John Bishop's Advice To Judi Love For Performing To Arena Crowds | The Big Narstie Show

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • Judi Love talks about her Comic Relief performance at Wembley Arena, as well as her radio show and iconic rants
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Comments • 24

  • Marty
    Marty Month ago +1

    “She’s from Bombay” am I the only one who appreciated that subtle joke 😂😂😂

  • Lola Odusanya
    Lola Odusanya 7 months ago

    Preach Judi!!!!!

  • Calamity Jane
    Calamity Jane 7 months ago

  • RyanHannaMusic
    RyanHannaMusic 8 months ago +1

    lol @00:09 he thirsty

    • Jenny McCamish
      Jenny McCamish 5 months ago

      He’s thinking about putting it all on the line and taking that risk

  • Liam Eaton
    Liam Eaton 8 months ago

    is this 50 year old woman saying mandem and complaining about shit sex? dear god what is happenin

  • William Kane
    William Kane 8 months ago +1

    Sorry love but I have all the chat but soon as your clothes come off me gone...hate fat women who think they are it

  • Gfresh844
    Gfresh844 8 months ago +13

    She's really moaning about men in the bedroom? She should consider herself lucky she's getting any action.

    • Mitchell Plaice
      Mitchell Plaice 7 months ago

      @DeeDee Nicole 123 don't worry you'll get everyones best performance by the looks of you

    • Mitchell Plaice
      Mitchell Plaice 7 months ago

      @Baby Girl you don't fancy her though and neither do we. Let's face it if your gonna give anyone a shit beat it's gna be her so she has a right to complain

    • thehoneyeffect
      thehoneyeffect 8 months ago +11

      You stick to your marga beckies yeah, Judy is a Queen. Black women get enough botheration from the world, so back off!
      With your no profile pic probably butters self,
      Some people too renk

  • SpacedMan 77
    SpacedMan 77 8 months ago +10

    Is the lady a representation of SnapChat.

  • specificasian
    specificasian 9 months ago

    Her show sounds shit

  • breadman Jermaidan
    breadman Jermaidan 9 months ago +29

    john bishops face looks like hes about to try some of that jerk chicken after all ahhaha

    • Ella CR
      Ella CR 8 months ago

      breadman Jermaidan like his about to risk it all for our culture hahaha

  • xbobax
    xbobax 9 months ago +15

    Everyone just gonna overlook the fact he said that the jamaican dude was called the general? Is he talking about general levy? If so that's spicyyyyyy

  • KÉV
    KÉV 9 months ago +17

    I love judi omggggg 😍

  • Najma Gadid
    Najma Gadid 9 months ago +34

    I love John Bishop‘s face throughout this interview

  • Paula Grey
    Paula Grey 9 months ago +7

    Love from Toronto, Canada✨✨✨✨✨

    • Stephanie Okoli
      Stephanie Okoli 9 months ago

      Paula Grey Ayyyyyeeee much love from Calgary, Canada as well. Y’all need to put full episodes up or make 4 channel accessible here or else we gon’ bootleg like we did Wild’n Out when it was on MTV 2. #BigFacts