Amanat Episode 18 - Presented By Brite [Subtitle Eng] - 25th January 2022 - ARY Digital Drama

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • Amanat Episode 18 - Presented By Brite - 25th January 2022 - ARY Digital Drama
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    Amanat is a story based on values and principles. Zarar is caretaking his friends’ wife upon his request. In the wake of his sudden death, Zarar is left with no choice but to marry her to provide shelter and security. However, Zarar’s love interest, out of revenge, marries his younger brother.
    Written By: Rukhsana Nigar
    Directed By: Shahid Shafaat
    Urwa Hocane ,
    Imran Abbas,
    Saboor Aly,
    Haroon Shahid,
    Srha Asghar
    Salman Saeed
    Shehryar Zaidi
    Saba Hameed
    Zainab Qayyum
    Gohar Rasheed
    Asad Siddiqui
    Saima Siddiqui
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  • ARY Digital
    ARY Digital  3 months ago +174

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    • Ajay Lama
      Ajay Lama 2 months ago

      @Relaxing music uuDududuufsfdufuudduudddzfududsuzsfdf

    • Amaam Amaan
      Amaam Amaan 2 months ago

      I @Relaxing music

    • Mahnoor's W0rld
      Mahnoor's W0rld 3 months ago +1

      *Junaid Ki KOi Life Hai JisNe JO Kaha Maann Liya JisNe Jaisa Chaaha Waisa Kar Diya...* 😡😡😡😡😡🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨

    • Agha Arshad
      Agha Arshad 3 months ago

      19 episode kiu upload nahi o raha ?

    • Ätïf Mayo
      Ätïf Mayo 3 months ago


  • itz Mr Sami
    itz Mr Sami 3 months ago +101

    "There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character,"
    Prophet Muhammad SAW ❤️💖💗

  • Tuba
    Tuba 3 months ago +65

    Zarar is also blind, He doesn't trust Maher, and he melts when he sees Zuni's crocodile tears.

  • itz Mr Sami
    itz Mr Sami 3 months ago +52

    "There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character,"
    Prophet Muhammad SAW ❤️💖💗

  • Aleha
    Aleha  3 months ago +129

    Its disgusting the way Samra's husband is talking to Samra. Not only that but he has dumped her back at her parents like wth, don't need these type of husband's. The guy has no respect for her or love or care for their unborn child and she's like begging him to take her back home 🙄🤦‍♀️

    • hassana
      hassana 3 months ago

      Amanat n mohobat daagh ko surat fazul tareen drama

    • Aleha
      Aleha  3 months ago +3

      @R He more or less told her he was divorcing her! I was like wth because of his evil sister. Yeah these types of marriages you would be walking on eggshells all your life. What type of life is that?!

    • Muse Magritte
      Muse Magritte 3 months ago +2

      I agree with you completely.

    • R
      R 3 months ago +7

      Not many people here talk about Raheel's behaviour, it's disgusting. Every other episode he sends Samra to her home, even whilst being pregnant. I don't get why people get in these marriage exchanges with such conditions (if one marriage ends, so does the other one?)

  • Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh
    Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh 3 months ago +139

    Wow Such N entertaining episode Meher herself couldn't understand that she's pregnant after 4months of pregnancy Doctor told her so unrealistic Writer making the viewers mad 🤬😡🤣🤣

    • Sunita Prasad
      Sunita Prasad Month ago

      enke paas khud ka dimaag Nahe hota .had hai

    • T k
      T k 3 months ago

      @Anju Verma arrey yr meher ko weakness hogyi thi toh zuni uski friend jo doctor hai usko jhoot bolke galt dawayi De deti thi toh bechari meher ko kaise pata chalega aur jo woh doctor uski check up ki thi usne bhi meher se sach chupa kar rakha

    • Anju Verma
      Anju Verma 3 months ago +1

      @Fizza Adnan to period ka to pta hi hota h ki 4 month se period mis ho rhe h itna to hota hi h hr ldki me ki period mis kyo ho rhe h or married ldki ko to jyada hona chahiye yha mjak ho gyi sb k sath 2 month ka to frr bhi man le 4 month mjak ho gya😂😂

    • Priyanka Rao
      Priyanka Rao 3 months ago +1

      Actually hota hai rare cases me.. Meri bhabhi ko 5th month tk pata nhi chala tha na vomit na weakness na pet dikha kuch bhi nhi.. Periods miss hone par Pregnancy test kiya to bhi negative aaya or to or doctor ne check kiya tb bhi report me nhi aaya..or bhabhi ne socha pregnancy bhi nhi hai to period q nhi aa rha to unhone periods ki tak dawa li thi bt na periods aaya or baby ko bhi kuch nhi hua..Or 5th month me sonoghaphy me aaya k wo pregnant hai..Hota hai aisa mene personally dekha hai..

    • S Brahvii
      S Brahvii 3 months ago

      Itna assan pregnancy sub ka ho hum tho pagal hogai thy pregnancy mai

  • tarheel715
    tarheel715 3 months ago +34

    Well at least one good thing happened, Mehr FINALLY knows she's pregnant. Even though it's impossible for me to believe she could be pregnant nearly 5 months and STILL not know. Sure she's a newlywed, but she's also a woman. She would've realized well before now on her own.
    Meanwhile, first Zunera, now her uncle. Everyone is trying to kill Mehr's baby before he gets here without any concern for Mehr and what she wants. It's disgusting. And I hope at some point it occurs to Mehr that if she's so far along, then the other doctor she went to, Zunera's friend should've realized she was pregnant from the bloodwork she ordered.
    I'm so disappointed in Zarar. After everything that has happened, all the ways he's been mistreated, for him to turn around and do the same thing to Mehr on a baseless allegation he knows in his heart doesn't make any sense. And to fall for Zunera's constant whining. The girl is giving me a headache with her nasally whining. It's one thing for Zunera's family to pretend they don't know what a manipulative pathological liar she is, but Zarar's family have seen her in action over and over again and yet they fall for her lies anyway.
    No one thinks it strange how one minute she's threatening to kill herself and then the next she's perfectly fine, walking around? Always trying to make herself sound like a victim, going on about everything she suffers.
    Honestly, if it weren't for the baby, I don't know if I would want Mehr and Zarar back together. He doesn't even seem to care where she is or if she's okay.

  • Endless Relaxation
    Endless Relaxation 3 months ago +139

    Junaid is the only sensible member of that toxic family, yet he also started this whole mess.

    • Taisha O
      Taisha O 7 days ago

      So true his jealousy did this but both families are crazy!

    • showbiz ticker
      showbiz ticker 3 months ago +1


  • Naeem Khan
    Naeem Khan 3 months ago +195

    Four months pregnancy and nobody knows even madam is also unaware about it what a joke. This is the weakness of script. 😂😂😂

    • Jarina khatun Ansari
      Jarina khatun Ansari 2 months ago

      Yah same think🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Naeem Khan
      Naeem Khan 3 months ago

      @Mariyam Yoomaone question are you Miss or Mrs. than I will reply your comments

    • T k
      T k 3 months ago

      Zoni took her to doctor in episode 13 and zoni made plan to not reveal the truth about meher pregnancy with her doctor friend. She cheated her and made plan

    • Shazadi Taranum
      Shazadi Taranum 3 months ago


    • Indu Dhakal
      Indu Dhakal 3 months ago

      exactly 🤣🤣

  • D Kal
    D Kal 3 months ago +47

    Story is getting interesting again.. I can’t wait when everyone will find out about usual Zaraar and Meher are looking so handsome and beautiful 😍 ❤️

  • Shilpa Panjwani
    Shilpa Panjwani 3 months ago +266

    What I find most funniest is when Mehr was unwell unke father in law ne ek bhi baar unhe check nahin kiya.. Zooni ke bimaar hote hi woh doctor ban gaye😀
    Samra hospital pahunch gayi but Dr Dad wahan par bhi nahin hain😂

  • Ali Hamza With Aoun
    Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago +79

    Imran Abbas And Urwa Hussain Looks Amazing Together 💯❤️👑☑️🌹⭐💎😘 They Should Be More Dramas Togather Because This One Is A Very Fabolous Couple 👌😍👍😍✨🌠🔥🔥

    • T k
      T k 3 months ago

      @Ali Hamza With Aoun you wrote correct only hussain don't know why he was telling you not to write hussain

    • Ali Hamza With Aoun
      Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago

      @Naeem Khan Ok bro I really don't know about that. Thank you so much

    • Naeem Khan
      Naeem Khan 3 months ago

      Sorry to say when Urwa was in UK her foreign friends called her HOCANE which is infact Hussain. Now when she got divorce and back to Pakistan she again called herself HUSSAIN. So please you also not write and call Hocane the correct pronunciation is HUSSAIN.

  • Pervin1960 Irani
    Pervin1960 Irani 3 months ago +108

    Moral of the story do not ever marry in same family

    • I.A Lee
      I.A Lee 3 months ago

      @Wei Young ooooo.. Ok2... I understand.. Thanks for your explanation.. ☺️☺️☺️

    • Wei Young
      Wei Young 3 months ago

      @I.A Lee, in Pakistan there is joint family system. So, the middle class people try to find the marriage proposals from within the family like daughter /son of aunt.

    • I.A Lee
      I.A Lee 3 months ago

      @A D I T I can someone explain.. I can't understand 😅😅I'm not form Pakistan... 🙏 Sorry..

    • A D I T I
      A D I T I 3 months ago +1

      Nhi yrr... Moral ye hai ki har koi apna sochta hai apno ki fikar chod kr

    • I.A Lee
      I.A Lee 3 months ago

      Yeah.. Absolutely.. But.. I seen in pakistani series mostly married in same families.. Brother sister cousin..

  • Noha Ge
    Noha Ge 3 months ago +151

    without self respect why Junaid sister wants to continue her marriage ? 😭

  • Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh
    Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh 3 months ago +137

    Saboor is doing cheap overacting not fit for this role confused when she laugh & when she cries expressions R funny dressing also weird & her character Zuni is horrible still nobody couldn't find about her conspiracies 😂🤣😆😆

    • Shila Nishad-Singh
      Shila Nishad-Singh 3 months ago +1

      Another episode passed this week, watched everything except saboor's and babar's dialogues. Waiting for imran's eyes to open and realise the truth.

    • Shabnam Shaikh
      Shabnam Shaikh 3 months ago +2

      Absolutely right

    • Pratistha Lama
      Pratistha Lama 3 months ago +2

      Acting bhi nahi Saboor ke aur kitni badsurat dikhaya hai

    • Falak Khalidi
      Falak Khalidi 3 months ago +1


    • Gem A B
      Gem A B 3 months ago +2

      You are right.

  • Ali Hamza With Aoun
    Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago +10

    Pakistani Dramas Are Symbol Of Decency And Especially This " Amanat " 💯❤️👑☑️🌹⭐💎😘. The Writer, Production Team And Whole Cast Are Super Masters In Their Respective Fields 👍❤️. How Amazing And Beautifully Written All Dialogues By Writer.. 💯👍❤️👑☑️💎👌

    • Ali Hamza With Aoun
      Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago

      @PeacePlease! its my choice whatever i want to do .

    • A D I T I
      A D I T I 3 months ago

      Bohat hi negativity dikhane lga hai ye drama 🙌

    • PeacePlease!
      PeacePlease! 3 months ago +1

      Ali Ham without sense: Your portrait picture explains why your mind is not thinking like an adult with a grown brain, and why you come up with these childish comments. Maybe could spend more time reading & less time writing "nonsense".

  • Abdul Wadood
    Abdul Wadood 3 months ago +16

    Imran Abbas And Urwa Hocane Looks Amazing Together 💯❤️👑☑️🌹⭐💎😘 They Should Be More Dramas Togather Because This One Is A Very Fabolous Couple 👌😍👍😍✨🌠🔥🔥

    NAZIYA BEGUM 3 months ago +16

    In the drama meher chacha's role is amazing

  • Abdullah musaib
    Abdullah musaib 3 months ago +79

    رزق کا ملنا تمہاری قابلیت نہیں
    بلکہ رب کی عطا ہے ❤️❤️

  • Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan 3 months ago +125

    Junaid ki asli heroine a Gai ha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • afzal mokarram
    afzal mokarram 3 months ago +108

    Ya Allah Un Dilon Ko Sukoon De Jinhe Tere Siwa Sunne Wala Koi Nahi Hai. 💞🥀

  • Falak Akram
    Falak Akram 3 months ago +49

    The chemistry of meher and zarar is osm
    I am loving it 😍😍

    • Falak Akram
      Falak Akram 3 months ago +1

      I know but they r separate only in this episode otherwise zarar had always supported her in l the previous episodes 😀

    • Sneha Sharma
      Sneha Sharma 3 months ago +1

      Bina trust kon si chemistry,😂😂😂

  • hack star gamer ff
    hack star gamer ff 3 months ago +9

    Billion of books but quran Majeed is tha best ❤️💕❤️💕💕

  • N Chaud
    N Chaud 3 months ago +10

    It’s so annoying the way that Raheel takes out his frustration with what is happening with his sister out on his own wife Sanmra just because she’s from the same family. It’s so cheap

  • Nomi hashimi
    Nomi hashimi 3 months ago +34

    Start of this play was good
    But last few episodes are v Poorly directed
    So many flaws ....
    Seriously disappointed

  • Muhammed Zubair
    Muhammed Zubair 3 months ago +54

    Kis kis ko NABI SAW 💖 ka umati hone per fakhar hai 🧡 Me 💕💕💕

  • Susan Charles
    Susan Charles 3 months ago +24

    What sort of foolishness is that that a brother is blaming his wives brothers and using that as a basis for divorcing his wife while his own sister is doing all the scheming ....what rubbish

  • ruksana iftekhar
    ruksana iftekhar 3 months ago +27

    It is amazing zaraar blindly trust Zooni when he knows her nature very well stubborn obsessive self centered unempathic snd he knows Meher as well that she is not a bad girl
    But in one second gets manipulated by zooni
    No one tries to give second thought to what Junaid is telling or Meher
    Never do two marriages in one family alway SC turns a disaster I have seen several cases
    People never try to learn a lesson

  • SAB Azadar
    SAB Azadar 3 months ago +57

    Millions of books but QURAN MAJEED ❤ is the greatest holy book for duniya wa aakhirat.

  • Rahul Verma
    Rahul Verma 3 months ago +53

    Whoever is reading this comment, no matter where you are right now I wish you and your family always happy, healthy and a peaceful life ahead. Love from India 🇮🇳🙏🏿❤️😊 love imran abbas.

  • Ali Hamza With Aoun
    Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago +32

    Urwa Did A Fantastic Job In This Role 💯❤️👑☑️🌹⭐💎😘 She Is A Versatile Actress And She Can Do Any Kind Of Role Very Beautifully And Brilliantly 😍😍😍 She Nailed This Role Too 💯

    TRANCE4ME 🎧 3 months ago +82

    Zooni or is ki poori family dmaghi mreez hey 😂 mujhe to hansi a rahi ke Zooni ka husband voice recording kuin nahi karta 😆 😂

    • Anita Chandel
      Anita Chandel 3 months ago

      Sahi baat hai 😀👍

    • Sattar Ali
      Sattar Ali 3 months ago

      Sahi kaha bhai ...kiya dimag lagaya Hain apne

    • Asif Rasheed
      Asif Rasheed 3 months ago +2

      Junida ka b damgh km nhe krta zuni k samny

    • Nazima Jan
      Nazima Jan 3 months ago


    • D Kal
      D Kal 3 months ago +1

      Drama kaise chalega

  • mdaamer sohail
    mdaamer sohail 3 months ago +14

    Malik saabs intense role is awesome 🔥

  • Ali Hamza With Aoun
    Ali Hamza With Aoun 3 months ago +21

    Imran Abbas Did A Fantastic Job In This Role 💯❤️👑☑️🌹⭐💎😘 He Is A Versatile Actor And He Can Do Any Kind Of Role Very Beautifully And Brilliantly 😍😍😍He Nailed This Role Too 💯He Is A Super Star Of Pakistani Drama Industry 💯❤️👑🌹

  • Thariq
    Thariq 3 months ago +38

    Finally mehr pregnancy revealed. Alhamdulillah

  • Priencess 143
    Priencess 143 3 months ago +24

    Mujhe pakistani drama bohat bohat psnd hai 🥰🥰😘😘love from India ♥️

  • Ghulam Rasool  غلام رسول

    The role of Zunaira in this drama is a total irritation and nothing else…. Cheap 😭

    • Zakir khattak
      Zakir khattak 3 months ago

      Pehli baar dek rha hu k ph.D bnda be drame dek rha ha

  • Syco King
    Syco King 3 months ago +333

    Zunaira overacting jyada ho rhi ha 😠😠😠😠😠

  • My Beautiful Edits
    My Beautiful Edits 3 months ago +111

    Zunii pe gussa aaraha h Buhat 😡😡😡

  • Rubina Jabeen
    Rubina Jabeen 3 months ago +9

    I Love All Pakistani Serials...Being a Indian ..I Like Pakistani Serials A Lot....There acting is so perfect , No Extra Drama.

  • aimal shaikh
    aimal shaikh 3 months ago +28

    i just cant wait for the where the real face of zuni comes infront of zarar

  • sz
    sz 3 months ago +5

    Pretty soon we will have yellow and orange lights flickering over the actors as mode of emotions!

  • Maryam Azam
    Maryam Azam 3 months ago +4

    Please make episode 19 available in the uk!!

  • Malaika Kauser
    Malaika Kauser 3 months ago +10

    Just watch Zarar won’t stop thinking about Meher and will want her back just watch and watching Imran act again is the best 😍🔥

  • F Z
    F Z 3 months ago +16

    This is called the waste of cast and dragging of 1 or 2 episode drama over so many. Dressing of Sajal Ali’s sister, Imran Abbas should think about selecting the script, waste of Humayoon Saeed’s brother, though he appears to have potential, Babur Ali-poor script and completely not fitting into character, Imran Abbas’s younger brother is the only one coming little strong with time, both his acting and character. And the most pathetic thing is that I am still watch it 😂😂

    • Kitty
      Kitty 3 months ago +1

      My opinion too.

    • Saba Sarfraz
      Saba Sarfraz 3 months ago +1

      😂😂😂😂 same

  • S. H. Naqvi
    S. H. Naqvi 3 months ago +16

    Don't understand whether Zunaira's character is more irritating or her voice

  • Abdullah musaib
    Abdullah musaib 3 months ago +18

    Junaid de deta zooni ko talaq
    To masla hi hal hojata 😂

  • Princess
    Princess 3 months ago +13

    Meher ki chachi adorable 😍

  • Syco King
    Syco King 3 months ago +74

    Mehar ki chachi kitni achi hn 😍😍😍

  • hadia diza
    hadia diza 3 months ago +12

    So sad about Raheel behaviour toward his wife.
    He shouldn't give punishment to her without knowing the fact about his ill manner sister. Why did so judge her?

  • Manik
    Manik 3 months ago +68

    Everyone knows how zuneera behave, talks and manipulates but still in-laws are blind folded.

    • Manik
      Manik 3 months ago

      But this new trend of not seeing the truth and not using logic’s is great in fashion. Clarity and simplicity is no where near humans

    • Pari S
      Pari S 3 months ago +2

      yes esp Zarar who is the first one ready to think worst of his wife but shamelessly is always talking to Zuni

    • showbiz ticker
      showbiz ticker 3 months ago


    • D Kal
      D Kal 3 months ago +4

      They are just thinking about their daughter

  • Sona Shezada
    Sona Shezada 3 months ago +5

    What a personality of Malik sahab 😉

  • Abrar Hussain
    Abrar Hussain 3 months ago +18

    جب انسان پہ بُرا وقت آتا ہے تو سایہ بھی ساتھ چھوڑ جاتا ہے
    کیا خوب بات کی ہے ملک صاحب نے❤️

  • Mr. & Mrs. Adi's Vlogs
    Mr. & Mrs. Adi's Vlogs 3 months ago +37

    جتنے شوق سے ہم ڈرامے دیکھتے ہیں کاش اتنے شوق سے ہم نماز بھی پڑھنے لگ جائیں.آمین

  • Ammara Food Secrets
    Ammara Food Secrets 3 months ago +161

    ‏دنیا کے وہ واحد لیڈر
    جنہوں نے 63 سال عمر پائی اور زندگی میں کبھی جھوٹ نہیں بولا
    وہ اللہ کے آخری رسول محمدﷺ ہیں.❤️❤️

  • Mamy Shariff
    Mamy Shariff 3 months ago +21

    So Junaid can't record her when she's going off at him and make the parents listen I mean she is clear and loud with him

  • Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh
    Ãyîìshåãh Fátëmāâh 3 months ago +16

    Zarar was the most favourite character since beginning but nowadays it's a dumb foolish senseless character so blindly trusting in Zooni even aware about her nature too 😂🤣😡🤬

    • Hilltown Mama
      Hilltown Mama 3 months ago +1

      @Maiema Eliu 😅 i guess my ammi is right. people do change so don't dump all your trust on one person. leave some for yourself and leave most of your trust in the hands of your god.

    • Maiema Eliu
      Maiema Eliu 3 months ago

      Its not trust, its

  • Zahra et Abdullah
    Zahra et Abdullah 2 months ago +1

    Zunira I can give her 10/10 acting hhhh she deceived everyone 😂

  • Jazz Leen
    Jazz Leen 3 months ago +20

    Urwa Hocane is so beautiful 😭❤️

  • Altamash Bahu
    Altamash Bahu 3 months ago +15

    We want 2 episode in one week

  • Jahangir Rejja
    Jahangir Rejja 3 months ago +37

    I love this drama from India only for lmran Abbas sir.

  • Princess
    Princess 3 months ago +28

    Only for imran Abbas 😘😍

  • Ak Pathan
    Ak Pathan 3 months ago +38

    Saboor apni shadi me itni busy thi ki shooting me kapde change krne ka time mila😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Q friends kis kis ne ye notice ki..........

    • Shahil Ansari
      Shahil Ansari 3 months ago +1

      Maul mein kapde kharidne gai Junaid ke sath tu Kitna drama kiya tha green sut main pura episode bana Diya shooting ke dauran kapde change karne ka time nahin mila bechari ko

    • Shahil Ansari
      Shahil Ansari 3 months ago


    • Shahil Ansari
      Shahil Ansari 3 months ago

      Right 👍👍

    • Ak Pathan
      Ak Pathan 3 months ago +1

      @Maryam with Mama mean 2 hi kapde h green aur dark brown bs

    • Maryam with Mama
      Maryam with Mama 3 months ago


  • Remy Dhaliwal
    Remy Dhaliwal 3 months ago +12

    I love this drama from india

  • stream UGH
    stream UGH 3 months ago +2

    this was an exciting drama i was looking forward to seeing what would happen but lord it sucks

  • My Beautiful Edits
    My Beautiful Edits 3 months ago +51

    Nice Actor Haroon Shahid 👍👍

  • Neha Mangla 2208
    Neha Mangla 2208 3 months ago +32

    without self respect why zunaid sister wants to continue her marriage

    TANI KHAN♧ 3 months ago +2

    Full episode please 🙏🙏🙏

  • KitchenFlameKF
    KitchenFlameKF 3 months ago +25

    Aapka mazak banane wale to bahut milte hai but sath dene wale ""na k baraber""😭❣️

  • Aalim Azad
    Aalim Azad 3 months ago +2

    Beautiful drama ❤❤

  • True Stuff
    True Stuff 3 months ago +2

    It's funny how in every episode within a few seconds Zunaira and her mother in law's hair and outfit keep changing back and forth. Bullsh**t that Mehr didn't know she's pregnant. The ball barely even touched her lol.. just like the broken glass time. She is a drama queen just like Zunaira.

  • Rizwan Shah 🇮🇳
    Rizwan Shah 🇮🇳 3 months ago +7

    Excited next episode 😍

  • Rafay Faruki
    Rafay Faruki 3 months ago +53

    Uff ya saboor🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮dekh kr hi ulti ati hy isko🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Ghulam Muhammad
      Ghulam Muhammad 3 months ago

      Blkul bht buri lg ri

    • mairy
      mairy 3 months ago

      Shadi me over acting 🎭 kitni ki

  • Karam Chaudhary
    Karam Chaudhary 3 months ago +12

    I love this Amanat name 😎😎😎🖤 and urwa so sweet mam

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