

    Lovren will do good he's one of the veterans

  • W NH4
    W NH4 Month ago

    Horrible voice that bird

  • Jonn Leighton
    Jonn Leighton Month ago

    Pillow upside down 🤬

  • jacob fiil
    jacob fiil Month ago

    It's all up to Klopp, isn't it? (After all, who'd seriously pretend to know better after these last few months??)

  • Dave Crawley
    Dave Crawley Month ago +4

    Oh when will we learn:
    “Oh no, Matip is injured and we are playing Lovren, we are dooooomed”.
    “Oh no, Gomez is injured......”
    “Oh no, Fabinho is injured.........”

    We have a squad who have developed how they play together over two years, multiple players can play multiple roles and all the parts are relatively interchangeable. People need to realise that if you are a player in Jurgen Klopps side after four’s because you are an excellent player. So when Lallana plays, don’t shit your kecks.....or if Shaq starts...or Naby....or anyone.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    salah masterclass incoming

    HOWWYY E Month ago

    60 minute run out for salah&Winaldum--Need our top players for Salzburg--pisses me off that some fans are acting like the European cup doesn't matter!-what dyu think attracts the Salahs&Alisons?

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller Month ago

    My prediction is Bournemouth 0 - 4 Liverpool ,YNWA.

  • elm
    elm Month ago

    John's right they did sack him already!

  • kai greve
    kai greve Month ago

    please tell why Hendo must play zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz worst shait ever .

  • RKProductions
    RKProductions Month ago

    Keep Shaq and Origi in.

  • Racing Red
    Racing Red Month ago +8

    I just hope the boys don't underestimate Bournemouth and go there thinking "it's going to be easy 3 points". These games against weaker teams can be very dangerous. In previous years stumbling against the weaker teams was exactly what cost Liverpool titles. So I hope they'll go in there with maximum determination.

    Come on Liverpool!

  • cryp mkt
    cryp mkt Month ago

    I think Soyuncu would be a really good Summer target for Liverpool.

  • Robert Smalley
    Robert Smalley Month ago

    Should be easy win . Good panel this time .If Ste had been there he would have talked over everyone especially George .

  • Cole King
    Cole King Month ago

    3 -1 to Liverpool

  • ElGreco365
    ElGreco365 Month ago +1

    We should sell Salah in January.window and buy someone with balls.

    • nick rich as in spirit
      nick rich as in spirit Month ago


    • jacob fiil
      jacob fiil Month ago

      Don't think that'd be fair (or very intelligent) at all, maybe there's a little dip in form - but he'll bounce back...

  • ElGreco365
    ElGreco365 Month ago

    ox, shaq, keita

  • Keenangoal
    Keenangoal Month ago

    All teams have a lot of games in the next few weeks not just us FFS !

  • Excellent Finish Mo Salah


  • david05111
    david05111 Month ago

    I'm going 2-1 to LFC in this match. It's away and for some reason, we've been making each match this season harder than it needs to be. This could be another Villa-like match.

  • Excellent Finish Mo Salah

    3 points and no injuries will do me just fine, not fussed about a big win, let’s just get it done and watch the manc derby

  • James Winer
    James Winer Month ago +1

    Always enjoy a video with the elder Machin. When is his You Tube channel coming out.

  • Kyle Deering
    Kyle Deering Month ago

    TAA, Gomez, VvD, Robbo
    Ox, Hendo, Keita
    Salah, Origi, Bobby or Mane

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh Month ago +1

    what will ´u.d.ö´ ´´if´´ lil klöppö wins ´´the thinG´´ ^?^

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    They might be in poor form Chris but at least they beat Man Utd ;)

  • koolworld27
    koolworld27 Month ago

    Mo got a hatrick last time at their place, and although he might need to be rested, i think he needs to play.

  • robbie macgregor
    robbie macgregor Month ago

    I'm going with Ali, Trent, Gomez, Virgil, Robbo, Hendo, Ox, Keita, Firmino, Mane, Salah!

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson Month ago

      I would love to see this but i think he’d only risk it if we had Fabinho instead of Hendo.

  • Lucy Reid
    Lucy Reid Month ago +1

    Allison , trent, gomez , van d.,milner gini., keita,hendo , shaqs, firmino ,sane..

  • Danaan Ker
    Danaan Ker Month ago +5

    He's only got little arm's 😂😂😂

  • ih8mcfly
    ih8mcfly Month ago

    Bournemouth’s form will change this weekend.
    Liverpool can’t defend properly nowadays.
    2-1 Bournemouth

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    Bring Salah in for Mane and sub them around after 70 mins or so. Leave Origi in for Bobbie to keep him for Salzburg. Milner for Robbo.

  • Jimi D
    Jimi D Month ago

    Can’t watch that fat ‘comedian’, I’ll catch the next one chaps.

  • jan woodworth
    jan woodworth Month ago +1

    Hi guys mike here. put shaka in drop salah for a few games because he not scoring goals like he did YNWA ;-)

  • P Harrison
    P Harrison Month ago +1

    0-4. ♥️‼️

  • Deadeye1967
    Deadeye1967 Month ago

    I can't hear the Origi joke, He's only got what?

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Month ago +1


  • louise cochrane
    louise cochrane Month ago

    Where is the final word on Everton? Have I missed it?

    • A C
      A C Month ago

      Antonio oh no, ur back again even after that smacking 🤣🤣🤣

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Antonio You’ve gotten no less delusional these last couple of days.

    • Cyriline Austrie
      Cyriline Austrie Month ago

      Antonio loool you ain’t dominating shit you gonna get slapped by 5 goals again just like Wednesday night

    • Antonio
      Antonio Month ago

      @louise cochrane oh. I'm sorry babes my mistake..btw I'm recently single ?!?!

    • louise cochrane
      louise cochrane Month ago +1

      Antonio sweetheart. I meant the usual programme. Caaaalllm down.x

  • Dragonst 666
    Dragonst 666 Month ago

    Ali dijk lov robbo trent hendo ox keita origi firmino salah

  • billy dickinson
    billy dickinson Month ago

    she’s fit

  • Cameron Clark Carlton TV

    Omg Redmen having some diversity on the panel!! Would be great to have even more and get a wider range of LFC fans on eg maybe invite some of the regulars from Chris post match stuff at Anfield. Some very articulate diverse reds on there and would be good to see them on a pre match show and hear their perspectives. One of the main differences between City and LFC is that LFC is a global club almost like a religion. Would be cool to get those perspectives on the shows more often if poss.

  • Armaan Akhtar
    Armaan Akhtar Month ago

    Salah and firmino will play ox will play hendo will ply and origi will sadio rest

  • Armaan Akhtar
    Armaan Akhtar Month ago

    Mane will be rested

  • Garry Morgan
    Garry Morgan Month ago +1

    Bournemouth are perfect for us the way Liverpool play so I think it will be a comfortable win 0-3

    • jacob fiil
      jacob fiil Month ago

      So no great expectations, eh?

  • Fahed Al-ajmi
    Fahed Al-ajmi Month ago

    Back 5 the same, midfield Henderson Keita Ox Salah Origi Mane. 1-3

  • Happy Dream
    Happy Dream Month ago

    What did adam say describing origi's goal & they cracked laughing, is it pick has short hands?

  • Adam Dustin
    Adam Dustin Month ago

    Redmen TV doesn't do the individual supporter interviews anymore. It's a fucking shame. The club is on top of the fucking world and yet we only get the Maych reactions (which is fine), but I want to hear from some fucking supporters again. WTF Redmen, get your shit together. The all fan cam isn't enough either. Get the momentum of the title run going with those supporter interviews! I'm watching fucking Arsenal Fan TV more because they actually let their supporters speak. Love Redmen TV, but it isn't what it used to be since they dumped the interviews, and I have no idea why.

  • richarde26
    richarde26 Month ago

    Is that 'serious Liverpool Ross' chatting to 'mental Bournemouth Ross'???

    • Ross Chandley
      Ross Chandley Month ago +1

      richarde26 hahahaha took me a second that. 😂

  • Ray Mayers
    Ray Mayers Month ago +1

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think she looks like Thomas Brolin?

  • Scriptvisor Script Consultancy

    16:42 Did Chris just pick his nose and wipe it on the sofa?

    • Boy Racer
      Boy Racer Month ago +3

      At least he didn't eat it

  • Luke Reid
    Luke Reid Month ago +1

    Rumour has it Pajak will give birth to his baby on Xmas

  • Tommy Hill
    Tommy Hill Month ago +2

    Can't see anything other than a Liverpool win tomorrow. 3-0

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    Please please play Shaquiri.

  • Tate mctate
    Tate mctate Month ago +21

    Totally forgot that 5 managers have been sacked to date facing klopps boys

    • ProMo
      ProMo Month ago

      @Tate mctate thanks

    • Tate mctate
      Tate mctate Month ago +2


    • ProMo
      ProMo Month ago +1

      Can you name them all please. I can only think of mourinho and marco silva at the moment

  • Vance MacDougall
    Vance MacDougall Month ago

    Does Adam have Canadian ties? His hat had a Canadian flag. Im from Toronto

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger Month ago +12

    Rest Salah he needs that . And I would like to see the quality of Shaq and Origi outside anfield especially vs Salzburg 😉

  • mark browne
    mark browne Month ago

    chris's sister?

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +1

    Play *The Ox - Shaq - Divock* & rest some of the other players 👍🏻

  • Roger Seow
    Roger Seow Month ago +4

    Have a victory game with Bournemouth tomorrow and gain the 3 precious points Liverpool! Best of luck Liverpool!

  • Harry Shep
    Harry Shep Month ago

    Is it me Do these guys ever have any BAME people on??