I Tried Police Academy

  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of training like a recruit at San Diego Police Academy. Go follow my Instagram to see everything we don't show on TheXvid! michellekhare
    Thank you to San Diego Police Department! Learn more and follow them:
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  • Alyssa L
    Alyssa L 24 minutes ago

    My dad is a cop

  • Makayla Magnuson
    Makayla Magnuson 49 minutes ago

    she would be an AMAZING cop

  • Cal Knudsen
    Cal Knudsen Hour ago

    1 out of 5 cops can do the obstacle course 🍩

  • Sara Widdows
    Sara Widdows Hour ago

    I think it would be interesting to see you try training at a fast-paced language institute. I did this back when I was in the military. It was extremely challenging, but also very rewarding learning a new language and culture in a short period of time.

  • Thys Blouw
    Thys Blouw Hour ago

    Try firefighter training

  • Alison U
    Alison U Hour ago

    Thank you for your service officers. People think that cops are bad, but there are bad and good people in everything.

  • Javier Weatherspoon
    Javier Weatherspoon 2 hours ago

    I could feel the professionalism in this video. I’m glad both parties took the time to share this.

  • Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer 2 hours ago

    I liked the content but I took great offense to the use of footage from HEAT to illustrate your interpretation of “unrealistic” gun fights. Firstly, let us not forget that Val Kilmer, Dennis Haysbert and Tom Sizemore were killed in that confrontation. Second, that downtown gun battle was drawn from a real life event in the 90s where bank robbery suspects donned full ballistic armor and laid waste to L.A. for hours before they were eventually stopped. Lastly, at my age 39, I’d estimate I’ve put 100s of thousands of rounds down range in my lifetime as a firearms enthusiast and, yes firearms are much more difficult to be proficient with than TVs and movies would lead one to believe but most officers are trained to fire until their weapon is empty.. I wish that cops were held accountable for each and every bullet they sent but that was said for PR purposes. You helped law enforcement with yet another propaganda campaign

  • Desiree Laguna
    Desiree Laguna 2 hours ago

    ah ha ha

  • Jaykob
    Jaykob 2 hours ago

    Can you do a first-responders series? I would love to see you as a fire fighter or an EMT. I always wanted to be a first responder, This video inspired a bit more! : )

  • Zeneida R Hernandez
    Zeneida R Hernandez 2 hours ago

    I work as an EMT and I think you should do a EMT and firefighter because first responders deserve attention.

  • Antonio Gaytan
    Antonio Gaytan 3 hours ago

    Yeah number one ranked because they are strap up like the military not to forget its a military city

  • Anita Gomez
    Anita Gomez 4 hours ago

    The big guy is having way too much fun tazing you 😬

  • Mystrangeaddiction 09
    Mystrangeaddiction 09 5 hours ago +1

    Being pepper sprayed sucks , did you over react: yes

  • Marcie
    Marcie 6 hours ago

    I love this video. Gave me a newfound respect for police officers.

  • Sasha Gallaway
    Sasha Gallaway 9 hours ago

    Yah, it could be confusing if a few of the thousands of police officers serving in the US were bad people.

  • Deborah Benton
    Deborah Benton 10 hours ago


  • SeriousGamer753
    SeriousGamer753 10 hours ago

    dat aaaass

    ʸᵉˢ ⁱ ᵃᵐ ⁱᵐᵐᵃᵗᵘʳᵉ

  • Menca
    Menca 11 hours ago

    Oil really helps to clean out the pepper spray ;) Water doesn't clean that much as oil, of course water helps

  • Ashley Pressler
    Ashley Pressler 11 hours ago

    Just graduated from Correctional Officer Academy and got pepper sprayed about 3 weeks ago. Can confirm. It sucks.

  • EndercometYT
    EndercometYT 11 hours ago

    I wish we could still think of the Hong Kong Police this way, but unfortunately we can't anymore as the police are literally shooting and attacking civilians

  • Tails
    Tails 13 hours ago

    can you do an episode for stunt driving? I think that would be awesome

  • Z Nation Crazy ❤😍
    Z Nation Crazy ❤😍 13 hours ago +1

    Michelle at 0:17 is the REASON I’m bi’

  • Jemimah E. Olive
    Jemimah E. Olive 14 hours ago

    Hi Michelle, I love your challenge accepted videos. I'd love to see you try out other emergency services such as Firefighter, ambulance, lifeguard, Search and Rescue. Thanks :)

  • Uki Kirkland
    Uki Kirkland 15 hours ago

    the pepper spray hurts like heck, you did a fantastic job with those drills, truly!

  • Scarlet Rodriguez
    Scarlet Rodriguez 15 hours ago

    If the police ever come up to me and tell me to put my hands behind my back, I would follow. Police officers only want to help the people and bring in the criminals, so if I was accused and I know that I am innocent then I don't have to stress out. The police are here for the people and if they ever come up to you, then it is important to do what they say.

  • Skull Face
    Skull Face 15 hours ago +1

    That was truly amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • Wendy Magdaleno
    Wendy Magdaleno 15 hours ago

    I wanna become a police officer and I’m nervous mostly because I am not fit at all and I need to start because I am a senior and I really want to become a detective!

  • Nasra Mohamud
    Nasra Mohamud 16 hours ago +1

    I’ve been so upset with what I’ve been seeing in the news that I truly believed that a good cop was a rare thing to find,. I legitimately get afraid when I see a police officer and I don’t think that’s how it should be. this changed that misconception and while I still don’t think I would feel comfortable as an African American calling a police officer if something went down I feel a little bit better and more sympathetic and I think that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for making this video. I hope that all of the strides made in this police department could be made all across the u.s. but sadly that’s not the case.

  • BlueHyena
    BlueHyena 16 hours ago

    She’s sparred her friend, sampled Marine boot, SD Police academy. She’s got a lot of fire in her.

  • CompleX
    CompleX 17 hours ago

    Train like a SWAT

  • Ferret Green
    Ferret Green 17 hours ago +1

    Your going to believe the media 😑

  • Maria
    Maria 18 hours ago +2

    Please do “I tried FBI academy”

  • Wiktoria Kowal
    Wiktoria Kowal 19 hours ago

    You should do training like an Olympic volleyball player

  • E Sullivan
    E Sullivan 20 hours ago

    19:30 ish... a white cop saying just comply doesn’t work when there are innocent black people being killed and excessive forced used on them for no reason. There are plenty of videos where they aren’t reaching for their waist band or some other bs excuse officers will say. #BLM

    • E Sullivan
      E Sullivan 20 hours ago

      I wish all cops were like the ones in this video.

  • VinnyI6420
    VinnyI6420 21 hour ago

    The pepper spray easily looks like the worst part.

    But also if you are gonna use your platform to fight police brutality, at least let the facts come out on the case before assuming.
    Also you should also use your platform to show the good that cops do.

  • Uncle Scam
    Uncle Scam 21 hour ago

    Pigs are worthless.

  • Anne Abounader
    Anne Abounader 21 hour ago

    good fates

  • CutelyCozy #cozysquad
    CutelyCozy #cozysquad 21 hour ago +1

    Am I the only one here who thinks that marine obstical courses look fun and don’t you tell me I can’t do them I literally climb a rope all the time and am not afraid of hights

  • Lindsey Ann sessa
    Lindsey Ann sessa 22 hours ago

    Why do u always cry.

  • hoppy5
    hoppy5 23 hours ago +1

    Sign over men's locker room door at academy: "If you're looking for love, you're in the wrong place. You should have been a firefighter". Saw for yourself it ain't so easy, especially while doing it in a fishbowl where everybody watching thinks they know how to do your job better than you do and will happily tell you that at the drop of a hat. Good job Michelle. LAPD Ret.

  • Nutty_Squirrel
    Nutty_Squirrel 23 hours ago

    Police Brutality doesn’t exist, don’t break the law🙂

    • poketvenus
      poketvenus 15 hours ago

      Tell that nonsense to Charles Kinsey

  • Meyra
    Meyra Day ago

    I would die after the first sprint tbh

  • William Starkweather

    Try swat academy

  • Brandon O
    Brandon O Day ago

    I think the problem for people that get their perception of anything solely from social media is that they don't ask themselves how much of social media is real and factual or even if you can get a full story.

  • 1k .robin
    1k .robin Day ago

    Michelle is my wife 💛💛😩 so beautiful

  • Zach Psuedo
    Zach Psuedo Day ago

    She is very pretty

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis Day ago

    Just here to remind everyone that the Autopsy of Michael Brown showed that he did in fact rush police officers. Every single "eye witness" who said police shot him in the back lied under oath.

  • Rick One
    Rick One Day ago

    the end after she got sprayed reminded me of a different type of scene ;)

  • Adina Flores
    Adina Flores Day ago

    Bad ass girl.

  • DevFitzy
    DevFitzy Day ago

    Where do you go to do this type of thing?

  • Alberto Zavala
    Alberto Zavala Day ago

    not gonna lie youre so beautiful and also love your vids !

  • DenVilde
    DenVilde Day ago

    can you make a video without you having an emotional breakdown

  • Brett Thompson
    Brett Thompson Day ago

    Fuck police

  • Henrique
    Henrique Day ago

    That start was an automatic fuck off and dislike from me.

  • The Jaxson Video Blog

    You should learn to Skateboard. Learn to kickflip!

  • Aqua Juwel
    Aqua Juwel Day ago

    What really scares me about the American police is that they can actually mix religion in with their work, at least in some states, I don’t know nation wide. I think religion should be completely separate from the work, I know that many police departments have joined prayer before work and so on, that’s nuts I think, it creates a us against them mentality, not helpful in any way . And also, police training in a lot of states is so short. In the Scandinavian countries police training is 3 full years, only the best comes in, constant evaluation of the students mental state and so on, a lot of tests.

  • darius john
    darius john Day ago

    yesss police.

  • Veve Vent
    Veve Vent Day ago

    I love how educational these videos are

  • Jelly AndJam
    Jelly AndJam Day ago

    I want to be a policeman now lmao