[Identity] 'fox with nine tails' is Kriesha Chu, 복면가왕 20180902

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • 'fox with nine tails' is Kriesha Chu
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  • Guess what BTS MV my icon is from

    Parang may pagkahawig ang boses ni kim chiu sa kanya sa ibang parts. Lols In my opinion lang naman.

  • Ed Lincoln Gallora
    Ed Lincoln Gallora 13 hours ago

    I didn't knew that she is a filipino hahahaha i thought she is korean because she pronounce korean words so clear

  • zCoffeeTzuyu Chae

    2019 still here rewatching this 😍

  • lovely momori
    lovely momori Day ago +1


  • Aezel Ann Mahinay

    I can say her singing does IMPROVE A LOT ... i would love to see more of her singing... i love you..

  • Cissie Lei
    Cissie Lei 2 days ago +1

    Her voice was so clear even though the mic is not that too close to her lips .... Eargasm 😍😍😍

  • Kerby Galang
    Kerby Galang 2 days ago


  • kya
    kya 3 days ago

    that’s it i’m stanning .

  • Brent Puhi
    Brent Puhi 3 days ago

    I'm proud of being filipino

  • Nishinoya Desu
    Nishinoya Desu 3 days ago +3

    Oh gosh... Its been how many times I keep playing this. Her version really is emotional and beautiful 😘💕

  • MDJB__
    MDJB__ 4 days ago +1

    She is like everything.. really, she has face+talent idk why she is so underrated 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i hope to see kriesha tiu performs @ MAMA in the near future 😭😭

  • Slime DJ Games And More

    Kriesha tui update pls...2019 where is she?

  • Lai Pasul
    Lai Pasul 5 days ago

    Naks! Galing!

  • Jay
    Jay 5 days ago

    What song is this?? It's awesome

  • K Acient4ME
    K Acient4ME 5 days ago

    Sorry but "Fox with nine tails" reminded me of Naruto

  • ii France
    ii France 6 days ago

    Filipino queen

  • Me Marie
    Me Marie 7 days ago

    I'm so in love with her voice.

  • Dominic Lorenzo
    Dominic Lorenzo 7 days ago

    Not enough power in her voice? No problem. Kriesha has impeccable technique to cover the deficit in power. 😊 I love singers with good technique.

  • nami sweet
    nami sweet 8 days ago

    she should do k drama osts

    • sdc59
      sdc59 6 days ago

      She already did. She sang delight in euhlala waikiki 2. :)

  • Michael Christian Imperial Kho

    Lovely song ,lovely voice

  • Janine Gabrielle
    Janine Gabrielle 9 days ago

    Proud Filipina here!!!

  • Aka chan
    Aka chan 9 days ago


  • fangirl jmneri
    fangirl jmneri 10 days ago


  • Sopiah Conde
    Sopiah Conde 10 days ago +1

    kriesha chu~♡♡♡

  • June주니
    June주니 10 days ago

    2:17 😱
    Anyone here in April 2019?

  • B Johnson
    B Johnson 11 days ago

    Wow! I love her voice😍😍😍

  • Evelinda Maltu
    Evelinda Maltu 11 days ago +1

    I'm sending a love for you kriesa chu from the Philippines. Go lang ng go we suport you.

  • ddaeng _yeuria
    ddaeng _yeuria 13 days ago


  • Jessa Guno
    Jessa Guno 13 days ago

    you can really feel the emotions in the song when shes the one singing it

    BLΛƆKPIИK_BTS_GOT7 13 days ago

    Debut her in a group so she can gain more fame, she deserves it. Maybe a group with minju.

  • mayangman trapped in Khole!

    Where is she now?

    • EJ Chu
      EJ Chu 5 days ago

      In urbanworks dungeon

    • vivaness tan
      vivaness tan 14 days ago

      newest OST ------ thexvid.com/video/6G9DsvjdHsQ/video.html

    • vivaness tan
      vivaness tan 14 days ago


    • vivaness tan
      vivaness tan 14 days ago

      see this thexvid.com/video/Q-INY2DXXQY/video.html

  • B P
    B P 14 days ago +1

    I know her because of coke...😅😅 who's with me?

  • ghost real
    ghost real 14 days ago +2

    Like na like ko sya since 2017

  • Ja Lapeno
    Ja Lapeno 15 days ago


  • seulsoohyo akemi
    seulsoohyo akemi 16 days ago +1

    She's a filipino!

  • Bangtan slaying since 2013

    It's not fine, really😭 I could listen to her sing all day and I don't know how many times I've been here😂

  • Kayehyun Yoo
    Kayehyun Yoo 16 days ago +1


  • Uonella Yebb
    Uonella Yebb 16 days ago +5

    I bet all ladies are so jealous of her looks. Hearing always that they say she is pretty all the way ! And got a world claas talent like that. Kriesha is a goddess singer with natural looks and no plastic surgery being done.

  • Uonella Yebb
    Uonella Yebb 16 days ago +2

    S korea should be grateful that they gor Krieshhhha in their industry. She got much potential ! If she'll be an artist in the Philippines i bet she isnt gonna be underrated and know in different countries. Because Philippines know how to handle artists which such potential and her beauty is so beautifully natural. 2 in one. Talent and natural looks

    • Aireene Par
      Aireene Par 15 days ago

      Hush, what are you talking about? They're irrelevant to the video.

  • OFWtellstories 2019
    OFWtellstories 2019 17 days ago +1


  • Hannel Palogan
    Hannel Palogan 17 days ago +2

    Patiently waiting for her comeback.

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim 17 days ago +2

    I just want to think like what if morisette amon the asia's phoenix perform in that show that will be so incredible
    Sorry for my bad english

  • waehoes
    waehoes 17 days ago +1

    i'm so proud of her---

  • Kimmy Dora
    Kimmy Dora 18 days ago +3

    She should get into acting too.

  • Ziel Patcheeks
    Ziel Patcheeks 18 days ago +5

    if ever True Beauty has a Kdrama, kriesha chu would fit the role of Jugyeong ☺️

  • Danien Fuentes
    Danien Fuentes 18 days ago +1

    i love dara and kriesh..goodluck sa career

  • Sha Bej
    Sha Bej 18 days ago +1

    Wow! Kriesha chu ⭐️

  • Mapanget Ako
    Mapanget Ako 18 days ago +2

    Are you sure she's from the Philippines

    • Keep Quiet
      Keep Quiet 15 days ago

      Yes. She was born in the Philippines but moved to US.

  • ᄋᄉᄋ스타베리
    ᄋᄉᄋ스타베리 19 days ago

    filipino pride~~

  • Crizana G
    Crizana G 20 days ago +2

    I almost died

  • Xie Isa
    Xie Isa 20 days ago +5

    I can really tell she has the blood of a pilipina the way she sing was like a singer in the philippines.

  • chuniverse krieshachu,bts,pentagon,got7

    A comeback for kriesha chu please😭 its been a year

  • Ailene Balbieran
    Ailene Balbieran 21 day ago +1

    Ask ko lng bakit di ko n nakikita si kreisha?

    • Ailene Balbieran
      Ailene Balbieran 21 day ago +1

      +Apani S ah ok tnx

    • Apani S
      Apani S 21 day ago

      +Ailene Balbieran go to KBSEntertain channel you'll find the video there.

    • Ailene Balbieran
      Ailene Balbieran 21 day ago

      +Apani S di ko makita yung interview nya sa shazam cast si nearch ko na

    • Ailene Balbieran
      Ailene Balbieran 21 day ago

      +Apani S ay thank you ng marami di ko n kasi sya nakikita s mga shows eh

    • Apani S
      Apani S 21 day ago

      Watch her at My Smooth Melody here at TheXvid her latest cf and her interview with the Shazam cast at KBS entertainment.

  • The Radical Dreamers
    The Radical Dreamers 21 day ago +2

    She should be the voice of a Disney princess.

  • Kyline Alcantara MVs

    she's a filipino yeyy im so proud of her and am a filipino too😘😘💖💖

  • Bangtan slaying since 2013

    She turned it into her concert. wow that voice and stage presence💜

  • 20 20
    20 20 22 days ago +2

    goosebumps is all I feel

  • chae chu
    chae chu 23 days ago +1

    still giving me goosebumps 😍

  • vanessa escorpiso
    vanessa escorpiso 24 days ago

    Perfect voice for her perfect face

  • Rose Adelante
    Rose Adelante 24 days ago +4

    One of the best solo artist in korea.

  • Jean Zapanta
    Jean Zapanta 24 days ago +1

    Wow. First time to watch her and I was shookt. 😊

  • John Paul Balanay
    John Paul Balanay 24 days ago

    Hahahh that guy shocked ahhhh kriesha chu that s our baby hre in phillipines we love u kriesha...😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖

  • Yoo Mi
    Yoo Mi 25 days ago

    2019 💕

  • yoo-rih choi
    yoo-rih choi 25 days ago +1

    I've been a fan of her since kpop star and she really is talented hope she gets more project to showcase her talent in singing and also in acting . hwaiting ❤

  • Cherry Yeong Willford
    Cherry Yeong Willford 26 days ago

    Kriesha and Izone minjo are same company I hope they will collab or make Girl group together once izone disband they will shine

    • dess a
      dess a 21 day ago

      they have a collab song, falling star where minjoo rap..

  • Sleep on beds not on OH MY GIRL

    2:03 same girl, same

  • Precious Martin
    Precious Martin 28 days ago

    kriesha chu and cha eun woo for a drama 😍

  • harold son
    harold son 29 days ago +4

    She's giving me goosebumps 😮 And she looks so beautiful 😮😍

  • Yasmien Kyut
    Yasmien Kyut Month ago +1

    Waaaaah ate Kriesha I missed you so much T^T

  • Manuel Valenciano
    Manuel Valenciano Month ago +1

    I love you my crush kriesha Chu 😘😘😍

  • fangirl 95
    fangirl 95 Month ago +1

    A proud kababayan here 💞

  • puffhoman
    puffhoman Month ago +1

    dESpITe Of HeR sMaLl BoDy

  • Kwon Eunbi
    Kwon Eunbi Month ago +1

    Kriesha Chu have so many fans here in PH hope she makes a comeback, and kriesha signed a contract here in PH

    • Kwon Eunbi
      Kwon Eunbi Month ago +1

      +Stefanie Kelly Jimenea as i said "kriesha signed a contract" :)

    • Stefanie Kelly Jimenea
      Stefanie Kelly Jimenea Month ago

      she already did with abs cbn star music

  • jinjja eonnie
    jinjja eonnie Month ago +2

    I told you I will come back😂

  • Gwen Maya
    Gwen Maya Month ago

    i really really really like kriesha chu voice

  • Jamaica Mae Montebon
    Jamaica Mae Montebon Month ago +4

    Waiting for whats in 2019 for her

  • Airam Asereth aragat
    Airam Asereth aragat Month ago +4

    She always sings with her heart...i appreciate this song because of krisha, one of the best version i ever heard..

  • ZZZ Fanning
    ZZZ Fanning Month ago +2

    Filipina girl😍

  • Ruffa Lopez
    Ruffa Lopez Month ago

    It's not that powerful as taeyeon, but I hope she can make her own signature in her kpop career, she has korean type beauty and skillful dance moves, go kriesha! 🙌

  • Nk_fe M.
    Nk_fe M. Month ago


  • The Dragon
    The Dragon Month ago +3

    Ang ganda mo tlaga idol!!

  • Maye Crtez
    Maye Crtez Month ago +2

    Kriesha Chu from Philippines! 😍

  • Weird kid on the block

    *So proud of our tsinita pinay idol!!* 😄😄

  • vivaness tan
    vivaness tan Month ago +2

    Kriesha Chu

  • Mimi Dubu
    Mimi Dubu Month ago +4

    Here before 1 MILLION VIEWS😎

  • Mimi Dubu
    Mimi Dubu Month ago +5

    And here I am watching again😂😂

  • kawaiiotakuable
    kawaiiotakuable Month ago +8

    She's gonna blow up guys just be patient. IU didn't blow up that easily as well.

  • DADA 1630
    DADA 1630 Month ago +6

    She's so underrated so sadd😭

  • Hating23
    Hating23 Month ago +9

    F**k that whistle at the last part... she nailed it, I'm regretting that I'm seeing this only now

  • Hebe
    Hebe Month ago +12

    this is so addicting!!
    why did i just saw diz?!?

  • Flower_K
    Flower_K Month ago +5

    amazing voice

  • Danielle Adonis
    Danielle Adonis Month ago +6

    her voice is so fiiiiiine

  • yellowpostit6irl
    yellowpostit6irl Month ago

    What ep was this?

  • yellowpostit6irl
    yellowpostit6irl Month ago +7

    I love this better than the original

    • Yara A
      Yara A Month ago

      I see you everywhere! Lol. Fellow Day6 and Kriesha stan and Jae bias of course!

  • Jihoon Krystal Luhan
    Jihoon Krystal Luhan Month ago +6

    *2:16** that whistle....*

  • Jian Roldan trilles
    Jian Roldan trilles Month ago +5


  • jinjja eonnie
    jinjja eonnie Month ago +7

    hi, I'm here again😂

  • Claire Belasa
    Claire Belasa Month ago +6

    Proud Pilipino here for Kriesha Chu 😍

  • wiki DDU DDU DU
    wiki DDU DDU DU Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that prenounces her name like Pikachu~ krieshachu~ :3

  • Azami Maessie
    Azami Maessie Month ago +10

    There is something in kriesha that when she appear ,people around her can't stop smiling hahaha