The Amazing Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron that DRIVES!


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  • Evrain Brandigan
    Evrain Brandigan 20 days ago

    Bugatti engineers: pfft, a replica made of toy bricks? Feel free to try!
    LEGO engineers: hold our beers

  • Ne vous abonnée pas Surtout pas

    She is beautiful

  • Rick de graaf
    Rick de graaf 4 months ago +6

    That's crazy!

  • Zanar Aesthetics
    Zanar Aesthetics 4 months ago +984

    Wow, thats what you call art

  • nikoli gogle
    nikoli gogle 4 months ago +1330

    1998 - promise of a flying car.
    2018 - we get a car built by lego bricks.

  • Gung De Surya
    Gung De Surya 4 months ago

    Is it april fools joke?

  • aaliyahgamez ALOT
    aaliyahgamez ALOT 4 months ago

    This is mind blowing you guys are truly master builders

  • James Pigeon
    James Pigeon 4 months ago

    Konisegg: hold my beer

  • The Movie Fan
    The Movie Fan 4 months ago +1

    Imagine driving this to school.....

  • wambo djambo
    wambo djambo 4 months ago

    Show me the chassie I want to See the lego parts

  • VipapkStudiosOfficial
    VipapkStudiosOfficial 4 months ago +1

    Next Generation!

  • Ján Švasta
    Ján Švasta 4 months ago

    But did it pass the crash test?

  • RaiderZ_ JinX
    RaiderZ_ JinX 4 months ago

    How long did that take? 😂😂 I find Lego so fiddly and the most I can do is put together one of the little men but still incredible

  • trevor charles
    trevor charles 4 months ago +3

    Finally finish building Lego Bugatti......... Bugatti releases another Bugatti

  • Anna Schei
    Anna Schei 4 months ago


  • Sum Ginger Kid
    Sum Ginger Kid 4 months ago

    Here before this hits 10 million views lol

  • Luka Cro
    Luka Cro 4 months ago

    I am speak less. Love from Germany

  • Xyabra
    Xyabra 4 months ago

    It's a plastic deathtrap

  • Orfeas Dimoulas
    Orfeas Dimoulas 4 months ago

    Ok.... This is cool....

  • Dominik Kempen
    Dominik Kempen 4 months ago

    you crazy people XD

  • Furkan Ayas
    Furkan Ayas 4 months ago

    use 3d printer for the real usability.

  • Philip Hau Sørensen
    Philip Hau Sørensen 4 months ago +532

    No, wait a minute?! Was the pedals made of LEGO too? What lunatic would proposely step on LEGO like that?!

  • NewGaming101
    NewGaming101 4 months ago

    If this car went faster we would not need to use fossil fuels anymore...!!?

  • NewGaming101
    NewGaming101 4 months ago

    XD, I don't know why but I expected it to go faster, then I realized that it was made from lego

  • ubuntuegor
    ubuntuegor 4 months ago

    hey Mr Beast recreate this

  • Marcel K
    Marcel K 4 months ago

    How fast was it? How much will this pack cost?

  • PaWeloWi GAMING
    PaWeloWi GAMING 4 months ago

    Now make it a real set, lol

  • Peter Wood
    Peter Wood 4 months ago +1

    Try mechano old school for real skill. technik for babies. If they need a part to fit the bill they just make it and then are like 'wow we made this bespoke looking object' etc

  • Muscidu The
    Muscidu The 4 months ago

    Costs more than the real Bugatti

  • RealBorisBoef BM's
    RealBorisBoef BM's 4 months ago

    You guys are crazy lmao

  • Nadian Mills
    Nadian Mills 4 months ago


  • Will Carroll
    Will Carroll 4 months ago

    Lego in general has really lost its way as an educational toy. My stepson was given a lego formula 1 car for Christmas. It is a credit to the designers but all it did was prove he could read instructions. Great training for making flat-pack furniture but not for becoming an engineer. It can't be made into anything else that might stretch his imagination or inventiveness.
    And i couldn't watch to the end of this video because of the dreadful comedy voice-over man.

  • That kid in the third grade


  • Alfredo 2k17
    Alfredo 2k17 4 months ago

    This deserves respect

  • G B
    G B 4 months ago

    photoshop lol

  • Brandon Atkinson
    Brandon Atkinson 4 months ago

    Ferrari next!

  • Nawallz
    Nawallz 4 months ago

    Do the indicators and brake lights work
    Also can it reverse

  • Bamboozlenoodle
    Bamboozlenoodle 4 months ago

    00:37 Okay Frank! Just randomly touch the wires like you're doing something important! Act natural! ... AAaand action!

  • うどん _Adis Udol_あです


    What about a train

  • EK432build
    EK432build 4 months ago

    I cannot decrunstrct this

  • Hamza Alhammadi
    Hamza Alhammadi 4 months ago

    This is an absolute madness! I think we can build humans out of logo now! wait is this real!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  • internetzwemmer
    internetzwemmer 4 months ago

    the lego chiron went so fast that the tape inside the camera was slowed down to see the car 😜

  • Pașca Alexandru
    Pașca Alexandru 4 months ago

    Lol, this is so fake :))
    Nice lego hydaulic brake calipers and alu rims!

  • Kevin Xu
    Kevin Xu 4 months ago


  • DMarko22
    DMarko22 4 months ago

    David? Rocketsledge??

  • Westyy5493
    Westyy5493 4 months ago

    Never watched a video with my mouth open/ jaw dropped the whole time.......😲

  • Christiaantjahhh
    Christiaantjahhh 4 months ago

    I need more of this.

  • Khaled Kakeesh
    Khaled Kakeesh 4 months ago

    the first ever lego that you dont step on it but rather it steps on you 😂😂😂

  • kapil busawah
    kapil busawah 4 months ago

    Just for jokes you guys should post the instructions online and see how many people attempt this as a challenge XD
    I know a few TheXvidrs with a lot of money and time who'd do it *cough cough Mr Beast

  • QuyrewSpirit
    QuyrewSpirit 4 months ago +282

    Other people: lego is for kids
    Lego: hold my beer

  • Preston Palmer
    Preston Palmer 4 months ago +1

    Wow Wow Wow

  • Ronix
    Ronix 4 months ago


  • Sarvagya Bhargava
    Sarvagya Bhargava 4 months ago

    No no no i don't believe this. This is some witchcraft.

  • Laval
    Laval 4 months ago

    Se ve increible

  • Baris Ibis
    Baris Ibis 4 months ago

    It's a sheep in cheetahs clothing!

  • Flo Moose
    Flo Moose 4 months ago

    Honestly, you're crazy, you're absolutely crazy💥🙏, but that's why I'm fascinated with Lego 😍👌🏼, because you do things no one else does👌🏼

  • 이주열
    이주열 4 months ago


  • Lord Motorsports
    Lord Motorsports 4 months ago

    What the H? How?!?

  • Kuri0 : Gaming & More
    Kuri0 : Gaming & More 4 months ago

    Drive this on the road

  • Giulio Servio
    Giulio Servio 4 months ago


  • Corbi
    Corbi 4 months ago

    Shut up, and take my money 😂😂

  • Amethyst H.
    Amethyst H. 4 months ago

    It wont stand if you experience a traffic accident.

  • zub
    zub 4 months ago +4

    now we can build a nuclear reactor from legos

  • Rhys McAuley
    Rhys McAuley 4 months ago


  • Oliver MJ
    Oliver MJ 4 months ago +1

    Electric too!

  • Corbi
    Corbi 4 months ago +1

    I this would be a real Lego Set to build on your own, I would consider it buying😂😂 Truly amazing :D

  • Ben7seven7
    Ben7seven7 4 months ago

    Mind officially blown. That’s one sick Lego car 🚙

  • Kamote Tops
    Kamote Tops 4 months ago

    I feel safe that my nephew is not allowed to browse the Internet. (I can't imagine him watching this) lol
    Even I want to buy this this this.... nvm

  • Wang Leong Poon
    Wang Leong Poon 4 months ago +1

    Imagine driving this car wearing shorts and stepping on the pedals barefoot

  • the corner shop connoisseur

    Were the tyres real or rims real if so how were they connected?

  • Gabrrrl c:
    Gabrrrl c: 4 months ago

    y'all can't build more divos but can build this ok

  • Kieran Mystic
    Kieran Mystic 4 months ago


  • yaman jadhav gaming
    yaman jadhav gaming 4 months ago


  • Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera

    HAY QUE JODERSE!!! No pensé que fueran a hacerlo ni tan deprisa, hace poco les mande una pregunta retórica preguntándoles si pensaban hacerlo :D

  • renthicya
    renthicya 4 months ago


  • Ross Stevenson
    Ross Stevenson 4 months ago

    Can you jump roll across the hood and slam the door though?

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer 4 months ago +1

    Haha nice top gear parody

  • Giuseppe Badagliacca
    Giuseppe Badagliacca 4 months ago +1

    great work! music please?

  • Tser Tricks
    Tser Tricks 4 months ago

    what is the maximum speed it can develop?

  • Nameless2 Others
    Nameless2 Others 4 months ago


  • Dumdum888888
    Dumdum888888 4 months ago +63


  • D Leong
    D Leong 4 months ago +1

    Fail! The driver is obviously not lego!

  • Richard Maggie
    Richard Maggie 4 months ago

    Must wear shoes

  • Gaming Tips and Tricks
    Gaming Tips and Tricks 4 months ago

    I’m speechless

  • EnderFlix
    EnderFlix 4 months ago

    Are u guys using Lego motors

  • Joe kenji
    Joe kenji 4 months ago +1

    Initially i taught this was a joke

  • Dawid van Zyl
    Dawid van Zyl 4 months ago +1

    And they say Lego is a toy...

  • 車愛好男性ポッチャマ


  • Nex
    Nex 4 months ago

    How much for the set?

  • Mr Roblox
    Mr Roblox 4 months ago +2


  • domsson
    domsson 4 months ago +142

    This is probably the best marketing stunt since Van Damme doing a split between two trucks. Guaranteed to go viral. I'd love some more technical insights though. Can you steer? How do the breaks work?

    • LEGO
      LEGO  4 months ago +44

      Keep your eyes on our TheXvid channels, much more to come!

  • Filip 240ZG
    Filip 240ZG 4 months ago +2


  • Christian Bonazzi
    Christian Bonazzi 4 months ago

    Fantastic LEGO

  • William Wesemann
    William Wesemann 4 months ago +14

    now I just need one of those and my life will be complete

  • James Yusufi
    James Yusufi 4 months ago

    How much does this set cost?

  • Prontokotokum Prontokotokum

    hey, i lost the manual sheet to build this.. can anyone send it to me? hehe

  • Pagani 974
    Pagani 974 4 months ago +8

    I wasn't ready

  • Mindcraft20
    Mindcraft20 4 months ago


  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka 4 months ago +20

    Now THAT is a PR stunt if I ever saw one. Bravo!

  • 김정은
    김정은 4 months ago

    Craxy Lego