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  • Julia Stanley
    Julia Stanley 2 days ago

    wow lemme marry this man real quick

  • Aishwarya Balaji
    Aishwarya Balaji 3 days ago

    Any south Indians watching?? They are going to get triggered by looking at the banana chips

  • isw 1214
    isw 1214 4 days ago

    As a Colombian working in a Mexican food truck, I'm shook.

  • Nabilah Audah
    Nabilah Audah 5 days ago

    Can we replace the beer with something else?

  • MissExclusive4
    MissExclusive4 5 days ago

    I would love to try this😍

  • Shelia Andino
    Shelia Andino 5 days ago

    Wow that looks good 👍

  • Gerard Way’s Wife
    Gerard Way’s Wife 6 days ago +1

    I thought he would use like tostones not chips

  • Gerard Way’s Wife
    Gerard Way’s Wife 6 days ago +1

    All the Puerto Ricans bout to make this

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 7 days ago


  • AnJolie Ruiz
    AnJolie Ruiz 7 days ago

    Ugh now I'm hungry 🇵🇷🇩🇴

  • Romina Noël
    Romina Noël 8 days ago

    Plantain nachos? Wtf, those are chifles.

  • T L
    T L 8 days ago

    my dumbass thought the thumbnail was a jackson pollack painting
    and this was a video on how to recreate it lmao

  • Cao Tuan Vo
    Cao Tuan Vo 8 days ago

    So we cook so much of that sauce made from the beer and chicken stock only to use a tiny bit of it? What do I do with rest?

  • DuhItsMia
    DuhItsMia 8 days ago

    The real question is... does Avocado and yogurt go together? 🥑

  • satan and demon
    satan and demon 9 days ago

    And i though black people is only comedian and basketball players

  • just another jimin stan from Jupiter

    I looveeeee Alix from Tasty 😍 💕 ❤ ❤

  • maria barci
    maria barci 9 days ago

    looks amazingggggggg

  • Aayush Vyas
    Aayush Vyas 9 days ago

    click the link below to watch this video made by btech 1st year students

  • Nisanur xx
    Nisanur xx 9 days ago

    Please tell me he washed the chicken 😭

  • Maryam Daud
    Maryam Daud 9 days ago

    What's a substitute for beer?

  • Albert Soro
    Albert Soro 9 days ago

    this is not fuckin nachos

  • Enrida J
    Enrida J 9 days ago

    Bruh, beer chicken what even?

  • Abigail Skully McDaniel

    These look so freakin good!!!

  • Brittney Stuart
    Brittney Stuart 9 days ago


  • Amna Amjad
    Amna Amjad 9 days ago

    Yummy give my one bite

  • TheBagBalm
    TheBagBalm 9 days ago

    Too much work. Use costco chicken

  • Mica Z
    Mica Z 10 days ago

    I’ve never liked nachos because I’ve okly ever had them made with tortilla chips, smothered in cheese and canned olives, thrown in the microwave. I didn’t even know that they could be this involved and the video makes me want to try nachos now, but proper nachos like these

  • Scaria Minu
    Scaria Minu 10 days ago

    Come on world try on plantains I love it ripe ,steamed ,shallow fry deep fry gimme in any form ,I just love it

  • Scaria Minu
    Scaria Minu 10 days ago

    Plantain chips are very popular in Kerala(south India ) n whosever missing out on plantains are seriously missing out on smtg which really holds earthly goodness

  • elvensock
    elvensock 10 days ago

    thank God he ain't one of those people who say "plantin" like mad crackheads 😂

  • Conner Monsjou
    Conner Monsjou 10 days ago

    1:39 so basically plantain is drugs and u serve beer with it

  • Richard Harding
    Richard Harding 10 days ago

    I make my own cheese sauce preferably.

  • Paul Pagett
    Paul Pagett 10 days ago

    Can I have a birthday cake please

  • Mason Bailey
    Mason Bailey 10 days ago

    Hey Tasty! I've been in the food industry for several years, and I would love to work at Tasty! I'd like to know where I can sign up!

    P.S Im from San Antonio

  • J D
    J D 10 days ago

    Fuck this much work where is taco bell

  • Banana Peel
    Banana Peel 10 days ago +1

    Tasty is getting meaner....

  • yanolopuedo
    yanolopuedo 10 days ago

    Plantains are the best food on the planet. Change my mind

  • Natalia M.
    Natalia M. 10 days ago +1

    I want DESSERT VIDEOS not savory ☹️🥺

  • WISH위씨
    WISH위씨 10 days ago

    Hey guys I upload food ASMR cooking baking videos :)

  • FrozenIceStar
    FrozenIceStar 10 days ago

    Oops, guess I can’t make this for my kids o.o

  • Cornelia Eboh
    Cornelia Eboh 10 days ago +4

    Yooooo me and my sister were JUST talking about how interesting it would be to put cheese on plantain chips and now I see this video?!? THEY ARE ALWAYS WATCHING

    • Cornelia Eboh
      Cornelia Eboh 8 days ago

      Allison Hunter I’m nigerian so whenever I go to the African Market, I get them. But I always see them in corner stores as well 🤔

    • Allison Hunter
      Allison Hunter 9 days ago

      Where do you find plantain chips? I feel like I've only ever seen banana chips.

  • Rania Esse
    Rania Esse 10 days ago

    Today is my birthdayy🥰

  • Letscookolet
    Letscookolet 10 days ago

    Looks delicious and yummy, thumbs up for Chef JJ 👍

  • Kyu Q
    Kyu Q 10 days ago

    i want to make this, but when you put beer, i'm like "not halal anymore"

  • XxLiquifyxX
    XxLiquifyxX 10 days ago +1

    What the fuck kind of chips are those

  • Vijaya Foods
    Vijaya Foods 10 days ago

    this video is awesome and yummy to watch💖💐💖💐💖👌

  • Aryan Karwal
    Aryan Karwal 10 days ago

    I thing everything he makes is homemade

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller 10 days ago

    I need these in my life. That is all.

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 10 days ago

    Looks so delicious 😋
    Very nice 👌

  • Celtic
    Celtic 10 days ago

    Hey Tasty, can you please make a giant Karelian pasty. It's Finnish pasty with rye crust and it has rice porridge in it. They taste good, it might sound a little ugly tho.

  • maya anderson
    maya anderson 10 days ago

    Am I the only one cringing he didnt wash the damn chicken before cooking it...

  • Dimples
    Dimples 10 days ago

    Love this his J.J.😁

  • Luna -
    Luna - 10 days ago

    Whats the difference of banana and plantain?

  • sandbox coloring
    sandbox coloring 10 days ago

    But your Chanel is very good

  • sandbox coloring
    sandbox coloring 10 days ago +1

    In the eslam we don’t drink alcohol

  • Bitaniya Jonathan
    Bitaniya Jonathan 10 days ago

    I’ve never had nachos with any toppings before!! I wish I would eat this!!😩☹️

  • Bong Chounxaymeuangdy
    Bong Chounxaymeuangdy 10 days ago

    I was hoping for the plantain chips recipe too.

  • Anjali r
    Anjali r 10 days ago +1

    Only watching by believing the truth i can't never make it😂😂

  • Lee Lu
    Lee Lu 10 days ago

    Typo in description box: beef braised (supposed to be beer braised).

  • Sebastian Chiat
    Sebastian Chiat 10 days ago

    is anyone scrolling down the comments like me?

  • recoil53
    recoil53 10 days ago

    You can't have plantains without Gadiel!

  • Rosy ASMR
    Rosy ASMR 10 days ago +2

    Thank you tasty 💗💟👍

  • Cesre Lawrence-Towner
    Cesre Lawrence-Towner 10 days ago

    Thanks man, gonna make this my next nacho night

  • Elyse Cortinas
    Elyse Cortinas 10 days ago

    The shirt is Awesome 🤩🤩

  • Island Vibe Cooking
    Island Vibe Cooking 10 days ago +1

    That's looks good

  • Jadelyn Breese
    Jadelyn Breese 10 days ago

    Add me on Snapchat? Jbreese44

  • Jadelyn Breese
    Jadelyn Breese 10 days ago

    Can tasty hire me💗?

  • Ashley Zuniga
    Ashley Zuniga 10 days ago

    his nose looks like that one Mii Wii nose if you know what I mean

  • Ruby D
    Ruby D 10 days ago

    Ok can Tasty just make a restaurant/ food chain already 😫

  • Ana Monten
    Ana Monten 10 days ago


  • wolfseek
    wolfseek 10 days ago

    Pass my guy

  • Ross and Bek
    Ross and Bek 10 days ago +17

    So succulent! Looks delicious! Worcester sauce is so yummy with Chicken! We will try to make this on our travels ❤️

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee 10 days ago

    This has got to be the best thing ever, next to plantain chips with different savory flavors!!👅

  • slimlokz559
    slimlokz559 10 days ago +2

    Are plantains anything like banana chips?

    • recoil53
      recoil53 10 days ago +1

      No, plantains aren't sweet, they are starchy.

    • Dina Bernal
      Dina Bernal 10 days ago

      Similar, but plantains are better chips.

  • stanley guo
    stanley guo 10 days ago +2

    This should have came out before the super bowl bruh

  • JamesJ Fisk
    JamesJ Fisk 10 days ago +4

    Nacho Anaya must be rolling over in his grave...or at least chuckling in his grave😏

  • lafabgirl19
    lafabgirl19 10 days ago

    Hi! Your description is off. It should beer instead of beef 😃

  • Ace family Edits
    Ace family Edits 10 days ago

    Why tasty you Got to do this this looks soooooo fucking good 🤤

  • Nick Horder
    Nick Horder 10 days ago

    would you eat😍😍like if it would

  • Anthony Morrocu
    Anthony Morrocu 10 days ago

    Can y’all put the intensity of the flame you’re supposed to cook the foods you show? It would really help.

  • سكينة المغربي

    Amazing, i will try this 💜🍃

  • Maria Suazo
    Maria Suazo 10 days ago

    I thought he was going to make tostones

  • its jello
    its jello 10 days ago +1

    You add beer to nachos? If I eat to much will I get drunk? 🥴

    • Ahad
      Ahad 5 days ago

      Well you cook an alcoholic drink its alcohol content goes away leaving behind the flavour

    • its jello
      its jello 10 days ago

      You sure? Beer has alcohol 🍺

    • Zheir Lancaster
      Zheir Lancaster 10 days ago


  • adina greenidge
    adina greenidge 10 days ago

    This is disrespectful to plantains

  • Faridat Ibrahim
    Faridat Ibrahim 10 days ago

    That looks really good but I can't eat that because it has beer in it

    • bentleyr00d
      bentleyr00d 10 days ago +1

      Well, technically you "can" eat it, but you choose not to😙

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 10 days ago

    I just keep telling myself it’s technically like a banana, and bananas are healthy 😂 🍌

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 10 days ago

    Omg I love plantains so much

  • SoulFood And Renee
    SoulFood And Renee 10 days ago

    Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my TheXvid channel. Awesome guests and recipes!!

    H BLUEBELL 10 days ago +6

    What is happening with Tasty??? Where is the dam recipe? The bigger the get the more they seem to disappoint. I remember the days they had 1M subsx and were the best. Now I look to other platforms

    • Dania Salim
      Dania Salim 9 days ago +1

      It’s on their app

    • Mallory Pallory
      Mallory Pallory 9 days ago +1

      H BLUEBELL ikr their “recipes” don’t really have steps or times

  • VintageMint
    VintageMint 10 days ago

    I'm vegan but this looks good!

  • wanderlust
    wanderlust 10 days ago

    So... Triple J?

  • Zen Master
    Zen Master 10 days ago

    *Come on Man that came out SALTY*

  • a person
    a person 10 days ago +1

    The description says "beef braised chicken"

  • Tiana  Jacobs
    Tiana Jacobs 10 days ago +13

    They pronounce it "plant-tain" in the Caribbean we pronounce it "plant-tin"

    • Ruthy Paul
      Ruthy Paul 3 days ago

      im from the caribbean and i pronounce it as plaint tain

    • bentleyr00d
      bentleyr00d 10 days ago +6

      I say plátano.

  • Kiersten Jungbluth
    Kiersten Jungbluth 10 days ago

    uhhhhhhhhhh aren’t these just chifles?

  • Abigail Lewis
    Abigail Lewis 10 days ago +1

    Notice how he said plan-tayne that’s the correct way but it depends on where your from

  • kakuella
    kakuella 10 days ago +4


  • SiNKarnage
    SiNKarnage 10 days ago

    Who misread plankton?

  • American Baker in Germany

    Yum! Everything homemade with plantains. Looks amazing. Thank you.
    I decorate cakes on my channel.

  • Tim Stockelberg
    Tim Stockelberg 10 days ago +3

    You know it’s bad When it’s 3:00 am and you’re watching a tasty video.