Celebrity Tattoo Artist's Messages With A Fan And His Excuses

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Popular tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste, has been exposed for messaging his "fav fangirl." I got a hold of the former fan and she provided me with a response to what he said in the interview he did with keemstar. Sources referenced are cited below!
    Fan's twitter thread: yellowchairr/status/1106706593708564480
    Also their account @yellowchairr documenting other testimonies and experiences with Romeo: yellowchairr
    Romeo's ex girlfriend: ultrahoney1/status/1106914245847990272
    The 36 minute interview with Romeo:
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Comments • 2 166

  • Lula García Márquez
    Lula García Márquez 18 hours ago

    Ok, soooo... his DMs make me think he definitely took advantage of minors and drunk girls before. Maybe drunk minors even. Creep🤢

  • Fresh Green Jello

    Why have people seemingly forgotten about this situation? He should at least be punshied or reprimanded yet he's still making content and has the opportunity to abuse more underage teens. Jesus sometimes I hate internet culture...

  • Cere S
    Cere S Day ago

    This dude.

  • Ida_IMK
    Ida_IMK 2 days ago

    at age 15, i can confirm men talk like that. people my age, people double and triple my age. its nothing new and many of us teens have gotten messages like this since we were twelve and some even younger. the only difference is that this dude's famous, so it gets more attention

  • Jose Gabino
    Jose Gabino 2 days ago

    So is he in jail now?

  • FE Rebekah
    FE Rebekah 3 days ago

    Romeo: Well here’s the thing.
    Ok Groomer

  • The Devil
    The Devil 3 days ago

    Some Guys Do Talk Like That But At Least Make Sure The Girl Is Okay With It First My Guy Don't Be A Creep It's A Huge Turn Off I Don't Judge What People For What They Into (Except Romeo He Can Burn In Hell)

  • Zoe Kresha
    Zoe Kresha 4 days ago

    Wtf I had no idea he was a high profile tattooer, I only started following him on IG cause I saw his work and I love seeing good tattoos. Guess I’m giving him an unfollow lmaoo.

    • Zoe Kresha
      Zoe Kresha 4 days ago

      Omg I’m so disgusted he really went to see Kanye🙄

  • bandgeekforlife
    bandgeekforlife 4 days ago

    What a sleezeball.

  • bandgeekforlife
    bandgeekforlife 4 days ago

    At 27, I've never (literally never) had a guy talk or text to me like that. None. Ever. Perhaps I'm the outlier (although I'm not an outlier in my personal friend group), but outliers are important pieces of information when you're collecting a data set.

  • Catalyst Hypnosis
    Catalyst Hypnosis 4 days ago

    What a coincidence ,hollywood pedo s wanna get tatted by pedos ,like to like

  • Hey, man
    Hey, man 4 days ago

    So a 15 year old girl took advantage of a grown ass man?? Riight. 🙄🙄

  • john Thor
    john Thor 5 days ago

    He seems to fail to realize that he is an 'adult' .......

  • Tm 88
    Tm 88 5 days ago

    Lol this is familiar. My ex wasnt world famous but everyone knew him where we lived. Small town famous. I got tattooed on my 17th bday... wit permission. He was 35, 18yrs older than me. I started hanging out at the shop and I perused him.... after I turned 18 we started officially dating. Now that I'm older and have my own kids.... I think I'd blow a gasket if my daughter did this, so now I get it.

  • Ian King.
    Ian King. 6 days ago

    TheXvid protects these type of people. Nastyy

  • mundanemajo
    mundanemajo 8 days ago


  • amanda steuver
    amanda steuver 13 days ago

    Did you say u were in phoenix?

  • Unicorn Awesome
    Unicorn Awesome 13 days ago

    Someone please get the fbi involved

  • Em San
    Em San 18 days ago

    lol the defence that I'm all these famous people like me is SO outdated! trying to get away with that shit in a post-Jimmy Savile world!

  • Ariana Snider
    Ariana Snider 21 day ago

    His gf is really pretty too, how sad. What an asshole

  • In my Opinion
    In my Opinion 22 days ago

    He should go to heck.

  • Hailey Neu
    Hailey Neu 28 days ago +1

    Huge age gaps when one of the parties is under 25 really freaks me out. Even if she was 18, that's still a pretty big age gap with a difference in maturity. Romeo is an adult and has been for a long time. He has his own home and his own business. How on earth could he relate to a 15, 17, or even barely an 18 year old girl? I know where my maturity level was when I was 18, and I'm 21 now. There's a HUGE difference.

    • Misguided Angel
      Misguided Angel 19 days ago

      They liked each other...she responded and liked him back

  • Angel Whaaatt!
    Angel Whaaatt! 29 days ago

    Only childish boys speak like that

  • Angel Whaaatt!
    Angel Whaaatt! 29 days ago

    I am a new fan of your channel. Thank you so much for the great content ⭐💖💪💥

  • Anna Barger Niemz
    Anna Barger Niemz Month ago +1

    Yes there are many creeps on instagram. One person tried to hire me as a model, when I asked what kind of shots he wanted to take he just said "similar to these intimate ones that I took of my sister" and then sent me nudes of his sister. I was also 17 at the time.

  • Like Syndicate
    Like Syndicate Month ago

    Wait so did romeo groom the underaged fan??

  • Pris
    Pris Month ago +1

    Edwin ily.
    Felt compelled to answer, who says this stuff ?
    I'm in my 20s and i can tell you over the past 10+ years I've been spoken to sooooo much like a literal piece of ass. MANY men have no prob letting u know off hand this nasty inappropriate crap. P or not, theirs more than you can even imagine. Its sad and this tattoo artist is a m. Lester sickening. I hope he has to face his disgusting actions.

  • Kewl Cookiezz
    Kewl Cookiezz Month ago +1

    3:49 "I wonder what he wants..."

  • Equine Love22
    Equine Love22 Month ago

    This is disgusting😡😱

  • Nick Coamey
    Nick Coamey Month ago

    Like your videos man but just curious why do you censor the content when it's still up to be read on the screen? Do the google demonetization robots only search for audio?

  • Drinkwater 7
    Drinkwater 7 Month ago +1

    The Austin Jones grooming technique

  • Hayden Thompson
    Hayden Thompson Month ago

    Yep I met someone like that
    They got blocked

  • Ronin 11X
    Ronin 11X 2 months ago

    Edwin face is full of shame.

  • Shannon Parkhurst
    Shannon Parkhurst 2 months ago

    Ooook yes he was wrong and inappropriate but wtf that kid TOTALLY set him up. What kind of bs is that? It's possible that if she had not sent that first message to him he wouldn't have said any of that to her.
    I don't know anything about the other aligations.
    I think girls like this can be dangerous.

  • Nathan Morano
    Nathan Morano 2 months ago

    Is this dude in jail yet for soliciting a minor?

  • Megan Martin
    Megan Martin 2 months ago

    Holy crap I am crying laughing at how you read that text at 5:15.....I rewatched it over and over more than 20 times....ahhhhhh 😂

  • Squishythegreat
    Squishythegreat 2 months ago

    That is so very nasty.

  • power2theppl 89
    power2theppl 89 2 months ago

    Sadly, dudes do talk like this all of the time

  • whilykitt
    whilykitt 2 months ago

    Thank you for your videos! I feel like I used to get attention like that from dudes when I younger and like still on AIM.

  • Laura Clarke
    Laura Clarke 2 months ago

    Seems very narcissistic too as well as highly inappropriate, I really do hope he is held accountable by the law

  • Yeah man records
    Yeah man records 2 months ago

    Great work man x

  • moustachamasaurus
    moustachamasaurus 2 months ago

    I'm only 23, and guys of all ages have said that to me at all of my ages.

  • youngollienorth
    youngollienorth 2 months ago

    listens to die antword once

  • calvin
    calvin 2 months ago

    gigi and romeo broke up.

  • bella xox
    bella xox 3 months ago +1

    Still can't belive what crazy shit people like.yo do in bedroom. Shot of c...? Wtf

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess 3 months ago

    Yes men talk like this... It's fairly common unfortunately.

  • Seriousthinker1
    Seriousthinker1 3 months ago

    The answer is yes. Definitely met multiple guys who talk like that and say unprompted things that make me face-palm. Quite often. Lmao

  • Brandy Crawford
    Brandy Crawford 3 months ago

    Thank you for exposing this. I'm 40 and guys def send messages just like this. Manipulative,disrespectful, and disgusting! It almost seems like it's becoming the norm. Wtf?!

  • William
    William 3 months ago

    Crazy, his Instagram is still up and he gets no grief.

  • Hollie Myers
    Hollie Myers 3 months ago

    God yes many men talk like THIS

  • Steve Mcevoy
    Steve Mcevoy 3 months ago

    It's called GROOMING all pedos do it

  • Foxy Shazaam
    Foxy Shazaam 3 months ago

    I knew this guy in a really popular local band give me his number at a show when I was 15. He knew how old I was, and because I was young and dumb then I was totally flattered when he said he wanted to text me.
    The stuff he said to me was eerily similar to what this predator was saying. Asking about my sexual experience, obsessed over me being a virgin and him wanting to be my first. He also had a gf, and would stay stuff like oh would you wait till you are 18? Would you want to sooner, our "little secret". Sent me a dick pic.
    I want to puke right now seeing this video, because guys like this are deplorable and sick. I actually stopped talking to him because it became very apparent what he wanted. Thank god because who knows what could have happened. Good for her for having the courage to put him on blast!

  • lily monroy
    lily monroy 3 months ago

    He just comes off up his ass, he didn't bring any dms screenshots or proof, he shouldn't have deleted his social media, cause does help some case

  • I Love you
    I Love you 3 months ago

    I thought he was a pure man 😔

  • Ella Tambwe
    Ella Tambwe 3 months ago

    Why is he so obsessed with her getting drunk and who the fuck talks like this

  • raymond chen
    raymond chen 3 months ago +1

    Romeo Lacoste is trash

  • Drinkwater 7
    Drinkwater 7 3 months ago

    who’s the pervy wanker with a blue body?

  • Hannah Stallard
    Hannah Stallard 3 months ago

    Yes some guys actually talk like this! I’ve had complete strangers say similar things if not even weirder things to me than this. Not sure how their brains or lack there of work in order to think that it’s okay in any way or that it’s attractive 🙄🤔

  • acali sweetheart
    acali sweetheart 3 months ago

    This behavior is disgusting! I hope he gets cancelled

  • dead lol
    dead lol 3 months ago

    Wow.... My husband waited til i was 18 wouldn't lay a finger on me or say anything sexual until i was tho he says he knew he'd marry me when I was 17. Im 20 now hes 26