• Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • We've been together over 12 years and yet i only just found this out and not even on purpose! its just kinda came out!! i think we need to fix this!
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    Short History of SACCONEJOLYs
    In 2008 Anna was uploading beauty videos to youtube on her own channel and Jonathan was helping her behind the scenes.
    In late 2009 Jonathan set up this channel because he wanted to do his own youtube videos. What started out as a week experiment to film his life everyday for 7 days in a row has now become SACCONEJOLYS
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    When Jonathan Joly married Anna Saccone they both decided that instead of Anna dropping her family name they would both take each others name and join them together.
    They choose to use SACCONEJOLY rather then JOLYSACCONE simply because it sounded better.
    Jonathan and Anna Saccone Joly have four children, Emilia Saccone Joly, Eduardo Saccone Joly, Alessia Saccone Joly and Andrea Saccone Joly they also have six maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola.
    They moved from Ireland to the UK in 2014.
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Comments • 433

  • xmoonlightdiaries
    xmoonlightdiaries 8 days ago +1

    death eaters? 😂😂 do you mean the grim reaper?

  • Markisha Laquan
    Markisha Laquan 10 days ago

    Andrea laughs a lot like Emelia use to when she was his age hehehe

  • Bringmethe bree
    Bringmethe bree 13 days ago

    you guys should include the meal plans for each week

  • Patrica Dyson
    Patrica Dyson 16 days ago

    Emilia is turning out to be a nice young lady .She is such a big help to the little ones.Her little sister really looks up to her.She is so sweet.

  • Kaaaaay77
    Kaaaaay77 21 day ago

    Are we able to watch that show you were in, in other countries? 😊

  • Paige Rebecca
    Paige Rebecca 21 day ago

    Emelia looks so grown up in this vlog 💗

  • Millepiaa
    Millepiaa 22 days ago

    Anna are you born inn 1987 or 1988? Im born december 1987.

  • Onthebreeze
    Onthebreeze 23 days ago

    I’ve never seen so much steering wheel turning when Jonathan’s in that car, must be the size of the thing!!

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 23 days ago +1

    hearing anna saying she isnt very good at vlogging breaks my heart - anna you are amazing at vlogging considering you both have 4 young children to love and care for you do an amazing job. and i love the content

  • Beth Layton
    Beth Layton 26 days ago

    Aw I remember learning to ride my bike. My dad took me to a grassy hill and I rode down it over and over until I got it. Falling on grass doesn't hurt.

  • justabelfast girl
    justabelfast girl 27 days ago

    Concerts: First one was All Saints and that started me off. My most recent concert was the legends that are Snow Patrol playing in their fave arena in Belfast. It is the one and only time I cried at a concert but they were so good. I've seen them at concerts only a handful of times and their 2018 SSE Arena homecoming tour was incredible, just didn't want it to end.

  • AbigailRose109
    AbigailRose109 Month ago

    I hope Anna does an Andrea baby update soon! He is so precious.

  • Leona Rize
    Leona Rize Month ago

    hearing the old intro again is making me sooo nostalgic omg

  • BasicallyBrandi
    BasicallyBrandi Month ago +1

    Emilia's snoopy jacket looks so good on her.

  • Miss Bailey
    Miss Bailey Month ago +1

    Alessia is the definition of “boss baby”, even the dogs know it 😂

  • Elizabeth Hurtado
    Elizabeth Hurtado Month ago

    Take Anna to concerts! They’re so fun!

  • Mollie Wilson
    Mollie Wilson Month ago

    Jonathon looked so handsome!!!

  • Jennifer F
    Jennifer F Month ago

    Pippin and Poppin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marion Benzo
    Marion Benzo Month ago

    I know my parents used to spent the night clubbing and then go to work and I don’t know how they did that because I know I could NEVER 😂🙈

  • Anneri Van Der Merwe

    Jonno did you lose weight?? Ur looking great

  • Just Call Me Annie
    Just Call Me Annie Month ago

    Omg Jonathan, take Anna to some more concerts!

  • Just Call Me Annie
    Just Call Me Annie Month ago

    So cool about Jonathan vlogging almost his entire 30s!

  • Just Call Me Annie
    Just Call Me Annie Month ago

    Jonathan looks great in a tux!

  • Jessi Lee
    Jessi Lee Month ago

    When other people are in your house filming with a investigative critiquing eye, your going to be trying to show yourself in the best way... whether it's daily reality or just for show... eehhh? I think will see.

  • Jessi Lee
    Jessi Lee Month ago

    Jonathan wins celebrity dad of the year through his ability to do it all.. Anna comes up with " I know I could make myself look like supermom, but I just don't vlog it" *eyeroll*

  • Jessi Lee
    Jessi Lee Month ago +1

    Wtf didnt Anna go support her husband at his "event" ?!? 🤔

  • Sherry Totin
    Sherry Totin Month ago +1

    Jeez I remember the days we had to wait until a birthday or Christmas to get a bike.

  • Nichole De Anda
    Nichole De Anda Month ago

    Jonathan, you are a bad husband to have never taken your wife to a concert...😂😂😂 Anna??? No concerts ever??? No live music is like not breathing!!! Gooooooo!!!

  • Daily Vlogs
    Daily Vlogs Month ago +1

    It’s weird how my comments keep getting deleted. I guess unless you’re kissing their ass they don’t want to hear it. I still want to know why Jonathan said is your penis wet at 0:28.

  • Lotte Johnson
    Lotte Johnson Month ago

    I've seen a few comments about the size of Emelia's bike... The one she was on first, Im pretty sure that was just one off the shelf, hence they then measured her and BUILT the bike she got. I highly doubt they would buy her a too small bike! Also, you can adjust the height of both the seat and the handlebars. Those bikes look awesome, they'll have a great time with them, and Eduardo seems more confident about the idea of not having stabilisers! Starting to ride a bike is scary, at any age.

  • SnapesPrincess4
    SnapesPrincess4 Month ago

    I am in love with the kids new bikes!! They are so cool, and I love the colors!! Can't wait to see all the riding adventures you guys go on!! 😊😊

  • Emm
    Emm Month ago

    I knew Anna was 31 and Jonathan was 39 but whenever they say it I’m always like wait what? Haha I think it’s cause Anna is so mature and Jonathan is so silly the ages meet in the middle somewhere hahaha😂❤️

  • Emm
    Emm Month ago

    Did Eduardo just say “Ouu, looking like a lad” 😂😂😂😂

  • Emm
    Emm Month ago

    I live in Canada and I call “soft toys” “stuffed animals”. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if everyone else does too😂 I find it funny to see the small differences in language between countries.

  • Gluecksmarie
    Gluecksmarie Month ago +2

    Emilia's bike seems way too small. :( Maybe get a bigger one and adjust to the smallest size? That way it will last longer. She will grow rapidly in the next years.

  • hi. jess13
    hi. jess13 Month ago

    Aww the intro music was so nostalgic 😁

  • nicole martin
    nicole martin Month ago

    I wonder what size can black beans as they come in different ounces?

  • samanthascott1121
    samanthascott1121 Month ago

    The only concert I have been to was a Garth Brooks concert, and I've heard it's the best and can't be topped! I had a blast!

  • Zoe Small
    Zoe Small Month ago

    I love Chaka Kahn. The best. ❤️

  • Maryrose Abela
    Maryrose Abela Month ago

    We need to get the SacconeJoly's to 2M subs, they put so much effort in their videos and hardly ever miss a video. They are consistent. Hit the like button if you agree and tell a friend to tell a friend to subscribe to their channel ❤️

  • Emily Sian
    Emily Sian Month ago +1

    Love seeing you have time with Emilia
    She is honestly such a darling

  • Amina Aa
    Amina Aa Month ago

    Am I the only one that never saw Andrea crying

  • Mahrukh Ahmad
    Mahrukh Ahmad Month ago +3

    Clean Andreas nose plz 😭😂

  • ErinBooms
    ErinBooms Month ago +6

    Emilia's schedule for her bed hahahhah she is anna's daughter, no doubt about it

  • Kristine Borisevica
    Kristine Borisevica Month ago +2

    Guys pls dont zoom in on the snot.

  • Hannah Deana
    Hannah Deana Month ago

    anna never going to a concert makes me so sad lol!! im 18 and have gone to at least 20! concerts are my absolute favourite thing !! take her to some jonathan!!!

  • cfransua21
    cfransua21 Month ago +3

    Anna.... would love a meal planning video and what your favorite cookbooks are video. I’m always looking for new ideas for my meal planning.

  • kirsty fleming
    kirsty fleming Month ago +4

    Why have eduardo and emelia still have toddler beds also with the bike should be tiptoes Emelia is 2 big for that bike

  • Michelle Gardner
    Michelle Gardner Month ago

    I’ve never been to a concert before either Anna!! 😂😂 with the exception of seeing lone star at the rodeo on year lol

  • JenaeMarie
    JenaeMarie Month ago +1

    Jonathan - you’re rockin’ the tux!!!

  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith Month ago

    Hi Jonathan, Your neck can get smaller when you lose weight!!

  • AL B
    AL B Month ago

    I like how you call the extra wheels stabilizers we here in the USA call them training wheels.

  • Tanisha Rogers
    Tanisha Rogers Month ago

    Looking sharp Jonathan.

  • Jenn Johnson
    Jenn Johnson Month ago

    Alessia copying Emilia in the bath: “Look at my hair!” 😅

  • L B
    L B Month ago +2

    I think it’s amazing that every one of your children will get to go back and watch their life with their parents once you two get older. I would give anything to be able to see a little glimpse of every day with my parents. 😭🥰

  • Marci M
    Marci M Month ago

    Go to Ed Sheehan ❗️💜

  • Heather Peet
    Heather Peet Month ago

    I’ve gone from the club to church to stand as godmother at a baptism. That’s was pretty savage. I still felt great though so whatever. 😄

  • Melly Mel Love
    Melly Mel Love Month ago +1

    I'm thinking Anna was speaking of "Grim Reaper". I thought she favored E.T. 😄

  • Bethany Jane
    Bethany Jane Month ago

    Alessia reminded me of ET in Jonathan’s hoodie 😂😂

  • Chris Harvey
    Chris Harvey Month ago

    I’ve never been to a concert either and I am 66!

  • Michelle Rose
    Michelle Rose Month ago

    Such a lovely family! Alessia like ET in the hoodie so cute!! Xxx

  • Alex Claire
    Alex Claire Month ago

    When Alessia speaks,its so cute 😍

  • Denise Carter
    Denise Carter Month ago

    She looked like a little monk.

  • Sweetchilli77
    Sweetchilli77 Month ago

    wedding ring?

  • kirsty marie
    kirsty marie Month ago +5

    Did they not measure emillia on the bike? Looks a little small for her

  • Dalfonzo100
    Dalfonzo100 Month ago

    Yeeeeeeeessssss the one and only SacconeJolys intro!!!! 🙌 Tanananana nanana

  • Artlover
    Artlover Month ago

    Oh bring it on......we need to see more of you in a dress suit Jonathan.....a breath of fresh air as men no longer bother to dress up anymore, even for dinner out with a wife/ girlfriend /partner who takes the trouble to be smart.. Shame cause you look The Tops .🕺👀😍

  • Courtney T
    Courtney T Month ago

    I am dieing for a what I ate Wednesday are they coming back x

  • VK Grace
    VK Grace Month ago +2

    I love the way Jonathan interacts with Emilia... they have a great relationship

  • Katie Gray
    Katie Gray Month ago

    Does Anna type her recipes up herself or does she download them from somewhere?? 🤔 So organised! Xxx

  • Kyla Magan
    Kyla Magan Month ago

    So cute!

  • Reflections and love
    Reflections and love Month ago +1

    Happy Father's Day Johnathan your an amazing dad

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Month ago

    I just know that Andrea would be such a good kid when grown up

  • Mel Murray
    Mel Murray Month ago

    Hey guys. Does anyone know what colour grey they painted the inside of the house with? 💗😘

  • Jackie Kimberlin
    Jackie Kimberlin Month ago +1

    Emilia thinking of Alessia while bike shopping was so sweet. She has a heart of gold, always thinking of others.

  • Niamh Andrews
    Niamh Andrews Month ago +2

    didn’t catch what he dosen’t know about Anna until now?

  • moira odornan
    moira odornan Month ago +4

    Clean his nose please.

  • Niamh Andrews
    Niamh Andrews Month ago +6

    Anna shouldn’t you be going through the soft toys with the kids in case you don’t throw away anything which are their fave🤔

    • Kim S
      Kim S Month ago +1

      @D C boy you just know it all don't you.

    • Moll Flower
      Moll Flower Month ago +3

      Niamh Andrews I thought so too - my parents would never have done that to us!

  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 Month ago

    OMG, Jonathan! I also went to see Garth Brooks in concert, around that same time! I'm not even a fan of country music, but he was great. #garthbrooks

  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 Month ago

    Oh my goodness. In no way do I want to be inappropriate, but Jonathan in that tuxedo. Wow. He cleans up well. As a woman, I find little more attractive than a well dressed man and a tuxedo really does the trick.

  • FireCracker3240
    FireCracker3240 Month ago

    Hey, it's good to see Donal's cookbook in there. Donal's a friend and a really good guy. Also, a fantastic cook! 💗

  • HeyitsDeirdre
    HeyitsDeirdre Month ago

    Happy Fathers day Jonathon

  • Taking Back Angie
    Taking Back Angie Month ago

    Alesia reminded me of E.T. with the hoodie o!!

  • Pj Mcgovern
    Pj Mcgovern Month ago

    She looks like a hobbit

  • Jamila Scales
    Jamila Scales Month ago

    *me to my dogs when I'm going out "careful don't touch me"

  • Sumyya Khan
    Sumyya Khan Month ago

    Wooowwww i wish i could take some of those soft toys for my babies😍

  • Cathy Miller
    Cathy Miller Month ago +1

    Jonathon, take that girl to a concert!

  • Maisie Smith
    Maisie Smith Month ago

    I’ve just clocked it.... Jonathan you’re a young Grayham Norton !!!!!!!!!

  • rebecca sara coffey
    rebecca sara coffey Month ago +2

    Jonathan you should take Anna to a concert. I am surprised Anna hasn’t been to one.

  • Susan Collison
    Susan Collison Month ago

    Very handsome in the tuxedo 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Maverick Versus Everything

    "Keep the intro song forever please.... the music speaks out loud SACCONEJOLYS ~~"

  • Renee Marino
    Renee Marino Month ago +2

    Love when you guys just talk together, please do more.

  • Annie Edwards
    Annie Edwards Month ago +6

    You’re in your 32nd year but you’re 31.....because when you celebrated your first birthday, you’d already been alive for 1 year.

  • Asmita Sapkota
    Asmita Sapkota Month ago +4

    I love how Emilia still remembers Zoe and Alfie’s Ginny pig . Please do a video with them.

  • ilja cosper
    ilja cosper Month ago +1

    I have no shame, and it only happened once but I dropped my daughter off looking like a raccoon with mascara smudged and a serious hangover

  • YouBocaj67Tube
    YouBocaj67Tube Month ago

    The Postman always rings twice!

  • Ms Smith
    Ms Smith Month ago

    John and anna having a chance to vlog without kiddos at the end is so cute

  • Niña Ezekiel Liscano


  • Lily Sykes
    Lily Sykes Month ago

    Love the intro missed it xxx

  • Milzy May
    Milzy May Month ago

    Lessy looks like E.T. In the basket of the boys bike