Galaxy S10: Official Introduction

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • The #GalaxyS10 is a next generation smartphone like no other. Designed not to stand out, it’s designed to stand apart.
    [Next Generation Screen]
    Galaxy S10 defies the barriers of screen technology with its Cinematic Infinity Display. It covers the full front of the phone - from top to bottom and from side to side, giving you the first truly uninterrupted HDR10 viewing experience.
    [Next Generation Security]
    The future of smartphone security is fused right into S10’s display. Ultrasonic technology and machine learning work together to instantly capture the unique 3D characteristics of your fingerprint, for vault-like security only you can unlock.
    [Next Generation Pro-grade Camera System]
    With Galaxy S10, you can shoot like a pro without being a pro. Its next generation pro-grade camera system is powered by an advanced NPU that intelligently analyzes and optimizes what you shoot, and features telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses. Front cameras now capture in UHD, and for the first time ever in a mobile device, you can record professional-grade HDR10+ video.
    [Next Generation Performance]
    S10’s next generation performance is designed especially for how today’s generation will live tomorrow. Intelligent Battery Management automatically manages your battery power with highly advanced smart solutions, and Wireless PowerShare revolutionizes how you charge your devices.
    [Next Generation Connectivity]
    Galaxy S10 introduces the future of connectivity with next generation Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Connect to faster, more secure networks with Wi-Fi 6, while the Galaxy S10 5G also delivers super-fast download speeds at up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps).
    The next generation Galaxy has arrived.
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  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk 12 hours ago

    I won Samsung s10 by lottery. How can i collect it

  • Ikhlas abdi
    Ikhlas abdi 14 hours ago

    Who has one now?😇

  • Ana Laura Madrigal

    I want the S10+ so badly, I wish I could afford it.

  • Авазхон Шодиев

    1st Samsung 💪💪👍👍
    99 th IPhone 👎👎😢😴😵

  • xazamx
    xazamx Day ago

    Came here regularly just because of background music..feel my s10..

  • AWK1
    AWK1 Day ago

    I dont know, i bought my s9 1 month before this phone goes out and i've never been so regretful in life.

  • Kashner15 Omega
    Kashner15 Omega Day ago

    İ want this phone becuse ikonik skin and glow

  • Tofe Alwerfaly
    Tofe Alwerfaly Day ago +1

    I don't know why I'm watching this on my S10+ 🤷‍♀️😅❤

  • iljeko Angelo Guno

    Like here if you are still a Galaxy Note9 User

  • Aleena The kitty

    This phone is 900$ 🗿🗿🗿🗿
    Imma get the iPhone XR 🌚

  • A J
    A J 3 days ago

    I prefer the old s9 Oreo icons then the one UI ones

  • PJ Indangan Vlogs
    PJ Indangan Vlogs 3 days ago +1

    I want a Prism Blue S10 unfortunately it's not available here in the Philippines I want to buy Samsung 😞😞😞

  • Trump DonaId
    Trump DonaId 4 days ago


  • Abdullah Samir
    Abdullah Samir 4 days ago

    Can't billeve at ilove at i love samsung all smart phones i love

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea 4 days ago +1

    This is what I love about Samsung each new phone is so different from the others rather than the same copy and paste every year but with more cameras

  • GreenStrqfe
    GreenStrqfe 4 days ago

    can u give free phone

  • wxmpyー 호리
    wxmpyー 호리 5 days ago

    did I watched an ad until the end..?

  • Tanthien Nguyen
    Tanthien Nguyen 5 days ago

    Die Frechheit schicke ich zu NTV.....

  • Dark PlayerX5
    Dark PlayerX5 5 days ago

    Here before they remove the headphone jack

  • K- Genius
    K- Genius 6 days ago

    Google randomly picked 10 google users that can have a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S10
    and I was one of them.. Idk if its real or fake but it totally shocked me.. So I opened google to claim it..
    The price was 1 dollars!

  • Ελλάς Ελλάς
    Ελλάς Ελλάς 6 days ago +2

    Watching this with my s10!! 😁

  • Cindy D
    Cindy D 6 days ago

    I used to be a Sony girl. Always liked Sony... I still do but Samsung is just AWESOME and gets better all of the time! I have an S10+ and just love it!! Keep up the awesomeness Samsung :)

  • Barkhal Idea
    Barkhal Idea 6 days ago

    (IPhone 11 pro) Vs (Samsung S10)

  • Small Bear
    Small Bear 7 days ago

    I just switch from IphoneX to s10+,
    And I'm so in love with Samsung now, I totally satisfied with it.

  • Lendell Carpio
    Lendell Carpio 7 days ago

    S10 is all i want now if i grew up

  • Mesha klink
    Mesha klink 7 days ago

    Apple: Next generation price tag

  • Emir Atik
    Emir Atik 7 days ago +5

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue
    iPhone is trash,
    So Switch to Samsung dude
    🎤 drops the Mic

  • blueridgeocean
    blueridgeocean 7 days ago

    This phone feels fragile but to be honest it held up so far. I'm careful with my electronics but things happen. Last night I was chaining up my semi truck on donner pass I hooked up the front went to the rear drags forgetting I left my phone on the tractor tires. Long night short I mean story. I rolled the truck right over it. 28,000 lbs of chain covered tires right on top the screen anyways I didn't realize what had happened until about 5 minutes later when I heard my cell phone ring. Lol. It was a very low feeling when I walked back to pick up the phone after pulling forward driving over it again...

    • blueridgeocean
      blueridgeocean 7 days ago

      But I haven't dropped it yet so I cant remark about that part... not a scratch

  • Rhuth K
    Rhuth K 7 days ago

    My pocket has left the chat.
    My Kidney has entered the chat

  • Shulamit Eliyahu
    Shulamit Eliyahu 8 days ago


  • Swasthik Shetty
    Swasthik Shetty 8 days ago +1

    I came here because even virat kohli use this😀

  • LittleWolfChub
    LittleWolfChub 8 days ago

    Almost a year later and I'm finally getting it 😭 🖤

  • Aleks Jemec
    Aleks Jemec 9 days ago

    it's not cool that people in europe can't have the snapdragon in it. I'm from Slovenia and i might not buy it beacuse of that

  • Najmeddine Sloussi
    Najmeddine Sloussi 9 days ago

    you know i asked a lot of my friends why they choose iPhone instead of Samsung while samsung is better, they told me"Because it is cool ang girls like me when i have it"

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 9 days ago


  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 9 days ago


  • A Sparky Guy
    A Sparky Guy 10 days ago +6

    I’m still angry that the uk gets a much slower cpu

  • Offers
    Offers 10 days ago


  • Lu G.
    Lu G. 11 days ago

    When will they remove the punch hole? I really wanna buy, but that hole will bother me like mad. Argh

  • Hyperultima Gaming
    Hyperultima Gaming 11 days ago +3

    2:27 Fortnite has left the chat.

  • Esteban Gomez
    Esteban Gomez 11 days ago

    Like Samsung galaxy s10
    Comment Apple iPhone 11

  • Arria 51
    Arria 51 12 days ago +1

    It's nice seeing a whole community of Samsung supporters, considering everyone at my school thinks Iphone is better

  • Mirella Fernandez
    Mirella Fernandez 12 days ago

  • Benjamin Stanciu
    Benjamin Stanciu 13 days ago

    Watching on the S10+

    TERRIFYING OFFICIAL 13 days ago +1

    Just got s10+ in my hand😍 this is the best phone i ever seen!!!

  • Knuckl3sS _11
    Knuckl3sS _11 13 days ago

    January 2020👇

  • ZERO
    ZERO 13 days ago

    Ma phone 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Joan
    Joan 14 days ago


  • Shaorma Star
    Shaorma Star 14 days ago

    1 for New S20
    2 for Apple dead
    3 for apple fans turn in Samsung Fans
    4 for new iphone phone
    5 for back jack
    6 for nothing

  • Jozin Murphy
    Jozin Murphy 14 days ago

    I like it how Apple just made an all-day battery phone even though Samsung did that 2 years ago with its NOTE 9!

    NOTE 9 vs iPhone 11

  • Gabriela Romero
    Gabriela Romero 14 days ago

    This is probably the worst one

  • Aether Bolt 94
    Aether Bolt 94 14 days ago

    Watching on my s10e

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 15 days ago +9

    I hope Samsung doesn't close off their comment sections.

    Who's ready for the S20?

    • Natsu Dragneel
      Natsu Dragneel 2 days ago

      @Steri I agree, I think it's because the year is 2020.

    • Ali Chhimy
      Ali Chhimy 2 days ago

      Is it confirmed that it'll be called S20?

    • Steri
      Steri 2 days ago

      S20 sounds better than S11 ngl

  • Spence The Fence
    Spence The Fence 15 days ago +1

    Androids aren’t that good in my opinion

    • Spence The Fence
      Spence The Fence 15 days ago

      I just prefer apples features. You’re opinion is awesome to you.

    • MedBoi
      MedBoi 15 days ago

      I mean I like apple, I just prefer Samsung

    • Spence The Fence
      Spence The Fence 15 days ago +1

      Alright, I respect you’re opinion.

    • MedBoi
      MedBoi 15 days ago

      I switched to Samsung a year ago, a it is better in my opinion

    • Spence The Fence
      Spence The Fence 15 days ago +1

      I mean you’re right about the triggered fanboy part! Google just steals apples ideas, I also switched to apple on christmas

  • Info tech
    Info tech 15 days ago

  • diM
    diM 15 days ago

    That Amy in the vid is hot.😍

    ADVANCE YT 16 days ago

    Imagine she surfing then the phone suddenly drop..

  • swayam tripathy
    swayam tripathy 16 days ago

    The punch hole os basicly a glorified notch. Samsung made fun of apple for having a notch.

  • Dave Mureithi08
    Dave Mureithi08 17 days ago

    I love galaxy s only.s10 I lv u even if my pocket is unable to buy it

  • not a trap
    not a trap 17 days ago +5

    *”designed for humans”*