Doja Cat - Candy (Audio)

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
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  • Клубничка Live
    Клубничка Live 6 minutes ago +1

    Кто русский?

  • Namkhao WINNER
    Namkhao WINNER 2 hours ago +1


  • Mary Lechuga
    Mary Lechuga 3 hours ago

    I'm here for tik tok kfkfnr

  • Medus4
    Medus4 5 hours ago

    lol this song already posted 1 year ago , why the fuck everyone “who comes here from tiktok” stfu

  • Eli :3
    Eli :3 5 hours ago +1

    1:01 para lo que vinieron

  • It's Vana bishh
    It's Vana bishh 8 hours ago

    Am i the only one who didnt come here from tik tok but appreciate the fact that this song got popular from tik tok😂

  • Charlie Tiller
    Charlie Tiller 9 hours ago

    I think of Carmel candy 🍬 when I hear her.

  • flifl haha
    flifl haha 9 hours ago

    r.i.p juice wrld

  • Abby
    Abby 10 hours ago

    Y’all she was trolling when she made that cow song, she’s actually fire 🔥

  • Monèt D.
    Monèt D. 10 hours ago +1

    This whole time I was on Tik Tok I thought this was a old Rihanna song I never heard of 💀

  • Aeron Hernandez
    Aeron Hernandez 12 hours ago

    my hoe switch turns on whenever i hear this song

  • Golden Token
    Golden Token 12 hours ago


  • Mika
    Mika 12 hours ago

    she's so pretty

  • Christie Shepherd
    Christie Shepherd 13 hours ago

    Why does she have a ring pop on and pencils in her hair?????

  • Cami_Super_ Gacha
    Cami_Super_ Gacha 13 hours ago +2


  • kat.peachy
    kat.peachy 14 hours ago +1

    *tiktok i hate you om*

  • Edmond IHORAI
    Edmond IHORAI 14 hours ago

  • Marcelo Díaz Lezcano
    Marcelo Díaz Lezcano 14 hours ago

    Bitch I'm a cow

  • RA_LEONEL Bazan
    RA_LEONEL Bazan 14 hours ago


  • Ashley Gutierrez
    Ashley Gutierrez 14 hours ago

    i love this song ❤️ and that’s because i saw a video on facebook of a crack head dancing to this song so funny 😂 that was my first time hearing this song

  • candy land
    candy land 15 hours ago

    and people dance to this song on tik tok

  • candy land
    candy land 15 hours ago

    you are the best doja cat

  • Adrian xox
    Adrian xox 16 hours ago +1

    Another song ruined cause of annoying ass tik tokers 🙄😥

  • Karla SD
    Karla SD 16 hours ago

    weno, yo me gozo esos 20 segundos :v

  • Hey hey ningen SUCKER ah nigen ningen FUCKER

    0:47-1:00 that reminds me of Melanie Martinez

    ËDÜÄRDØ 17 hours ago +1

    Who's from here tiktok

    XXBLZ24 XXBLZ24 17 hours ago


  • JR Auto
    JR Auto 17 hours ago

    This is Tik Tok Central right here. 🤔

  • Besties4life Gang
    Besties4life Gang 18 hours ago +1

    Why is this now becoming viral??

  • amandi _estudio
    amandi _estudio 18 hours ago


  • Softy._. Loser
    Softy._. Loser 18 hours ago

    Where did you get those boots gurlie??

  • It’s me MAA
    It’s me MAA 18 hours ago

    So am I the only one here not because of tiktok >

  • It’s me MAA
    It’s me MAA 18 hours ago

    1:01 this part sticks in the head

  • Jonas Manuel
    Jonas Manuel 18 hours ago

    TikTok is the reason most people

  • la tamaroto Belmonte alv :u


  • Sla pô Não sei da nada


  • Agus Gacha
    Agus Gacha 19 hours ago +2

    I love you ❤❤😍😘

  • aethestiiic
    aethestiiic 19 hours ago

    she sound like Alessia Cara to me but idk bout y’all ✌🏽

  • Pola Osadzińska
    Pola Osadzińska 20 hours ago

    Tik tok humans


  • The Williams Sisters
    The Williams Sisters 20 hours ago +1

    She's so sweet. But u know that it ain't real cherry,,know that it ain't real cherry

  • DoYouStillLoveMe ?
    DoYouStillLoveMe ? 20 hours ago

    Türklerin görelim

  • Raffy James
    Raffy James 20 hours ago


  • Fran TV Giordano
    Fran TV Giordano 20 hours ago


  • Jikook 74
    Jikook 74 21 hour ago


  • Amanda Vitoria
    Amanda Vitoria 22 hours ago

    Quem veio por causa do tik tok???

  • random person
    random person 23 hours ago

    i had noooo idea this song was by her omg

  • Mariam Hamada
    Mariam Hamada 23 hours ago


  • The popo Werdzz
    The popo Werdzz 23 hours ago

    But fr tho, am I like the only one who had no idea this was a tik tok crave? Uh it’s so annoying cus then when I spiffing these songs and want to do a TikTok it makes me look like one of those wannabes on TikTok just looking for attention when I’m just trynna enjoy a good song

  • Cameron Dufox
    Cameron Dufox Day ago +1


  • Cameron Dufox
    Cameron Dufox Day ago +1


  • Yomo's Ass
    Yomo's Ass Day ago

    ThIs Is ThE SaMe PeRsOn WhO SaNg moo?!

  • ?
    ? Day ago

    Who was here before tok tok find it

  • Wxnii chu
    Wxnii chu Day ago

    I'm listening song so long and now tik tok finds it . I'm scared

  • Ágnes Mathe
    Ágnes Mathe Day ago +1

    Doja Cat =Candy ❤❤❤❤

  • leo's gallery
    leo's gallery Day ago +1

    1:02 tiktok has entered the chat
    1:17 tik tok has left the chat

  • ツBanju
    ツBanju Day ago +1


  • Start to Play
    Start to Play Day ago +1

    I'm watching this in 2019:
    Tik Tok, be like

  • chqmbs `
    chqmbs ` Day ago

    i'm so glad i knew this song before tiktok thanks insta edits

  • kudasaiinee
    kudasaiinee Day ago

    im here bc of vinkle bruH

  • JeSuisUnProfessionnel

    Never went to tiktok, i just went to doja's spotify when i saw that candy was in the top of her thing and I was like wtf, so i went in youtube to see wtf was going on and then I saw 15M views... (last time that I went here it was like 5-6M and some people was complaining about the fact that it had more views than the 1st version) i'm not rly in to tiktok but i have to admit that this shit makes really underrated musics popping sooo fast