• Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Pack Opening with walkouts / in form / team of the week players. Subscribe for daily 7PM UK time videos!
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Comments • 657

    TWOSYNC  23 days ago +77

    Jesus christ 8k likes and trending AGAIN! ❤ watch more 👉

    • B VIDZ
      B VIDZ 23 days ago

      TWOSYNC Liked on here and retweeted on Twitter! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

    • Ryan England
      Ryan England 23 days ago +3

      Don’t be surprised your the best youtubers on Fifa without a dought

  • Seán Baker
    Seán Baker 8 days ago +1


  • Dre Halstead Vlogs
    Dre Halstead Vlogs 14 days ago +2

    Why are these like the best gaming TheXvidrs on the planet I’ve watched these since fifa 15 and their amazing

  • Js 843
    Js 843 18 days ago +1

    ShhiMicheal is quite good, if h know u know

  • Connor Mcloughlin
    Connor Mcloughlin 18 days ago

    I cant wait till the next vid keep up the good work

  • AvailFn
    AvailFn 19 days ago +2

    Do 2 vids a day

  • First Name
    First Name 21 day ago +1

    If it slows down it's at least a board

  • Jack Thomas
    Jack Thomas 21 day ago +2

    Two sync if you’ll see 2 orange lights flash if it’s a board but if only the left side flashes then it’s a walk out

  • Edward Lozano
    Edward Lozano 21 day ago +3

    The market will be over saturated when the game comes out from everyone buying packs, prices will go down, sell now

  • Fifa RL
    Fifa RL 21 day ago

    mignolet 💙🖤

  • Korban Rayner
    Korban Rayner 21 day ago

    Didn’t do the matic

  • Sean Hargrove MB
    Sean Hargrove MB 22 days ago


  • Tom Dolan
    Tom Dolan 22 days ago +1

    I packed tradeable CR7 you mad😂


    Do the puki sbc

    • Jamie Ryan
      Jamie Ryan 22 days ago

      The pukki is the discard player

  • khalid Alfryyan
    khalid Alfryyan 22 days ago

    Chris keep Thiago until the first weekend luege then sell him, his price will go up

      TWOSYNC  22 days ago

      Watch the next vid 🤣 M

  • Iggie Sterer smith
    Iggie Sterer smith 22 days ago

    I never get picked to win giveaways or anything lol but u 2 are cracking plurs

  • Zach Dear
    Zach Dear 22 days ago +1

    Do sbc pukki

    • Zach Dear
      Zach Dear 22 days ago

      TWOSYNC thanks I was busy yesterday so I ended up missing my favourite you tubers which is you 2

      TWOSYNC  22 days ago +1

      Check latest vid :)

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan 22 days ago

    Let's go chriiiiiiiiiiiisssssss

  • Bradley Kelly
    Bradley Kelly 22 days ago

    U need Wayne hone in cam now

  • Bret Poole
    Bret Poole 22 days ago +2

    Best TheXvidrs keep up the good work

  • XYert
    XYert 23 days ago

    hope you have a nice day and you are the best fifa youtubers

  • Nat Cranston
    Nat Cranston 23 days ago

    Me please

  • Jack Lawrence
    Jack Lawrence 23 days ago +3

    Get pukki

      TWOSYNC  22 days ago

      👍👍👍 check latest vid!

    • DexDurrant
      DexDurrant 23 days ago +1

      Jack Lawrence it’s the wager for this super Sunday

    CORN_PLUR 23 days ago

    Hi I’m meant to get fifa at Christmas but it’s not looking good according to mom , so I think I’ll still be on fifa 19 this year

    • Pop Team JoJo
      Pop Team JoJo 22 days ago

      its ok cheer up mate

      CORN_PLUR 22 days ago

      Mason Guy I wouldn’t have a friend that would trust me 😔

    • Mason Guy
      Mason Guy 22 days ago +1

      CORN_PLUR if your on xbox why dont you and a friend game share then you can both get games for half the price by putting two.
      me and my friend have done this for 5+ years and have got like 200+ games on ready to install

  • keegan colquitt
    keegan colquitt 23 days ago

    Favorite youtuber so glad to see you back

  • Fernzz19 Gaming
    Fernzz19 Gaming 23 days ago

    Thanks for making my day with your video

  • john mills
    john mills 23 days ago

    For me u guys are fifa ❤

  • Tom Lister
    Tom Lister 23 days ago

    Matt got the first inform on fifa 19 as well

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill 23 days ago

    Liked and retweeted!

  • Dropship Jason
    Dropship Jason 23 days ago +3

    The boys are back in town. Love it lads.

  • Brodie Marshall
    Brodie Marshall 23 days ago

    Play pirlo lcdm david Silva cm and thaigo lcam all get full cem and don’t need a extra player

  • Optified Pixels
    Optified Pixels 23 days ago

    The music's getting you lads trending very chill times

  • Fahad Ramzooz
    Fahad Ramzooz 23 days ago +2

    Thankk u very much for the daily videos keep up the good works champs❤️❤️👌🏽

  • Mr Steve HD is a beast and a legend

    I want the Walky talkys back.

  • Harry Wright
    Harry Wright 23 days ago

    No thank you

  • Owen Nance
    Owen Nance 23 days ago +2

    it’s puki

  • JoeD123
    JoeD123 23 days ago


  • Finn Roberts
    Finn Roberts 23 days ago +4

    You should make a pack king trophy and whoever has the best pack luck at the time gets to keep it until the other packs someone better

      TWOSYNC  23 days ago +1

      This is quite interesting, maybe chris should make that one haha

  • Alan Ferrufino
    Alan Ferrufino 23 days ago +1

    Buy joá félix

  • HJPP06
    HJPP06 23 days ago +3

    Certify pukki

  • HJPP06
    HJPP06 23 days ago

    When do promo packs come out

    • JJVlogs
      JJVlogs 23 days ago

      @DexDurrant I think Friday night or Monday after full release. Last year I opened packs at mid day and it was just 7.5k packs

    • DexDurrant
      DexDurrant 23 days ago

      HJPP06 next Friday probably when full game comes out

  • Will Turkey
    Will Turkey 23 days ago

    For a walk out the left middle light is the last to go off

  • Sebastian Veuskens
    Sebastian Veuskens 23 days ago +2

    Sell now and buy high rated meta players. They're price will skyrocket

  • Luke Hughes
    Luke Hughes 23 days ago +1

    Lol you say you were gonna give away the game code now you’re using it. Bit unfair

    • JJVlogs
      JJVlogs 23 days ago

      How? Its his code? He paid for it so thats not unfair!

    JASON PLAYS 23 days ago +2

    Their putting pukki on the line

  • Regan T
    Regan T 23 days ago +2

    Keep all ur players they will all go up in value whether they’re high rated or op like zouma

    EXL_LMG 23 days ago +1

    Cracking plurs!!! Real people giving back to there fans hats of to you lads. Certification approved!!!

  • Neazle
    Neazle 23 days ago +1

    Crazy man love u 2

  • Morgan Bailey
    Morgan Bailey 23 days ago +2

    Get Bramall lane

  • FrazerT YT
    FrazerT YT 23 days ago +4

    10k likes in under 24 hours, pretty good

    QATARI GAMER 23 days ago +1

    Keep them until super Sunday finish and then sell the players

  • BeastyTom
    BeastyTom 23 days ago +2

    Bit of advise demari gray is a hidden gem absolute beast

  • Taylan Randall
    Taylan Randall 23 days ago +4

    Is it me or do you like the video when you’ve just clicked it

  • Dylan
    Dylan 23 days ago +2

    My friend packed inform koshelny (idk how to spell it sorry) the cb with in the first 10 min of web app

  • Thot_ destroyer6
    Thot_ destroyer6 23 days ago +1

    Cracking plurr

  • joe Chapman
    joe Chapman 23 days ago +2

    Love the back ground music 😂

  • joe Chapman
    joe Chapman 23 days ago +1

    Cracking video

  • Christopher Connor
    Christopher Connor 23 days ago +2

    Nice to be back

  • daverobbo1468
    daverobbo1468 23 days ago +1

    Buy or Sell. Yes prices will go up but so will the prices of players you want. Keep get more coin but also the price is now more expensive for the special cards you want. So you Sell the better cards. More chance of the less expensive cards going up in value.

  • simple e
    simple e 23 days ago +1

    chris wait until friday when the game comes out as every walkout will go up in price