• Published on Nov 3, 2019
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    Welcome to Dejavu Slots I post videos of all kinds of slot machine games including high limit, live plays, free spins, bonuses, jackpots, handpay's. I usually play at my locals Chumash Casino & Resort, Pechanga Casino & San Manuel Casino. I also take trips to Las Vegas and play at Aria, MGM, Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan. Thanks for watching Deja Vu Slots..
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Comments • 39

  • litho529
    litho529 Month ago

    'Wake Up China' It sure did WAKE UP!!! Have you ever played the Super Free games? This video was great to watch. The one time those Turtles flew by-Wow! That would have been awesome-but still it was Fun to watch and nice winnings! Thanks Art!

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thank you Litho, I have picked once the super free games and got a retrigger but ended up taking the regular because I think 30 super free games was dead and the next spin it landed something good but I believe thats what the machine was going to pay either way. Hopefully next time I could try the super free game.

  • AnonymousNZ
    AnonymousNZ Month ago

    Nice win for that bet amount👍😊

  • Art Pili
    Art Pili Month ago

    Very nice Art! What casino was this? I was at San Manuel yesterday Nov 3. Every time I walked by a Buffalo machine I would check to see if there was a guy filming saying "Do it!" :) I watched NG Slots birthday video and saw that you were with him in Vegas to celebrate. How fun was that!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Haha this was at Chumash bro. Yes we were with NG & Slotmanjack for the weekend hopefully will see one day. Thanks for watching and good luck

  • Hong Khou
    Hong Khou Month ago

    i think that was WRONG move...60 spins with all those XXX could have been easily handpay

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Never know lol I have picked it once with 30 super games and didn’t pay anything. Hopefully I get it again will try the super games. Thanks for watching

  • thomasg1152
    thomasg1152 Month ago

    Great win. Where was this at?

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thanks so much this was at Chumash Casino.

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago Month ago +1

    The most i got was 490 free spin

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Wow thats impressive, I think the most I got is 500 spins but on the 20 line high limit version thanks for watching

  • RandomGamer :3
    RandomGamer :3 Month ago +2

    I love the way Art says “yessss” when he hits! Great job Art.

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie Month ago +1

    Pretty good. There have been times where I have gotten way less. Lol and times where I’ve gotten more. The trigger was very pretty! Great to see it triggered live! I’m still aiming for a full screen.

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thanks so much Marie, That is my in my bucket list to get the full screen bonus on this xtra reel ones. Thanks for watching and good luck to you hope you hit it soon.

  • Chris Holeman
    Chris Holeman Month ago +1


  • Momma Karen
    Momma Karen Month ago +1

    Thanks for sharing your videos good luck to you guys 🍀

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thank you Momma Karen good luck to you too.

  • carol plaster
    carol plaster Month ago +1

    They are double when in bonus it said when you choose the games it showed that plus you made your money back. Plus not so bad

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Good to know I had to rewatch it too see that.

  • carol plaster
    carol plaster Month ago +1

    If this game played ever spin the casinos would go broke and I am just happy to get those spins and not a five or eight save money either way. This is all I play so it is a good bonus

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      I agree with you Carol, I look at it at this way I had 20 minutes off free spins and if you get lucky and land something good. I rather sit through 300 free spins then keep on feeding. Thanks for watching.

  • Rangi Banks
    Rangi Banks Month ago +1

    $675 you saved and that's not including the retriggers😃 there was a lot of teasers amongst your dead spins and I'm sure we could all feel your pain. Still, a Nice bonus 🙂

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago +1

      Thank you Rangi Banks, I just look at it like that you get 20 minutes off free spins if you get lucky and hit something good thats a plus. Thanks for watching

  • Rose Willet
    Rose Willet Month ago +1

    You would have made more if you took the "super" spins. I know, I have hit huge on this game with over 400 spins taking the super spins and making over $700 on the very first spin.... I tell anyone that the super spins are best if you win more than 15 free spins...

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago +1

      I do want to try it the next time if I get lucky and get that much spins again. I have done it with 120 spins it gave 30 super spins but didn’t pay much.

  • sergio tapia
    sergio tapia Month ago +3

    I wish u would of gotten the other less spin with mutilpler

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago +1

      Next time I want to try the multiplier. I was being a chicken LOL

  • Mery P.
    Mery P. Month ago +1

    That was terrible out of so many spins at $2.25 should've been a decent handpay. But shores and mystery for some reason when they catch spins in the 100's they're mostly spinning blanks..nevertheless, great video!

    • Mery P.
      Mery P. Month ago

      @Dejavu Slots 100%

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago +1

      Thanks Mery ! I know most of the spins are dead but I look at it like I’m not feeding the machine for 30 minutes so I don’t mind the dead spins. But you keep hoping for a full screen to make it an awesome bonus.

  • Linda S
    Linda S Month ago +1


  • Randyslots
    Randyslots Month ago +1

    What an awesome win!! I predicted $700. I didn't know Extra Rewards only pays 1x on the bonus. But you get lots more spins and wins with 30 lines vs 20 and the middle row. That bonus hit for 300 would have been much less free games on the regular China Mystery. Love this game and love that you guys play these type of games a lot, you're so lucky!!!

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thank you ! I like the middle row on the extra rewards, more spins and 30 lines is great

  • Ray thornton
    Ray thornton Month ago +1

    Hello from all the disabled veterans here. Love your videos. PTSD Veteran

    • Dejavu Slots
      Dejavu Slots  Month ago

      Thank you sir, I hope you have an amazing day! We appreciate your service and sacrifice!