Avengers: Endgame an Imperfect Classic | Spoiler Free Review

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Thanks to a friend I was able to see Avengers: Endgame early and legally. This will be my visceral spoiler free review. An imperfect classic. Join me tonight (4/25) for a live stream discussion of the end of the MCU as we know it.
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  • tenrec
    tenrec 12 days ago

    The first hour of the movie was not only slow, but whiny and maudlin.

  • MrNapski
    MrNapski Month ago

    Sadly, I totally disagree with you. This was a terrible film from a diehard fan. Just like Star Wars, I'm done with Marvel. It was not brilliant by any means and very surprised to hear you say that. Still, good to hear that you enjoyed it.

  • FunkMastaMegaFlex
    FunkMastaMegaFlex 2 months ago

    I agree it was cool but not as good as infinity war. Also, a very epic comic to start off with, Spiderman and Vision is an interesting combo. I bet e still has it too!

  • Dave Willmore
    Dave Willmore 2 months ago

    I am not a big comic superhero guy, but I wanted to complete this movie series. I walked out of the show in the first few minutes as I could not stand Captain Marvel. That character and its portrayal simply ruined it for me. It wasn't because Marvel was a girl, but because the character was Superman with an ego bigger than the entire movie's cast.

    Glad to be done with that franchise.

  • Umbral Assassin
    Umbral Assassin 2 months ago

    MCU: I will watch on a grateful fanbase

  • Jim Fitzpatrick
    Jim Fitzpatrick 3 months ago

    My first comic was Avengers #149, still only 25 cents at Bookland!

  • Gantz:0
    Gantz:0 3 months ago

    I hated how they did the Hulk

  • Pickett's Charge
    Pickett's Charge 3 months ago +1

    This movie is a below-average mess and given time, when all the hype fades, it will be general consensus. It's boring for 4/5 of it's length, jumpy, full of plot holes, it ridicules Thor, emasculate Hulk and so on. Great movie? Please...

  • karakenio
    karakenio 3 months ago

    Why doing a spoiler free? =[

    • karakenio
      karakenio 3 months ago

      A new subscriber here, because of the latest GOT reviews.
      - Please add subs.
      - The Lightbulb/lamp becomes distracting/anoying.
      - I would have loved to see a 8-16 minute review of the movie from you (with spoilers of curse).
      Kudos from Venezuela/Panama.

  • Irish Hero
    Irish Hero 3 months ago

    why does he keep saying thaneos its thanos

  • Willdesigns
    Willdesigns 3 months ago +1

    Bad movie, lazy story writting. If only captain marvel would be the only problem. They humilliated Thor, nerfed hulk, dumbed even more ant-man... this was a total mess. Unbelievable that some people believe this was a good movie capped only by captain marvel appearance alone. Horrible story with so many time travel plots. A movie to forget... oh... just forgotten and probably it would have been saved if they only have not destroyed Thor. They could have make it fight alongside captain marver for an epic super fight, I could have swallow her horrible acting if that happened. But nope. Let s make captain america become thor for whatever reason. Lazy... so lazy and stupid.

  • MichaelNextDoor
    MichaelNextDoor 3 months ago +1

    Why do you obsess with Captain Marvel? Let it go.

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 3 months ago

    taking two points out of a movie because of biased opinions on a single character and the actress that plays her, this is the epitome of stupidity.

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe 3 months ago +1

    I had only two issues with Endgame - one was it mocked a bunch of often better time travel films for their plot holes - then ended up with a pile of huge time travel plot holes - some of the biggest I can think of in any film actually - but that's the problem with time travel heavy plots, you are always going to get either unresolved paradoxes or gaping plot holes & this has both in spades. Two was that awful immersion breaking girl-power scene that you just know was forced in there by some producer or PR executive - oh well at least it was over quickly. On the whole it was a pretty satisfying conclusion, but it could have been a bit better with a bit more thought put into the plot logic. I agree Thor was often a let-down, his actions and behaviour often seemed very out of character.

  • Jodie Kregel
    Jodie Kregel 3 months ago

    As a point of contrast I really loved Natasha's hair. I thought it was a wonderful visual cue to how the past five years had affected her. In the beginning it was icy blonde and perfect, not a hair out of place. Then her roots began to show and you (the audience) could begin to see visual signs of her stress and fear. Five years later, styles/trends have changed, but she's not perfectly put together anymore. Natasha hasn't done anything to it, not colored it again, or cut it- just let the red grow back, and put it into a haphazard braid. A visual cue to her characters pain, stress, and desperation in something so simple. (Thanks for the video!) :)

  • Andrew Kostecka
    Andrew Kostecka 3 months ago

    Honestly speaking for someone who claims to be such a giant fan of comics and mentioning your store more than several times, one would think you would pronounce Thanos' name correctly. Thanks for finally getting Gal Gadot's name right. Carry on.

  • marroni ugelli
    marroni ugelli 3 months ago

    Spiderman issue #3
    Was my first comic.

  • Trump-a-Tron 6000
    Trump-a-Tron 6000 3 months ago +1

    No Hulk in the movie. Just some big green guy who cannot even jump over buildings.

  • ken
    ken 3 months ago

    know what you mean, started slow but then excelled

  • Fit and Healthy at Any Age

    The film made me like Hawkeye for the first time ever. That's a great accomplishment.

  • Noop Toop
    Noop Toop 3 months ago

    I like the fact that they didn’t make it all about captain marvel and she was out of the movie for a long while. But her “let me see your manager hair cut” 🤦🏻‍♂️! Also they had to have the rise of feminism scene with the hammer (no spoilers).. Overall it was an amazing movie but I’m sad for reasons you’ll find out when you all watch it. 91%

  • Gary Symons
    Gary Symons 3 months ago


  • Omar Hudson
    Omar Hudson 3 months ago +1

    There were so many plot holes it is ridiculous! But it was a fun watch. I did finding myself checking my phone's clock alot.

  • AW
    AW 3 months ago +1

    I went and watched a double bill of infinity wars and endgame in the cinema today. It works brilliantly as a two parter film.
    First time I pretty much agree with your review.

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho 3 months ago

    I feel that someone in the production made Cap SJW appear little in this for a reason. Maybe they saw she is putting fans away, OR, MAYBE, she was really really annoying in set and they're already ditching her.... lets hope.

  • Hamzah Mohd Noor
    Hamzah Mohd Noor 3 months ago

    I was very disappointed with the ending. After a decade-long build up, the ending (last 15 minutes maybe...) was piss poor. The rest of it was actually good.
    Or maybe I'm just picky.

  • Flameboar
    Flameboar 3 months ago

    I enjoyed the film. Thanks for your review.

  • Xander Guldie
    Xander Guldie 3 months ago

    Nah the best part of the movie was the wamen teamup, I screamed like a little girl.

  • Mud Crab
    Mud Crab 3 months ago

    7:08 - "May the small folks sing songs OR your greatness!"
    Wait! We have a choice? Songs, or Greatness?!? Crumbs, Gary. I am watching this on the weekend! I don't need this level of responsibility!

  • Brian McGuinness
    Brian McGuinness 3 months ago

    If you're looking for perfection in a film,it'd be hard to beat Kubrick's 2001.

  • Johnny Pappas
    Johnny Pappas 3 months ago

    Be careful, while @Nerdrotic has a spoiler free review, some knobs decided to put spoilers in these comments.

  • FullmetalandtheFlame
    FullmetalandtheFlame 3 months ago

    If this movie doesn't surpass Avatar in the box office- a mediocre movie at best - I'm gonna be so angry.

  • Mary Catherine
    Mary Catherine 3 months ago

    Hawkeye was really good in this. But I will miss Clint even more in Infinity War now, as that was a much better movie.

  • KLR-Zoomie
    KLR-Zoomie 3 months ago

    No one seems to mention Star Lord.

  • Chris Herber
    Chris Herber 3 months ago

    I agree with you 100%. I would still rate it as a 9 but it could have been a 10 without CM and maybe more heart from Thor. I liked where they went at first with him but he should have been a little more focused after his trip to Asgard.

  • david billings
    david billings 3 months ago +1

    ok just got back and endgame is NOT worth spoiling. it is the most screwed up marvel movie of all with glaring plot holes. i was wondering why i was seeing videos about why you shouldn't care about plot hole it was damage control for this worthless movie. i didn't even care enough to want to talk bad about it. they went heavy on the preposterous and the smothered it in lip service and a heavy helping of emotion. i also didn't care enough to watch any of the end credits .i am done with marvel i wont give them one more penny i earn.

  • everyone
    everyone 3 months ago +2

    This felt like Ant-Man 3. I love Ant-Man!

  • tom black
    tom black 3 months ago

    R u still bitching like an old women about her ....when in fuck r u going to be a man ?

  • Edgy Guy
    Edgy Guy 3 months ago

    I like how he perceives End Game being too long "when you're watching it for the 3rd or 4th time..." Yeah, what were the Russo Bros. thinking? We gotta think of the hardcore fans watching this over and over and over again...

  • Fil Arkonus
    Fil Arkonus 3 months ago +1

    I mostly agree with your assessment. Though I was a bit disappointed at Hulk's story arc mostly happening between movies. I won't say more because Spoilers. I look forward to the spoiler review.

  • The Feral Wolf
    The Feral Wolf 3 months ago

    These are my thought's. They killed off or retired any character that would have overshadowed Brie and the next MCU phases characters. It reminds me of my love affair with the season one of the Macross saga aka (Robotech) anime from the 80s.... When that series ended with earth decimation I held my breath for what was to come after, and what came was a poorly constructed story minus my favourite characters. I don't not like this film, and I couldn't hate it if I tried too. Its a movie packed with fan service and decent send-off are I suppose.
    "But I will be retiring with my favourite characters, and not returning for more. Let's hope the DCEU and Joker film will embrace me warmly."
    It's off to the kiddies and the SJW's and whomever else the storyteller want to court

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist 3 months ago

    Not "Oh shit guys, we invented time travle, lets go get the infinity stones and unsnap shit so we end up with poverty and faminin and all that jazz yet again cos 50% more life in the universe is always fun"


  • VaughnJogVlog
    VaughnJogVlog 3 months ago

    “I’ll be seeing it again” words or a crazy person. How bad is your memory and little of value you have of your time that you need to see a movie twice in a day?

  • bambubambubambu
    bambubambubambu 3 months ago +1

    Saw it today and it was amazing. I was kinda worried about Captain Marvel being in it too, but I didn't mind how they used her at all. Great to see the major MCU characters get a chance to shine.

  • Xen1701
    Xen1701 3 months ago

    mmmh, is that the film where dshöwreo sacrifices ^^it^^ self for he team? It was not that bad.

  • Addicted to the Crusade

    I couldn't believe how boring this movie was.

  • Fraser Manley
    Fraser Manley 3 months ago

    Be a bit more mindful of your titles. The film just came out, we're all looking forward to seeing it and there's nothing worse than coming across someone's negative title when scrolling through TheXvid. I'd rather go in with hype than doubt.

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 3 months ago

    Saw it early on Thursday I wont spoil anything, Endgame was very good my own theory was confirmed so I was very happy, yes some big holes in the movie, but overall it was very good but tbh I thought it Infinity War was overall a better movie but still close, Brie don't like her doesn't play a character at all, but man all I can say is RIP these movies in the future outside of a couple here and there like the upcoming Spider-man, if they do what they very heavily suggest they are doing wow Major RIP will skip most of them outside of a handful like I said. Most of the pay offs were good but some weren't at all or mixed. Loved Hawkeye they made him a badass for once just how it should be.

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson 3 months ago

    Think about every change marvel has made in the books over the last few years that have caused hundreds of comic shops to shut down from lack of interest. Then prepare yourself, cause almost all of it was shoe horned into this film. End Game isn't the problem..the next 5 movies will be. You're right though ,the likes of this run won't be seen again becase the baby was just thrown out with the bath water.

  • FSK1138
    FSK1138 3 months ago

    why wasn't storm breakers handle dusted in the snap ?

  • Dave Ellerton
    Dave Ellerton 3 months ago

    tbh, i prefered the Captain Marvel movie

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 3 months ago

    I’m not going to post any spoilers but just say that larsons roll wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it had the potential to be.

  • Dave Ellerton
    Dave Ellerton 3 months ago

    "it has a better ending, sure" well ofc it does, infinity war had no ending

  • law jackson
    law jackson 3 months ago

    Many thanks for this

  • Dirceu Santos
    Dirceu Santos 3 months ago

    "I am Iron man" best battlecry for those watched the movie

  • Darth Skell
    Darth Skell 3 months ago

    I was a little disappointed with Thor Aldo

  • Darth Skell
    Darth Skell 3 months ago

    @nerdrotic Way to critical slow parts are character and plot build up .

  • david billings
    david billings 3 months ago

    i haven't seen it yet but everything i hear tells me this is the end of marvel movies for me

  • Tim Gooding
    Tim Gooding 3 months ago

    I like the comic book Hulk and didn't like the way he was portrayed in this final movie. The key talents of both Banner and the Hulk seemed muted.

  • ALoonwolf
    ALoonwolf 3 months ago

    Highly recommended: Watch the first 10, 20 or 30 minutes or so of this film for free online BEFORE you agree to pay for it. You might just change your mind and think it's a tedious film full of people whining and moaning and doing stupid things. FOR THREE HOURS??!? Ugh, no thanks, the first 30 minutes was bad enough!

  • Ensign Ricky
    Ensign Ricky 3 months ago

    I am happy to hear they did not accidentally wipe the entire MCU from existance. Thanks for the hope!

  • Rode123
    Rode123 3 months ago +1

    After finishing watching the film late night (around 2:00 am), I agree 100% that Infinity War is much better than Endgame. Do not get me wrong: Endgame was enjoyable and had fantastic moments. However, this film made me ask questions with the choices they made with certain characters (Thor, Hulk, & Thanos) & the overall time travel plot. The conclusions with regards to Black Widow, Captain America, & Iron Man can be debatable & a little forced but it is more nitpicking than problems. Overall, I had a wonderful time. I think 8.5 out of 10 is fair & reasonable score. I really wanted Endgame to be a wonderful & satisfying conclusion to the original Avengers. But, this film felt like “The Return of Jedi” of Avengers films. Great & Exciting but could have been executed better. At least Infinity War is “The Empire Strikes Back” of Avengers films.

  • Eric Kron
    Eric Kron 3 months ago

    Maybe not the most popular opinion, but I liked how the haircut looked. Her longer hair looked like a rat's nest with loose strands everywhere. I liked her part in the film. It was appropriately done despite the shoehorning.

  • Paul Kane
    Paul Kane 3 months ago

    I enjoyed Ant Man, Ant Man and The Wasp, Civil War (I'm in the minority, I know), so I'm glad to hear Paul Rudd got to shine in the Finale.

  • BlackRobin71
    BlackRobin71 3 months ago

    I know the cringe scene you are referring to. It had my eyes rolling into the back of my skull!!!

  • Hywel Sharp
    Hywel Sharp 3 months ago

    I agree with the length, but in a way the slow build up was a good thing. I went with my fiancé who knows little of the characters and she liked that the beginning was a useful intro to them and their motivation for her, so by the end she was cheering with the rest of us.👍

  • Shawn D
    Shawn D 3 months ago

    Going tonight could not go last due to my daughters confirmation. Excited!

  • nathan madden
    nathan madden 3 months ago

    "needing to go jaloja" nice orville reference there

  • Valkilrie
    Valkilrie 3 months ago +1

    Hulk reminded me too much of Wreck it Ralph.

  • Sam U. Rai
    Sam U. Rai 3 months ago

    I'm sorry. For me it was Thor and hulk that were disappointing. Right no spoilers...

  • Steven Klimecky
    Steven Klimecky 3 months ago

    I have that Team-up comic! Although I was fairly well into comics by that point. My first comics go back to the 15 cent Gold Key editions of Dark Shadows, as well as Turok: son of Stone, and Magnus: Robot Fighter.

  • de Maddin
    de Maddin 3 months ago

    Thats all i need to know, thanks

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check 3 months ago

    Banner is not the main character we wanted to see but the Hulk raging!
    My first comic book collections were started at Cornet Newsstand and The House of Armand in
    Oceanside, Ca.
    down the way from San Marcos.
    Was that the 7 Eleven by Palomar College?

  • Alex Roman
    Alex Roman 3 months ago

    10? I was going for 9.5 then i dropped to 8.0 too because of a plot hole and a scene that made me almost puke. But like you said, its an instant and then its gone. Done with MCU though. I'm gonna watch their movies as stand alone films. And Im willing to go to cinema for Spiderman and Dr Strange. Dont really care for the rest of them since Marvel is going the SJW route. I don't like that, but those who do must enjoy themselves.

  • Robert Plestenjak
    Robert Plestenjak 3 months ago

    Great news! Now I'm REALLY exited.