Vines that cure my depression

  • Hello peoples, I'm a very anti-social and depression filled human. I did not in any way expect this video to get so many views. I was even shocked that it got one thousand, but since there's so many people might as well mention my @'s.
    I'm also taking sugar daddy applications so if you qualify hmu

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  • jacky
    jacky 2 years ago +22823

    good job buddy

  • .
    . Day ago +1


  • Noi
    Noi 2 days ago

    9:29 The UA sports festival

  • p l u t o
    p l u t o 2 days ago

    6:54 😂

  • Eliana Oehlke
    Eliana Oehlke 2 days ago

    8:15 lmfao

  • Lisaa Clvt
    Lisaa Clvt 3 days ago

    6:33 MOOD

  • Matthew MacDell
    Matthew MacDell 3 days ago

    I was watching this after crying two Hours of crying in the bathroom

  • Kitchen Sink
    Kitchen Sink 4 days ago +1

    2020 corona virus gang 🦠

  • I'm a Person I think

    I feel like 10:11 and 11:15 is the same person ;-;

  • Wendy’s
    Wendy’s 5 days ago

    6:05 i don straight up stole ur man without trying

  • PP toywars
    PP toywars 6 days ago

    0:16 that woman went GSkK

  • Itz ya gurl Allie
    Itz ya gurl Allie 7 days ago

    This video made me smile and I’m really sad on the contrary so thanks

  • amanda se ama
    amanda se ama 7 days ago

    5:50 is the best

  • Alexander Stepp
    Alexander Stepp 8 days ago

    Is no one talking. About 1:32 😂 😂

  • Trump Build the wall

    3:35 the quiet kid flipping them off and know he’s added a new name to the list

  • Kaleab Seme
    Kaleab Seme 8 days ago


  • Ihsan Cahya Kusuma Sinuraya 3

    What is the real tittle on 06:55 - 07:00 ?

  • Ihsan Cahya Kusuma Sinuraya 3

    What is the real title at 6.55 - 7.00 ?

  • Bria Arnold
    Bria Arnold 8 days ago

    Ive been sad lately and this just made me all better 🤣

  • C͜͡l͜͡o͜͡u͜͡d͜͡y͜͡ D͜͡a͜͡y͜͡z͜͡z͜͡

    8:50 when you receive a letter that says you didn’t pay your bills enjoy being homeless.

  • C͜͡l͜͡o͜͡u͜͡d͜͡y͜͡ D͜͡a͜͡y͜͡z͜͡z͜͡

    8:39 when you sneeze and takis come out your nose

  • Master Dono
    Master Dono 10 days ago

    I feel better now

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 10 days ago

    Who else is here because of the chrona virus?

    Just me ok...

  • Eliott Lally
    Eliott Lally 11 days ago

    “ *B I C T H* “

  • Abi Sufian
    Abi Sufian 11 days ago


  • Chellekathrynnn
    Chellekathrynnn 11 days ago

    Gimme your fucking money is always stuck in my head.

  • Kayla Sutherland
    Kayla Sutherland 11 days ago

    I know all these vines and I’m still sad lol thanks for helping tho

  • Fre sh A voca do
    Fre sh A voca do 11 days ago +1

    Oh hell... I needed that

  • Lakayvaa Knight
    Lakayvaa Knight 11 days ago

    0:21 The dog said what the f**k!?🤣

  • Benji Hombal
    Benji Hombal 12 days ago

    sure did cure my depression

  • Smøøthie Stüdiøs
    Smøøthie Stüdiøs 13 days ago +1

    *seeing people in pain makes me happy*

  • Paul Coe
    Paul Coe 13 days ago

    9:52 the start of coronavirus

  • Jason Anime
    Jason Anime 13 days ago

    Girls we used to do this when we were kids

    Boys: 0:52

  • spacebike
    spacebike 14 days ago

    "It's always Halloween in my soul" I felt that one

  • Rhyzan 04
    Rhyzan 04 14 days ago +3

    8:53 that was literally me and my cousin at family reunions when we were younger 😂💀

  • Joystick Jay YT
    Joystick Jay YT 15 days ago

    11:44 Madea got drunk

  • Belle The Horse
    Belle The Horse 15 days ago

    9:43 don’t tell MaHaHaHOmmmmm PlEeZ GimMe 😭

  • OpinionsGetYouBanned
    OpinionsGetYouBanned 15 days ago

    so is she still a bicth?

  • iron man
    iron man 16 days ago

    "I never went o oovoo javer"

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka 17 days ago

    Depression is serious,I know this is a joke,I used to laugh at these but when I starred to suffer from depression,I realized this is serious,not a joke

    • Ochaco Uraraka
      Ochaco Uraraka 16 days ago

      The thing is,I have social anxiety so I don’t have friends,and also my family gave me depression

    • Silverler
      Silverler 16 days ago

      Ochaco Uraraka do you really want to end it here’s let me tell you 50 things you can do if you don’t kill urself 1. Eat chocolate 2. Go and hug your family 3. Have fun with friends 4. Eating amazing meals 5. Having a campfire with friends 6. Watching a movie 7. Playing video games 8. Get a diploma 9. Achieve what you never achieved before 10. Do what you want to do. 11. Meet new people 12. Meet people that will change your life 13. Watch comedies 14. Watching Netflix. 15 earning respect from people. 16 people will like you 17. You will be missed 18. Go to places that you want to visit 19. Go and create something that will help u improve your strength 20. Your awesome 21 u don’t need to change anything u are amazing just the way you are 22. You been awesome you been kind. 23. You never gave up because you stayed strong 24. You can eat and enjoy so many things. 25. Your enemies will be your allies. 26. Not everyone likes you but some people like u in the inside. 27 eating pie 28 enjoying the fullest 29. Having happy hours 30 reading a book 31. Listen to music 32 watch the nutcracker four realms 33. You can overachieve 34. You can befriend your own enemies 35. You can win an award 36 you can make your own company 37. You can have your crush like you 38. You can find people you like 39. You will get justice. 40. You will succeed 42. You will achieve great things 43. You will find true happiness 44. Go watch memes 45. Get a life and follow your dreams 46. You can have a story 47. A author of your own 48 . You will become the most powerful person 49. Why want to throw everything away. 50. If you wouldn’t be here you never heard the special meaning of why your really here. The reason why you existed is because you have the power to change the world the reason why people were born is to change the world and you can change it because nobody in this earth has the same mindset of yours that is why your here because u are special 😀

    • Ochaco Uraraka
      Ochaco Uraraka 16 days ago

      Yes,and I will

    • Silverler
      Silverler 16 days ago

      Ochaco Uraraka why would u do it come on

    • Ochaco Uraraka
      Ochaco Uraraka 16 days ago

      Silverler no,mine is something similar,when my family learned I had depression,they made even more strict rules,I have even attempted suicide.I am planning to attempt suicide after some time

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 17 days ago

    3:31 This is what a classroom looks like when a teacher has no control AKA the ISS room in every school.

  • Lewis Fawcett
    Lewis Fawcett 17 days ago


  • Im Just a potato Potato Draws :3


  • Elise Collins
    Elise Collins 17 days ago

    This didn’t help

  • thatRANDOMperson1000
    thatRANDOMperson1000 17 days ago

    It’s so sad how often we bully others and disregard their mental health just for a short laugh.

  • Nushka
    Nushka 18 days ago

    Mean pranks for your own satisfaction is a big NO.

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter 18 days ago

    I miss vine...

  • Chon Castillo
    Chon Castillo 19 days ago

    I’ve watched this so many times and this is the first time I see the kid in a locker saying screw toy Jake. 😂💀

  • Zoe Pinkstaff
    Zoe Pinkstaff 19 days ago

    9:45 "oh my goddd" *pours out rest of apple juice* "broooooooo!!!!"

  • master skull
    master skull 19 days ago


  • Marian Ruiz
    Marian Ruiz 20 days ago

    Everyone pay attention GIVE ME MY FAACKING MONEY

  • Shoriful's Vlog
    Shoriful's Vlog 21 day ago

    *🌹🌹Another great video! Love your energy!!!🌹🌹Thanks for sharing. You’ve got a big thumb up, my friend🌹🌹*

  • Toasty toast
    Toasty toast 22 days ago

    3:28 popcorn!!!

  • Awesome
    Awesome 22 days ago

    I really don't know whether
    to like or dislike.

  • Dog Of Dogs
    Dog Of Dogs 22 days ago

    3:10 me tryng to do lasanha

    • Dog Of Dogs
      Dog Of Dogs 22 days ago

      But have a person tryng to dont let me do a lasanha

  • M TwT
    M TwT 23 days ago +1

    Idk why.
    But i laughed so hard.

  • Chassi Dynarski
    Chassi Dynarski 23 days ago +1


  • Gamer Anthony
    Gamer Anthony 24 days ago

    4:03 whats the song name?

  • Hanuka.愚か
    Hanuka.愚か 25 days ago

    11:20 you know you're done with shit when you get this far

  • Aggressive Designs
    Aggressive Designs 25 days ago


  • BubbleTeaCat
    BubbleTeaCat 26 days ago

    Vines are the only things keeping the world together

  • Unique Baka
    Unique Baka 27 days ago

    I send this to one of my depressed friends and thanked me cause he felt happy once in he's life. That's so Saddd T^T


    I am still depressed. I can't get over the fact that I lost the one I dog 😭😭😭😭😭

    IT'S MEME BOI 28 days ago +1


  • Jamal Banks
    Jamal Banks 28 days ago


  • Markenzo ShukShuk
    Markenzo ShukShuk 28 days ago

    this... didn't work out for me....

  • Gacha Puddle
    Gacha Puddle 29 days ago

    “Vines that cure my depression”

    Me: *cries even more*

  • 11_Xannon_00
    11_Xannon_00 29 days ago

    1:45 is me in band

  • MLGdoggu
    MLGdoggu Month ago

    5:04 me 😅😅😅

  • j u l i a.
    j u l i a. Month ago

    9:19 okay but that was honestly cute

  • Sergey Leskov
    Sergey Leskov Month ago

    01:48 music pls

  • Bathamiz Imran
    Bathamiz Imran Month ago

    6:36 did she just slap her vagana?

  • I’m eXotiq8224
    I’m eXotiq8224 Month ago

    Who is watching this in 2020??

  • Alisett Rivera
    Alisett Rivera Month ago

    the first vine will ALWAYS get me 💀💀

  • Jayden Hunter
    Jayden Hunter Month ago

    Gimme ur FUCKING money

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari Month ago

    3:34 that dude is me tbh-

  • Henry Yarbrough
    Henry Yarbrough Month ago

    9:38, I bet they’re not together anymore

  • Taehyung Cloroxx
    Taehyung Cloroxx Month ago

    I’m having a bad day since monday. This video at least make me a lil bit happy. Thank you 💜

  • Franz William
    Franz William Month ago

    "Oovoo javer" 😍💋💅😌