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Comments • 80

  • Jon Alvarez
    Jon Alvarez 20 hours ago

    I can’t stand watching ksi.. idk if it’s the way he carry’s himself or his stupid hair or how his bottom lip doesn’t fit his face

  • Solihull Baron 15

    Don’t be dissing click

  • Fitzroy Watson
    Fitzroy Watson Day ago

    29:00 why is the mouse on his dick

  • O'Six
    O'Six 2 days ago +2

    You can tell harry is uncomfortable being around black people without any white people.

  • the ocelot tamer
    the ocelot tamer 2 days ago

    1:42 im confused, why are they going crazy over off white socks. Plz someone tell me

  • tsu
    tsu 2 days ago

    vik never does anything that makes him look silly. d:

  • BTB LeftGnat5192341
    BTB LeftGnat5192341 2 days ago

    vik is a puss

  • DemPears
    DemPears 5 days ago +6

    “2020 gunna be lit boiz”
    *me sitting at home in quarantine laughing*

  • Quality Freak
    Quality Freak 7 days ago

    20:08 "2020 is gonna be boys"
    Little did we know

  • Riley Fuhrman
    Riley Fuhrman 8 days ago

    Can’t fucking believe that KSI featured in a Trippie Redd song

  • Mr Mononoke
    Mr Mononoke 9 days ago

    Vik seems so boring.

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago

    Why is the sidemen reddit so shite

  • Aiden Nakamura-Bell
    Aiden Nakamura-Bell 11 days ago

    why do i fucking hate vikk so much?

  • StarburstK
    StarburstK 11 days ago

    But sidemen have more subs than faze clan

  • not me
    not me 12 days ago

    0:30 unlike his sister :)

  • xpride 07
    xpride 07 12 days ago

    Nobody :
    TheXvid : lets put 5 same 30 secs unskipabble ads

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 13 days ago

    Wifi on three bars: sidemen Wifi drops down one bar: Faze drops down another bar: Logang lose internett conetion: team 10

  • Ifti_006
    Ifti_006 14 days ago +1

    28:49 the cursor...

  • Hassan VGE
    Hassan VGE 16 days ago

    1:45 wtf just happened?

  • Presley Goodridge
    Presley Goodridge 16 days ago

    some video ideas; paintballing/airsoft, rallying(racing), sharades, overnight challenge

  • The Block 13
    The Block 13 16 days ago

    Either I'm insane or there is slight reverb in KSIs mic during this video?

  • Edith G
    Edith G 17 days ago +1

    Ethan said I had 5 seconds to subscribe to both channels, I went off the video even though I am already subscribed to both 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Channel Not Used
    Channel Not Used 17 days ago

    6:44 while their audio quality is shit

  • Sunny Farquhar
    Sunny Farquhar 20 days ago

    Dax is a fucking pussy

  • Lance Lively
    Lance Lively 21 day ago

    tobeats as a rapper name for tobi

  • JohnTheSailor29
    JohnTheSailor29 26 days ago

    17:59, Ethan being an E-boy

  • JohnTheSailor29
    JohnTheSailor29 26 days ago

    Is Harry, Vikk, Tobi and JJ sitting in a cave or something

  • Sbeve
    Sbeve 27 days ago

    24:20 made me realise how much of an unfunny boring pussy vik is

  • C J
    C J 27 days ago

    Jj I said I’m going so I going the coronavirus hell no

  • Charlie Crosbie
    Charlie Crosbie 28 days ago

    0:14 Harry just looks happy to be there

  • Cole
    Cole 28 days ago

    We need the return of babatunde

  • Axis Dexter
    Axis Dexter 28 days ago

    Tobi and JJ has an argument before this vid 💯

  • ツYonimon
    ツYonimon 29 days ago

    Click is shit. Make a disstrack on them

  • Ken Fam
    Ken Fam Month ago

    I feel bad for vikk, he gets too much hate, if u hate on vikk and see this comment fuck you

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +1

    “Go follow our Reddit”
    *Doesn’t post link to reddit*

    • Ken Fam
      Ken Fam Month ago

      They said the name of the reddit, r/Sidemen

  • James Marshall
    James Marshall Month ago +1

    The real question is did Vikk get his fiver

  • Deen Ada
    Deen Ada Month ago

    9:15 knowone talking about josh next to him

  • Marcel Halat
    Marcel Halat Month ago

    accually, faze has only 200k subs more, gets no views and has 400mil less all time views

  • Sandra Metcalfe
    Sandra Metcalfe Month ago +1

    Vick's face with the headphones it look's like he is having a life time

  • Matt OPS
    Matt OPS Month ago


  • ZuKk25
    ZuKk25 Month ago

    Ayo ethan’s high asf😂😂😂

  • Malachi Beal
    Malachi Beal Month ago +2

    Imagine being rich and famous but still not getting a good microphone

  • Arūnas Pupelis
    Arūnas Pupelis Month ago

    13:07 when Harry says something rasist about Vikk everybody laught but if somebody say something rasist about Tobi or JJ then they shout they not like it. I understand that he did not mean it but still

  • Rich 'N' Lit
    Rich 'N' Lit Month ago

    Sidemen: *all millionares*
    Ethan: "I've never shit in a friend's house."

  • Millie Hall
    Millie Hall Month ago +1

    Simon: we've got 40.1K followers
    Ethan: let's make it
    Josh and ethan: 55K
    Josh Simon and ethan look at each other confused 😂

  • Fin Kirby
    Fin Kirby Month ago

    Oi is anybody else’s audio really weird on jj Harry Vick and tobis side

  • Giles Guildford
    Giles Guildford Month ago

    Viks the biggest pussy

  • this is not a salad

    14:13 is goLd

  • Choose
    Choose Month ago

    Like 3 people on that Netflix show the circle had the shirt JJ wore

  • Global Football HD
    Global Football HD Month ago

    8:48 Simon cringe

  • SlendyDie
    SlendyDie Month ago

    nah these memes are also everywhere in ig fb and twitter not just reddit

  • Choobaka Smooth
    Choobaka Smooth Month ago

    Tobi please dont get gassed by these people... youre ok at rapping but ksi is defo better lol

  • Big man banana Ball

    Harry: this video won't even get 2 mil views 👆

  • Saifeddin Safieh
    Saifeddin Safieh Month ago

    vikk man, just change your profile pic for the bants

  • But it’s Actually good

    We wanna see sidemen swimming gala

  • Azuurz
    Azuurz Month ago

    i kinda feel that Harry smells like he looks

  • Noah Liu
    Noah Liu Month ago

    can we have more of phil

  • Dambro wayu
    Dambro wayu Month ago

    I want to see the nigerian supermen plz

  • [THM] CinetraX
    [THM] CinetraX Month ago

    LILVZN 🔥

  • MattyG
    MattyG Month ago +1

    2 mil what a fucking wet arse

  • karatekidje 13
    karatekidje 13 Month ago +1

    24:55 challenge accepted

  • Дамян Ранчев No3

    Guys,it says that this video is published on 14-th of January 2020

  • mr French
    mr French Month ago

    Harry gets some fkn views well done bro.🧨👍

  • Framed2008
    Framed2008 Month ago

    y'know it's bad when ksi's reddit has more members than the groups

  • Ryan-Playz
    Ryan-Playz Month ago

    Why does JJ’s group have reverb on their mic?

  • Tia Palmer
    Tia Palmer Month ago

    Tobis rap name should be lil jizzle

  • ZJ 5
    ZJ 5 Month ago

    Josh's aipods look fake like

  • boi boi
    boi boi Month ago

    tobi said racism isn't funny to sky sports then makes racist joke

  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies Month ago +1

    5:47 I'm going to take a guess and say Manny And Janelle......but that's just a guess, who knows

  • Matt Jax
    Matt Jax Month ago +1

    well talking about girlfriends...
    why doesn’t ksi show his?

  • Aimerais
    Aimerais Month ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Getafix
    Getafix Month ago +1

    in the Nigerian superman pic JJ looks like a black version of the "Legitness" kid

  • Where's Wally
    Where's Wally Month ago

    why does ksi have such a god complex i genuinely dont understand where he gets confidence, there is no way he can be this self confident just through youtube success

  • Mason Large
    Mason Large Month ago

    28:18 I say: 2B3

  • Juul V/D Es
    Juul V/D Es Month ago

    Lil vzn

  • Private Information

    At 19:01 jj full on lies about videos that are gonna be bangers

  • Łé.łítt
    Łé.łítt Month ago

    You should come to my school and see if your smarter then a year 8 plz 🤣

  • BossManGamingMaster02

    7:32 sidmen fze great spelling

  • AmanGoCrazy
    AmanGoCrazy Month ago +1

    16:30 ik im not the only one that thought it wasnt actually jj and thought it was a meme

  • Cookie QUACKY
    Cookie QUACKY Month ago

    Sidemen channel is 46k Subs away from faze