Full: Robert Mueller Testimony To Congress, Reaction And Analysis | NBC News

  • Published on Jul 25, 2019
  • Watch reaction and analysis of former special counsel Robert Mueller's public testimony about his office's investigation into Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Hearing begins at 1:08:14
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    Full: Robert Mueller Testimony To Congress, Reaction And Analysis | NBC News

Comments • 424

  • NBC News
    NBC News  6 months ago +17

    Hearing begins 1:08:14

    • castroy64
      castroy64 5 months ago

      NBC News
      American People - 1
      Globalist Scum - 0

    • Durrpadil
      Durrpadil 6 months ago +2

      Thank you :)

  • Teri Kay
    Teri Kay 3 months ago +1

    Fishing fishing fishing . Nothing nothing nothing

  • Elena Gineikiene
    Elena Gineikiene 5 months ago

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  • Yeptoo 11
    Yeptoo 11 5 months ago +1

    Dementia or a great actor 😂😂
    Anyway pathetic and disgusting what a disgrace 👎👎

  • EdZoe1975
    EdZoe1975 5 months ago

    The Republicans should Now Stop Supporting Trump Because when he falls they all Fall

  • Durrpadil
    Durrpadil 5 months ago +1

    I find that nearly all my inner reactions and dialogue while watching this are channeling from Red Foreman from That 70's Show 😂 (Note: I have taken absolutely no side in this matter)

  • Mister Grizz
    Mister Grizz 5 months ago

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  • Casinoman
    Casinoman 5 months ago +6

    After watching this ,Mueller was nothing but a puppet or a figure head for the Dems investigation.

    • Yeptoo 11
      Yeptoo 11 5 months ago

      This was an act. By a corrupt dishonest traitor 😈😈
      Do you really thing the Muel was dementia or totally misinformed of the rapport - dont fool yourself.

  • Casinoman
    Casinoman 5 months ago +6

    My goodness Bias Media! Mueller looked terrible and so did the Dems and the Media. And then he back tracks on why he didn't charge the President. hahahahahahaha!!!!

  • latinlingo 25
    latinlingo 25 5 months ago +1

    President Donald Trump keeps winning..!!!

    • latinlingo 25
      latinlingo 25 5 months ago

      @Mister Grizz whining it seems to me that's what Democrats and yourself enjoy doing playing the victim..!!!

    • Mister Grizz
      Mister Grizz 5 months ago

      wining? you mean whining

    • Mister Grizz
      Mister Grizz 5 months ago

      winning? you mean whining

  • wlodar7777
    wlodar7777 5 months ago +4

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  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 5 months ago

    Apparently, Mueller did not write this report and knew little about it. It was fascinating to see a man's reputation being dismantled in real time.

  • suresh P
    suresh P 5 months ago

    From India. The opposition still can't win after having that old man for years. Americans are masters in faking justice. Openly encourage crime. I think people serving in american jails, most will be innocent.

  • Here Comes the Sun!
    Here Comes the Sun! 5 months ago

    With all due respect to his service: that testimony falls in the category of: Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Silver Alert -that was a disaster for Democrats.

  • J.R. 48
    J.R. 48 5 months ago

    Watched it , heard it, had enough , lock him up ! We all know trumps a crook and criminal .

  • castroy64
    castroy64 5 months ago +9

    American People - 1
    Globalist Scum - 0

  • K Love
    K Love 6 months ago

    4:19:31 Is that Gordon Ramsey? Lol

  • Ariane caskey
    Ariane caskey 6 months ago

    You so called news hosts are delusional in many ways. Everyone that talks about this hearing is so bias. It’s like how stupid do you think the American people are?????

    • samw girl
      samw girl 5 months ago

      @Ariane caskey didn't you just call these folks delusional? How is that not name calling? Pretty much the same as negative remarks go. I'm tired of ppl who read the report or hear Mueller say that there was enough evidence to charge trump for possible obstruction. But not while he is a sitting president. And as far as his presidency goes he's done nothing but alienate us from our allies and pull us out of agreements with other nations that make us less safe. Yeah he's doing a great job. Give me a break. If Obama pulled these same deals the repubs would be all over him. But it's super ok for Trump to do it. No! Absolutely not!

    • Ariane caskey
      Ariane caskey 5 months ago

      Janie Meador lol how old are you 5? Got to call me a name for my opinion? Yep you have a great argument. It’s ok I’m not going to fight over this especially with a child.

    • samw girl
      samw girl 6 months ago

      Well you're pretty stupid if you think Trump is a good president

  • wandering spirit
    wandering spirit 6 months ago +2

    The GOP thanks Mr. Mueller for his testimony.Bob just helped Trump cement
    his victory in the 2020 elections.

    • samw girl
      samw girl 6 months ago

      Nah I don't think so. Trump keeps digging himself into a bigger hole

  • Alpha Serenity
    Alpha Serenity 6 months ago +7

    This whole witch hunt is deflecting from finishing the investigation on Hillary

  • Alpha Serenity
    Alpha Serenity 6 months ago

    Did she go to prison Hillary Clinton paid her way out

  • Alpha Serenity
    Alpha Serenity 6 months ago

    Hillary Clinton is a crime

  • billthestinker
    billthestinker 6 months ago

    Old man Mueller is DOA

  • Frontend
    Frontend 6 months ago +1

    This shows Muellers incompetence

    • Bailey Miller
      Bailey Miller 5 months ago

      @Frontend you clearly didn't watch the entire testimony because that was not the only part. There were 3 parts to the report, and your biased remarks are leaving out the part where they explicitly state that the report did not exonerate the president. Yes, the president is innocent in terms of collusion with Russia, but obstruction of justice, in no way was the president fully exonerated from it. Understand the difference. It isn't black and white and you clearly only listened to the soundbytes that Fox News threw at you. This report does not cover one crime.

      TL;DR: exonerated from conspiracy with Russia, not exonerated from obstruction of justice.

    • samw girl
      samw girl 5 months ago

      @Frontend no it did not exonerate him. You didn't listen obviously.

    • Frontend
      Frontend 5 months ago

      @Bailey Miller it does. I put myself through the trouble of watching this entire testimony. He says they didn't find enough/sufficiant evidence in regards to whether or not the President did collude with the russians. Here in USA we have the law, which says everyone is innocent until proven guilty. 22 months this old grandad has tried to find everything on Trump, and still has NO REAL evidence. I can imagine its hard for you liberals to accept Trump is innocent, and your incredible bias is remarkable.

    • Bailey Miller
      Bailey Miller 5 months ago +1

      I’m also guessing that the report totally exonerates the president? Pick a narrative.

  • applebug
    applebug 6 months ago +3

    lol Trump 2020..it's happening

    • Maniac Marcus
      Maniac Marcus 5 months ago

      Janie Meador Or for God Emperor of the United states~

    • samw girl
      samw girl 6 months ago

      For jail maybe

  • Rob. brown
    Rob. brown 6 months ago +9

    Hilarious. Trump 2020

  • Karol Golden
    Karol Golden 6 months ago

    Pelosi and rest of these delusional people should be impeached for false accusations, you can't throw things like that, saying for 2 years we got strong evidence about Russia collusion.

  • Mia Ash
    Mia Ash 6 months ago


  • robert veloz
    robert veloz 6 months ago


    • Ariane caskey
      Ariane caskey 6 months ago +1

      Janie Meador my thoughts exactly lol

    • samw girl
      samw girl 6 months ago +1

      The joke is that you believe that

    • Jed Knight
      Jed Knight 6 months ago

      Not as much of a joke as your spelling.

  • Joe Chiato
    Joe Chiato 6 months ago +8

    great performance by Mueller! Let's hope he keeps practicing his dementia act cause he's gonna need it soon

    • samw girl
      samw girl 5 months ago +1

      @Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division it's no for Russian hopes. I don't even know what that is. But Trump has committed obstruction Mueller even said he could be charged with it after 2020. So as long as he's gone along with #moscowmitch I'm good 👍

    • Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division
      Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division 5 months ago +1

      @samw girl yes but you are going on a false Russian hopes that has already been proven what more questions are there to ask is the sun shining is the wind blowing tell me

    • samw girl
      samw girl 6 months ago +2

      @Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division I never said Hillary was innocent and I'm not seeing why they would care if she was or wasn't. Bottom line the Hillary issue is over. Way over and she testified for 11hrs what more do you want. Trump wouldn't even answer all the questions Mueller had for him in a letter so sorry but that screams guilt especially when he openly tells ppl not to testify when Mueller calls them in

    • Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division
      Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division 6 months ago +1

      @samw girl no ma'am we are not if you mean by hiring everyone that was connected to the Clinton instead of setting up an even side of democrat and Republicans

  • Victor
    Victor 6 months ago

    Democrats tried to slander Judge Kavanagh
    Democrats tried to slander President Trump
    Democrats tried to slander Bill Barr....... this is what they do to get their way
    No policies, just innuendo and slander , anything to get POWER .

  • Max Newton
    Max Newton 6 months ago +1

    anyone notice that mueller more so needs repeat statements from republicans than democrats. anyone notice that his strategy is to slow (R) questions by having them re ask questions and then ask about what page they referred too. Please tell me this is taken seriously lol. Its staged

    • Jed Knight
      Jed Knight 6 months ago

      He does that with everyone. Not just Republicans. Stop making yourself a victim.

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 6 months ago

    Stupid for him to hire all Democrat lawyers.

  • Thankyou3403
    Thankyou3403 6 months ago

    Louie Gohmert must be have a relationship with Trump.

  • Thankyou3403
    Thankyou3403 6 months ago

    1:54:45 -- why doesn't he shut up with all that nasty attitude?

  • Danielle Apple
    Danielle Apple 6 months ago

    Regardless of what side I’m on, I found Jim Jordan’s (Ohio congressman) questioning to be incredibly disrespectful, rude and arrogant.

  • Angela Slaughter
    Angela Slaughter 6 months ago

    Protect the country while he's in office???? Protect the country from what??????????? Because the economy is doing better than it's done in 60 years??? Protect the country from the lowest unemployment rate that's EVER BEEN!!! Dam dummy!!!!

  • Leroy Young
    Leroy Young 6 months ago

    @Donia Paterson , if the "demacrates were the ones connected with Russia and tampering with the election polls im pretty sure Hilary would have won and if shes guilty why isnt she in jail already, i wonder whats going to happen to trumps followers when he gets arrested for espionage

  • Lee Kh
    Lee Kh 6 months ago +3

    The demoncrats were trying to flog a dead horse for some magic answer. Mueller seems to avoid question about the fake dossier or anything related to demoncrate. Best question and very well said by Nunes , Collin and Jim. Yes, closure of this case but need to reopen on how the origin of this witch hunt began. Nunes and Collin should concluded by saying we should now investigate Russia collusion with demoncrate. Strong clear evidence is already there and could be concluded in just two months with the arrest of all those involved to prevent similar tactics which had wasted huge amount of time and public money. This case is not close until the villians that created the fake dossier are brought to justice starting with the person that funded it...which is killary. Including pelosi, nadler, Cummings etc.

    • Lee Kh
      Lee Kh 6 months ago

      @Thankyou3403 yeah, if he in the beginning investigate the origin of the fake dossier everything should be closed by now.

    • Thankyou3403
      Thankyou3403 6 months ago +1

      He did not avoid those questions. He said from the beginning that he would not discuss things related to it.

  • Linda p
    Linda p 6 months ago

    They forgot Hillary bailed out the bankrupt DNC to get the Democrat nomination per Donna Brazil. She stole the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders. Volume 2 of Muller's report is their personal bias opinion. Tell me what person wouldn't defend themselves personally or publicly such as Trump did? The investigation was never stopped.

    • Derrell J. Thompkins
      Derrell J. Thompkins 6 months ago

      Linda p 😳. Have you actually ready Volume 2 or is this just your personal bias opinion about it? Obstruction of Justice cnt be opinion based, silly.

  • Linda p
    Linda p 6 months ago +10

    Most of the peple charged where for crimes they commented in their personal life, not their politial life and had nothing to do with Russian interference in the election.

    • CommercialVehicle
      CommercialVehicle 3 months ago

      @Teri Kay - Buttt Hiiilllerrryy !!! that all you got???

    • Teri Kay
      Teri Kay 3 months ago

      CommercialVehicle They didn’t indict Hillary who violated espionage act. Bribery , racketeering. But u believe they’re in an impeachment inquiry after they didn’t have the votes to even vote for one???? Stop believing the media . Before fake impeachment inquiry , everyday media said 205. Today 210 we just researched 218 , impeachment begins. Where is the vote ?

    • CommercialVehicle
      CommercialVehicle 3 months ago

      @Teri Kay - Oh in the end it won't be anything related to Mueller, there's plenty other low hanging fruit to indict him.

    • Teri Kay
      Teri Kay 3 months ago

      CommercialVehicle What law did he break? All I hear is that he wanted to fire Mueller. That’s not breaking the law. He is the head of the justice department. That would be a political sin, not breaking the law. And he didn’t even do it. He wanted to do it. Good luck removing him on that

  • Denzo D
    Denzo D 6 months ago

    Robert Mueller publicly showed his great INCOMPETENCE by not being able to answer questions regarding the Steele Dossier which was the main justification for the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign (out of many other unanswered questions), and failed to examine the DNC servers to verify if Russia really hacked the DNC servers (some sources claimed Seth Rich provided DNC emails to Wikileaks). He should return the circa $30 million of taxpayers money that he and his corrupt team charged for this hoax Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

  • BC Drummer
    BC Drummer 6 months ago +1

    The American people now know that this has been 3 years worth of lies and BS perpetrated by the Democrat-controlled media machine of which NBC is a leading member. Don 't worry though, Trump will be re-elected in 2020, Republicans will re-take the House, and we'll get back to legislating for the people - any by the "people" I do mean the CITIZENS AND LEGAL RESIDENTS of this country, who deserve comprehensive immigration reform that includes TIGHT border control, re-visitation of the asylum process, and a long-term process for assimilation OR deportation (on a case by case basis) of the illegal immigrant community.
    BTW one more point: why in the world would the President EVER consider sitting for a perjury-trap interview by the Andrew Weissman controlled investigators......he wouldn't, and neither would YOU if you were in his place.

  • Giovani Strong
    Giovani Strong 6 months ago

    Fake news .

  • And then they said
    And then they said 6 months ago

    It's about time we ended this fake crap. Now go after Hillary Clinton and those involved including the media for making/supporting this false report. This was the biggest attempted coupe in American history.

  • mf 111
    mf 111 6 months ago +1

    this muller charade i feel gonna create a mega wave of new awaken walkway videos.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 6 months ago

    Massive disaster for the Swamp. It was anticipated as was the result. Fusion GPS time.

  • Karbut
    Karbut 6 months ago +1


  • Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind!

    It’s outside my purview!

    • Teri Kay
      Teri Kay 3 months ago

      Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind! I take your question

  • Marvin Lopez
    Marvin Lopez 6 months ago +2

    TRUMP 2020

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 6 months ago +1

    THE PEOPLE of Japan protested by standing up and changed
    their government! THE PEOPLE of Puerto Rico protested by standing up and changed
    their government! THE PEOPLE of Eristris Egypt protested by standing up and
    changed their Government! WE THE PEOPLE, of America... oh well !!!

  • Mary Meeker
    Mary Meeker 6 months ago +1

    Trump is guilty of obstruction, he will be prosecuted after he is defeated in the election.

    • Free Speech
      Free Speech 6 months ago

      This is all criminal and tRUMP the thug should go to prison just like any other thug... If by any chance he didn't commit a crime (WHICH HE DID!) there was substantial evidence that he was an accomplice to everything that went down.

  • Donia Paterson
    Donia Paterson 6 months ago +2

    The so called Russian lawyer was a set up by Democrat hired Fusion GPS. Democrats has no problem hiring Russian lawyer and Russian DIRT to influence elections.That was very clear. President was innocent and RIGHTFULLY frustrated by the WITCH HUNT by partisan hacks.

  • Sa Ya
    Sa Ya 6 months ago +2

    Mueller is not tired. It is clearly a fast acting neuro-degenerative disease. BLESS MUELLER and his family. Thank you for pushing through, putting yourself in the spotlight, working to protect America. Thank you is not enough.

    • Marci LK
      Marci LK 5 months ago

      mf 111 Although I’m not for all the name calling, it’s nice to see someone else who understands Hillary didn’t hire that company. Wikipedia has a great article all about the Steele Dossier. Very enlightening.

    • mf 111
      mf 111 5 months ago

      the orangegutan colluded with putin, yet made it look like it was hillary who hired fusion gps to make up the steel dossier and frame trumpfff, sick puppy this orange buffooon.

    • Marci LK
      Marci LK 6 months ago

      I V I have 2 grandparents who’ve suffered from two different neuro-degenerative diseases, and there is nothing Mueller has done to indicate any such disease.

  • will doss
    will doss 6 months ago +9

    God, that was sad to watch. Made the democrats look like jackasses.

    • Jed Knight
      Jed Knight 6 months ago +2

      Not really. I saw the Republicans just whine for hours about matters that Mueller made clear from the outset, that he could not or would not discuss.

    • GJL Creative Studios
      GJL Creative Studios 6 months ago +2

      revealed that they are jackasses*

  • Milo Barbin
    Milo Barbin 6 months ago

    The Dems are scrounging for crumbs like a bunch of crack-heads. It is absolutely pathetic.

  • Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott 6 months ago +2

    Looks like hes got an ear piece in and somebody else is talking notice the pauses as if he is hearing and speaking what's in his ear.....hmmm they are the FBI right. Lol

    • Victor Baker
      Victor Baker 6 months ago

      Tiffany Elliott explain why the earpiece isn’t visible then? It would be plainly visible. Smfh 🙄

    LNSS- TOY 6 months ago

    I have question how can like you guy what the whole video

  • Sepher Agon
    Sepher Agon 6 months ago +1

    maN theY bleW iT, thE democratS reallY bleW iT biG timE

  • Alpha Serenity
    Alpha Serenity 6 months ago

    This same group of people want to hang the president but glossed over Hilary Clinton