Make your own crude Cocktail Machine

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
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    In this project I will show you how I combined an Arduino Nano, an LCD, a rotary encoder, three peristaltic pumps with motor drivers, a load cell and a couple pieces of wood to create a crude, but functional Cocktail Machine. Along the way I will demonstrate how peristaltic pumps work and in which way they can work with the other components in order to pump a precise amount of liquid.
    Videos about components of the Cocktail Machine:
    Load Cell:
    Rotary Encoder/LCD: or
    Parts list: (incomplete, see Instructables for more, affiliate links):
    1x Arduino Nano:
    1x I2C LCD:
    1x Rotary Encoder:
    1x Load Cell (1kg) + HX711 ADC IC:
    2x L298N Breakout Board:
    3x Peristaltic Pump:
    1x DC Jack:
    1x 15V 5A Power Supply:
    1x Arduino Nano:
    1x I2C LCD:
    1x Rotary Encoder:
    1x Load Cell (1kg) + HX711 ADC IC:
    2x L298N Breakout Board:
    3x Peristaltic Pump:
    1x DC Jack:
    1x 15V 5A Power Supply:
    2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
    Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod
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  • PHPO Labs
    PHPO Labs 2 years ago +1702

    Can i have a Martini?
    Yeah just let me update the arduino code.

    • Andrew Finnell
      Andrew Finnell Month ago

      PHPO Labs It seems easy enough to Program in set drink patterns instead of having to hard code the liquid to pump. I suspect he will do that next.

    • Half
      Half 7 months ago

      One vodka martini please, poured, not shaken.

    • Sujon Kumar Biswas
      Sujon Kumar Biswas 10 months ago

      Wanna more same video see here >>

    • Ronak Dodeja
      Ronak Dodeja 10 months ago


    • sun qinru
      sun qinru Year ago

      PHPO Labs iii

  • boxman139
    boxman139 2 days ago

    One day, GreatScott! is going to fill his house with DIY appliances. Hell, he'll probably have a DIY house at that point.

  • Zauberer Deny Bellitto

    Hey great Projekt I want to buy me one to. You talk a lot abut the hardware but how about the software? For me this ist very difficult how I install is and make it work?

  • Steve Wang
    Steve Wang 11 days ago

    May I buy a proto for using?

  • Sheedy Aja
    Sheedy Aja 15 days ago

    Hi, can we modify this machine to be able to dispense grains?

  • GermanNoobGaming
    GermanNoobGaming 26 days ago

    Where can i get that book or whatever that is at 0:11 ?

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand 26 days ago

    And a distance sensor so it stops no matter which glass you use.

  • Aleks Botler
    Aleks Botler 27 days ago

    Нужна система технического зрения и обработка изображения нейросетью, для определения возраста пользователя и блокировки/разрешения приготовления напитков, содержащих водку.

    EASY SCIENCE 27 days ago

    9:42 it would also be a nice cocktail

  • coelho714
    coelho714 Month ago

    this project reminds me of one of the problems in Shenzhen I/O

  • Alf A.
    Alf A. Month ago

    Beam me up , Scotty.

  • Ricardo Castro
    Ricardo Castro Month ago +1

    Dont forget to clean those sillicon tubes against germs

    DRAGONGAMER 2 months ago

    It isn’t a file it is a rasp xD

  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor 2 months ago

    Thanks nice video.. but where is Code. Pls..

  • Celestial Cuantico
    Celestial Cuantico 2 months ago

    You forgot the chatbot inside the program

  • Aaron West
    Aaron West 2 months ago

    The darker side of an TheXvid electronics diy'er

  • Ashraf mujawar
    Ashraf mujawar 2 months ago

    The code is show error to upload in arduino nano e.g. the LCD code show compile error

  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 3 months ago

    Wut about a coffee machine. Those are WAYYYY complicated when it comes to fully automatic systems...

  • Garrett Haynes
    Garrett Haynes 4 months ago

    Sorry, you were 4 years late to this party when you made this. I made one for the mixing of E-liquid with different recipes. Sorry.

    EASY SCIENCE 4 months ago

    9:43 which cocktail is it 🤔🤔🤔

  • Josh McCellan
    Josh McCellan 5 months ago +1

    I'm too young for that, so I'll just make it a juice dispenser

  • dan p
    dan p 5 months ago

    какая нужжная вещь, ща после сессии займёмся, но дойду ли я до конца находясь рядом с водкой

  • ZedZoo
    ZedZoo 5 months ago

    *2 shots of vodka*

  • Ingmar Kranefeld
    Ingmar Kranefeld 5 months ago

    Hi Scott, can you give me an advise how you got the 15v 5a DC to run with the H Bridge? I redesigned your basic scheme but within seconds the H Bridge reaches temperatures more than 50°C. I want to control a basic stepper motor (17HS4401) with the h bridge an the power supply you recommended.
    I hope you will answer me :-)
    BTW you can answer me in German as well ;-)

  • Kazakhstan
    Kazakhstan 6 months ago

    cheers mate!!!

  • Evan Hoflich
    Evan Hoflich 6 months ago

    How do you empty the tubes once you have filled up the cup?

  • Daniel Fisher
    Daniel Fisher 7 months ago +1

    Could be used to dose fertilizers to a planted aquarium.

    ALI_SALEM 7 months ago


  • Tuomas Kärnä
    Tuomas Kärnä 7 months ago +1

    How about an ice cube machine

  • 3D Possible
    3D Possible 7 months ago +2

    A perfect project to make a phone app to update the "recipes" and pour by remote + glasses on conveyor belt for a batch mode... + Add self cleaning mode.

  • ScrotMailPlayz
    ScrotMailPlayz 7 months ago

    Me: OMG GreatScott is amazing
    GreatScott: Nah let me make a wine for kids
    Me: WTF

  • Dorian Niemiec
    Dorian Niemiec 7 months ago

    Why do not you use EEPROM memory to store ingredient names?

  • Flimstar Official
    Flimstar Official 7 months ago

    Two Shots of vodka...

  • Yassine Safraoui
    Yassine Safraoui 8 months ago

    In a next project video, you can it work with wifi, and obviously the esp8266 would be the best choice.

  • DerAudi
    DerAudi 8 months ago

    Haste auch nen deutschen Kanal?

  • Benjamin QUACH
    Benjamin QUACH 8 months ago

    He sounds so tied in the end

  • Zocker Bro
    Zocker Bro 8 months ago +1

    Next Video: How to make a crude Coffee machine

  • HAFO 821
    HAFO 821 8 months ago

    scale "feedback" is a great idea! nice video!

  • Georgios Delimpasis
    Georgios Delimpasis 8 months ago

    these pumps are soooooooo noisy

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton 8 months ago

    Seems like a good hack for a fridge water dispenser

  • mehrdad mirzaei
    mehrdad mirzaei 9 months ago

    you're awesome.

  • SlendisFi Universe
    SlendisFi Universe 9 months ago

    A common nostle?

  • Kevin M.
    Kevin M. 9 months ago

    Hi GreatScott,
    A really good project!
    I tried to buld it. Which hoses did you use? Do you know a german seller?

  • Matthew Baumann
    Matthew Baumann 10 months ago

    Hello, is there any way you could share your wiring schematic? I have all of the parts but I am afraid that I may accidentally break something and I am trying to build something like this to make my job easier in the seed industry.
    Thank you

  • Karri Koivusalo
    Karri Koivusalo 10 months ago

    This would be a great project to upgrade with a RAMPS board and stepper pumps.

  • Some High Voltage Channel

    Can I use other things that aren’t alcoholic? Or will the pumps think I’m not cool for not drinking?

  • Jerry the mouse
    Jerry the mouse 10 months ago


  • Seung Tae Kim
    Seung Tae Kim 10 months ago

    Do I get the source code of the machine? I want to try this one

  • Steffen Kempf
    Steffen Kempf 10 months ago

    Schonmal Gin Tonic ausprobiert? Wie ist das wenn man Tonic Water über die Pumpen laufen lässt? Geht dabei dann die Köhlensäure verloren?

  • John Thorpe
    John Thorpe 11 months ago

    A few things I’d do is redesign the whole thing and design it like this:
    1. Find or make some sealed dispenser bins (something like 3” wide, 9” deep and 10” tall or something the size of the dispenser area would be that’ll hold like a half to full bottle of Bacardi, etc) sloped to the center for the tube connection, that has a sealed, but removable lid for filling/cleaning. This would prevent fruit flies, etc and can be left filled.
    2. Have 4 or 6 on each side of the dispenser part (in the middle) that way you can have one for jack, Bacardi, crown royal, bourbon, triple sec, etc. I’d put a thin black piece of material between each bin with a light smoke front panel in front of all of them and put a white led light above each one. When a drink is selected that uses Bacardi (for example) the light above the Bacardi would light up and you can see it through the front panel. So the ingredients being used lights up.
    3. Have a flip up lid over the ingredients bins for filling etc.
    4. Have more drink recipes, and include a multi line lcd panel for instructions. For example for a margarita, when selected it would say something like place a shaker filled with ice in the dispenser area, then after it dispenses it would tell you to shake and strain, or place in a blender and pulse, etc.
    5. A sensor to detect a glass, etc is in the dispenser area to prevent dispensing without one.
    6. Move the electronics into a false back that’s covered to keep them from getting wet, and replace it with a pull out drip tray under the dispenser for spills, over dispensing, etc.
    7. Have a selection for size of glass, example for a Long Island iced tea, you can tell it that your using a 6 oz glass and it’ll adjust the portions for that size glass, or using a 12 oz glass, it’d adjust for that.
    8. Keep the multi color led lights for the dispenser area.
    9. Make a port where you can plug in a computer for servicing/updates via a usb cable, etc to make it easier for updates, etc if needed instead of pulling off the back, etc.
    10. Glue the black plastic sheets you used on rather than screwing them on and maybe use a silver metal corner piece to put over the corners.
    11. Put rubber feet on the bottom to protect the surface you put the automatic bartender on.
    12. An option of selecting drink strength from no alcohol, little, moderate to strong... depending on the persons taste.
    Just a few things I thought of to take the concept to the next level.
    Oh and of course google Home/Alexa integration.

  • Sanjeev K
    Sanjeev K 11 months ago

    this is an awesome project and video , thank you !!

  • Ivan King ツ
    Ivan King ツ 11 months ago


  • The8bitPC _
    The8bitPC _ Year ago

    Solder job is not good. Try to use solder flux. If I look at your PCB it looks like solder mountains - especially by the resistors and capacitors, there are bad solder spikes.

  • UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick

    I'll have a Jack and Coke please...
    Hey, Scott! awesome machine. keep up the great work! :)

  • Magnetic King
    Magnetic King Year ago

    How can you upload the arduino code through a Bluetooth interface?

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Year ago

    Jeder weiß das du deutscher bist... ich verstehe nicht so gut englisch aber man merkt das du deutsch bist weil du nicht diesen englischen “Akzent“ hast

  • Noxmiles
    Noxmiles Year ago

    Bist du auf dem 35C3?

  • Judosheep
    Judosheep Year ago

    ilike how evryone copies you saw those diy coctail machines after that vid arround 5 times

  • Mr Tea & Crumpets

    I wish I had this many friends to need a machine

  • Ronny W
    Ronny W Year ago

    Hi Scott, i am wathing your channel from for the past years and always enjoy your videos, you did here a fantastic job, i am trying to find a code that is for dosing detergents to a washing machine in my house.
    does your code require complicated modification? i am very familiar with electronics but not with complicated arduino code...
    there is this kind of aquarium dose pump but thats for scheduled dosing and i need it on demand ofcorse
    also there is no need to use the scale.

    my idea was to set the weight, by 0.5kg or 1kg intervals, up to 9.5KG SET the dirt level LOW, NORMAL or HIGH and press start for dosing all detergents.
    maybe add options like Synthetics, Cotton, White, Black, Color, Stains, so the correct detergent will be drawn, i would probably install 6-9 pumps
    i was thinking of a stuput consisting of several detergents (Normal, Color, Black ect) 2 Softners (maybe different smells or one regular and one compact ect)
    a stain remover like vanish.
    it can be a nice project.

    i would appreciate any help with the project! :)