Best BOXING Knockouts of 2019

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • 🐯Best BOXING Knockouts of 2019
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  • idA idayraH
    idA idayraH 7 hours ago

    Loosing balance, why he down like that..???

  • Steve Deprima
    Steve Deprima 3 days ago

    The bare knuckle fights are ridiculous it's slow suicide. I don't think these fighters understand the risks associated with that kind of fighting.

  • Uchenna A ajah
    Uchenna A ajah 3 days ago +3

    5:55 Where the hell is Rey Mysterio when u need him to finish a job... Lol
    (Only WWE Network fans can relate)

  • Google Stadia
    Google Stadia 4 days ago

    Кто знает что за федерация с круглым рингом?

  • IMiC
    IMiC 5 days ago

    last KO was a 619 setup

  • Toto du 84
    Toto du 84 5 days ago

    Très bonne vidéo ✌️

  • SurfSand&SUN
    SurfSand&SUN 5 days ago +1

    I don't have to be a trained referee to know that when someone falls flat on their face, the fight is over lol.

  • guiguijol
    guiguijol 7 days ago

    Bare knuckles is not boxing.

    ESTABLISHED IN 1982 7 days ago

    3:09 Fucken cheater !!

  • Dave Gingras
    Dave Gingras 7 days ago

    The move ov Lubin before throwing a Nuke for the KO !!!👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
    And you right Wayne Curran ,was 2017

  • Nurzhan Alagozov
    Nurzhan Alagozov 8 days ago +2

    GGG - Champion

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah 11 days ago

    Thats not boxing, that's bare knuckle boxing

  • TheBestMMA
    TheBestMMA 12 days ago

    Have you seen the round boxing ring?

  • Marcus K
    Marcus K 12 days ago

    you are obviously a bare knuckle fan ..

  • Polarbear 420
    Polarbear 420 13 days ago

    People move so much faster in bare knuckle

  • just a typical Irish man

    There were alot better knock outs then any of these in 2019 mabey do homework for next video

  • bored asf
    bored asf 18 days ago +4

    Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships is actually brutal

    • Efrain Gonzalez
      Efrain Gonzalez 14 days ago

      bored asf Boxing with gloves on leaves a mans face broken so without gloves of course it’s gonna be brutal

  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders 18 days ago

    Dat Bareknuckle shid brutal 🦷

  • Юрий Омельченко

    Это прекрасно))

  • S A
    S A 20 days ago

    Duno threw the fight

  • Jeffrey Cabo
    Jeffrey Cabo 20 days ago

    I like the circle new boxing ring.... if that's what it's called.

  • Neb Segdoh
    Neb Segdoh 21 day ago

    both fighters get hit with 10 hits. than one fighter gets knockout from one of the hits.. OH may did you see that one punch KO? can you people count? he took 10 hits not just one. If one fighter hits the other fighter with just one hit. And it knocks them out..that is a one hit KO. two or more hits is not a one hit KO. Did I miss math class?



  • Наталья Черкасова

    Подскажите музыку в конце ролика?

    • Наталья Черкасова
      Наталья Черкасова 21 day ago

      @Kamil Kiyasov

    • Kamil Kiyasov
      Kamil Kiyasov  21 day ago

      @Наталья Черкасова куда отправить вам?Могу в ВК

    • Наталья Черкасова
      Наталья Черкасова 21 day ago

      Отправьте пожалуйста если можно.

    • Kamil Kiyasov
      Kamil Kiyasov  21 day ago

      Ее ни-где найти, это мне мой спонсор ее отправил что-бы я ее в конец вставлял, могу отправить если нужна

  • Dan 07
    Dan 07 21 day ago +1

    Withe rule!!!

  • love Sherman
    love Sherman 22 days ago

    Punching the head is like helping him

  • love Sherman
    love Sherman 22 days ago

    In prison this would be easy access!

  • Luciano Yoon
    Luciano Yoon 22 days ago

    What is that? bear knucle boxing ?

  • Dylan Bousfield
    Dylan Bousfield 22 days ago


  • JRS3
    JRS3 22 days ago +2

    Where is Wilder KO of Breazeale

  • Ceemfaj tswm
    Ceemfaj tswm 22 days ago

    Good hit.

  • Michael Dooley
    Michael Dooley 23 days ago +7

    That first knockout was BRUTAL! That dude could still be laying there....

  • Quillan Jacobson
    Quillan Jacobson 24 days ago

    6:09 the touch of death

  • Mark sem ideias
    Mark sem ideias 24 days ago

    Battle knuckle is not boxing

  • Max Mellow
    Max Mellow 25 days ago

    Музыку в конце нах так делать громко? Учитывай, что люди ночью могут смотреть, когда родные спят!

  • Yannick Mejia
    Yannick Mejia 25 days ago

    Teofimo vs magdaleno

  • Prudence Bello
    Prudence Bello 26 days ago +4

    1:30 fixed

  • nomax
    nomax 26 days ago +3

    Cota stay getting slept lol also can’t wait till Ryan Garcia get exposed we don’t claim that boy he soft

  • h martinez
    h martinez 27 days ago


  • Ahn Cisneros
    Ahn Cisneros 28 days ago

    1:45 was a complete mismatch dude should not have even been in dat ring ahhahaa

  • Жетісу. Бестерек.

    Великолепно !

  • goodguyaus
    goodguyaus 28 days ago +6

    It must be so demoralising to fight Wilder. You can be the best boxer in the world, do 99.99% things right but once that nuclear bomb right hand lands...

    • himode
      himode 9 days ago

      @Bruza16 you're a hater

    • Bruza16
      Bruza16 24 days ago

      Beyonce Wilder is a twat.

  • Baramee Baramee
    Baramee Baramee Month ago

    อะโฮแดง นอนกระโปรงบานชะ

  • J Horn
    J Horn Month ago

    Paper Champ Canelo at it again. How much are you going to pay your next handpicked opponent to lose wanker?

  • J Horn
    J Horn Month ago

    Paper Champ Canelo at it again. How much are you going to pay your next handpicked opponent to lose wanker?

  • Айтбек Казыбек

    ГГГ красавчик

  • Gwyn's Last Knight
    Gwyn's Last Knight Month ago +23

    You’re the real one for putting the thumbnail first

  • 0789789444 Casio
    0789789444 Casio Month ago

    Quá hay

  • Ewald Lean
    Ewald Lean Month ago +4

    Techno Viking now knocking people out ?

  • TacoDan39
    TacoDan39 Month ago

    This vid changed my life!

  • Algatai Prnazarov
    Algatai Prnazarov Month ago

    Далеко не лучшие

  • わいいなつか
    わいいなつか Month ago +6

    "you're trained as a referee, look how he falls" doesn't try catch him 😂

  • Berserk99999999
    Berserk99999999 Month ago

    Что ещё Я стал замечать,так это то,что Дэонтэй наконец-то стал боксёром, если его прогресс продолжится в таком же духе,через год ему не будет равных! Хотя ещё пару лет назад, Я лично, считал его недобоксером, которому удавалось побеждать,только благодаря силе удара.

  • Berserk99999999
    Berserk99999999 Month ago

    И всё таки Канело великолепный боксёр! Лучше чем Гена, теперь,после такой победы над Ковалёвым это очевидно. Не ведаю,кто там чего считал, но повторю, первый бой с Канело он слил в одну калитку,но сделал выводы, и второй бой провёл гораздо лучше, и думаю, что выдал свой максимум! Ещё пару лет,и Канело потеряет свою скорость,но намного увеличит силу удара, и будет в топе,пока не повстречает более новую "копию" себя!!! Отличный ролик и подборка!

  • Макар Вадов
    Макар Вадов Month ago +1


  • Макар Вадов
    Макар Вадов Month ago +1


  • Mr. Kind
    Mr. Kind Month ago

    Первый бой и сразу же не бокс

    • Berserk99999999
      Berserk99999999 Month ago

      Это бокс, с откатом к 19 веку!

  • CLK Products
    CLK Products Month ago +5

    Great compilation.
    Ref in the first one was ON IT before the guy was halfway to he canvas.

    • CLK Products
      CLK Products Month ago +1

      @DaftJok3r Ref's like him are life savers.

    • DaftJok3r
      DaftJok3r Month ago +2

      Bill Clancy is one of the most observant and quick acting refs in the game. Love seeing him in the octagon

  • nuten nuten
    nuten nuten Month ago


  • Tony Attardo
    Tony Attardo Month ago

    First KO shades of Evans vs Liddel, Ill advised lead uppercut against a faster weaving right. Almost identical really.