Honest Review of HungryRoot: Vegan Meal Kit Delivery

  • Published on Aug 2, 2020
  • I tried Hungry Root's meal kit delivery service for 2 weeks.
    I got all vegan food. Here are my thoughts....

    Here is a link if you'd like to try Hungry Root for yourself

    Here are links to some of the individual products in the video
    The Wandering Bear coffee (so good highly recommend you try it) amzn.to/2IXpqyR
    Muesli amzn.to/3kNanEM
    Kite Hill ravioli amzn.to/3kT9XwG
    Banza chickpea pasta amzn.to/3fku3yC

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  • Tess Bea
    Tess Bea  Year ago +3

    If you want to give HungryRoot a try, Check out my referral link in the description for $40 off your first order.

  • Eat Your FORKing Vegetables

    I've never tried any meal kit delivery services. That's unfortunate that some of the produce had spoiled and packs not frozen but I'm glad you're overall experience was pretty good. Great review!

  • Christie Marsh
    Christie Marsh Year ago +2

    This is such an interesting concept! I've had a Purple Carrot subscription for quite a number of years now, but I have to cook everything from scratch. This is good for someone who isn't able to carve out the time to cook an entire meal from 0 to 100. Sucks you didn't have an amazing experience, though.

  • Morgan Dun-Campbell
    Morgan Dun-Campbell Year ago +1

    Really interesting meal kit service, the breakfast items looked delicious & I'll have to check out that cold brew coffee! Shame about the packaging issues...

  • Alkaline Foodist
    Alkaline Foodist Year ago +4

    It was great to hear this review from a vegan perspective, it was very informative

  • Teresa Bateman
    Teresa Bateman Year ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

  • Ashley Alexander - Living Free Ashley

    Oh wow, this meal service looks so involved and personalized, that's so great. Sometimes I worry about that because I have so many allergies (vegan, gluten free and soy free) that I'd get a meal and not be able to use half the food items. That Mac and cheese bowl looked amazzzzing!! Thanks so much for sharing, new subbie here :)

  • Lauren Vacula
    Lauren Vacula Year ago +2

    New subscriber here! I've never heard of Hungry Root but it sounds super interesting. Also- love your sense of humor and how you edit- the vid is so fun to watch!

  • Sonnia's Spotlight
    Sonnia's Spotlight Year ago +1

    Thanks for the honest review! I've tried other services but not this one.

  • Alternative Reality
    Alternative Reality Year ago +1

    Super interesting. I know some family members that would be interested in something like this. Great video!

  • Alkaline Foodist
    Alkaline Foodist Year ago +1

    The pesto ravioli sounded great

  • Vegan Dynamite
    Vegan Dynamite Year ago +1

    omg wait, did the zucchini come pre-sliced? or did you slice it to show it was bad? that's so gross.. why wouldn't they just send a whole zucchini and assume you can slice it yourself? haha. i'm really curious to try that pumfu too!

  • Vegan Voyagers
    Vegan Voyagers Year ago +1

    Hmmmm interesting about the gel packs not being cold... and what a bummer about the veggies. We've never tried a meal delivery kit, but not sure this sold us on it haha. We love the concept though!

  • Sandra Campillo
    Sandra Campillo Year ago +1

    I've seen a lot of hype around HungryRoot but sounds like they don't do a good job with packaging or shipping fresh produce. Hmm... Not good. On the flip side, sounds like they might have some good meal options. Thanks for sharing!

  • Peace Out Art

    Helpful. Thanks.

  • vegan and proud
    vegan and proud Year ago +1

    I've never heard of this service before, there's so many nowadays lol.

  • Nichole Morris

    What did you think of the serving sizes?

  • Vegan FTA
    Vegan FTA Year ago +1

    Too bad about the zucchini and potatoes and the gel packs! I wonder if the delivery is more reliable in fall/winter/spring. They look delicious though, I would love that chicpea pasta meal!!

  • Yep
    Yep Year ago +1

    Did you contact them about bad food?

  • Melidsa Lopez

    I mean idk if this is a good or bad review? Im confused??? I think we all need to know.if you called them and how did the customer service go? Did they send aanother order? Did they refund you? Did they say why it was melted? And or why it came in that manner?.. What they are doing to change it???