[Identity] 'fox with nine tails' is Kriesha Chu, 복면가왕 20180902


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  • Salih Ututalum
    Salih Ututalum 23 hours ago +3

    she's so adorable!pretty fillipina can stand alone in a foreign land,and sing sing so beautifuly a korean song with her pitch on a tee.

  • roxannegj
    roxannegj Day ago +4

    is no one gonna talk about how she slayed that high note at 2:18?😍

    • do seng
      do seng Day ago

      roxannegj - I know right. She nailed it and made it her own with respect to the original from Taeyeon.

  • reese bais
    reese bais 4 days ago +3

    She makes me really proud to be a Filipino 😊

  • yuko’s bitch
    yuko’s bitch 6 days ago +4

    her voice is so beautiful 😭❤️

  • Munitty 25
    Munitty 25 7 days ago +3

    i think i'm in love......

  • lia puspita
    lia puspita 8 days ago +5

    Bert version of fine...even the original. Sory 🙏🙏

  • always withchu
    always withchu 9 days ago +3

    happy 600k views Kupids 💝💝

  • AmSwagger 0213
    AmSwagger 0213 9 days ago +3


  • Mey Rey
    Mey Rey 10 days ago +4

    Thank you for the eng sub

  • Vergel26
    Vergel26 10 days ago +3

    Yay 600k

  • Trisha May Tujan
    Trisha May Tujan 10 days ago +4

    Wwooooooaaahhhhh.......filipino power.....proud pinoy fan here

  • nina
    nina 11 days ago +4


  • Miu O
    Miu O 11 days ago +4

    I really love her version ❤️

  • El Ulya
    El Ulya 12 days ago +1

    She is good, but i ever watch somi from kard covering this song too, she is more emotional and heart touching than kriescha. Everybody should checked it

    • I love PockyJr More than Pepero
      I love PockyJr More than Pepero 16 hours ago

      I did watch the cover and gave it a chance but no, still kriesha's version is more emotional. ✌

    • EJ Chu
      EJ Chu 3 days ago +1

      edit,edit, rephrase...🙄

    • Eino san
      Eino san 7 days ago +4

      KRIESHA is more emotional and heart touching than ur idol though.
      But ofc we wouldnt say that because thats offensive to ur idol's fans
      Be respectful

    • Miu O
      Miu O 10 days ago +5

      El Ulya It’s just not a healthy conversation to compare because fans of both artists will always have different preference and will lead to argument

    • Watashi Wa
      Watashi Wa 10 days ago +1

      Sorry but not everyone will agree on JUST your opinion.

  • Riona Bea Galang
    Riona Bea Galang 12 days ago +4

    Proud filipino💕 Love kriesha more❤️

  • kpop news
    kpop news 12 days ago +4

    I miss krisha chu so much

  • kpop news
    kpop news 12 days ago +4

    May bagong update po ba Kay krisha chu Sana po may bago siya song, at more projects to come

  • Gina Cabales
    Gina Cabales 12 days ago +6

    Most gorgeous soloist ever

  • Gina Cabales
    Gina Cabales 12 days ago +4

    What a great performance

  • Maessie
    Maessie 12 days ago +4

    I cant count how many times i watch this. I really love watching kriesha tiu. Go kriesha tiu!!!!

  • Maessie
    Maessie 12 days ago +4

    Kriesha has a very powerful voice. A very skillful singer.

  • maumau pm
    maumau pm 12 days ago +4

    one of my favorite performance...I really want a studio version of this..

  • Danny Lim
    Danny Lim 13 days ago +2

    She needs to rely less on autotune. Time to go for vocal class. She is good but not great. She has much more to learn.

    • EJ Chu
      EJ Chu 3 days ago +1

      is she that good that some people can't identify autotune from her actual live singing voice....
      my baby girl 😘😍

    • Eino san
      Eino san 7 days ago +2

      She has much more to learn
      But vocal wise, not that much anymore.
      Only healthy vocals is what she needs to maintain.
      And for that, you really dont know what ur actually talking about.

    • Eino san
      Eino san 7 days ago +2

      Autotune cant do vibrato
      Autotune cant do change of registers
      Autotune cant hit high notes or low notes and even simultaneously with sustain
      itll just make the notes "Flat" sounded
      In short, autotune will never make any artist good. Itll just prevent the singer from having the wrong pitch
      We actually have the right filipino term sintunado derived from spanish word desentonado, or dissonant which is the closest term in english
      Next time know whats autotune purpose first

    • Sarah y
      Sarah y 9 days ago +2

      Shes singing live with back up dancers

  • Vampira
    Vampira 14 days ago +4

    I wanna hear her sing Kim Chu's Mr Right.. ^__^

  • Trechia Magallanes
    Trechia Magallanes 14 days ago +4

    Proud of you 🤗from Philippines ❤️

  • Susana Montebon
    Susana Montebon 14 days ago +3

    Voice like Kim Chiu
    Parehas gyod

  • BL Addict
    BL Addict 14 days ago +5

    0:13 his reaction 😂😂

  • Michaela Claridy
    Michaela Claridy 15 days ago +6

    She's very talented and deserves more☺💓

  • 청포도
    청포도 15 days ago +1

    귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너였으면 해 같은 노래 말고 진짜 좋은 노래 들고오면 무조건 뜰텐데....

  • roslay hard
    roslay hard 16 days ago +4

    Fighting kriesha unnie!!! 😍😍💖💖 fellow filipino here to support you always.. ❣😙

  • Angelica Shi
    Angelica Shi 16 days ago +4

    Omg ❤️❤️❤️ kriesha chu 😍

  • Aru Akane
    Aru Akane 16 days ago +5

    Ah!I thought she dressed as Nine Tails from Naruto xD

  • TaenyBias Since2009
    TaenyBias Since2009 16 days ago +3

    Ung boses nya may pagka kim chiu na masarap pakinggan lang..daebak

  • Ji4 Jxne
    Ji4 Jxne 17 days ago +7

    Let’s give her some love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • itsme_ multifandom
    itsme_ multifandom 17 days ago +7

    0:10 - 0:15 i love their reactions hahahah

  • Avery Tae
    Avery Tae 17 days ago +7

    Falling in love with her omg so talented and pretty

  • VMinKook is my lifeu
    VMinKook is my lifeu 18 days ago +8

    I hope her next comeback's concept is like this it really suits her

  • Nessi 09
    Nessi 09 18 days ago +7

    I'm a fan of this Filipino artist...still don't know how she looks like a Korean but not a Filipino

  • My Girl
    My Girl 18 days ago +5


  • Jennie Unnie
    Jennie Unnie 18 days ago +7

    If you grew up on Philippines, you can pronounce any other language perfectly.

    • EJ Chu
      EJ Chu 3 days ago

      nah, i don't think so..we have different accent because of our dialects but we are determined in learning and adapting that's why...

  • Mara Lyka
    Mara Lyka 18 days ago +4

    Proud filipino here!😍 and i love that she idolize KathNiel.💙

  • Anielron Conde
    Anielron Conde 19 days ago +7

    go girl!! i really love your voice ..

  • حنانّ
    حنانّ 19 days ago +6

    her voice is so sweet 🍯💛

  • young money
    young money 19 days ago +3

    Proud FILIPNO here since SHE is

  • Jay R Esmeralda
    Jay R Esmeralda 20 days ago +6

    RIP Replay Button

    ERIELLYBRUH ? 21 day ago +7

    The moment she sang I got chills omg. She’s so good😍💜

  • だってばよdattebayo
    だってばよdattebayo 22 days ago +8

    Wait? Fox with Nine tails Naruto?

  • Kevin Tabinas
    Kevin Tabinas 22 days ago +7

    Her voice is really cute 😍

  • Chu Bear
    Chu Bear 23 days ago +4


  • Ziel Patcheeks
    Ziel Patcheeks 23 days ago +7

    more shows with kriesha in it pleaaaaase 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Artour Babev
    Artour Babev 24 days ago

    i got used to taeyeon's voice so this feel a bit ....

  • Lyn Ashers
    Lyn Ashers 25 days ago +8

    since your Filipino blood
    new fan here..
    from hk..
    keep it girl.
    Henry lau and you

  • Ja Talavera
    Ja Talavera 26 days ago +6

    I just can't get over the facts that she's originally from the Philippines, I feel so proud.

  • YeOut_ Cookie
    YeOut_ Cookie 26 days ago +8

    *She's full package for idol tho.. But so underrated*

    TAES GUCCI EARRING 26 days ago +6

    U should've seen her when she looked so Filipino HAHAHA

  • Ayam nAmbawan
    Ayam nAmbawan 27 days ago +10

    I never thought shes a filipina..lol..i mean she lookd more korean to me..wow..bagay sa kanya maging idol..

  • amythyst stonne
    amythyst stonne 27 days ago +7

    Filipinos are great singers.

  • Ellaine Delantar
    Ellaine Delantar 28 days ago +8

    She is really amazing! Every time she covers a song, I will definitely love it bec of her 😍😍

  • Babylen Kasan
    Babylen Kasan 28 days ago +7

    perfect nato grabee tindig BALAHIBO ko😲😫 angGALING nii CRIsSHA❤

  • Dastinle RN
    Dastinle RN 28 days ago +4

    Thank you MBC 😊

  • Dastinle RN
    Dastinle RN 28 days ago +7

    Kreisha gosh this is my first time watching you and gosh1000x but im shooked!!!

  • dora basket
    dora basket 28 days ago +6


    • Apani S
      Apani S 28 days ago +1

      very keen eyes :)

  • ソリアーノジャネラ

    I'm a kpop lover but i really don't know her before. thanks to my friend who introduce kriesha to me a month a go. i really love her now.

    • CrescentMoon
      CrescentMoon 22 days ago

      Welcome to Chu chu bear's world.:)

  • Marie G
    Marie G Month ago +2

    1:36 Me 😂😂😂

  • J I
    J I Month ago +4

    Yey! With English subtitle already! Love it! Thank you so much MBC! :-)

  • Miu O
    Miu O Month ago +6

    I keep coming back ❤️❤️❤️
    Love her version so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mau Evangelista
    Mau Evangelista Month ago +6

    Cant stop watching this! I'm hooked! 😍😍😍

  • Kyla Marie
    Kyla Marie Month ago +1

    I hope kriesha chu will be part Yg entertaiment.

  • raineee raineee
    raineee raineee Month ago +9

    I still can't get over this!!! 😍😍😍

  • jay
    jay Month ago +5


  • kim sonyo
    kim sonyo Month ago +6

    OMG her voice she is beautiful but can u tell me the song name?

  • Cid Senate
    Cid Senate Month ago +6

    She's really pretty and talented. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ❤❤❤

  • Skyres Andrea Foxe
    Skyres Andrea Foxe Month ago +7

    She is pretty and have a good voice

  • railie mendoza
    railie mendoza Month ago +6

    Finally thank you for eng sub.

  • Laurence Jones
    Laurence Jones Month ago +7

    Love love love love love, marry me please! 😭😍

  • Jessa Mae S. Selerio
    Jessa Mae S. Selerio Month ago +6


  • Rip Cutluss
    Rip Cutluss Month ago +7

    ah and im back again. i really love her version

  • MARY ANN Escalada
    MARY ANN Escalada Month ago +7

    Kriesha Tiu is the 1st filipina in kpop star..i like her angelic voice the way she sang and she really feels the song.. shes amazing...

  • 진희최
    진희최 Month ago +10


  • Del Manzanares
    Del Manzanares Month ago +9

    I love your voiceee💕

  • Merra Clarisse Marino
    Merra Clarisse Marino Month ago +7

    *I really love her voice* *supeeerrr*

  • keidi
    keidi Month ago +16

    She may be underrated right now, but I know she'll rise up just like the successful solo artists like ailee and IU. Kriesha Chu deserves more. Let's do something to promote her. Kriesha Chu fighting! ♥

  • Clyde Jean
    Clyde Jean Month ago +1

    @0:12 *hweseung* 😂😂😂

  • What the Kokobop?!
    What the Kokobop?! Month ago +9


  • M&L
    M&L Month ago +7

    WOAH she improved!!

  • fly.high내사랑
    fly.high내사랑 Month ago +16

    I wish her singing skills will be fully shown in her future songs. Fighting~ ^^

  • Pauline Michaela Lingad

    It's already October but I'm still watching this often 😂

  • BLINK GreenTeaAddict
    BLINK GreenTeaAddict Month ago +12

    Her voice is so pretty and crystal clear. There are some parts her voice sounds powerful and sometimes sweet.

  • Minki Yeon in
    Minki Yeon in Month ago +11

    Her voice...😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • 김에리카
    김에리카 Month ago +11

    I can't help but get goosebumps whenever i hear her. I dont know why. There is something about her singing voice especially when she sings korean.

  • MJ Esashi
    MJ Esashi Month ago +1

    What's the title of tge song?

  • Je Bebs
    Je Bebs Month ago +9

    Wow. Even if I can’t understand the lyrics I can feel the emotion of the song.

  • Jannin HeyHeyHey
    Jannin HeyHeyHey Month ago +7

    Still watching it. Hehehhehe ❤❤❤

    • Jipoo
      Jipoo Month ago +2

      kriesha chu always drag me here!

    • J I
      J I Month ago +2

      Same here! :-) It's in my TheXvid playlist. hahaha

    • do seng
      do seng Month ago +3

      me too !

    • Keep Quiet
      Keep Quiet Month ago +3

      Me too 😍😍😍

  • Taz Kevs
    Taz Kevs Month ago +8

    really love this version. ❤❤

  • jihyo jjang
    jihyo jjang Month ago +6


  • Kata rin
    Kata rin Month ago +7

    Kriesha chu is terribly underrated

  • Vivian Schanz
    Vivian Schanz Month ago +9

    I like her version of this song

  • Black Rayearth
    Black Rayearth Month ago +12

    she has her own #UniqueVoice
    hopefully the world will appreciate how talented she is.. ❤

  • Rida Iftikhar
    Rida Iftikhar Month ago +8

    We need to see Taeyeon's reaction to this..

  • Christine Joy Rasonado

    Omg like a lulaby voice