April Solar Savings!

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • 300mpg.org
    I open my April Electric Bill live on camera to see what it comes to. My solar panels produce electricity to offset what I use. In the spring, I shift from being a net energy consumer to a net energy PRODUCER!
    At this point in the year, the EXTRA electricity that I export goes back to the grid, and powers my neighbors. That energy is tracked and credited to me. I produce MORE energy than I use all summer, and the credits get me well into the fall without paying an electric bill.
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Comments • 22

  • James Klafehn
    James Klafehn 7 months ago

    Where are you located?

  • Detached Garage
    Detached Garage 7 months ago

    I can’t wait to make solar savings videos in the future! I’m thinking of doing a hybrid system to allow for battery backup and semi off grid living.

  • James Bunda
    James Bunda 7 months ago

    Hey I live in Waukesha and am planning a ebike build. I know this comment doesn't have anything to do with this video but I have questions for you about your bike build. My email is jbunda83@gmail.com. It would be cool if we could connect and you could help me out.

  • blairo15
    blairo15 7 months ago

    In Australia it's illegal to work on 240vac unless you are and electrician. And you can't install solar unless you are licenced either. In saying that, I have solar and its weird. We buy our electricity for around 30aus cents per kW and if we put it back in to the grid they legally only have to pay us 6.5cents per kW. For a country with enormous amounts of sunlight they don't give people here incentive to connect solar! And we are currently having a federal election and the current priminister is trying to stop EV sales saying Australia isn't ready! He says EVs will take Australians weekends away! What a crock! Anyway that's my rant on the frustrations from abroad! Keep up the good work Ben!

    • chefgav1
      chefgav1 3 months ago

      Australia has the cheapest installed solar in the world and is still definitely worth it.

    • chefgav1
      chefgav1 3 months ago

      What state you in? I get 0.15 FIT and pay 0.21c kWh

    • blairo15
      blairo15 7 months ago

      @BenjaminNelson good call mate!

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  7 months ago +2

      In the United States, what you get paid for "overproduction" varies quite a bit by State and by Electric Utility. For people who get paid very little for overproduction, I suggest driving an electric car. You'll use up the electricity yourself and save money by NOT buying gasoline.

  • Toshesh Daulta
    Toshesh Daulta 7 months ago

    That's awesome.

  • Guido Vink
    Guido Vink 7 months ago +1

    Electric bill needs to be electricity bill

  • Grendo
    Grendo 7 months ago

    Sounds good man

  • Getis Realis
    Getis Realis 7 months ago

    Great video Ben, love it when you do the electric bill video every month!

  • Sky6105
    Sky6105 7 months ago

    Great job Ben keep up the great vids.
    One question what kind of camera equipment do you use for you videos.

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  7 months ago

      I'm using a Canon T6i DSLR amzn.to/2Lw7NGI with a Senheisser wireless lav for sound amzn.to/2YeEM3R

  • joseph john
    joseph john 7 months ago

    Up Solar PV. Thanks for your video

  • David K
    David K 7 months ago +1

    At the current rates, how many years until the system is paid for?

    • David K
      David K 7 months ago

      @BenjaminNelson Thanks for the info...

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  7 months ago +3

      Looks like it's pretty much stayed on track of my original 6.5 year estimate. We will be going on two years this summer that we've had the solar. So, about 4.5 more yearsish.

  • cn 250
    cn 250 7 months ago

    In 500 years it will pay for itself.

    • Jan Nowak
      Jan Nowak 7 months ago

      cn 250 = aww triggered 12yo snowflake and a hater, so cute

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  7 months ago +2

      The average electric bill in my state is $94.67. I did NOT spend that PLUS, I received a credit of of $13.86. Essentially, I saved more than $100 this month!
      My end out of pocket cost for my system was about $6500, and the solar produces about $1,000 per year in energy value. It should pay for itself in about 6.5 years. NOT 500.

  • OffGrid Wanabe
    OffGrid Wanabe 7 months ago +2

    Awesome Ben bring on the Sun!