I Can BREATHE UNDERWATER in Minecraft Hardcore!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • the insane polar bear 4764

    I'm late but what the hell

  • Shiftyleaf61833
    Shiftyleaf61833 6 hours ago

    Dolphins need to breath that’s why it died and that’s why it was trying to swim upwards

  • Prithviraj Nadar
    Prithviraj Nadar 6 hours ago

    Place sponge in nether to make it dry quickly

  • Ezekiel Palacio
    Ezekiel Palacio 9 hours ago

    Wow dan your my favorite TheXvidber cuz you have done more than me and your iron golems so destroy skeletons and ilegers they should be removed from Minecraft and your so cool your my favorite TheXvidber

  • S I L V E R A N N A
    S I L V E R A N N A 10 hours ago

    Minecraft: don't kill dolphins you monster!
    Dantdm: ok, i won't kill them. I'll make them suffer

  • MacKenzie Yirrell
    MacKenzie Yirrell 20 hours ago +1


  • Rhaeann Kinder
    Rhaeann Kinder 21 hour ago

    You should make it another village

  • Heidi Lafinier
    Heidi Lafinier 22 hours ago


  • Heidi Lafinier
    Heidi Lafinier Day ago

    Blue hair?

  • Loony Eclipse
    Loony Eclipse Day ago

    i literally screamed at the screen when i realized that dan didnt bring golden apples FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!

  • Flynn Y
    Flynn Y Day ago

    Make a trident with riptide, it’ll help you

  • Nate Rush
    Nate Rush Day ago

    Me: Dolphins drown dan
    Dan: it was the gaursians

  • kavita chauhan
    kavita chauhan Day ago

    Dan I am actually only 8 and I am better at math than you 👏👏👏

  • Galaxy Pug
    Galaxy Pug Day ago

    I’m sorry you were sick dan

  • Ceanne Herron
    Ceanne Herron Day ago

    Dolphins can’t breath underwater Dan

  • Emily Hudspeth
    Emily Hudspeth Day ago

    You killed the dolphin because It needed to breathe

  • da big boi emrald
    da big boi emrald 2 days ago

    dolphins cant breath under water

  • Tara Lyons
    Tara Lyons 2 days ago

    You cant have smite and sharpness on the same sword!

  • Stanley Animations ツ
    Stanley Animations ツ 2 days ago +1

    18:32 *_naruto theme intensifies_*

  • 100 subscribers without any videos?

    It's a mammal, dan...

  • victoria dobbs
    victoria dobbs 3 days ago

    Look at all the carrots I got yo!
    Boi if this was jacksepticeye all of these would be potatoes because we have a LOT of those in Ireland

  • Gheb Gsk’s
    Gheb Gsk’s 4 days ago

    Dolphins need the air to breath so you can’t put a lead on them

  • big fishboi
    big fishboi 4 days ago

    the dolphin needs air dummy

  • René Jacques L'Heureux

    dolphins need air

  • Mason Epic Gamer
    Mason Epic Gamer 4 days ago +5

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    DanTDM:”SAL MON”

  • Bianca and SleepyKarma

    DanTDM: Where is the evil cat?
    Me: *Remembers in one episode you put her/him to guard the villager pit and told her/him that he/she is cute and better than skinny.*

  • Youtube Is my life
    Youtube Is my life 4 days ago +1

    Place wet sponge 🧽 in the nether to automatically make it dry.

  • The Crazy Gall
    The Crazy Gall 4 days ago

    Dolphins need air

  • Makaneek
    Makaneek 5 days ago

    dolphins are mammals, not fish. they will drown if you trap them underwater. any second grader could tell you.

  • Peanut Hugger
    Peanut Hugger 5 days ago

    23:04 Play in back speed 0.5 to see a weird eye-shaped guardian

  • Lawrence Tanui
    Lawrence Tanui 5 days ago

    Dan a dolphin is a mammal it cant drown on land

  • PooCobra THE ONE
    PooCobra THE ONE 5 days ago


  • Eckleo
    Eckleo 5 days ago

    that animal crossing resetti music at 19:05!!

  • Nicole Spivey
    Nicole Spivey 5 days ago +1

    They need air or the dolphins die

  • Mohammad Aman
    Mohammad Aman 5 days ago

    USE IT AS YOUR BASE!!!!(jk)

  • Robot crow43
    Robot crow43 5 days ago

    Make the sea temple a guardian prison to get revenge on the lead he broke, I mean the dolphin!

  • Aadya Raghavan
    Aadya Raghavan 5 days ago +6

    Dan: Jumps off the top of his house into the water, risking it without his boots.

    Bubble elevator: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • Aadya Raghavan
    Aadya Raghavan 5 days ago

    My heart was beating out of my chest when Dan zoomed in on him disenchanting books, bows and crossbows. I thought he was going to disenchant le shoot since he zoomed it on it. PHEW

  • JWHero123
    JWHero123 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who sees the conduit and has flashbacks to Lord of the rings?

  • Sol Shim
    Sol Shim 5 days ago

    Also, when he found the treasure room, the background music is from Legend of Zelda XD

  • Sol Shim
    Sol Shim 5 days ago

    DanTDM = AIZEN!!!!

  • Idiotic Lizard
    Idiotic Lizard 5 days ago

    Make chest rooms

  • octopouzz
    octopouzz 5 days ago


  • Joshua Gao
    Joshua Gao 5 days ago

    Dan u know there is protection v 5

    TNEG UKRAM 5 days ago

    26:45... tHE GUARDIAN...


  • Maya Weebean
    Maya Weebean 6 days ago

    Dolphins need air!!!!

  • Kaidyn Kong
    Kaidyn Kong 6 days ago +1

    Another way to repair your enchanted gear is by combining the same type of gear but not enchanted version of it in a crafting table

  • Ellie Pedron
    Ellie Pedron 6 days ago

    Dolphins Die if kept underwater for to long that's why they jump...

  • Lil_Nate 123YT
    Lil_Nate 123YT 6 days ago

    I saw a baby pigman

  • Limek
    Limek 6 days ago +1

    11:08 hes on the bed with the red bracelet thingy on his head * facepalm *

  • Master-ish Gamer
    Master-ish Gamer 6 days ago

    31:52 really the naruto flute theme?

  • Kazam Ryouta
    Kazam Ryouta 6 days ago

    *Leaded the dolphin to get dolphin grace*
    Dan: +500IQ
    *Dolphin died*
    Dan: -600IQ

  • Cornelia R
    Cornelia R 6 days ago

    Dolphins needs air

  • EmojiDogeRBLX
    EmojiDogeRBLX 6 days ago

    Use the temple for a XP farm

  • Aleksandras Fox49
    Aleksandras Fox49 6 days ago

    Um 😐 dan i’m not sure if you know but you’re being sued by peta right now for dolphin abuse

    It’s a joke don’t take it seriously 😐

  • Anoosh Soni
    Anoosh Soni 6 days ago

    every time dan sells paper i can imagine him on a receptionist desk saying ¨dunder Mifflin, this is Dan

  • Bob
    Bob 7 days ago


  • Rose Random Cx
    Rose Random Cx 8 days ago

    i think you forgot that dolphins need air to breath somtimes lol.

  • Creeeper craft
    Creeeper craft 8 days ago

    A dolphins need air

  • Justin Viola
    Justin Viola 8 days ago

    dolphins are mammals and they need to breathe air.