CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)


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  • Kaz Venson
    Kaz Venson Day ago

    Lol "from the producers of IT" . IT was shit.

  • elana604
    elana604 Day ago

    Take it there are no ideas for new movies hence the remake of everything....

  • Oh! Line
    Oh! Line Day ago

    Boy, Toy Story sure has changed

  • Anna the ASMR
    Anna the ASMR Day ago

    Sorry but F U

  • Bonen' Yamom
    Bonen' Yamom Day ago

    Only gonna see this because Aubrey Plaza is in it.

  • Agent Psycho
    Agent Psycho Day ago

    Age rating???

  • ItsYoBoi RinzVen
    ItsYoBoi RinzVen Day ago +1

    *The Ironic between the 2 toy movies having the same time release.*

  • LazyGamer1987
    LazyGamer1987 Day ago

    Wanna p l a y?

  • kgh4life
    kgh4life Day ago

    Why do a remake of such a classic? Hollywood has seriously ran out of ideas.

  • Itz-Tay-And-Tray Idk


  • mark playsz
    mark playsz Day ago

    I wish there is chucky in fortnite and chucky versus the fire king vs Ice king that would be cool and intense

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez Day ago

    Who’s playin chucky tho

  • Tamama kitty
    Tamama kitty Day ago

    If I pretend it has nothing to do with the original Child's Play or Chucky, it doesn't look too bad.

  • MrMugenwii
    MrMugenwii Day ago

    *you don't fucken change the formula*

  • Ultimate Evil
    Ultimate Evil Day ago

    I do not approve of this movie 😠.

  • just a rock
    just a rock Day ago

    I like good guys it's just a classic buddi sounds unoriginal

  • Block Band
    Block Band Day ago

    Instead of carrying off of the cliff hanger from the 7th Chucky, they make a remake. 😑

  • Kriven
    Kriven Day ago

    So chucky is a robot? Pass

  • Taylor Ellison
    Taylor Ellison Day ago

    Stop rebooting shit😡. Chucky is fine. I still watch the old ones we don’t need you to do it again. Just come up with some shit or give some of these young writers a chance.

  • River Of Blacklights

    Automatic "pass" on this pointless rehash once I saw it was from _"the producers of sh- _*_IT"_* cause *_THAT_* film was nothing but overhyped, "watered-down-for-modern-oversensitive-snowflakes" *_GARBAGE._* Another classic film that falls victim to the Hollywood _"W-w-we've run out of original ideas, so let's ransack the classics catalog from decades past and remake them all "better" by watering e-e-everything down and censoring it, making it all "s-s-safe" so no one feels offended, o-o-ostracized, harassed, ridiculed or belittled... _*_BY A FILM"_* corporate "woke" machine...
    "Modern Life" in the late 2010's...


    so @0:10 is the ending of the movie because on the screen you can see “buddi 2” meaning there is going to be another doll, and also andy isn’t looking too happy when he see’s it, he also has a left over bruise from the fight.

  • sentosa jaya abadi
    sentosa jaya abadi Day ago +1

    questo sito è interessante e completo degli ultimi film presenti su questo sito ecco il sito:

  • josefi krakowski

    First it doesent look good but it looks lkke a comercial for food like i need chicken strips

  • MOy Corbin
    MOy Corbin Day ago


  • Lps Livy
    Lps Livy Day ago

    I love chucks it’s cool how he finds out ways to kill people instead of how Mykal Myers does it with just a knife

  • HEMIpoweredherochao

    It bombed already!

  • Dustin Z.
    Dustin Z. Day ago +1

    I'm still afraid of dolls to this day

  • abby
    abby Day ago

    I wish the kid was younger

  • Patrick Connor
    Patrick Connor Day ago

    This almost looks like a Child's Play reboot. 😏

  • Lonely&WXCKED
    Lonely&WXCKED Day ago

    Gonna miss brads voice ☹️

  • satx Jordan
    satx Jordan Day ago

    The dislikes are from people who prefer the original

  • Monica Grasley
    Monica Grasley Day ago


  • [?]8Bit[¿]
    [?]8Bit[¿] Day ago

    Fucking Chucky scared me as a kid
    I can punt the little shit now tho

  • zozo Alvarez
    zozo Alvarez Day ago

    I have Woody

  • zozo Alvarez
    zozo Alvarez Day ago

    Oh hell no

  • MrShAdy24
    MrShAdy24 Day ago

    I don’t like the fact he is robot ! I don’t think it will ever top the original 1-3 were the best movies!

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe Day ago

    More voodoo, less corrupted a.i., ok?

  • gregg lawson
    gregg lawson Day ago +1

    Ill watch it for Aubrey Plaza, it’s what she’d want.

  • Thejojocrazy YT
    Thejojocrazy YT Day ago

    New Killer new deaths :|

  • bloodboy105
    bloodboy105 Day ago

    Chucky a mass murder cant kill a kid yet rip fame

  • Ponksy
    Ponksy Day ago +1

    0:53 that’s what you get from saying that pewdiepie sucks

  • wade3108
    wade3108 Day ago +2

    It´s not chucky , it´s Chuckinator !!

  • Racheal Laudg
    Racheal Laudg Day ago +1


  • Jonathan Buenrrostro


  • Raoul 9753
    Raoul 9753 Day ago

    I never understood how chucky could ever kill anyone... seriously, hes a damn doll, he weights like... what 5kg? 10 at most? you can literally kick him away like a damn... well, toy.

    • BrickStudios 105
      BrickStudios 105 Day ago

      He always has a knife or some weapon. Plus he rarely dies in the movies

  • Marcio Robero
    Marcio Robero Day ago

    Alguém em 2019

  • Dope Seasons
    Dope Seasons Day ago

    Bro...... They took it to next level!!!

  • A Anamali
    A Anamali Day ago

    Is it gonna be that same guy

  • Raymond De Los Santos

    Aubrey Plaza's bangin'.

  • L martin
    L martin Day ago

    Another horrible remake .. why must everything suck now a days

  • Stewart Siri
    Stewart Siri Day ago +1

    the first ever child's play movie is the best

  • Perm Tagar
    Perm Tagar Day ago

    And now watch the original. Creepy as fuck.
    Just something special about the 80s. Just can't touch.

  • Parzival
    Parzival Day ago +1

    The ONLY problem with this trailer, is the shitty music they play at the end, like AFTER the trailer.

  • 1000 subscribers without a video challenge

    Chucky > Hacksaw from 'SAW' 😅.

  • daniel alex
    daniel alex Day ago +1

    God this is amazing @t

  • i_steal_memes .1111

    Wtf do they keep remaking this damn doll🤣

    • i_steal_memes .1111
      i_steal_memes .1111 Day ago

      He legit is being remade throughout generations haven't they learned he by now tht he is a murderer 🤣

  • Joyax Inghog
    Joyax Inghog Day ago

    I'm quite disappointed...

  • Adam Tatti
    Adam Tatti Day ago

    This actually looks... decent?

  • Ignas Blaževičius

    Where are going to die !!!

  • Gaston
    Gaston Day ago


  • Jadon Minter
    Jadon Minter Day ago +1

    Okay but why does this one look better than the original 🤣

  • safiqul islam
    safiqul islam Day ago

    i will do photo editing

  • M.C
    M.C Day ago

    I don’t want anyone to act surprised when this turns out to be garbage. When do these classic horror remakes ever turn out to be good? (I didn’t see the most recent Halloween movie)

  • Triple 675
    Triple 675 Day ago

    Sure be nice if Hollywood could produce an original movie. Too bad you have to go back to the 80s for any good ideas.

  • Thunderstruck Lauer 2

    I really don’t want this to be a remake it will change the whole story. But I’m okay if it’s a like, different person who got the doll. Like a chuckyverse

  • Gabriel Marquez
    Gabriel Marquez Day ago +1

    Aaah a classic comedy 😃

  • Varka Класс
    Varka Класс Day ago +1

    Я одна здесь русская?

  • Thiago Monteiro
    Thiago Monteiro Day ago +1

    Olá americanos 👍

  • Pantsmode
    Pantsmode Day ago +1

    KatzSmith back at it again. I bet this is gonna be great.

  • samuel babalola
    samuel babalola Day ago +1

    Fucking doll gave me nightmares for years. Now i watch his films with popcorn and laugh my head off because chucky does what i want to do to most ppl in my adult life.

  • Kailey H
    Kailey H Day ago +1

    F#### this sh## I'm out

  • Wysu
    Wysu Day ago +1

    is this going on cinema's?

    • BrickStudios 105
      BrickStudios 105 Day ago

      +Wysu, uh. Ok your welcome😊👍

    • Wysu
      Wysu Day ago

      +BrickStudios 105 yay! thanks, finally someone answer my question. 😅

    • BrickStudios 105
      BrickStudios 105 Day ago +2

      Yep. This summer

  • laetitia biot
    laetitia biot Day ago +2

    Encore un chucky

  • Lolllboi
    Lolllboi Day ago +1

    Bounce that shit like wow

  • SamLeeRay
    SamLeeRay Day ago +1

    Does this movie tie in w terminators n Batman robocop now? Predators aliens

  • Adrian Salazar
    Adrian Salazar Day ago +1

    Can we stick with the originals and stop remaking films? ...... seriously, where is your originality?!

  • Humberto Garduno
    Humberto Garduno Day ago +5

    I know damn well that Andy character is too damn big too be playing with dolls .

  • Vegeta god of destruction

    Its coming out the day the new toy story comes out so beware kids

  • Primordial Remnant
    Primordial Remnant Day ago +1

    I would lick the bottom of Aubrey's feet after she trudged through broken glass and lime.

  • MGF Plays
    MGF Plays Day ago +1

    Chunky fan all the way. Let’s hope this new chucky movie will be great! 😍

  • Sandra Banse
    Sandra Banse Day ago +1

    Ils ont massacrer la saga

  • Beskrock
    Beskrock Day ago +1

    Because nobody demanded it!

  • Hydralisk
    Hydralisk Day ago +1

    This is going to suck so bad.

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u Day ago +2

    Chucky still scares me to this day

  • Sneakyzz
    Sneakyzz Day ago +1

    0:29 he has airpods!!!

  • Israel Dosal
    Israel Dosal Day ago +1

    The only thing I am waiting for Trailer 2 is the laugh that Chucky makes...

  • SmokyBacon XD
    SmokyBacon XD Day ago +1

    It’s not even chunky it’s a robot

  • SimpleMarie
    SimpleMarie Day ago +1

    Dose this connect with the rest of the movies?

  • bodyworkz
    bodyworkz Day ago +1

    Im a 90s girl and child's play is one of the weakest scary movies.

      SLAYEROFEVIL Day ago +1

      you are right but they tried to create a more horror scary atmosphere in the film named Curse of Chucky (2013) you should check that one out. the child's play movies were actually pretty funny.

  • Jesus Mari R. Agustin

    Was the kid using a chainsaw?

  • True BBW/SSBBW Lover

    So they turned Chucky into "Deadly Friend"? Noooooo!

    • Isaac Armstrong
      Isaac Armstrong Day ago

      True BBW/SSBBW Lover imagine if Chucky killed the mother the same way Kristy Swanson threw a basketball at Mama Fratelli’s exploding bloody head!

  • Major Mayhem
    Major Mayhem Day ago +2

    Chucky is a robotic doll?

  • Mike X
    Mike X Day ago +2

    No Brad Dourif, no Chucky.

  • Kushondra Willis
    Kushondra Willis Day ago +1

    It’s good to see the child main character be a boy ,but part three was a black kid .So I guess I just ate my own words .

  • DragonFruitXVI
    DragonFruitXVI Day ago +2

    Please tell me this isn't a reboot. I liked where they were going in the last movie they have on Netflix. It was finally getting good. If they reboot I'll be pissed.

    • Josh_ #23
      Josh_ #23 Day ago

      This is a full reboot, read about it , the creator of Chucky wasn’t so happy.

    • DragonFruitXVI
      DragonFruitXVI Day ago

      +Dangitdanger I you never know. Could be set up, like one then an ending reveal that it's a continuation.

    • DragonFruitXVI
      DragonFruitXVI Day ago

      +Dangitdanger I source?

  • edgar blast
    edgar blast Day ago +1

    What a crap of trailer, another trash Chucky movie.that kid is to old to play with a doll, and why stupid Chinese people on this movie?? Just crap.

  • Letti Loo
    Letti Loo Day ago +1

    tis embodies the creation of buddies from the 80s not the original good guy's doll which was the franchise that child's play builded up not to happy that the kid is almost a pre-teen who want's buddi doll

  • championxeneixe
    championxeneixe Day ago +1


  • Daniel Soriano
    Daniel Soriano Day ago +1


  • Wesley Perez
    Wesley Perez Day ago +1

    When will vintage stop.