Reconditioning of Engine Block and Complete procedure of Boring and Honing Engine Block

  • Published on Oct 13, 2021
  • Reconditioning of Engine Block and Complete procedure of Boring and Honing Engine Block
    Reconditioning of Engine Block
    Cylinder Block Boring and Honing
    Boring Engine Block
    Honing Engine Block
    Mechanical Skills

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  • Ed-G
    Ed-G 2 months ago +19

    I absolutely love your videos! I understand most of the repairs and I'm amazed at your technique. This one has me puzzled though. The original drilling of the holes and I figured out the sand technique had and still has me questioning. Would it be possible to maybe add captions every so often on what was initially the problem and purpose of the steps? I have seen most of your videos and this is one that I could use help with.
    If I just need to ask the audience I will. Thank you and please keep them coming!

    • Quentin Nine
      Quentin Nine 2 months ago +13

      If you mean why the holes were drilled and what the sand and following welding wasa bout, I suspect teh block had cracked at these spots. The common procedure is then to bore out the crack, so that it cannot grow further, and then when it's cast iron (I suppose that's teh case here), there are two ways: either Nickelbase and low or no preheat, or cast iron filler and high preheat (~650 °C). Cast iron is very susceptible to cracking without proper technique, so that's probably why teh block was stuffed with sand and stone - so that the coal stays where it's needed.

  • Tooth Decay
    Tooth Decay Month ago +6

    I admire the resourcefulness and ingenuity. I also realize that economic necessity leads to these kinds of repairs being attempted. Still, you have to wonder how many engines just come apart on the roads there, due to improvised repairs.

    • circusboy90210
      circusboy90210 10 days ago

      this is far from improvised, don't let the shabby dress, and filthy unorganized shop fool you. a trained human brain and hand are just as good or better than advanced machines, just the production rate is can be seen 27:01 his trained fingers are more sensitive and quicker than a machine.

  • iL Brutto
    iL Brutto 3 months ago +53

    Моя жизнь теперь не будет прежней. Техпроцесс 0,5мм. Уважение инженерам перкинс, сделавшим дизель, ремонтируемый кувалдой и мангалом. Старая добрая школа, которую мы почти потеряли

    • David Sparks
      David Sparks 2 months ago +4


    • Роман Богданов
      Роман Богданов 3 months ago +12

      Мангал, увы, есть необходимость, потому как чугун без прогрева не варится. А вот расход материалов не совсем рациональный, ибо пока они греют блок, можно запросто поджарить мяска.

    • Артур Хасанов
      Артур Хасанов 3 months ago +11

      Да во времена тотального дефицита все точилось и ремонтировалось почти что так же если конечно не было знакомого на заводе где можно было и шлифануть и запрессовать . Сейчас всего избыток инструмент любой под любой вид работы под любую операцию и то не хотят работать .

  • Ken Ma
    Ken Ma 3 months ago +56

    Old School Cool.. when I was 18, somewhere around 1974, I worked for an auto supply called Pat-Ray.. Pat was the machinist.. His son Renny was his helper, they backed the blocks and heads and shaved them down, all through machines that looked very much like these do.. I used to love to watch them.. I learned how to rebuild brake calipers and Engine heads from them, some years later I rebuilt an 82 Chevy 305.. I used much of that knowledge to do so.. To me, this is super coolness..

    • Messfin Assefa
      Messfin Assefa 2 months ago


    • NaturalRights
      NaturalRights 2 months ago +1

      I drove the Charle's Chip truck and you guys would never get pretzels from me.

  • Baladár
    Baladár 7 months ago +83

    Safety flip-flops are extremely useful. I wore those too in the shop while I was welding in the summer. Three toes later I decided to throw my safety flip-flops in the trash, now I wear nylon socks only when I'm welding. It makes the surgeons easier to peel off my burnt skin from the flesh.

    • usd25674
      usd25674 Month ago

      Read this morning , expect to chuckle all day, thanks .

    • Lebowski
      Lebowski 2 months ago

      @Ezekiah Seven I guarantee you don't work hard enough to deserve a pair of Red Wings

    • David Hamilton
      David Hamilton 2 months ago

      Here come the white experts.

  • MarsTSM
    MarsTSM 6 months ago +70

    I've been welding cast iron engine blocks and heads for 16 years and what they're doing here isn't supposed to be possible.

    • jan van ruth
      jan van ruth Month ago

      @Weasel Logic how many blocks have you repaired like that, or have you even seen in your entire life
      let me guess: none at all...
      so what are you basing your opinion on?

    • Weasel Logic
      Weasel Logic Month ago

      They dont show the block cracking catastrophicly within a year.

    • jan van ruth
      jan van ruth 2 months ago +1

      @MrWizards1974 make it tough?
      cast iron?
      don' t think so...

    • MrWizards1974
      MrWizards1974 2 months ago +3

      @jan van ruth annealing is when you heat metal and allow it to cool slowly to remove internal stress and make it tough

    • furtivedig
      furtivedig 2 months ago

      @jan van ruth I think stress induced by the welding as it cools down

  • Julio Cristofani
    Julio Cristofani 2 months ago +3

    Sorprendente trabajo de estos hombres con tamaña capacidad donde se mezclan la tecnología y la forma muy particular de realizar los trabajos muy pesados y agotadores. Felicitaciones !!!

  • Sam Siryani
    Sam Siryani 6 months ago +118

    The skills theses men have and what they can do with the limitations of advanced machinery to them is amazing on its own right, you have to give them that respect. Much respect to you men really much respect.

    • Weasel Logic
      Weasel Logic Month ago

      @Richard Kenzel maybe not 20km, but i dont give it 2 years before it cracks bad.
      They shortened that block life by 15 years.

    • 2Stroke Tyson
      2Stroke Tyson 2 months ago

      the skills are amazing but the risks outweigh the rewards! super unsafe environment! all those toxins & fumes they are breathing in just isn't worth the money they are making

    • dimeadozen
      dimeadozen 2 months ago

      @Richard Kenzel get a life

    • Soma P
      Soma P 2 months ago +1

      Can’t put it any better. Thank you. 👍

    • Jsweizston
      Jsweizston 2 months ago +2

      What does "limitations of advanced machinery" even mean? That statement is the best example of oxymoron I've ever read. He has an acetylene torch, drill press, disc sander, MILL, hydraulic press etc. that is more technology than Cleetus in West Virginia has.

  • Olo Bolo
    Olo Bolo 4 months ago +16

    U nas zaczyna brakować ludzi którzy mają takie umiejętności pozdrawiam z Polski

    • Jose Cervini
      Jose Cervini 2 months ago +1


  • Antonio Gileno
    Antonio Gileno 7 months ago +32

    Esses caras são verdadeiros artesã, parabéns 👏👏👏👍

    • papa miro
      papa miro 2 months ago +1

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    • Fred Norris
      Fred Norris 2 months ago +1


  • саня станочник
    саня станочник 7 months ago +253

    Самое страшное не то что они делают, а то что скоро мы к этому придём . А когда придём увидим что даже такое сделать не кому . С нашим прогрессивным машиностроением .

    • Николай 80
      Николай 80 3 days ago

      @MarkuS ну почему же,я на 2х станках с ЧПУ работаю,пока станки работают я краем глаза смотрю ютубчик!

    • Виталий Яценичус
      Виталий Яценичус 2 months ago

      @Миша Железников да есть но электроника не наша .

    • Миша Железников
      Миша Железников 2 months ago

      @Виталий Яценичус есть российские 300 И 500. Рязань.
      3 китайца маленькие.типа кашки

    • Виталий Яценичус
      Виталий Яценичус 2 months ago

      @Sergei а чьи станки ЧПУ российские что-ли ?

    • Виталий Яценичус
      Виталий Яценичус 2 months ago

      Только что хотел это написать , вы правы на 100% !!

  • Anderson Pimentel
    Anderson Pimentel 4 months ago +23

    Isso sim e a verdadeira reciclagem, esse e realmente um país onde se recicla praticamente tudo.

    • Thin the Herd
      Thin the Herd 2 months ago

      até a bosta que eles cagam no chão, na rua kkkk

  • Mr_Kras
    Mr_Kras 6 months ago +55

    Как инженер механик моторист я с полной ответственностью заявляю. Сказать, что я обуел от происходящего в видео, ничего не сказать.

    • Павел Иосифов
      Павел Иосифов 17 days ago +1

      ох столько спецов собралось, они это делают палками и старым конченным оборудованием и да это работает, а сидеть и умничать на диване много мозгов не нужно.

    • Сергей Куляшов
      Сергей Куляшов 24 days ago +1

      А никто не заметил, что он бумажку подложил, когда плоскость шлифовал?

    • Сергей Анатольевич
      Сергей Анатольевич 3 months ago +3

      Они мне расшатали всю психику.А наждачка просто шикарно. Разрыв шаблона еслифчё.

    • Qwertyu
      Qwertyu 3 months ago +2

      @Alex Tiga вам и станки и всё дали ,,выже нечто не можете

    • Qwertyu
      Qwertyu 3 months ago

      @Alex Tiga а у них тебя разцеловали

  • Wanderlei ferreira Sousa
    Wanderlei ferreira Sousa 2 months ago +4

    Muito bôm mesmo !
    Parabéns 👏👏.

  • elpiotre
    elpiotre 2 days ago

    C'est spectaculaire, et je parie que si une de ces machines venaient à se casser, ils refabriqueraient une pièce sur mesure ! Immense bravo, l'Europe va devoir se mettre aux circuits fermés : récupérer, revaloriser etc, on ne pourra pas faire sans ça bien longtemps

  • Da1rym1lk
    Da1rym1lk 2 months ago +2

    I suppose the bricks were used for heat retention to keep the block from cracking?

  • the engineerium
    the engineerium 23 days ago

    Really interesting video. The slow heating of the block with charcoal is a more basic version of the process a company in South London (Angell & Williams) carried out to weld a rare old car block for me in the 70s. They used an enclosed furnace for the pre heat and cool down, but the welding process with Oxy Acetylene and cast Iron filler rod was identical. Can't see from the video any reason why that repair would be likely to fail. The block looks like it is a Diesel for agriculture or such -maybe Kubota manufacture- these motors aren't highly stressed, but will probably have a hard working life in a third world country.

  • zjoesmoe
    zjoesmoe 6 months ago +18

    Most of these guys have more repair experience by 18 than most have there hole life much respect.

    • Xavarius Quest
      Xavarius Quest 3 months ago

      Except for all the people who perform similar work in every other country on Earth. As for by 18, there's a growing issue with kids not having basic mechanical skills. But that is also with every country on Earth. Knowing how to use your mobile phone does not make you tech savvy...just as being able to fry an egg doesn't make you a chef. But for some reason, ability to use a computer based appliance makes you tech smart. In reality, knowing how to use basic tools like screw drivers, hammers, saws, wrenches, and pliers is life changing and frees you from dependence on others for basic repairs and provide a solid foundation upon which to build greater skills.

  • Charles De Francisco
    Charles De Francisco 2 months ago +9

    It’s a very interesting situation of the reconditioned engine block using the crudest procedures I’ve ever seen..what’s amazing is that it works although I must wonder about just how long a service life can be expected…the cylinder honing using sand paper is reminiscent of the archaic Kwakiutl Way con rod reconditioning machine….very inefficient and just a joke to anyone serious about reconditioning con rods
    It’s very impressive that these guys do this

    • Jason Barnett
      Jason Barnett 2 months ago

      Aren't they just scoring the surface at that point to help the rings seal?

  • Mitsos 306
    Mitsos 306 Month ago

    Great respect to all these people for their craftmaship and resourcefulness.
    These clips could easily make it to a MAD MAX movie!

  • goldCrystalhaze
    goldCrystalhaze 5 months ago +12

    This and many other similar videos, are the perfect example for one and only thing: COMMITMENT! It is the only ingredient you need to make things really happen. Everything else is just an excuse.

  • Manuel Mora
    Manuel Mora 7 months ago +75

    These men are doing the best with what they have. And its working for them.

    • Tony thompson
      Tony thompson 3 months ago

      I don't think I want them doing mine nope

    • iL Brutto
      iL Brutto 3 months ago +1

      @Karlsberg Karl нюф сказал

    • Aleksandar Georgiev
      Aleksandar Georgiev 3 months ago +1

      Do you have any idea how much all this machinery cost? Someone invested a ton of money into it because where they are it makes sense and there is a return of the investment. If you want to do this in hte US the labour to do this will cost you more than the whole car

    • Vince Black
      Vince Black 4 months ago +1

      There the Same as a fancy factory. Dirt floors Sandler etc don’t matter in the big picture. Where they work don’t matter the quality of the end product does

    • Christopher May
      Christopher May 4 months ago

      I wonder how long it will last

  • Matthew Wells
    Matthew Wells 5 months ago +18

    The epitome of old school engine repair

    • Brendo
      Brendo 2 months ago +2

      Old school? It's like Mad Max

  • NYC Knickerbockers
    NYC Knickerbockers 6 months ago +11

    Wow! Ugly process but the end result is impressive considering. Good Job!👍

  • Rick McDonald
    Rick McDonald 2 months ago +3

    This was an amazing video to watch and shows what men can do with only the minimum of tools and working environment with not much more than the ground to work on. Unless you see it here you would never believe it~!! I salute these workmen as they are truly extraordinary and thanks for the show. I was glad to be a new subscriber~! 💪💪✌

    • Andy bilak show
      Andy bilak show 2 months ago

      I'd think about killing for some of those classic tools

    • Jason R
      Jason R 2 months ago

      Amazing that engine still ran

  • Abdul ajjabar
    Abdul ajjabar 6 months ago +11

    Fico imaginando, oque fariam com maior qualidade de trabalho com equipamentos melhores... PARABÉNS. (BR)

    • Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz
      Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz 3 months ago

      Procure o comentário de Baladar, ele deu uma aula sobre reparo em ferro fundido; está em inglês, mas a tradução não é difícil. Se se interessarem posso ajudar a traduzir.

  • Fichamba Welby
    Fichamba Welby 2 months ago +1

    Perfect. But a very important part has been missed: the work of the cylinder holes on the vise.

  • victor edmundo villacis solis

    Hacer ese tipo de trabajo no es nada fácil, el hierro fundido o colado es muy critico di no se aplica uniformemente la temperatura, se requiere de gran experiencia y conocimiento del comportamiento del material, artesanalmente realizar un trabajo de esa naturaleza se requiere gran experticia y experiencia. Felicitaciones.

  • Louis Paxeco
    Louis Paxeco 4 months ago +6

    Wonderful !! That's genuine metallurgy,machining and skill ! Congrats to all from Brazil

    • fernando H
      fernando H 3 months ago +1

      @Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz opa.. agora entendi..
      Grato amigo

    • Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz
      Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz 3 months ago +1

      @fernando H ele não disse que era do Brasil, disse congratulações do (no sentido de remetente) Brasil.

    • fernando H
      fernando H 3 months ago

      Amigo.. isso não é aqui não.. 😁👍

  • Tony Loechte
    Tony Loechte 6 months ago +6

    I love the way it comes off the milling machine all shiny with hexagonal cylinders.
    Top job guys 😋

  • Bingo Sun Noon
    Bingo Sun Noon 3 months ago

    That Blanchard grinder is kind of cool. Must be some kind of upgrade with those tapped holes. They understand that there is no need for cutting oil with cast iron. That's something I learned early on.

  • botheone40
    botheone40 2 months ago +1

    Makes me feel better about my engine building skills

  • Rob P.
    Rob P. 7 months ago +8

    I'm totally amazed at how he repaired that engine block - 👍

    • Bingo Sun Noon
      Bingo Sun Noon 3 months ago

      They didn't show the operator sweeping the cylinder before boring. I guess that cone thingy is good enough.

  • Jay Flow
    Jay Flow 3 months ago +3

    Love it absolutely love it it’s so interesting to see how they get around certain problems etc making custom equipment or techniques to well get the job done lol awsome video!!!

  • Gaston Chavarris
    Gaston Chavarris 7 months ago +11

    Extraordinario trabajo, me ubiese gustsdo ver el armado del motor y verlo en su funcionando , felicitaciones

  • Oldtimer44
    Oldtimer44 7 months ago

    Très belle reprise sur un bloc très mal en point. La soudure sur fonte est particulièrement délicate et nécessite une mise en température élevée de la pièce à souder. Ensuite, le chemisage, l'alésage, la rectification, etc. permettent de retrouver les cotes évidemment mises à mal par la déformation consécutive à la montée en température et aux opérations de soudure.

    • jan van ruth
      jan van ruth 2 months ago

      @fran waltis fonte d'acier surement

    • fran waltis
      fran waltis 5 months ago

      En fait s'agit il d'un bloc en fonte aciérée ou de fonte aluminium comme je le suppose , je n'ai jamais vu une fraise conique ou un foret percer de la fonte aciérée aussi facilement , ni un taraud pénétrer aussi facilement le chemisage rapporté me fait plutôt penser à de l’aluminium ce qui explique le flux sur la baguette de métal d’apport

  • locksmithmuggle
    locksmithmuggle 7 months ago +114

    My favorite part was when he filled it with broken bricks and set it on fire. True craftsmanship

    • Xavarius Quest
      Xavarius Quest 3 months ago

      @Steve McEvoy And I thought I was the only one who saw that. What a pointless use of a tool.

    • Xavarius Quest
      Xavarius Quest 3 months ago

      @higamer XD no its not. This is not a average repair shop. This is a rebuild shop. American rebuild shops are generally for truck engines. Some car engines can be rebuilt but the cost of repair usually exceeds the cost of a new block. These shops are very sophicated with highly trained personnel. The tolerances for their work are very very tight as the engines are operated with master computers. The engines here are 3 cylinder aluminum engines with more flexible tolerances which can be seen by the lack of calipers being used during any phase of their work. They are reckoning work by feel and eye...not by measurement.
      I give them credit for doing the required in rustic conditions ( very unsafe conditions). Their work would not produce a functional result were they to rebuild a modern engine. Any reasonably skilled person with solid mechanical skills can fix a small gas engine...they can run and operate on good thoughts alone. These engines are very basic all small gas utility engines. They serve there purpose in this country but would not be allowed anywhere in the West because of emissions and leaks. This comes down to economy of scale.

    • Jay Flow
      Jay Flow 3 months ago

      RFB 🇳🇿

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago

      @higamer XD Thats absolutely incorrect.

    • Steve McEvoy
      Steve McEvoy 4 months ago +1

      The spirit level trick was the best wonder if the concrete was level first

  • greggy weggy
    greggy weggy 4 months ago +8

    The raising and lowering of the tones in the audio are making watching this very difficult, but I love the work that is being done, zero waste unlike where I live.

    • Xavarius Quest
      Xavarius Quest 3 months ago +2

      They altered the sound quality so you were no aware of the horrifically loud noises being produced by these machine during operation. Many have commented on the lack of basic safety equipment. This would include ear protection. I can almost guarantee that these men are severely hearing impaired.

    • Techtastisch 75
      Techtastisch 75 3 months ago

      My guess is thats from voltage fluctuations thanks to flimsy wiring and high current draw due to all the machines

    • Buildin' Whatever
      Buildin' Whatever 3 months ago

      Mute button… 🙄

  • Какая Разница
    Какая Разница 7 months ago +11

    Вся прелесть контрактных двигателей - лучше не знать из какого кала они сделаны, и как их делали

    • Злой ёжик
      Злой ёжик 3 months ago

      @iL Brutto , юморист Вы 😁, я инженер-механик если ШО 🖐

    • iL Brutto
      iL Brutto 3 months ago

      @Злой ёжик блок из переплавленных банок, открытая рубашка, залитые гильзы, перемычка 4мм.. замените шорт блок - ремонт такой

    • Злой ёжик
      Злой ёжик 3 months ago

      @iL Brutto , наивный какой 🤣ешо как прокатят 🤦‍♂🤭

    • iL Brutto
      iL Brutto 3 months ago

      @Кот Анатолий это дизельный перкинс 2,5. От трактора массей-фергусон. С автомобильными такие финты не прокатят

    • Кот Анатолий
      Кот Анатолий 3 months ago

      @Alex Trofimov Тебе скажут, что контрактный, а подсунут этот.

  • VacuumElite
    VacuumElite 3 months ago +3

    Old skool methods. Self alignment/registration where it matters. You guy rock. 😎♥️😎

  • tuloko16
    tuloko16 6 months ago +11

    Anyone else notice that the “dangerous machines/operations” have youg workers, while the ones performing not so dangerous tasks, they tend to live longer and make it to older age.
    Awesome craftmanship!!

    • Jason Barnett
      Jason Barnett 2 months ago

      @Michael Pratt Surely this.

    • Michael Pratt
      Michael Pratt 5 months ago +7

      You don't think the one's doing the "less dangerous" tasks started young paying their dues and learning their craft?... surviving their craft?

    • Irfan Shah
      Irfan Shah 6 months ago +1

      God has to be personally watching over them seeing the stuff they pull off with absolutely no safety precautions

    • บุญแต่ง ธิมา
  • Minor Yeager
    Minor Yeager 5 months ago +2

    They are very resourceful, and are finding ways to accomplish complex tasks with simple methods and tools.

  • John Brewster
    John Brewster 7 months ago +34

    Normally square peg doesn't go into round hole. I stand corrected in this case it does.

  • hernando villamarin buenaventura

    Awsome work!!; This great video series, proves ingenuity + creativity + will, but also experience, are the main 'tools' to perform and succeed such an incredible work. (BTW: I didn't see any dial nor digital calipers / micrometers, much less, any digital ones). They're keeping alive something that now is almost a 'Lost Art'. Sadly, nowadays we live in a 'disposable / replaceable' everything + CNC / digital era. Too bad so many (Old School) highly skilled Master craftsmen have been disregarded, replaced by robotic / 'Artificial Intelligence' tech. My deepest Respect, much love and many Blessings to all these tenacious workers!!.

    • Richard Maurer
      Richard Maurer 2 months ago

      Give an example of “very tight tolerances”. Crankshaft bearing clearance in the 20th century vs.2022 in two comparable displacement engines. Measurements in numbers. Not, “a whole lot tighter”.

    • Xavarius Quest
      Xavarius Quest 3 months ago +1

      Take out the disposable part, which I completely agree with, and the remainder of your comment is largely incorrect. That high tech approach to engine design is exactly why fuel economy has risen so significantly over the last 30 years. It's great to know how to use milling machines. It is another thing to operate them during the rebuild of a modern engine where tolerances are very tight and operating pressures are great. These engines are very basic 3 cylinder powerplants. They operate well enough for their economy and within the bounds of the barely existent environmental laws...that no one enforces...but would not be allowed on the road in most Western countries. Milling by eye without calipers is not a testament to the quality of the engine but the extent to which errors don't matter.

    • hernando villamarin buenaventura
      hernando villamarin buenaventura 4 months ago +1

      @HeroHearted 100% agreed!; Hard times coming quite soon indeed. Highly likely new 'planned obsolescence' / throw- away + replace everything, probably leads us to learn from these dedicated artisans. MUCH Respect!!.🏆

    • HeroHearted
      HeroHearted 6 months ago +3

      @William Mather The response would be "well, these guys probably need the money more for their family" only proves that they would rather support slave labor due to circumstance rather than paying more for a proper job in their home country. Channels like these highlight why outsourcing jobs has become so prevalent over the years, dark days approach.

    • William Mather
      William Mather 6 months ago +3

      I disagree with that statement. The advances in engineering you quote mean higher precision, better machine methods, far better work quality, quicker turnaround times and the ability to do things that were/are not possible when this type of engineering was the norm. I'm not saying they're not 'skilled' but my guess is, is that they're able to get away with it today because 'cheap' labor.
      Showing my age, but I'm old enough to be taught by these 'master craftsmen' when I was an apprentice. Makes for good stories back in the day but can't compare to how things are done today (in the west). The question I would ask you is this, all things being equal, who would you get to rebuild your engine, these guys or you local engine rebuilder?

  • Mohammad Azhar
    Mohammad Azhar 6 months ago +13

    The engine can only be resurfaced to an extent, so to overcome this limitation they added more metal to the block, that's actually genius!

  • Серж ххх
    Серж ххх 3 months ago +6

    Неплохо откапиталили но кажется двигатель все равно будет троить.

  • Станислав Сотников

    Молодцы ребята всё по технологии блок прогрелся и горячим варится.дай бог вам здоровья.

  • Eric Eidsness
    Eric Eidsness 7 months ago +2

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      Also, engines for trucks and heavy machinery are seldom replaced...they are rebuilt.

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