Joe Rogan and Wim Hof on Overcoming Depression, Anxiety and PTSD


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  • Jack Gorsuch
    Jack Gorsuch 13 days ago

    Wim hog method was the best thing to happen to me

  • Ego def
    Ego def Month ago

    Now that my war drums are blown out. I don't like this frog

  • Ernest Rimbeck
    Ernest Rimbeck Month ago

    Joe "got a new brain" Rogan

  • elmekki benmahmoud
    elmekki benmahmoud Month ago +1

    i like how joe always get the topic of gym-sport involved in most of episods

  • Don Fromal
    Don Fromal 2 months ago

    Joe im bjj practitioner....ex wrestler hunter.....lost my whole family to heroine epidemic. My daughters mother fentynal o.d in febuary 2018.....ive had depression since 1990. Im 41.....and believe dmt may help. My buddy gets goodies...want me record it for ya.

  • Oliver Charette
    Oliver Charette 2 months ago +1

    My mom is 62 , she's tried killing herself 4years ago, she had a heart attack last month and has had a muscular problem that I don't remember the name atm but it causes constant pain in all muscles. I have been begging her to take time to stop and breathe a few times a day and start exercising for a good 10years and she doesn't listen to me. It hurts because I know within me she could probably fix everything if she listened to me, but she is addicted to the pills the doctors give away so easily. I have fallen into depression myself a few years ago, and I promised myself and my loved ones I would get out of it without meds, because I KNOW I am strong enough. It's a long road, Im not quite through it yet, there were many setbacks but I keep on pushing I still know im strong enough and I know I am not alone. Wim Hof is one of my idols.

  • colonicsymphonic
    colonicsymphonic 2 months ago

    Not a fan of Joe, but Wim is awesome.

  • Clyde Coast Design
    Clyde Coast Design 3 months ago

    Although his methods seem to work tried them a bit, get the feeling most of what wim does is positive what a sound guy seems like alot of fun the part when he gets offered a beer is top class 😂

  • Jose Iriarte
    Jose Iriarte 3 months ago

    Recently started this amazing breathing method. I Just uploaded my first Video Check me out i Talk about my experiences and opinions come tell me yours.

  • Billy McCarthy
    Billy McCarthy 3 months ago

    This man saved my life on word porn.

  • Khal!l
    Khal!l 3 months ago

    Much love

  • D N
    D N 3 months ago

    I don't buy the "chemical imbalance" cause of depression.
    Depression stems from what life deals us.

  • MasterofPlay7
    MasterofPlay7 4 months ago

    no i tried the wim hof, but every time after 2 days or so my throat hurts.....

  • micho
    micho 5 months ago

    Exercise, proper diet and rest are fundemental for our body and brain to work. But none of them can help a person who doesn't see a purpose of waking up in the morning. How do you overcome thoughts such as not knowing why you even exist?

  • Requiem
    Requiem 5 months ago

    Awesome ! Yes ,Yes ‘We have forgotten’! Completely true and pharmaceutical deregulates base levels forcing one to correct with more pharmaceuticals. Endless cycle . EMDR reminded me the power within and the ability of our brain to remap itself .

  • Christian Leeperrr
    Christian Leeperrr 5 months ago

    These two are both very smart and I appreciate them both. But some people are just born with certain jenes man.

  • seetha raman
    seetha raman 6 months ago

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  • mushroomroom007
    mushroomroom007 6 months ago +1

    I’ve struggled with depression my whole life. Had an acute three month long episode a few years ago. All I did was run, walk, hike out of pure necessity. 15-20 mile days was the norm. Didn’t help my depression one bit. True story

    • Montana Weatherby
      Montana Weatherby 3 months ago

      hmm Whats ive seen alot of people say when they walk it doesn't help. So I'm thinking may be it has to be HIIT Training. something intense but quick.

  • Pimp Alchemist369
    Pimp Alchemist369 6 months ago

    Outro beat name?

  • Rohan Shetty
    Rohan Shetty 6 months ago

    but I have seen people lie through their teeth during an argument about anxiety, make illogical sentences that deflect from the real topic of conversation and when you point that out after many discussions over the years, they say the whole discussion we were having was also an anxiety episode that made them lie or doesn't allow them to make coherent sentences.

  • Savage Beast
    Savage Beast 6 months ago

    Intresting... definitely got to try this

  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee4 6 months ago

    Look into Bessel van der Kolk and how he advocates using yoga to treat PTSD. Whether it's anything to do with oxygen and acidity I don't know, but maybe more due to exercise tapping into the amygdala.

  • Cameron Boyce
    Cameron Boyce 7 months ago +5

    Joe is right,.... based on evolution, we have a need for rigorous exercise, and people end up on medication for anxiety, depression, etc, because they are not fulfilling their biological needs. alcohol for example thins and increases blood flow and gives a feeling of euphoria, (same as natural exercise), but the problem with alcohol is,...its easy....its easier to grab a six pack on the way home from work than it is to go run a mile at full tilt after a long day at a sedentary job...humans naturally gravitate towards "easy"

  • the Wellness Channel
    the Wellness Channel 7 months ago


    ROMAJ DOLL 7 months ago

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  • leftstanding
    leftstanding 7 months ago

    I can't speak for the breathing exercises since I haven't experimented with it yet, but I do lift weights and do cardio every single day without exception. Unfortunately I don't think it helps much with my "depression" or anxiety which I've struggled with almost all my life. If anything it does keep the bad thoughts away for a brief time during and a little bit after each exercise since you need the mental focus to get through it, which is nice, but it isn't a cure by any means.

  • Rustyhands
    Rustyhands 7 months ago

    i think hiring a bottle of surgical oxygen would be useful..... im gonna try it :)

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 7 months ago

    Breathing, meditation, exercise, cold showers and a good nutrition has helped reduce my depression and anxiety. I've had depression and anxiety for around 5 years now. I suffered anxiety attacks and depression that literally is crippling. Since following these methods, my depression and anxiety is very low. I still wake up some days feeling shit but doing all this stuff helps you just push through those states.

    SAINT LAURENT DON 7 months ago

    Being broke is another form of depression

  • cr8ive
    cr8ive 7 months ago +1

    This guy absolutely knows what he's talking about....alkalinity fixes you up man 100%... so glad I discovered this. Haven't been sick or to the doctor in years.....they won't ever see me again. I even cancelled my medical aid.

  • Active Bryant Systems
    Active Bryant Systems 8 months ago


  • Biljana Randjelovic
    Biljana Randjelovic 8 months ago

    Hate when some block like this Joe Rogan talks like he had figured out the depression. No, you did not, you know no nothing.

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan 8 months ago +139

    This man saved my life. 26 years of chronic depression beaten. Breathing. Meditation. Cold exposure. Mindset. Exercise. :)

  • Marcus Blackbird
    Marcus Blackbird 8 months ago +5

    Sad that Kurt Cobain just did´nt go for a walk... Exercise works when you are feeling low, not when you are clinically depressed.

  • Matteo de Lilla
    Matteo de Lilla 8 months ago

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mr JOE ROGAN and THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIGNOR WIM HOF i honestly believe that You are the New NIKOLA TESLA of our age.... YOU are an ANGEL SENT to this BEAUTIFUL WORLD. i found out that doing the Deep breathing while going on the motorbike speeds up the process... i have been down lately and doing so just for a 10 min a day i FEEL so STRONG and Happy and i feel my blocks getting open i even got water coming out of my ears last night and it FEELS GREAT and HAPPY.. YOU are right we Can definitely tap in just by breathing deeply plus if i can add i believe that doing the deep breathing , mediating, etc in LUNAR - MOON shifts or FULL MOON with many people WILL SURELY CREATE HEALING cause those MOON shifts mean something and maybe are MEANT to make RECHARGE and UNBLOCK.

  • Anthony Lorenzo Douglas

    People think he's saying exercise in the gym for an hour a day doing and depression is cured.. that's not what he's saying.. it's taking exercise to the next level that cures the mental bs

  • Sosa Wallace
    Sosa Wallace 9 months ago

    workout exercise your fine
    don't fucking kill yourself

  • mystictal
    mystictal 9 months ago

    0.06-0.09 - Forest Gump voices over.

  • Spurious Flatus
    Spurious Flatus 9 months ago

    Excellent video.
    I wonder how Wim came to realize these things on his own. They are certainly not intuitive.

  • Spurious Flatus
    Spurious Flatus 9 months ago

    Some people don't recommend doing too much cardio because it reduces testosterone. What is your opinion on this?

  • Al Cervix
    Al Cervix 9 months ago

    Joe you’ve clearly never been depressed to make the comments you make couldn’t be more wrong !!

  • Sakhiwo Ngesi
    Sakhiwo Ngesi 9 months ago

    Thank you for this ☺

  • strafer
    strafer 10 months ago

    Unless you have been on and off multiple medications. Don’t speak with certainty. I think it’s a little more complicated than saying psych meds are bad as an absolute.

  • Xavier Corena
    Xavier Corena 10 months ago

    Mindfulness. You didn't discover anything. Buddist have been doing this for thousands of years, or however they have been around.

    • Breath of the Vociferous
      Breath of the Vociferous 7 months ago

      He's proving it has applications on a more physiological level; as well as introducing it as a form of mental-exercise to the West.
      It's not like the buddhists discovered breathing ;)

  • Soul Guru
    Soul Guru 10 months ago

    Yogic practices use several breath control techniques that take years to master for the very purpose of unlocking the body's energy and areas of the mind. These practices are much more important than asana practice. This is just a modern day discovery of ancient knowledge. Look up Pranayama practices.

  • oAirehko
    oAirehko 11 months ago +1

    Oxygen. OXYGEN! That's it!? I don't think so. I walk 60 minutes to work and walk 60 minutes home daily. Every morning and evening I am violently coughing and gagging, sometime throwing up because my tongue feels fat. My hands, arms, feet, legs tingle and feel numb. In this ocean of Depression and Anxiety I live in, medicinal marijuana (yes, medicinal, prescribed) provided me with a life jacket, not a boat. Prescription ran out, renewal is $240 total from the doc faxing my file to the "pot doctor". Besides that, I am dancing around concoctions of pills for the past 7 years to find what is the right cocktail. But wah, wah, waaaah.. Fuck me right? Its all in my head and I should just breathe... I guess the meditation, medication, doctors, walking and therapy is working and I'm a baby.👍

    • Walnut OfTerror
      Walnut OfTerror 9 months ago +6

      So, did you try this for some time or are you just talking shit?

    • mojo
      mojo 10 months ago +9

      Or you should get your head out of your arse and actually try it before you ridicule it. You've literally got nothing to lose.

  • Jay
    Jay 11 months ago

    Thanks!! It's nice to know that Joe understands ...

  • Robert Slavin
    Robert Slavin 11 months ago

    It's when your depression is so bad it's messes up with your exercise patterns. That's just fucked up and cruel 😩

  • Combat Bananas
    Combat Bananas 11 months ago +9

    Joe Rogan. You don't have PTSD. You don't have depression. There for you don't know what you're talking about. I walk up and down hills. Exercise. You name it. Go do a tour in Iraq & Afghanistan searching for IED's and tell me how well you regulate your ups and downs then.

    • Combat Bananas
      Combat Bananas Month ago

      @strafer - Shut the fuck up pussy nobody asked you shit or claimed I didn't sign up you dumb fuck.

    • Diogenēs ho Kunikos
      Diogenēs ho Kunikos Month ago +1

      Martial Villager It's not remotely ridiculous. Obviously he is not suggesting that as soon as you summit your local hill you will immediately be granted mental health.

    • Martial Villager
      Martial Villager 3 months ago +2

      Idk if he is taking it out on anyone, maybe just pointing out how ridiculous Joe's mental health suggestion is... just walk up a hill bro!

    • EvaLolaCookie Arellano
    • strafer
      strafer 10 months ago +14

      Combat Bananas You signed up for that mess. Don’t take it out on other people. You can get ptsd outside of war.

  • Andrew Morison
    Andrew Morison 11 months ago

    Sounds great...
    Only problem I can see is, most people hate suffering, and will do absolutely anything to avoid it...not me though so I'm all in yeeeww!!


    Exercising helps me evade my depression, but it returns after I stop. PTSD is something that you involuntarily carry around with you. It sits on your shoulders, creates a vacuum in your chest, and disturbs you both in the waking hours and when you're asleep.

  • Zol Galon
    Zol Galon Year ago

    There are lazy people who don't ever try, and then there are hard working, diligent people who struggle with lifetime trauma, and for them its a lot harder to find reasons to keep it going. Moreover, if your life is hard, your family a disfunctional mess, you feel like your birth was a mistake... Just getting to the gym is like running a marathon.
    Rogan is kind of missing the point. He came from a good, non judgemental family, has the right mindset, is able to balance his life and enjoy his success. Hof is doing a good job of keeping the subject matter rooted in the issues at hand: those with trauma can't do what Joe can. Those with trauma may be attractive, drug free, educated, try to work out and stay motivated... But the Trauma itself, WHATEVER THAT IS, keeps you weighed down, and feeling powerless.
    Joe and people who don't struggle with trauma should read berserk. Guts is analogus to a PTSD/trauma victim.

  • chris kringle
    chris kringle Year ago

    Exercise saves my like and other peoples life

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore Year ago

    I can testify to this as being true in my life. I could go to the gym when I'm real depressed and then hit the treadmill and within a couple of minutes, or even less, my depression is gone. It is like when I'm on the treadmill I think what happened I was used to be depressed and now I'm not anymore!

  • Rustyhound
    Rustyhound Year ago

    I've done excercise and meditation. Guess what? it doesn't work for me. I still feel like like shit and I'm miserable for copious amounts of time, because were all gonna die and I keep reminding myself of how nothing really matters in the end. Guess I'm just too negative. It's not that I can't or don't know how to see the bright side of life. It's just that when I do, it doesn't change much. I've stopped trying to be happy again. I don't even want happiness that much, I just want to be at peace again, that's all.

    • The Spiritual Monk
      The Spiritual Monk 4 months ago

      Spiritual connection to God is required for all forms of mental health.

    • 1GlobalCitizen1
      1GlobalCitizen1 6 months ago

      Consistent daily kundalini yoga can help.

    • Don Frederiksen
      Don Frederiksen 11 months ago

      Rustyhound Schopenhauer down your alley? Paraphrasing: Life is an enterprise that doesn't bare its costs.

  • Tom Colton
    Tom Colton Year ago

    I wish Joe would like the experts speak - I want to hear there stores

  • Tom Colton
    Tom Colton Year ago

    Go for a hike up a hill & contemplate how rich I am - makes me feel better!

  • William Shimizu
    William Shimizu Year ago

    Joe, first you stop with TRT then we talk. Too easy for you

  • lilabearr
    lilabearr Year ago +4

    But what happens when your anxiety holds you back from doing any of these things.

    • Diogenēs ho Kunikos
      Diogenēs ho Kunikos Month ago

      lilabearr Then you do them regardless. Doesn't matter if you're scared. I can't figure out what would stop you from going for a walk unless you were agoraphobic.

    • Marko Perić
      Marko Perić 2 months ago

      You'll have to force yourself, no other way. You'llreach that point naturally when you hit the absolte rock bottom.
      I suffered from depression all through my 20s, but i absolutely denied medication and tried to find a natural cure.
      1. Excersise- of any kind, preferably cardio. I signed up in boxing gym. Never boxed in my life before. when i first joined i was a mess, couldn't look people in the eyes. a month later- a different man.
      2. Wim hoff method and meditation-
      3. diet- fruit shakes, plenty of water
      4. eliminate bad habits- especially if you're smoking weed! A big no no for me.

    • Tyler Oldham
      Tyler Oldham 2 months ago

      Is it actually physically holding you back? Will you die from it?

    • Shadowninya
      Shadowninya 4 months ago +1

      then youre fucked

    • 10colt01
      10colt01 6 months ago +2

      “At last a life” by Paul david. I had (still do to a lesser extent) extremely bad anxiety. Came out of nowhere 2 years ago with no warning. Feels like I am living in the 3rd person. Like I don’t feel like myself and have to consciously place every word in sentence. I read that book and it explained everything. It’s not easy. It still sucks a lot but as days go by it sucks less and less. It’s like a roller coaster of ups and downs but the downs get less down and the ups come more frequently. I sincerely hope you read the book bc it has got me from so afraid I couldn’t leave the house to I can do anything I want (even though it might feel like shit)

  • Forestofhappiness
    Forestofhappiness Year ago +1

    Yes, it's so true. I was thinking today when jogging, that this is a big part of what saves me in life!

  • James Eliopoulos
    James Eliopoulos Year ago

    This guy does not know what he's talkin about

  • gvo hosthenprofit

    I feel like Joe wants to shave wim's head lol

  • Jarred Emanuel
    Jarred Emanuel Year ago

    Sigh, while exercise and meditation is proven to help with depression. What you are describing is not depression, jesus people science is out there.

  • dev forever
    dev forever Year ago

    He is a western Yogi.

  • Wayner Brucer
    Wayner Brucer Year ago


  • DeFlame Nutrition by Dr. David Seaman

    For many people, deep breaths lead to hypocapnia (breathing off CO2) and creates a shift toward alkalinity, which can lead to stress and anxiety, headaches, and even MS-like and heart attack-like symptoms. So there is likely something else going on here rather than oxygenation. This can be measured with a capnometer with which symptoms can be produced and reduced with breathing that normalizes CO2 levels.

    • Ryder E
      Ryder E 8 months ago

      DeFlame Nutrition by Dr. David Seaman yep

  • Geoffrey Dapper
    Geoffrey Dapper Year ago

    I honestly don't know what I'd do, let alone feel sane without Joe Rogans interviews. Thanks mate, doubt you'll ever read or acknowledge this but it's out there appreciating your work.

  • Mikey G
    Mikey G Year ago +4

    I am an 18 year old guy, and since I have stopped working out about a year ago I get the occasional anxiety attack, plus with the stress with my job ontop it makes it worse. If anyone has doubts, you will still benefit from exercise regardless, just try it.

  • Luke Carter
    Luke Carter Year ago

    that end music sucks

  • popofabulous
    popofabulous Year ago +10

    All these depressed people crying in the comments.

    • stcrude
      stcrude 8 months ago +1

      yeah that's kind of how it fucking works dipshit

    • Chris Santiago
      Chris Santiago 8 months ago

      Yappy Raccoon that was the fucking gayest thing I've ever heard bitch

    • oAirehko
      oAirehko 11 months ago +8

      Well, they ARE depressed. Stop signs are red and knives are sharp, too.

    • Yappy Raccoon
      Yappy Raccoon Year ago +14

      popofabulous look at you the bully pooping out hate in the comments

  • Cal Ewood
    Cal Ewood Year ago +41

    People are deffinetly 'dealt a hand' in life which makes them more susceptible to depression.

    • Egidio Mezzo
      Egidio Mezzo 5 months ago +3

      I agree. Some in my family were born more vulnerable (including me). Though vulnerability by itself is not a weakness. But in today's society it can turn into depression faster. Some psychologists told me like yeah listen kid, your father was depressed, so you were also born with a biological problem in your brain and all that subjective blabla approach. But in time I realised it's exactly that subjective way of looking at things and 'scientific' projection of today's society that just forgot what humanity and nature is about. Yes, I was more introvert and sensitive as a kid. But that didn't fuck me up. What fucked me up were traumatic events without the right support to guide me through. The most psychologists nowadays are just too proud to admit that they don't have a cure for depression. So they repress your emotional state with drugs, in order you can 'function' again. Sick..

    • Oliver 2000
      Oliver 2000 9 months ago +1

      Yep, remember depression is just a regular person with depression.

    • Dork Born
      Dork Born 9 months ago +1

      Finishing a painting always brings me joy even when I'm staring into the abyss.

    • Damien Holland
      Damien Holland 11 months ago +1

      Yup, like my brother and I. It's genetic.

    • Yappy Raccoon
      Yappy Raccoon Year ago

      yup that is sadly true

  • Lorraine Laskosky


  • KevinLG1990
    KevinLG1990 Year ago +1

    He's figured out what works for him

  • godisnotinvisible
    godisnotinvisible Year ago +46

    I agree with the impact of exercise on alleviating anxiety and depression; however, I think these one-sided conversations are extremely dangerous. There is feeling "low" "overwhelmed" and "stressed" ...then there is being so immobilized by your psychological state that you have no will to live, to get out of bed for months at a time - much less "running up a hill." Experiencing, psychosis, etc is extremely debilitating. So even though it's true that exercise will help people in this state, it's also true that the proper course of life is that we lay still before we crawl, wand we crawl before we walk and run.
    Yes, it's important to draw awareness to the dangers of psychiatric drugs and the benefits of exercise, but there is a time and a place for these things in someone's journey.
    And for an individual who is at the pit of their psychological disturbance, medication can be given the "kick" they need to regain the will to reengage with life, exercise, etc ..simply by taking these psychiatric drugs shortterm.
    So these imbalanced talks and comments that suggest that psych drugs have no place at all are dangerous: they can actually prolong the suffering of those who would be benefited by taking these drugs short term for weeks, months or even YEARS of wasted productive potential by suggesting that people who cannot even crawl should/would run if only they were better informed/enlightened/willing. Sadly they stay stuck in a downward spiral for much longer due to these imbalanced sorts of conversations and comments that give the impression that if you take psych drugs at all you're a sheep.

    • Shannon Ann
      Shannon Ann Month ago

      They didn't talk about psyche drugs in this video.

    • A
      A 2 months ago

      Jon Doe People will continue to believe the lie because it's easier.

    • DA REAL Johnny Appleseed
      DA REAL Johnny Appleseed 3 months ago

      Psychiatric or Psychedelic?

    • NappaTheProducer
      NappaTheProducer 3 months ago +1

      First goal: Stay alive, if that means you need meds for some time, use what tools you need. Second Goal: Improve your circumstance. At this point it's all in the details.

    • Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles
      Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles 3 months ago +2

      Well said OP. There's so many quacks on here who have zero idea what they're talking about in the comments and can't help but have such strongly polarized views.

  • Starfish1
    Starfish1 Year ago

    Awesome video. I hope it gives people suffering with these conditions some ideas and new avenues to explore. After 24 years of being mindful I know myself enough to know that when I'm feeling crappy I ask myself the following 3 questions: Have I been meditating? What have I been eating? Have I been exercising? I don't do the gym and never have, I just go out walking in the hills for 2 or 3 hours a couple of times a week. If I don't get this exercise (in combination with meditation and good food) then I begin to feel ill, get crabby and ultimately become depressed and feel suicidal. I've never heard of Wim Hoff before, but I'm off to watch some more videos of his.

  • AmericanBulldogFit
    AmericanBulldogFit Year ago +5

    Anyone here with PTSD or ANXIETY (same shit, PTSD is just more severe, but same thing) the depression that comes along with PTSD and ANXIETY is a symptom. These stressful conditions are the result of your fight or flight being turned on, for too long. Over time you get stuck there, and it's a never ending cycle of fear, symptoms, fear, symptoms.
    The cause doesn't matter. It can be the stress from war, divorce, watching a loved one die, money problems, or drinking excessive amounts of stimulants like caffeine for too long. THE CAUSE DOES NOT MATTER. Your bench mark level of anxiety is now stuck at an inappropriate level, and you will experience non stop sensations like disturbing thoughts, impending doom, the "what if" scenario about everything, panic attacks, agoraphobia (fear of people/outside), depersonalization/derealization (dream like world), chest pains, head aches, and in severe cases ---- trouble walking. I had all of these. It was a complete nightmare.
    There is a way out. It is very simple, and straightforward. It can be implemented into every day life too.
    You need to reset your bench mark level of anxiety. That's it. The boogyman goes away forever. You get your life back.
    This happened to me in 2008. Long story short, I ordered THE LINDEN METHOD, and it went away. This is a system of modified behavioral practices that result in resetting this bench mark of "normal" anxiety. it's CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) done at home, at work, the grocery store, the gym, everywhere you go in life. IT WORKS. The more you comply with the program, the faster it works.
    The serotonin theory is complete bullshit. It is physiologically impossible to target the resetting of this internal meter of normal/non normal anxiety levels in the human brain with drugs. This is 100% behavioral condition produced, and modifying every day human behavior is exactly how a person gets better, and rids their life of these awful sensations
    Not only do you get your life back, but your life will improve drastically. Your brain is "rewired" cognitively speaking

    I don't work for anyone associated with this program, but it saved my life, just like it has with hundreds of thousands of people world wide. I just pay it forward. I have helped several veterans with this program, and they are all doing well.
    Buy the original pack with the 10 pillars. You'll get rid of PTSD, ANXIETY, and the accompanying DEPRESSION for good.
    Have a good day :)

    • Mr Cool Guy
      Mr Cool Guy Year ago

      Jameson Dennelly yea man do u know where i can get it ??

    • Rex Erection
      Rex Erection Year ago

      AmericanBulldogFit Please help me find relief for anxiety. Do you have any links or something i should look up. Very much appreciated brother.

    • Rex Erection
      Rex Erection Year ago

      Jameson Dennelly Do you have any tips or can you stear me in the right direction to help anxiety? Very much appreciated brother.

    • Jameson Dennelly
      Jameson Dennelly Year ago

      AmericanBulldogFit Done it myself I came off all medication and I have a life now, not everything's perfect but it is 10 times better

    • Mr Cool Guy
      Mr Cool Guy Year ago

      Lawrence Davis thanks man appreciate it

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Year ago +1

    Why does this guy talk weird?

    • brbapappa
      brbapappa Year ago

      Phoebe he is Dutch ie. from the Netherlands.

  • Jamie Riley
    Jamie Riley Year ago +1

    Incredible insight, awesome podcast!

  • Titan
    Titan Year ago +3

    Just exercise never seemed to work for me and just talking either, I mean I'm getting a therapist but I mean I've been doing sports since I was in third grade and I'm very active. It seemed like the more I workout the more depressed I got but it was never straight running.

    • Erin Lee Feller
      Erin Lee Feller 4 months ago

      Henk Spermatank comments on people's comments like yours just piss me off. If you didn't get the point, that's your stupidity.

    • Zach Valencia
      Zach Valencia 7 months ago

      whats your diet like? that could be another factor.

    • Damien Holland
      Damien Holland 11 months ago

      I exercise regularly as well and my depression and borderline seem to calm down a little afterward. Cure it? No. I've had this issue for 27 years now. It takes a multi-pronged approach. To say just meditation will do it is incorrect. It's a combination of solutions that is required to at least alleviate it and yes that might include medication if need be (I try not to but if I am ever in an emergency situation I likely will again).

    • Bike Rider
      Bike Rider Year ago


    • Bike Rider
      Bike Rider Year ago +1

      Titan me too. sometimes I feel worse when I exercise so much and feel just as shifty when the adrenaline wears off. exercise certainly helps but it's not a cure in my experience

  • Andrew Glover
    Andrew Glover Year ago

    medication didn't work but exercise didn't work either. I have c-ptsd and it's not beautiful!

  • Julia Kristina Counselling

    Exercise can definitely help with our emotional well being, but there is much more to it than that. There are really fit people who still struggle with their mental health.

    • DrManhattan00
      DrManhattan00 27 days ago

      You should get a Nobel prize for that

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee Month ago

      Julia - And...... ?

    • Robert Gomez
      Robert Gomez 3 months ago +1

      That is because they are not breathing correctly when exercising and/or screeching.

    • startwithmyself
      startwithmyself 3 months ago +1

      They're likely not breathing correctly. I've very fit and once I learned diaphragmatic breathing my energy was changed for the better.

    • Hello World!
      Hello World! 4 months ago

      El Justiciero you should be a doctor 😂

  • The Money Maker Sports

    I never trust a man? sweeping hair to hide a bald spot..

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    wait so excersize is his magic cure?! well I'm fucked. what ABOUT us disabled folk?! smfh

    • Rise Up
      Rise Up Year ago

      Kronickillness Nikolaos Try meditation.

  • Flavius Josephus
    Flavius Josephus Year ago +17

    The pseudo egos are out of control in this podcast

    • Billy McCarthy
      Billy McCarthy 3 months ago

      Flavius Josephus You're a fraud like the original Joephus.

    • Nathan Smith
      Nathan Smith 7 months ago

      Yappy Raccoon fuckin block head 😂

    • Derek Freeman
      Derek Freeman 10 months ago

      Flavius Josephus does a horse piss where she pleases ?

    • Derek Freeman
      Derek Freeman 10 months ago

      Flavius Josephus haha does a rooster get fucked ?

    • johnwazher3
      johnwazher3 10 months ago +1

      What the fuck is a pseudo ego?!

  • Sean K.
    Sean K. Year ago +2

    thrrrrrrrrrrrrough this part lol

  • kevin stanley
    kevin stanley Year ago +1

    I think these diseases stem from living in a world like this, modern slavery, killing people for our own personal gain, raping the world's resources! and then trying to get a job to buy shit we don't need and live a "normal" life instead of coming together hand in hand and feeding, clothing and education the poor of the world? no you carry on! get that promotion! continue being depressed with a fridge full of food? are you dumb?

  • Underdog
    Underdog Year ago +2

    This guy needs to shave his head

  • Daniel Peers
    Daniel Peers Year ago

    I feel this and a plant based diet is so important for our physiological wellbeing. Especially Alkalining the body

  • Jpr Williams
    Jpr Williams Year ago

    Wim has weird views on biochemistry

  • Charlie Mur
    Charlie Mur Year ago +1

    You do in your underwear lol

  • VoxVirtus
    VoxVirtus Year ago

    this is an incredibly important video for anyone to watch. Hoff walks the talk line none other.

  • Christo vimal
    Christo vimal Year ago

    Another pseudo science guru. Psychotherapy is crucial for long term depression. After all we're social creatures.

  • Jon Danger
    Jon Danger Year ago +6

    Movement is life... keep the circuits open... dancing and walking in nature appreciating is badass for elevating your vibe...

  • Walterpeck
    Walterpeck Year ago

    it's a shame that some presenters like the sound of their own voice so much they cease to listen

  • A Mc
    A Mc Year ago +2


  • Leonardo Isidoro
    Leonardo Isidoro Year ago +13

    I wana see them talking on LSD

  • Laura M
    Laura M Year ago +21

    Joe doesn't come from a messed up perspective. so probably shouldn't weigh in on topics of mental illness, ie: it's not "depression" if you miss a workout and it makes you annoyed.

    • Yappy Raccoon
      Yappy Raccoon Year ago +1

      Laura M ya I wish non-depressed people would quit trying to advise people on depression, especially someone balling like Joe is which is the utter opposite of depression.

    • Sam Mootoo
      Sam Mootoo Year ago +1

      Rogan's parents divorced really early in life and he had to move around a lot as a child. Is that the same trauma Wim went through? Not by a country mile. Is it a form of a trauma nonetheless? Absolutely. Why do you think he became a comedian? The man based his adult profession on making people like him through comedy resultant from not having enough time around people as a kid due to moving so much.
      Rogan understands more than you think. It's myopic to judge what a "messed up perspective" is without knowing the whole story.

    • Savka Kotur
      Savka Kotur Year ago +1

      I agree. Also very different for men and women I think. For women can be greatly affected by menopause, hormones, even something as simple as vitamin/mineral deficiency (Vit D is a big one) can cause aweful depression

    • The Archard
      The Archard Year ago +5

      That is not the point he was trying to make, Laura.

    • Dom B
      Dom B Year ago

      Laura M Yeah that's definitely true.

  • H J
    H J Year ago +1

    a bunch of stoned pricks talking rubbish

    • VinylUnboxings
      VinylUnboxings 6 months ago

      A person like you likely wont, but there is clinical research on the benefits of exercise on clinical depression. You can pretend its all shit, but that says more about your own ignorance than anything else.

    • Ark Mangato
      Ark Mangato Year ago

      What a miserable person this guy is. Must be the life of the party every time

    • Notorious Celtic
      Notorious Celtic Year ago

      Carl-Richard Løberg lol

    • Notorious Celtic
      Notorious Celtic Year ago

      H J *writes negative comment on youtube*
      *tells me to "grow up* lol ok 👍🏽

    • Carl-Richard Løberg
      Carl-Richard Løberg Year ago +3

      Please elaborate lol

  • GoldenStateOfMindSD
    GoldenStateOfMindSD Year ago +1

    After a week of inactivity I'm a disaster mentally. Stress and anxiety take over. I had arm surgery and that slowed me down. Boom! Stress took over. Once I got into a washable splint I started my boxing again. Boom! Life got easier. And yes, heavy breathing is the answer.

  • Google User
    Google User Year ago

    Girl getting off on webcam is my depression medication

    • Carl-Richard Løberg
      Carl-Richard Løberg Year ago +1

      Sex is a drug, and you build up a tolerance to this just like anything else. Breathing is the essence which everything in your life builds on. To master your breath is to master yourself.