My Friend's Insane Lamborghini has a BAZOOKA Exhaust Mode!

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • There's crazy, and then there's absolutely insane and my friend Stig's Persian Cousin's ultra rare Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale is exactly that. The modifications are endless, and the bonkers sounds it makes can only be associated to machine guns or a bazooka! What to you think of this huge Lamborghini tuning project?!
    5-6 years ago we filmed together a few times some videos with this very car in Dubai, back at the time it was much more stock but still with a stupidly loud exhaust, however that's now even louder. The car itself is one of around 86 STS' that Lamborghini ever produced of the intended 150 unit build run, so already a very rare final special edition as a road car (Stradale) of the Super Trofeo racecar. For example it now has a half-cage, harnesses, racing dashboard and steering wheel, huge wing and diffuser, racing suspension, and of course a straight exhaust,
    Starting off with the crazy scenario that we have a car from Dubai and my Ford GT from the UK, here together in Los Angeles, we leave the GT for today to take out the machine gun Lambo to get a feel for what all of this is about.
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    Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150  14 days ago +326

    My friend @stigspersiancousin has basically turned his super-rare Super Trofeo Stradale into the full Gallardo Super Trofeo! The sounds it makes though... well it's a permanent machine gun of backfire combined with the occasional bazooka being fired off!

    • Rouzbeh Rezaei
      Rouzbeh Rezaei 11 hours ago

      @Dmitri Fukov arab!!? he is an iranian(persian)

    • 411Adidas
      411Adidas 3 days ago

      Let's be honest, it sounds broken..

    • 84unisol
      84unisol 7 days ago

      @TheRealZlamz alex has seen it it was a dde video from like 6 months ago. He was very intrigued

    • Helio Duarte
      Helio Duarte 8 days ago

      There is a 0% chance I could drive that car for more than 30 seconds. As unique as it is, those pops are complete madness!!

    • Tall Paull
      Tall Paull 11 days ago

      Just saw the Pininfarina Battista hyper-EV car with 1900 HP !!!! Now that's a car worth braggin about !

  • Reindert Twigt
    Reindert Twigt 4 hours ago

    Who also thought that was a zenvo tsr-s?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hexecutable
    Hexecutable 10 hours ago

    He set that mf to FULLY and sent it. SOUNDS CRAZY....

  • Mu Sic
    Mu Sic 10 hours ago

    Thrissur pooramthinne konde veram..😁

    THE NICE ONES 10 hours ago

    Why not use the Porsche as the chase car to get footage of the lambo driving? come on THMMEEEEE!

  • dunderogbrak
    dunderogbrak 11 hours ago

    Doesn't matter how much money you got, open headers are always fun. LOL

  • Igor Igor
    Igor Igor 15 hours ago

    Mega sound 👍🙂

  • GRod
    GRod 22 hours ago

    This car is probably banned from NYC 😂🤣

  • Damogan g
    Damogan g Day ago

    Hey Shme what does the 150 stand for?

  • shawn pontiac
    shawn pontiac Day ago

    Im sorry but this "loud exhaust" trend has just gotten out of control. I love my exhaust sounds, im a drag racer and my car is loud but its gotten to a point of just being obnoxious. It takes away from an otherwise beautiful vehicle. I nice exhaust on a lambo v10 is glorious but jeez, its just noise at that point

  • R0MANEK shark
    R0MANEK shark Day ago

    Really really really I can't even hours after ending this video stop shaking my head.... Love bazooka mode drive... PpPpPPPPRrRRRRRRrRRPpppRRRRRrR😜✌️👊


    It’s like the car snores

  • Brad Leonard
    Brad Leonard Day ago

    I mean.. it’s kinda dumb.

  • dumba 14
    dumba 14 Day ago

    Isn't that the cop guy

    FB7_HELOUMIGIZ Day ago

    i dont think the Australia would like that car but the car enthusiast will for sure, if i saw that car around my area i would be soo speechless and just stop him so i could have a ride in it and maybe just leave with him and never get out of the car

  • X
    X 2 days ago

    That sounds terrible, what is the appeal?

  • KongJenner
    KongJenner 2 days ago

    Sounds like the A10 plane, shooting taliban

  • Pat Kowalczyk
    Pat Kowalczyk 2 days ago

    I like the GT3

    DJ NJAAY 2 days ago

    Somebody tell me where I can buy that Persian air horn 🤣

    UNDERCOVER 2 days ago

    MGK need one of these because he's out of bullets

  • Patrick Carta
    Patrick Carta 3 days ago

    That gets annoying really fast.

  • willworknow will
    willworknow will 3 days ago

    DON'T MOVE THE CAR!!!! Send the video to the greenies!!!!

  • Phiz Coke YT
    Phiz Coke YT 3 days ago

    Whent u a mincraft youtuber

  • Aimen Hajab
    Aimen Hajab 3 days ago +1

    Everyone who says it's ridiculous and too overly done, you clearly have never seen an actual racing car, let alone talking about driving it.
    It's a " race car for the road " it's even written in the car version he decided to push it to it maximum potential.

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte 3 days ago +3

    I couldn't be bothered with all that noise, whats the point? Everybody just thinks you're an arse!

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte 3 days ago

    Being Persians I'm surprised its not gold wrapped

  • Allphonetips
    Allphonetips 3 days ago

    I have never smiled this much throughout any other video!, Great video shmee, Stig's lambo is definitely a goal I would I like to achieve someday!

  • Zertex
    Zertex 4 days ago

    He says no one will buy that car, but I bet every one watching this video would buy that car

  • lolCollol
    lolCollol 4 days ago +1

    The rear is simply a Zenvo TSR-S.

  • mouser485
    mouser485 4 days ago +1

    Cool looking car but that exhaust would get annoying real fast.

  • Peter O brien
    Peter O brien 4 days ago +3

    Imagine being so fat u have to take off the steering wheel

  • swish1onu
    swish1onu 4 days ago

    Cop pulled this guy over.. and he tells the cop he's not rich... guess his definition of rich means he only has millions instead of billions...

  • Reece M
    Reece M 5 days ago


  • Jt_ Ballin_23
    Jt_ Ballin_23 5 days ago

    Let Tallguycarreview drive that lamb

  • slowlyfe 13
    slowlyfe 13 5 days ago

    If I had the money I'd buy it in a heart beat 😍😍😍

  • onionburst
    onionburst 5 days ago


  • Swoog3G
    Swoog3G 5 days ago

    I'd buy the car. It's not hard to feather the throttle so you don't lose traction. And it's dope af. The exhaust would get kind obnoxious.

  • neai aoidan
    neai aoidan 5 days ago

    Why does he have a Swiss vignette?

  • Nizm0350z
    Nizm0350z 5 days ago


  • OIF/OEF-0341
    OIF/OEF-0341 5 days ago

    All that noise, and he still got left by the Porsche entering onto the FWY

  • Sonny Dayz
    Sonny Dayz 5 days ago

    I would love to have the opportunity to ride in this car, but I do have a coworker dying of leukemia that would really appreciate it too. Please contact me, so I can put you in contact with him. His name is Garrett and he is a good man.

  • Mehdi Salehi
    Mehdi Salehi 6 days ago

    اجسام از آنچه در آینه میبینید از شما خیلی دورترند........خیلی😂😂😂😂

  • gav
    gav 6 days ago

    that car brings me so much joy haahaha

  • Josh Magda
    Josh Magda 6 days ago

    Dumbest sounding car ever

  • Alex King
    Alex King 6 days ago

    sounds like shit

  • Eron Manabat
    Eron Manabat 6 days ago +1

    Surely I’m not the only one who thought it was a Toyota Celica at first

  • Scott Gregory
    Scott Gregory 6 days ago

    Porsche sounds better.

  • Marcell Koch
    Marcell Koch 6 days ago

    ur the weirdes guy on the internet xd

  • Bishop Sharp
    Bishop Sharp 6 days ago

    Sounds awful, that’s the most annoying exhaust in the history of exhausts. Sounds like it’s dragging metal underneath the damn thing. Pops and bangs are nice but this is just too much. It is completely and utterly stupid and useless.

  • LoLa XLoVe
    LoLa XLoVe 6 days ago

    But no flames 😅

  • 440DieseL
    440DieseL 7 days ago

    You know you guys didn't re-park it. I wouldn't... hehe

  • timtimzi ni
    timtimzi ni 7 days ago

    I want to see his Lambo's adjustable tail in action. I love the fact that he is able to change the angle of attack and activate DRS on command. Other car companies need to get on this tech

  • Bem-Bem
    Bem-Bem 7 days ago

    I never heard sound like this b4 - maybe becouse i sleep early ? he he he

  • Rocko Productions
    Rocko Productions 7 days ago

    That would be fun as hell, Can you turn it off when you want? I love loud cars ans the pops and cracks but dont know if I could deal with it all the time

  • Panos Marinos
    Panos Marinos 7 days ago

    Why is he talking like a reporter wtf it’s like his rehearsal all he wants to say no good man not good videos...

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 7 days ago

    what kind of sunglasses is the Lamborghini owner wearing?

  • ThatCarGuy
    ThatCarGuy 7 days ago +38

    Lamborghini tunner: How many backfires do you want?

    Stigspersiancousin: Yes

    SXMMXH 7 days ago

    My is this street legal 😂

  • --
    -- 7 days ago

    What's the average/mileage
    Ans- 2 miles per 1 Saudi Arabian oil well

    • --
      -- 13 hours ago

      @Rouzbeh Rezaei But he's driving in US which gets its oil supplies from Saudi Arabia

    • Rouzbeh Rezaei
      Rouzbeh Rezaei Day ago

      He is persian(iranian),he is not arab bruv

  • Paulo
    Paulo 7 days ago +1

    Sounds like a bad cough. Spit it out already !