QI | World's Weirdest Migration!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    This clip is from QI Series M, Episode 11, 'Menagerie' with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Sue Perkins and Romesh Ranganathan.
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Comments • 89

  • idealic fool
    idealic fool 8 days ago

    Give a man the implement to do so, and he will draw a dick.

  • Lord Debrick
    Lord Debrick 27 days ago

    The strangest I think is the likes of eastern block europeasants, asians, africans, and especially muslims wanting to come to a small island in northern Europe that doesn't want them there! Totally mind boggling...!

  • Jon Bastian
    Jon Bastian 27 days ago

    Okay, come on panelists -- it's a frickin' chicken. How far did you think it could fly?

  • AP
    AP 28 days ago +1

    Bill's looks almost exactly like the F1 Bahrain GP circuit.
    Coincidence? Probably.

  • Nick Peralta
    Nick Peralta 28 days ago

    Y’all are fucking trolls

  • Nick Peralta
    Nick Peralta 28 days ago

    Sup fellas

  • Flash Fordon
    Flash Fordon 28 days ago

    The migration of “refugees”to Europe bypassing safe rich countries to go to Germany is pretty weird.

  • ChrisC
    ChrisC 29 days ago +1

    For clarity, the 300m is the change in _elevation,_ not the horizontal distance they travel. For some reason, the North American blue grouse _(Dendragapus obscurus,_ also called the dusky grouse) tends to prefer higher elevations during cold seasons, and lower elevations when it breeds in warmer seasons. That's still not terribly far, since their habitat is in the Rocky Mountains which, being mountains, are rather steep.

  • Jimmi K
    Jimmi K Month ago +1

    They stay local as most Americans don't have passports.

  • ThingsIShouldDo
    ThingsIShouldDo Month ago

    I seriously love Alan

  • Shane Von Harten
    Shane Von Harten Month ago

    Does that actually count as a migration? no more significant than an annual holiday since they actually return home.

  • Joey M
    Joey M Month ago +8

    That's not a migration, that's a commute.

  • Mabus
    Mabus Month ago

    Me: I'd just draw a penis.

  • NEMusic
    NEMusic Month ago +2

    Ahh, the QI team missed something here. If the board started flashing with the word "Penis" it would have been turned into a .Gif and gone viral. Free publicity. Hire me.

  • arach eldra
    arach eldra Month ago +4

    I'm amused to notice every panellist drew a migration passing through the British Isles.

  • Hanny Mary
    Hanny Mary Month ago +1

    How've I not seen this????? I've seen every episode!!!! (Obviously not. ...) ????????🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • aim-to-misbehave
      aim-to-misbehave Month ago

      (Also, the description always says what episode it's from)

    • aim-to-misbehave
      aim-to-misbehave Month ago

      Some of the clips are from the QI XL episodes (hour long) rather than the standard half-hour QI episodes.

  • Robert R
    Robert R Month ago

    When he said Alan was right I thought he meant it was actually a cock and balls

  • blindleader42
    blindleader42 Month ago +15

    I'm not so sure they have the 300 yards quite right. The 300 (meters, actually), is the change in elevation between higher foraging ground and lower nesting ground. So, the real distance might be quite a bit longer, still very short as migrations go. But the change in climate is likely as drastic as other bird migrations of thousands of kilometers.

  • BNL07604
    BNL07604 Month ago +2

    If Alan and I were in school together, we would've caused so much trouble!

  • mike smith
    mike smith Month ago +2

    Fry brings the "schlep";-)

  • Crummdog81
    Crummdog81 Month ago

    Love Bill

  • MrWombatty
    MrWombatty Month ago +5

    Really surprised that Bill Bailey didn't know this!

    TALARIS TALLERES Month ago +3

    I love this show, the guests answers get a bit tedious on ocasions.

      TALARIS TALLERES Month ago

      @gibdo baggins yes sorry, i have spanish autocorrector. Thank you. I will change It.

    • gibdo baggins
      gibdo baggins Month ago +1


  • Marc Colten
    Marc Colten Month ago +14

    Old Jews to Florida. I'm almost 70 and sometimes I feel the call.

    • Kathleen Henson
      Kathleen Henson Month ago +4

      Marc Colten I’m 62 and just left Florida. It’s too hot and there are way too many things that want to eat you. 3 years was long enough.

  • Ukie Hag
    Ukie Hag Month ago +8

    I think these highlight clips from the Stephen-tenure are brilliant.

    • elink1
      elink1 28 days ago

      Before the regime change.

  • D.B.
    D.B. Month ago +5

    Surely 300 yards isn’t a “migration” - by definition?

    • MisterFoxton
      MisterFoxton 28 days ago +1

      Pretty sure migration is moving to a different habitat. Going from a hilltop to a sheltered valley would be a pretty clear habitat change. Especially if it's a seasonal change where you wouldn't find them in one or the other dependent on season.

    • CommaCam
      CommaCam Month ago +5

      The definition seems broad enough it can handle just about any movement from one place to another. I suppose there should be some exceptions though. I don't exactly "migrate" to the deli when I want a sandwich, so perhaps the key is whether you're actually decamping from one place to another. That would rule out my trips to the deli but would include what these birds do, which is to decamp seasonally from one place to another and then back again.

  • Epi Endless
    Epi Endless Month ago +60

    Wikipedia: "with the odd habit of moving to higher altitudes in winter."
    Sounds like a skiing holiday.

  • Jonah Kuske
    Jonah Kuske Month ago +17

    In true North American form they don't travel as much as the rest of the world.

    • Mathew Fullerton
      Mathew Fullerton Month ago +2

      Rest of the world? Other than Europeans, most of the world DOESN'T travel far (think of the billions of average Chinese and Indians that don't). And most Europeans don't travel any further than those in the U.S.. I travel further in my own country going to LA than a Brit traveling to Italy.

  • Lawrence Calablaster
    Lawrence Calablaster Month ago +99

    Alan is the most childish member of this show, in so many ways.

    • Arrow Hart
      Arrow Hart 25 days ago

      @Jon Bastian dumb-arses, and licences

    • Jon Bastian
      Jon Bastian 27 days ago

      Sigh. You say that like it's a bad thing. Hint: Alan is a staple on the show, and a producer, and part of him always being to the host's right is the point. He is our everyone character who stands in for the majority of dumb-asses with TV licenses playing at home in order to feel smart.

    • Pseudonayme 77
      Pseudonayme 77 Month ago +3

      It just wouldn't work without Alan ❤😁

    • FutureCloud
      FutureCloud Month ago +8


    • Kathleen Henson
      Kathleen Henson Month ago +4

      After years on the same show you gotta keep in interesting. I like him.

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +5

    You ignored the undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration, witnessed by Dr. Ray Stanz?

  • Pseudonayme 77
    Pseudonayme 77 Month ago +44

    I think a compilation of times Alan drew a cock would be epic 😎

  • Vin Cent
    Vin Cent Month ago +3

    I thought all migration paths led to Britain

  • 1969Kismet
    1969Kismet Month ago +29

    My neighbours used to go on holiday in a camping in the next village just 10 km away. I still can't understand.

    • 1969Kismet
      1969Kismet Month ago

      @Pseudonayme 77 Now we're talking! ; )

    • Pseudonayme 77
      Pseudonayme 77 Month ago

      Maybe it was just Kismet 😁

    • 1969Kismet
      1969Kismet Month ago +2

      @Brian Juel Pedersen Strange ways, indeed!
      There must have been a reason: memories, less hassle than travelling across the country with children, toys, luggage, pets and granny or just they thought "what the heck, the kids won't know the difference anyway. Let's drive around for 3 hours and stay just 5km from home. We can even come back to water the flowers!" ; )

    • Brian Juel Pedersen
      Brian Juel Pedersen Month ago +3

      My parents had a summer house for some years when I was a kid. The summer house was just a regular small and old villa with a not particularly well maintained garden; just like the one where we lived for most of the year. And it was just a few kilometers away and the flat landscape did not have a view of any lake or ocean at any of the locations. I thought it was stupid to go to the "summer house" to stay for days on end when I was a kid and I still do.

    • 1969Kismet
      1969Kismet Month ago +3

      @Nikolai Leerskov I guess you're right. Sometimes happiness is just around the corner ; )

  • grahamlive
    grahamlive Month ago

    If anyone was going to draw a cock and balls it just had to be Alan. Quite frankly, I’d have been disappointed in him if he hadn’t. 🍆

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb Month ago +2

    Two videos on weird animal migrations in one day. First SciShow, then QI. What's going on?

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe Month ago

      I heard a Canadian claim he has never seen these damn geese. It's all a sham!

    • Deco Dolly
      Deco Dolly Month ago

      It's migration time - all the videos are migrating to youtube.

    • Pseudonayme 77
      Pseudonayme 77 Month ago

      It's migration time here. I saw a load of Geese heading South just yesterday 😶

  • yaseen reza
    yaseen reza Month ago +20

    I migrate every 6 months from my bedroom, downstairs to the fridge. I then go back up to my room and spend the rest of my time hibernating

    • Jimmi K
      Jimmi K Month ago

      You spelled "masterbating" wrong.

    • monkeysaru
      monkeysaru Month ago

      @yaseen reza Fair enough.

    • yaseen reza
      yaseen reza Month ago

      @monkeysaru and ftr I agree with you, anyone online with a dedicated alter ego is a loser

    • yaseen reza
      yaseen reza Month ago

      @monkeysaru I don't have an actual persona I carry with me as such, I manufactured it purely for this TheXvid video. That's all I meant by that, "ha ha, a funny caricature amirite xd"

    • Joe Wilson
      Joe Wilson Month ago +1

      @Alan Ira I'm gonna copy that to paste around youtube. Summed it up so well!

  • Calvin Limuel
    Calvin Limuel Month ago +93

    for some reason Bill’s route managed to just go around Madagascar lol

  • Ro3NBurG
    Ro3NBurG Month ago

    Just put on the full episodes. Fry has made his money..you all have. You bastards got rid of old mate that had all of them on here.

  • weckar
    weckar Month ago +6

    Put a dot in the right place for all points?
    No sir! That's too big, sir!

  • HUNKragor
    HUNKragor Month ago +2

    Which bird?

    • HUNKragor
      HUNKragor Month ago

      @Rob Medd thx

    • Rob Medd
      Rob Medd Month ago +1

      The North American Blue Grouse

  • Meatballs for life
    Meatballs for life Month ago

    I propose a new law of society. If a group of people are told to draw something, there will always be someone in the group who will draw a penis.

  • Gabe Spiro
    Gabe Spiro Month ago

    Alan’s face when he showed the penis said “I’m sorry Stephen, I had to do it”

  • Fiona Paterson-Wiebe
    Fiona Paterson-Wiebe Month ago +50

    The vegetarian has to draw his meat 🍖

  • bren106
    bren106 Month ago

    *Give any four comedians a board and marker and it's guaranteed at least one is going to draw a cock and balls.*

  • Charlotte Laney
    Charlotte Laney Month ago +8

    The Willy was funny

  • Matthew Squires
    Matthew Squires Month ago +3

    which episode was this from? i don't remember it

  • Sir Gobbledygook
    Sir Gobbledygook Month ago

    A man that doesn't miss a chance to draw a dick in public is a good man

  • Joshua Pitts
    Joshua Pitts Month ago

    very le cool

  • Goran Newsum
    Goran Newsum Month ago

    Oh Alan, always drawing the penis migration route!

  • General Malarky
    General Malarky Month ago +1