Gordon Renovates Hotel & Owner Still Refuses To Let Kids Stay | Hotel Hell

  • Published on May 20, 2018
  • At least they give ice-cream samples now.
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  • Eric Bernick
    Eric Bernick Day ago

    By not allowing children in your hotel you are marketing exclusively to businesses travelers and are alienating a large portion of your leisure travelers. If they only have a handful of rooms then it’s not a big deal.

  • Carl Brutananadilewski
    Carl Brutananadilewski 2 days ago +1

    What a piece of shit old man.

  • Wesley Oosterbosch
    Wesley Oosterbosch 2 days ago

    The owner is still stuck in 1750.

  • Big Moose
    Big Moose 3 days ago

    Season 3 episode 5 if anyones interested.

  • DrummerBB
    DrummerBB 3 days ago

    This owner is the most ignorant and narcissistic person I've ever seen. No samples, no kids, and frozen burgers? Kids and samples are what makes I've cream parlors thrive

  • Marlene Perez
    Marlene Perez 4 days ago

    What episode is this and season?

  • gezzly72
    gezzly72 4 days ago

    Brent is the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang

  • Frost Arctica
    Frost Arctica 5 days ago

    I love his one-liner descriptions!

  • Jamie Angel
    Jamie Angel 6 days ago

    I bet his daughter had a brilliant childhood with thise 2 party poopers as parents! How do you have a kid but hate kids?

  • The Badgerah
    The Badgerah 8 days ago

    He went back to his old ways, and I guess he also failed and made some overblown scenes about somebody's kids in between the show and the inevitable closing.

  • Alex Blatte
    Alex Blatte 9 days ago

    Shouldn’t he ask these questions before he renovates the entire place

  • AlexVids
    AlexVids 10 days ago

    Stupid dumb ass. Kids are not cancer.

  • p g
    p g 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay recently surpassed 10 million subscribers! Nice!

  • Caitlin S.
    Caitlin S. 14 days ago

    Where is this???

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis 16 days ago +1

    But he didn't refuse. He said "It's a tough one, but I will give it some thought"

  • E J
    E J 16 days ago +2

    Anyone know if he ever changed his mind about allowing kids?

  • Mike Tune
    Mike Tune 18 days ago

    Those people are enough reason never to go to Chelan, Washington let alone stay in their overpriced Hotel. Screw their ice cream samples.

  • Isaac
    Isaac 18 days ago

    The description on this video is pristine

  • Leisha Young
    Leisha Young 19 days ago +1

    I don't blame him, it only takes one shithead kid (with clueless parents), to destroy an experience for EVERYONE. However, there are ways of dealing with those situations, without completely banning children altogether.

    ...and I'm all for a 'take no prisoners' attitude towards shithead kids and their lack of parental control.

    "Sir, madam, your child is creating a disturbance for the other guests, if you are unable to bring your child under control I will have to ask you to leave - we are happy to refund all of your money, but we cannot allow this disturbance to continue as it's not fair to the other guests".

    Of course they'll crack-the-shits, but who cares? It's not the kind of patronage you want, and the other guests will be sure to return because you stand by your policies, and ensure THEIR comfort.

  • Adrienne Holliday
    Adrienne Holliday 21 day ago

    He didn't reconsider. It's still adult only. A hotel in a tourist area that attracts families..... that's just bad business.

  • Curtis Plaxco
    Curtis Plaxco 22 days ago

    One day that old fart is gonna realize those KIDS are gonna grow up and someday become wealthy adults too and want a nice place to remember they stayed in and want to come back. This hotel owning asshat shouldn't have an ice cream parlor in the damn hotel if he's gonna be such a douche nozzle towards kids.

  • Indigothe Knight
    Indigothe Knight 23 days ago

    Ice cream, no kids allowed

  • Paul Delsandro
    Paul Delsandro 25 days ago

    Is not having children a crime as a business in the us no desc based on age... It's the first one

  • Ben Brooksby
    Ben Brooksby 25 days ago

    Typical Washington couple.

  • johnny67448
    johnny67448 25 days ago

    He didn't look Gordon in the eye when they parted.

  • John Hussey
    John Hussey 28 days ago

    Owners an ass...

  • Chris Kibodeaux
    Chris Kibodeaux 29 days ago

    U won’t lose a dime allowing kids!!!!! What an idiot!

  • Amy Mayville
    Amy Mayville 29 days ago

    Good for you! Who wants to be bothered by somebodys kids. I congratulate you. If you want to be with kids go to chucky cheese. Nothing ruins a good date night than some screaming, crying, annoying child. Leave them at home.

  • light saberAddiCt
    light saberAddiCt 29 days ago

    The kids are allowed in he ice cream parlor, he is speaking of the hotel upstairs. And let me tell you, a very large number of people will appreciate that since nowadays most parents let their kids scream, run around, yell and seem to be ok with it. It is just like that Steakhouse out west that wouldn't allow strollers or kids under a certain age. When you go out for a 4 star experience, you don't want to have kids screaming and yelling. His business has been doing better then ever.

  • Nick Boronda
    Nick Boronda Month ago

    Shellan is such a small community.....lol you put a diamond inside of a swamp hoping people from all over will want to see that diamond instead of any other diamond...

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe

    kids equals money that owner is a fucking idiot for nit allowing kids on his place.

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum Month ago

    They’re so fucking dumb just allow the kids you can make more money

  • Tommer Tuck
    Tommer Tuck Month ago

    What a sad old man.

  • Darlene Paul
    Darlene Paul Month ago

    Um...apparently this guy was never a kid...

  • Marie Gabrielle
    Marie Gabrielle Month ago

    Noise, gum, mess... sorry to break it to u but those things cannot only be made by children my friend... you have basically described teenagers, college students or me most of my time (and I’m over 21) lol 😂

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am Month ago

    I work at a frozen yogurt shop. By far, adults make the most messes. Children try very hard to be able to do things by themselves and try not to spill. Adults don’t give a shit. They think because I work there that it’s my job to clean up after them all the time.

  • Peaches Jackofski
    Peaches Jackofski Month ago +1

    It seriously offends me when there’s a no children rule.
    My children are well behaved when out in public, they have good manners and know how to be respectful.
    This guy is judging all children by a few he’s had a bad experience with.
    It’s like saying “no adults” because they just get drunk and be sick everywhere.
    I bet he encountered one of those, but it would be ridiculous to have a no adults rule, just because of that one.
    It’s really shallow in my opinion.

  • LogicalVelocity
    LogicalVelocity Month ago

    There should be more places that are adult only. Kids are loud and annoying.

    SMOKEY Month ago

    Just a cheap and miserable old man.

    I AM HUMAN Month ago

    there needs to be more hotels that say no kids..i have kids and grandkids..but sometimes adults want peace and quiet...any noisy adults should be made to leave also..sometimes esp on vaca..you just want quiet..and your own time..not having to share it with noisy unruly others no matter the age..quiet time is hard to find

  • MariMarianations
    MariMarianations Month ago

    Having an ice cream parlor and forbidding children from entering it is the dumbest business decision I have ever seen

  • beatleplayer1011
    beatleplayer1011 Month ago

    Did he just suggest the kids commit crime... LOL

  • Austin Neveau
    Austin Neveau Month ago

    God damn. Way too many poor excuses for proper human beings in this comment section. Stop berating someone on a decision they made when 90% of you don't own anything that sells. What if I came up to you and harshly criticized something you preferred doing but it can be done in several better ways. Jeez

  • Lost Aquarian
    Lost Aquarian Month ago

    Is there any chance I could get a sample?
    Fuck off!

  • Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

    Id be an asshole. I would rent a room then play a loud recording children at play and other noises kids can make. I hide the player. And turn it off every time he knocks. Man would think he's loosing it.

  • Tracy Gardner
    Tracy Gardner Month ago


  • Chief Tahchawwickah
    Chief Tahchawwickah Month ago +1

    So many Caucasians need to be deported and allow good people onto Native lands

  • Babylonian
    Babylonian Month ago

    No kids allowed? Best hotel ever!

  • Mister Awesome
    Mister Awesome Month ago

    Dudes probably a closet pedo

  • Taiya Hogan
    Taiya Hogan Month ago +4

    What’s the point of having an ice cream parlor if kids aren’t allowed to stay at the hotel?!?!?!

  • Heywood Trure
    Heywood Trure Month ago +1

    I will say it> This Brent is so full of shit He couldn't keep his own place clean now he says if he allows kids in hotel they will ruin the place lol yeah What a contradiction

  • give me attention
    give me attention Month ago

    me and my brothers were BAD kids, we were noisey, obnoxious, so fucking annoying even in public. but do you know what that meant for staff? my parents tipped great. i remember one time my mom gave a waitress $50 on like a $25 tab just because we made a lil bit of a mess

  • Beatrix Jones
    Beatrix Jones Month ago

    I totally get not wanting kids at your place. Parents don’t watch their children anymore. They are destructive little bastards.

  • Alexa S.
    Alexa S. Month ago

    I love that owner ! Ice cream and forbidden to kids mouhahaha I stan this. I'd stay all my life to be left da fuck alone from kids screams and mess.

  • Christian Rivas
    Christian Rivas Month ago

    I don't know, I hate staying in the hotel and hearing little fucks cry and make noise. But why have an ice cream parlor if you don't want kids in the hotel?

  • Rafa1589
    Rafa1589 Month ago

    I dunno. I think not wanting to have kids stay in your establishment can be a quite reasonable decision in general. It begs the question wether it's the right thing to do while also having an ice-cream parlor though...

  • Adishri Padiyar
    Adishri Padiyar Month ago +4

    Can we just focus for a second on how adorable it was to see Ramsay sprinkle stuff on a kid’s ice cream???

  • me thatguy
    me thatguy Month ago

    I wouldnt go anywhere near this assholes business, renovated by Gordon Ramsay or not.

  • ComeAtMeBro
    ComeAtMeBro Month ago


  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 Month ago

    And now that hotel is closed for business........!!!!!!!

  • Max Mendez
    Max Mendez Month ago

    Not true lie your losing customers

  • brenda horn
    brenda horn Month ago

    i would rather have a child in the hotel rooms then a adult, because the kid will not do anything on purpose to destroy the room unless parents have taught him to do so, where as adults the dont care, there is clean staff, so the wet towels on the carpet mean nothing even though at home they would have a bird for wet towels making carpets smell musty, or spill shit on carpets and dont care, kids at least feel guilty, i have cleaned rooms in my day, and the adults are the worst for respecting rented rooms, and if they find one hair on a pillow case they raise the roof, but they will shit and piss in a bed before a kid will

  • Papa Frank
    Papa Frank Month ago

    I would never spend money to benefit someone who has the sour attitude that this owner displays.

  • alski15
    alski15 Month ago

    Gordon, can you come renovate my apartment? Love the designs

  • Shann D
    Shann D Month ago +1

    The ice cream parlour could work if you swapped out the ice cream flavours for booze filled flavours.

  • Still Hold'n That L

    Cuts to a sign that says "No one under 21 in bar area"

  • Dan Valvo
    Dan Valvo Month ago

    This douchebag doesn't want kids in the hotel still, yet I'm sure the kids are smart enough to know a frozen burger is not fresh. These people did not deserve Gordon's help!

  • Molly Marthaller
    Molly Marthaller Month ago


  • Isaac Dalrymple
    Isaac Dalrymple Month ago

    Description says: At least they serve samples now 😂☠

  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva Month ago +1


  • MaskofFayt
    MaskofFayt Month ago +4

    Actually, the more I rewatch clips from this episode the more I release I've never seen an adults only hotel that wasn't either a run down place, a drug den or a sex dungeon deal

  • MaskofFayt
    MaskofFayt Month ago

    Samples!? *Kill bill sirens*

  • Thicc Alien
    Thicc Alien Month ago

    Why are all these stupid fucking twats convinced adults cant have ice cream. Its just as much asa culinary craft. I see so many adults in ice cream parlors

  • Gianluca Tartaro
    Gianluca Tartaro Month ago +1

    No kids? Ice cream parlor? This guy can’t pick a damn market lmao

  • Tanay Oneto
    Tanay Oneto Month ago

    Well that's a really easy fix coming from a mom of three with a grandchild if my kids and or grandchild cannot stay with me at a hotel,then they sure in the hell aren't going to get my business when it comes to eating in their restaurant or at their ice cream parlor, and I could guarantee there's a lot more of us with children then not!