Vegan Food Taste Test


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  • Seraquil
    Seraquil 3 days ago

    this one is edited reaally well watching in 2019

  • DinoHD
    DinoHD 3 days ago

    I hate vegan food and vegan peoples personalities I appreciate u for doing what u do just quit trying to force it down my throat (no offense)

  • Serena Ally
    Serena Ally 3 days ago

    Lol yeah, there are some bad vegan meats and cheeses. But its 2019 and they have been upping their game and have made really accurate and awesome tasting v meats and cheeses!

  • Adriell Ramos
    Adriell Ramos 4 days ago

    How does one not like a tomato lmao

  • ɢood ɴight人生の木

    Should've tried the Loma Linda Simple Franks!! Most vegan hotdogs aren't convincing but covered in chili they'd have been fooled.

  • DungeonDude 01
    DungeonDude 01 6 days ago

    Intro Be Like
    *Link* We’re no strangers to-
    *Link* products made of meat
    *me* oh....

  • Co Yo
    Co Yo 6 days ago

    9:30 SAY TAN!?

  • Fardain Shir Ahmad
    Fardain Shir Ahmad 6 days ago

    Any 2019

  • Kingdom come Fool
    Kingdom come Fool 6 days ago

    In reality though we weren't meant to eat salad or food that is grain based. . Especially if you believe in the fact that we come from cavemen. I can see why some people do it because they don't like the fact that a lot of meat is chemically filled but that's why I buy organic meat.

  • Kingdom come Fool
    Kingdom come Fool 6 days ago

    I never really understood why some people go vegan. My sister lost so much weight because she was a vegan and she had to start drinking nutritional drinks because vegan food lacks so many good things.

  • It’s Sarty
    It’s Sarty 7 days ago

    Link has the taste buds of a 12 year old

  • tintinismybelgian
    tintinismybelgian 7 days ago

    Why not just use three fingers downward for "M"?

  • John Wodetzki
    John Wodetzki 8 days ago

    Don't we all wish we could go back to 2015

  • Parker Crossland
    Parker Crossland 8 days ago

    u must have gotten the hot dog from a weird company cause ive had a vegan hot dog and it was great!

  • Lola D
    Lola D 10 days ago

    Does anyone else miss links old hair. His new shorter graying hair style is cool but.... “My hair goes up” “My hair goes down” has never been the same since Link changed his hair.

  • Alex's Garage
    Alex's Garage 10 days ago

    6:41 little editing mistake

  • Scott Hughes
    Scott Hughes 11 days ago

    This is dumb. Need side by side comparisons

  • Muhtadi Haque
    Muhtadi Haque 11 days ago

    Yeeeah they donkey lipped it

  • NateJ 6
    NateJ 6 11 days ago

    6:42 why did Link say blindfolded on voice-over

  • Whovian 1976
    Whovian 1976 11 days ago

    Donkey Lipping LOL

  • Ca55per
    Ca55per 12 days ago

    I love vegans. They taste delicious.

  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant 12 days ago

    this man doesn't like any food

  • A N T I - A E S T H E T I C

    Editing mistake at 6:40 lol

  • MCDeltaT
    MCDeltaT 13 days ago

    its weird these guys are like 40 years old and still have haircuts like theyre 21

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho 13 days ago

    7:28 and a new verb was born!

  • GeekyLuigi
    GeekyLuigi 13 days ago

    3:03 *oof*

  • Juan Diego Díaz Inojosa

    I’m watching this in 2019 haha

  • Destiny Chambers
    Destiny Chambers 14 days ago

    Link literally tells Rhett everything, he could literally just get the answers from him xD

  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz 15 days ago

    How can u people don't like tomatoes, wtf

  • neversaygoodbye4
    neversaygoodbye4 17 days ago

    Was this the first time he said “ donkey lip”?? 😮

  • Princeyomi
    Princeyomi 17 days ago

    Conclusion, vegan food is nasty unless youre eating fish tacos

  • Rafay Aziz
    Rafay Aziz 17 days ago

    Uh yeah not to vegan

  • Caleb Sinsel
    Caleb Sinsel 18 days ago

    I really wish they just handed link a tomato and asked if it was vegan or not

  • Kick Ass Grass
    Kick Ass Grass 19 days ago

    But i love meattttt

  • D B
    D B 22 days ago

    Don't donkey lip on a first date... unless that's what she's into, AMIRIGHT?!???!?

  • Batman The Dark Knight

    “Oh look at that! It is meat!” Me looking at my penis

  • Batman The Dark Knight
    Batman The Dark Knight 25 days ago +1

    I love this period before Link really let out his douchebag.

  • Metalpug79
    Metalpug79 25 days ago

    I always find it weird when someone says they don’t like tomatoes... blasphemy! Tomatoes are so great, and in so many meals, dishes, sandwiches and even just on their own.

  • Kayo
    Kayo 29 days ago

    I think you guys should remake this video now because vegan meat alternatives have gotten way better since 2015

  • Amanda Calhoun
    Amanda Calhoun Month ago

    “We live in the year of 2015” as I’m eating chicken nuggets in 2018 (almost 2019)

  • Brandon Hoard
    Brandon Hoard Month ago

    Mushy buns was his nickname in high school.

  • luta ki
    luta ki Month ago +3

    link: don't separated the meat man, thats against the rule
    rhett: alright
    2 mins later
    link: i donkey lips the meat rhett

  • Longhorns
    Longhorns Month ago

    If it taste good, I'll eat it, I don't eat for health

  • Danielle love&peace

    I am not the type to try to convert others however yes there are lots of "fake meats" that most animal eaters wouldn't be able to tell the difference. In fact the impossible burger taste so much like meat I won't eat it again because it freaks me out. I want to see them taste that!

  • Jung Claire
    Jung Claire Month ago +1

    Anyone else looking at their old vids like this one?

  • East Is Up
    East Is Up Month ago


  • Spencer Hill
    Spencer Hill Month ago

    i love these guys but listening to them chew is so awful!

    • Jung Claire
      Jung Claire Month ago

      How about if you chew food yourself? And everyone listening you?

  • AllAroundSports
    AllAroundSports Month ago

    "It tastes like fruit. Real Jerky!!" -Link

  • vidgamarr
    vidgamarr Month ago

    Rhett had a glitch

  • Gus Mendez
    Gus Mendez Month ago

    I hate his texas accent

  • Jasper Raine
    Jasper Raine Month ago

    The Americans say donkey lips but the Canadians say moose lips😂

  • dysfunctional
    dysfunctional Month ago

    Btw 2015. THEY LOOK THE SAME

  • xSpArKsNYCx
    xSpArKsNYCx Month ago

    Link throwing up gang signs 🤣

  • matzmx
    matzmx Month ago

    I guess "as you can see, we can't" hadn't been invented yet.

  • UmOk
    UmOk Month ago +18

    Does anyone else notice the editing error at @6:41??? "blindfolded"

  • Batmans End
    Batmans End Month ago

    My subtitles are in Spanish

  • XscotsmanX
    XscotsmanX Month ago

    Donkey lip? I cant wait for the next world war

  • Vbros vargas
    Vbros vargas Month ago


  • screwball the odd
    screwball the odd Month ago

    If vegan meat is CHEAPER than regular meat,taste similar and has health benefits than im all for it

  • Mamacube & Maddiecube

    Rhett is such a hungry boo it always cracks me up. he's a living "I accidentally the whole thing" meme 😂

    I TRIGGER PEOPLE Month ago +2

    What's the point of saying you'll make an M symbol if you're not even going to use it 😒

  • Scout The Macaw
    Scout The Macaw Month ago

    Will it poptart
    Will it toaster strudel

  • LoydMongo
    LoydMongo Month ago

    Vegan ”food”

  • tyler Coffey
    tyler Coffey Month ago

    At 0:38, Rhett says "white right"......And he totally let a donkey lick his noodle as a kid 7:50 - 8:10

  • Staci Schuck
    Staci Schuck Month ago

    Proud Vegan!!!

  • Batman Rules
    Batman Rules Month ago


  • Batman Rules
    Batman Rules Month ago

    The beginning of the docket lip

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala Month ago +1

    been vegan for 15 months and I m not gonna lie. I still miss meat especially hot dogs

  • Jordan L
    Jordan L Month ago

    Meat changed my life ♥️

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou Month ago

    Vegans need to be purged.

  • RaT boI
    RaT boI Month ago


  • Sean Hart
    Sean Hart Month ago

    Yes ir may be a vegan sausage ans a vegan cheese but is the bun vegan? You guys did not do your research. Please gmm look up what vegans eat. NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS. that means milk butter fats etc. Terrible competition. And i hate vegans. I think they are assholes lol still i know what they are.

  • Sean Hart
    Sean Hart Month ago

    Are we judging the cracker or the salami? Well if it is vegan you are judging both. The cracker cant have butter or milk in order for it to be vegan. I eat meat everyday and even i know that.

  • It’s Sal
    It’s Sal Month ago

    2018 ???

  • Kiraro The Kitsune
    Kiraro The Kitsune Month ago

    Link what is your hair?

  • Adri Willes
    Adri Willes Month ago

    As a vegan, I can tell you that vegan turkey is disgusting(at least the stuff I have had), you would definitely be able to tell the difference

  • GoodMuffin
    GoodMuffin Month ago

    Didn't realize how old this video was until I saw Link's hair...

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie Month ago

    why is closed caption in spanish??? youtube won't let me change languages. - - how can he not like tomatoes? they are delicious. - - I like how the girl off camera keeps them on task. "Alright guys. I need an answer." - - the guy on the right said, "no dissecting" and ate chili first then bit the hot dog.

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore Month ago

    Never understood the point of blindfolding, seeing a food is part of the experience of eating.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago

    "Jerky" was most likely jackfruit, not seitan.

  • Matt Klinger
    Matt Klinger Month ago

    Well now I want to know where to get all the stuff in this video

  • John C
    John C Month ago

    carnivore gang

  • Harley ._.
    Harley ._. Month ago

    The idea that vegan food doesn't taste good is really dumb. Why would we eat it if it didn't taste good. Use some common sense.

  • Alexandra Fleshman
    Alexandra Fleshman Month ago

    Y’all should do a follow up with the better mock meats. Like gardein chicken breast & meatballs/beyond sausage/morning star pulled pork/impossible burger

  • Meekrab Man
    Meekrab Man Month ago

    I liked so I gotta comment

  • Yoshilover321
    Yoshilover321 Month ago

    Unisong about top hats!

  • Yoshilover321
    Yoshilover321 Month ago

    hold on I have to taste this steak to know it's it's vegan or not

  • Negro Amigo
    Negro Amigo Month ago

    Turkey bacon is basically cooked rubber

  • Esaligumba
    Esaligumba Month ago

    Link i am in elementary or was last year and we have vegan burgers they are horrible i think i am the biggest meat lover in my family

  • Bonsai Bros
    Bonsai Bros Month ago

    love fish taco lol

  • Antzz Vistal
    Antzz Vistal Month ago


  • Klem302 D
    Klem302 D Month ago

    Stop eating my foods food!

  • Drawing On Record
    Drawing On Record Month ago

    link's accent in this episode is so juicy haha

  • Cailin Rowland
    Cailin Rowland Month ago

    You jerks I bet you would like my vegan foods

  • Jessica Slater
    Jessica Slater Month ago

    Fish and chicken are pretty easy to fake using TVP. Beef is the one that's hard to do because the flavor profile is extremely complex.

  • Rainface Atriarch
    Rainface Atriarch Month ago

    don't bother for meat comparisons...., it doesn't have to 'be like meat'. What counts is do you like it. Or even thing it's a delicious meal? That's why you eat the meat anyways... because you like it. It's hitting glandular trip points. As long as you're satisfied, that'

  • Mattias Isaksson
    Mattias Isaksson Month ago

    We have a vegetarian chicken burger in Sweden that is confusing af. It smelles like chicken, tastes like chicken and it even imitates the texture of chicken. If someone told me it was chicken I would not doubt them for a second.

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow Month ago +2

    It is 2018 and they are still putting tomatoes on Link's food. I don't know why

  • Two Faced
    Two Faced Month ago

    8:55 Donkey Lip Him.

  • Amanda Mcguinness
    Amanda Mcguinness Month ago

    I am vegan