Celebrity Tattoo Artist's Messages With A Fan And His Excuses

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Popular tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste, has been exposed for messaging his "fav fangirl." I got a hold of the former fan and she provided me with a response to what he said in the interview he did with keemstar. Sources referenced are cited below!
    Fan's twitter thread: twitter.com/yellowchairr/status/1106706593708564480
    Also their account @yellowchairr documenting other testimonies and experiences with Romeo: twitter.com/yellowchairr
    Romeo's ex girlfriend: twitter.com/ultrahoney1/status/1106914245847990272
    The 36 minute interview with Romeo:
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  • Ella Tambwe
    Ella Tambwe 3 hours ago

    Why is he so obsessed with her getting drunk and who the fuck talks like this

  • raymond chen
    raymond chen 2 days ago +1

    Romeo Lacoste is trash

  • Drinkwater 7
    Drinkwater 7 3 days ago

    who’s the pervy wanker with a blue body?

  • Hannah Stallard
    Hannah Stallard 5 days ago

    Yes some guys actually talk like this! I’ve had complete strangers say similar things if not even weirder things to me than this. Not sure how their brains or lack there of work in order to think that it’s okay in any way or that it’s attractive 🙄🤔

  • acali sweetheart
    acali sweetheart 5 days ago

    This behavior is disgusting! I hope he gets cancelled

  • dead lol
    dead lol 8 days ago

    Wow.... My husband waited til i was 18 wouldn't lay a finger on me or say anything sexual until i was tho he says he knew he'd marry me when I was 17. Im 20 now hes 26

  • Amu N
    Amu N 8 days ago


  • Amu N
    Amu N 8 days ago


  • Amu N
    Amu N 8 days ago


  • Business Fish
    Business Fish 9 days ago

    yeah, men be talking like that, it's almost like men who don't are the exception to the rule, in my experience

  • Suzanne Farmer
    Suzanne Farmer 10 days ago

    Lol..i do freaky stuff..yeah, no shit 😂😂😂

  • Tara Petersen
    Tara Petersen 10 days ago

    Can we talk about the fact that this chick has spider leg eye lashes??

  • Het The
    Het The 10 days ago

    peddy god

  • Munkh Anar
    Munkh Anar 18 days ago

    alright srsly has this kinda talk ever worked? even when talkin to women of age? can ladies confirm or deny this? fohkn curious at this point...

  • Mrs. O.
    Mrs. O. 19 days ago


  • Donnashookedcreations xoxo

    Thank you again Edwin!! I personally have met a lot of guys but I have a broken background, and I think predators can see that in girls.

  • federifera
    federifera 24 days ago

    This Romeo guy sounds perfect for building infrastructures 16 hours a day unpaid.

  • Natalie Senada
    Natalie Senada 27 days ago

    I am so glad for Edwyn making these videos. everytime I try to tell my BF that there are guys out there that behave in a predatory way (and confuse intercourse with assertions to their dominance and that this assertion turns into demeaning behaviour and that the bigger the powerimbalance is the more exciting it is to the guys ego* (confidence gap)), he says he cant imagine it and that we are not living in the 50s anymore. .... but I really need him to understand what I have encountered and why I am sometimes cry during sex just because he is so gentle and I feel so safe. Becasue it is unfoirunately not the standard...
    to him it is just hard to a ccept that there are males (the gender he identifies with and therefore takes it personally) that are low life scum. And I get it.. but people it is an individual game. everyones' charakters stand for their own. So, again, so happy about this video because it shows
    - a male is calling another one's behaviour out --> showing that that behaviour is not a categorical gender issue but rather an indivudual one..
    (plus if a woman had made that video she would have to face "femen-azi" "arguments" and I am just thrilled we avoid that side track)
    - Furthermore using a public forum shows that this behaviour is socially unaccepted and is performing a sense of social control and opinion formation, which I welcome.
    Thanks, bro. Keep it going.
    *A person I knew has this story attached to them: walking through Southern Germany on a cold Winter's night with his friends a woman with beautiful curly haitr passed them by in the opposite direction. and as they have just passed each other he spits a ball of snotty mucus into her hair with the comment: "I just wanted her to have something of me"
    reminds me of the stuff in the shotglass and tummy full of stuff lines in the chat...
    DIE ANTWOORD: there is a song from DA where he says in Beat Boy: "I ejaculate in a champagne glass" while he is rapping his sexual vision fantasy.
    I have never read the rap until now! I am a german native and didnt understand it... too fast..didnt care.... cool beat....
    BUT NOW as I read through it, I am appauled.... A dear freidn had a boyfreidn tie her up (voluntarily) and he went on and pierced her kitty lips.... and only years later she could realize the violation and still she yells out: "well I was the stupid gullible one..I could have just said no ... more often.."
    Which is basically what Ninja among other thigns describes in the song by DA.
    Dont listen to it dont give it views...just read the lyrics:
    :google/ecosia: Beat boy lyrics Die Antwoord

    We need to realize that using other people in order to feel powerful is intrinsically wrong
    no matter what forms this concept may take on.....
    thanks Edwyn. eanted to share my thoughts and opinion. feel better, yay internet , yay comment section.

  • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

    This just gave me flashback of my step uncle. I hope those girls are okay. Have a blessed day. 💙🐝💙

  • Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown Month ago

    To answer your qustion there are guys who talk like that making out theyre hugely endowed and sending the usual pics or videos of themselves pleasuring themselves. I dont know why they think that's a turn on. The Romeo pervert has a massive sense of ego. Using his power isnt surprising, but the idea that he can do as he pleases shows his arrogance.

  • Bit Rage
    Bit Rage Month ago


  • Gypsie papesh
    Gypsie papesh Month ago

    Man i typically dont even like keem but he looks so fucking mad

  • Gypsie papesh
    Gypsie papesh Month ago

    Woah that's eww

  • Allistar Strange
    Allistar Strange Month ago

    His last name is an anagram for lactose

  • The Pigeon Gamer
    The Pigeon Gamer Month ago

    Wait you HAVE to be 18 to get a tattoo in Cali? Oh no sis. Come to Georgia. You can get one at 16 with consent from parent or guardian.

  • J Db
    J Db Month ago

    ew a peter file

  • Alhué Cerone Alarcón

    love ur contenidos, encontré tu canal hace poco mientras indagaba respecto a lo que había sucedido entre D.A y Zheani

  • Elizabeth Kiss
    Elizabeth Kiss Month ago

    Yo, if you ever need help researching a subject, or editing, I happen to live in Phoenix, AZ. :) Love your videos.

  • Katie Merrick
    Katie Merrick Month ago

    Romeo is painful to hear excuses from. Terrible

  • Ash Dallas
    Ash Dallas Month ago

    Ooooohhhh god its like being a teenager again.. yuck!!!

  • Nick W
    Nick W Month ago

    Dude good on you for exposing the dude but stop pretending like these messages are shocking you by stumbling while saying things like penis etc. I get what you're trying to do but just be an adult and say the words.

    • Nick W
      Nick W Month ago

      Also saying penis is not gonna get your video a strike or demonetized.

  • Krissy Kat
    Krissy Kat Month ago

    I don’t believe he was inappropriate to minors especially with how famous he is and busy he doesn’t have time for that

  • Head in the clouds
    Head in the clouds Month ago

    ughhh this guy is giving me Ian Watkins vibes. looks like him too.

  • Cactus Suitcase
    Cactus Suitcase Month ago

    Late but my ex would talk to me like that and he made me feel super special. It was disgusting and I sent things that I regret sending.

  • Jenna
    Jenna Month ago

    he's disgusting

  • kayla ellis
    kayla ellis Month ago

    It really pisses me off how everyone’s simply moved on from this. He knows if he stays under the radar long enough cancel culture will get bored of him, and it’s happening. But this isn’t just a canceling situation this is a man who has tried to groom underage girls to come to his shop and sleep with him. We don’t know how many girls actually fell for this, and as a woman who dealt with creeps like that in my teen years its just not okay. People should be working to bring him out of the darkness and get these girls justice. He needs to reactivate everything so people have access to messages and people need to be putting out PSA’s to the little girls who think he’s a god on Instagram. None of this is okay and literally no one cares anymore.

  • sumthin girly
    sumthin girly Month ago

    I really like this guy. I want really like oh let me watch his channel but now everytime a vid pops up I'm watching it lol. Awesome content and just love your style. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next vid.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    Why would anyone speak this way to ANYONE unreciprocated and out of no where, let alone a teen

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    Wow dude. This was astronomically creepier than i anticipated.

  • Kimmy Tug
    Kimmy Tug Month ago

    One of my daughters is that age and I remember how I had to fight off all the older creeps when I was younger and learning all thier tricks..
    My daughter's think Im strict, Im just AWARE!
    My oldest daughter gets it now that her baby sister is at that target age.

  • D Reeves
    D Reeves Month ago

    Edwin you are my favourite. Such genuine reactions to his disgusting behaviour, and I, so glad you’re here calling these people out for it!
    Edit: yes, men do talk like this when they want to try to manipulate us into doing things. Grossly, they tend to do it more to younger women who might not be wise to the tactic.

  • seeet sweet
    seeet sweet Month ago

    I am not defending a child predator, but that young girl should have known better than texting with an adult guy who keeps talking about his dick. I know that her brain is still developing but I would understand there was something wrong with him if I was at the same age as her and I was no genius. She is obviously not fully innocent. Being underage isn’t completely enough to make someone taken advantage of if they are of an age at which they are capable to differ the wrong and the right.

  • Alexandra Hays
    Alexandra Hays Month ago

    I KNOW I'M HELLA LATE but to answer your question Edwin... SOOOOO many dudes talk to girls/women in this way! It's disgusting! And sad.

  • Emily Langman
    Emily Langman Month ago

    His *chokes up* A-a-butthole

  • Candielette
    Candielette Month ago

    Yeah, ive had a few creeps try to talk to me like that. Then they get angry when you dont reply or wanna talk to them.
    Lol look at Keemstar, hes not for this shit.

  • rocketpoweredunicorn

    6:34 "Have you actually encountered a man that talks like this?" Yes absolutely, they are everywhere and I've just learned the warning signs and how to avoid them. I think it's always about power. There are incredibly self centered people out there at all power levels, and I guess it makes them feel like a man to behave this way. Idk if they learned it from porn or what, but it's never ok. People can get so sucked into deriving their pleasure from others that they forget compassion and empathy; they are sad lonely people trying to feed their narcissism and emptiness.

  • Alicia Faircloth
    Alicia Faircloth Month ago

    Smartest Quote by Keemstars entire history.
    Keemstar: Yeah! Their FAN GIRLS! I laughed so hard, cos Romeo is so blind to how serious this is. He gone get his salad tossed if he don't get real.

  • Kristyn Sutterfield

    I dont care who you are these messages are disgusting 🤢 also yeah I've talked to men that's talked like that and they've always wound up having small shwing shwongs

  • Crystal Kellim
    Crystal Kellim Month ago

    I just started following And this IS MASSIVE sht!!!

  • Viafae Naus
    Viafae Naus Month ago

    Yes, unfortunately many guys have talked to me like this. It’s odd. As someone who has heard this BS, I’ve done plenty of the “haha”s because of not knowing what to say and being uncomfortable.

  • Konrad Fitzgerald
    Konrad Fitzgerald Month ago

    The biggest crime here is the Dragon ball Z sign behind you .... what are you 12?

  • Selena Castilo
    Selena Castilo Month ago +2

    I actually met Romeo outside of The Echoplex in LA when I saw Polyphia almost 3 years back. He said he’s there for Polyphia because those are his friends. Now Tim from Polyphia is dating Gigi and I find it hilarious haha

  • zombiekitty 666
    zombiekitty 666 Month ago

    Homeboy sounded like a moose at 9:15 😂😂😂😭😭 but i mean i made the same noise too when he said that shit i don't blame ya 😂😂

  • DecayOfAerith
    DecayOfAerith Month ago

    -guy goes around, acting like a pedo and hitting on underage girls- ThEy WeRe AsKiNg FoR iT, fLiRtInG wItH mE😤🤢

  • SimplyK!
    SimplyK! Month ago

    Can't believe he's 19 eww he looks 25

  • Miranda Rose
    Miranda Rose Month ago

    I've had guys talk to me in really fucking disgusting ways, even when I was a minor in high school & they were seniors & 18 years old. Guys can be fucking disgusting. I know I'm not the only girl who's had this stuff said to them.

  • Emily Alternative
    Emily Alternative Month ago

    And yes!!!! So many men try to talk to women and girls like that. Even little better ya get preyed on

  • Emily Alternative
    Emily Alternative Month ago

    What a pizza Pedoler

  • ILoveLoveLive! XD
    ILoveLoveLive! XD Month ago

    6:38 Yes I have....
    So quick story. I met a dude on Xbox an stuff. He invited random peeps into a party. Most of them left but I stayed cause I was bored. And NOT EVEN A F*CKING HOUR LATER.
    He starts talking about how in shape he's in, how many girls send him nudes, how big his thing is, and some other things.
    I never even asked. Every subject would turn right back to those topics. 😒😒😒😒😒

  • HyrulChic
    HyrulChic Month ago

    The chats remind me of the to catch a predator chats.

  • Josie Griffin
    Josie Griffin Month ago

    i’m 17 right now and ever since i’ve had a social media account (13yo) men that i do not know talk to me in this way after only speaking for even a couple of hours sometimes. it occurs a lot more than you’d expect because it’s not spoken about too much, you’re behind a screen and don’t feel too threatened. i even once had a 23 yo guy threaten to murder me (i was 16) and my family, claiming to know where i lived and seen my hanging out with a friend in town when i had refused to meet up with him. it’s disgusting and i’m glad i now know, after 4 years of having these types of experiences (which is very common, a lot of my friends agree, they have also had to deal with this), how to handle people like this from the start. if anyone wanted to know, if you feel like you keep on getting caught up in these situations like i had, it’s so simple. just don’t answer anyone if you don’t know them, even if they keep sending dms or snaps or whatever you gotta stay away. if you do know the person, as soon as they start asking you to do things you don’t want them to, even just meeting up some place (it always starts with something easy like that), stop answering. you don’t need to find excuses, if you don’t feel comfortable with something, then that’s enough of a reason! you’re behind a screen, it’s a lot easier than you think to just stop answering.

  • matty macaroni
    matty macaroni 2 months ago

    This is the best new channel I've found in a while

  • Abyss
    Abyss 2 months ago

    Yes. The ego some guys have is unbelievable. Some definitely speak like this. Super cocky.

  • Nigward
    Nigward 2 months ago

    Once a pedo, always a Pedo. He he should moonwalk away

  • Angel Black
    Angel Black 2 months ago

    He was "new to social media and people giving him attention"? Were you also born last year, Romeo?
    Come on. If you can't keep this stuff to yourself, at least have the brains to not send written proof to complete strangers.

  • cole Marie
    cole Marie 2 months ago

    The most ridiculous thing about being a "celebrity tattoo artist" is that the tattoo industry knows the people with the WORST tattoos are inevitability:
    1.Generally very trashy humans and sixteen year olds, and
    2. Major celebrities and pro athletes.

  • Labrador Lane
    Labrador Lane 2 months ago

    My Inbox is like Chatroulette! It's disgusting! They in my inbox talking like this everyday. Strangers sending d*** pics out of the blue for no reason. Exposing themselves to me when I never asked never wanted to see it. It happens more than u Kno. Ughhh.

  • Labrador Lane
    Labrador Lane 2 months ago

    Celebs never learn. Even fans will call u out on nasty illegal stuff even set u up to be exposed. Jus like Ninja from Die Antwood. Lmao they never learn. Don't be a pedo then ya don't have to worry.
    It also goes to show that jus Because a man has a super model beautiful gf/wife, he still will cheat if he wants. And he's unhappy. But he should breakup with gf n not date kids. Eww

  • Karla AUS
    Karla AUS 2 months ago

    Wow ......just wow 😖

  • FfRAGsks
    FfRAGsks 2 months ago

    so romeo isn't a woman that had a sex change ?

  • GeoAngel
    GeoAngel 2 months ago

    “Fun size” 🤮

  • GeoAngel
    GeoAngel 2 months ago

    To answer your question, No, He has to be mentally challenged. Besides the fact that he is a sick f***k , his texts look as if they were written by a 10 yr old virgin. I would never believe this was a 30 yf old man.

  • Spooky Encounters
    Spooky Encounters 2 months ago

    You're good at this. Keep up the good work, son.

  • b dgi doh
    b dgi doh 2 months ago +1

    Dude is:
    Insecure; and
    Romeo is sickening

  • MelodicFury-Starzany Takoda