• Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Hashtag highlights vs West Essex...plus who the squad would rather play for the 1st team out of Spencer or Seb?! ► Subscribe: bit.ly/hashtagutd
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    Devs - Devs76
    Jack Harrison - jjharrison85
    Player/Asst Manager:
    Neil Richmond - NeilRicho10
    First Team:
    Ryan Adams - HashtagRAdams
    Sam Adams - SamAdams93
    Daniel Adjei - danielb_93
    Theo Baker - theobaker_
    Ryan Barker - _RyanBarker1
    Rich Beck - RichBeck4
    Dan Brown - danbrowndbe
    Andy Cade-Watts (AJW) - andyjw10
    Matt Carter - MJCarter04
    Aaron Couch - AaronCouch11
    Ricky Evans - RickyEvans14
    Tekkers Guru (Hussein Isa) - tsguru10
    Harry Honesty - HarryHonesty
    Lee Hursit - LeeHursit97
    Jacko - HashtagJacko
    Jemel One Five - jemelonefive
    Albie Keith - albert_keith10
    Charlie Morley - charliemorley_
    Marcus Stamp - bigmarcs_
    Wes Tanser - westanser
    Farai Tsingano - Farry321
    Tom Williams - MrTomWilliams
    esports FIFA Team:
    Hashtag Harry: hashtagharry__
    Hashtag Ryan: hashtagryan_
    Hashtag Honey Badger: HTU_HoneyBadger
    Hashtag Shawrey: HashtagShawrey
    Sunday League Team:
    Spencer - SpencerOwen
    Seb - sebcbrown4
    Ryan Coughlan - RyanCoughlann
    Sam Ecott - samecott
    James Lovatt - _jameslovatt_
    Charlie Occleshaw - Charlie_Occ
    Mitchell Preston - Mitch3llPreston
    James Stevens - JamesStevens9
    George Vallentyne - GVallentynee
    Jacob Webster - JacobWebster23
    Ryan Barker - _RyanBarker1
    Ben Glander - ben_glander
    Matt Creasey - mattcreasey31
    Michael Dill - mdill1
    Dave Hopwood - dave_hoppers
    Ollie Shone - ollieshone
    Zac Clarke - _ZacClarke_
    Maverick Gore - GoreMaverick
    Scott Willard - _ScottWillard_
    Charlie Turner - CharlieTurner94
    Marius Hjerpeth - Hjerpeth
    Jake Tillet - Jake_Tillett
    Matt Stevens - Mstev15
    Paul Nash - Paul_Nash26
    Stevie CB - carmichaelbrown
    Lewis Preston - LewisPreston
    Alex Osipczak- alexosipczak
    Neil Smythe - neilsmythe
    Media intern - TookeDaniel
    Music by Epidemic Sound.
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Comments • 514

  • Hashtag United
    Hashtag United  19 days ago +177

    The Hashtag boys have spoken! Who would you rather have in the 1st team... Spencer or Seb? 👀


  • Nate Vlogs
    Nate Vlogs 16 hours ago

    Ross Gleed is such a great good midfielder, he really gets in about the other team!

  • Gary Banks
    Gary Banks 5 days ago


  • Tarvis
    Tarvis 6 days ago

    Who remembers the original team not these losers

  • shisui uchiha
    shisui uchiha 6 days ago

    Si eu jogasse nesse time eu iria arebenta. Gosto muito do Newcastle.🇧🇷

  • Simon Walton
    Simon Walton 7 days ago

    It is Ricky Evans in the slides

  • Andy Guzman
    Andy Guzman 7 days ago

    Not the same without the original playets

    • Hashtag United
      Hashtag United  6 days ago

      We've got to continue the story! There's only so much you can enjoy watching Wes Tanser

  • Andy Guzman
    Andy Guzman 7 days ago

    Why doesn’t spencer play or Seb. Forgot haven’t watched in ages

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 8 days ago

    Where is lee hursit

  • hsjsjs jsjsjsjaj
    hsjsjs jsjsjsjaj 8 days ago

    Quem veio pelo vídeo do gol de canela ?

  • simon hazeldine
    simon hazeldine 10 days ago

    This is a message for Tom Williams can you sign for Lowestoft Town FC and don't forget to hashtag it

  • engineJ
    engineJ 10 days ago

    I can’t believe that there is a Sunday league team, that have made it this far

  • Del Primo
    Del Primo 10 days ago

    Wish we could’ve seen Ryan Adams at striker. Solid performance though

  • Tuhbso
    Tuhbso 10 days ago

    Gleady too good for this league ngl

    LRBLFC 11 days ago


  • CopyG Clan
    CopyG Clan 12 days ago

    How far are you to national?????

  • PirateRadioDude
    PirateRadioDude 12 days ago

    Whatever happened to the baller, Matt Carter?

  • Wellington Alves
    Wellington Alves 13 days ago

    #br vamos Hashtag United

  • Claire Howe
    Claire Howe 13 days ago

    Wait I haven’t been watching for a wile are we still. In non sunday ledge and could go premier league 9 years

  • Claire Boyd
    Claire Boyd 13 days ago +1

    Who would you pick in a war?

  • Doobie 12
    Doobie 12 14 days ago +2

    Wow samraj gill brother has got the drip 💧

  • Alex Twydell
    Alex Twydell 14 days ago

    No chill gil is possibly the nicest guy in football

  • Nicolai Hurup
    Nicolai Hurup 14 days ago

    As a fan of Brøndby IF, I'll never acknowledge a shout out to Rudi Völler! The prick scored the goal that denied Brøndby to go into the final of the UEFA Cup in '91.

  • Maaz Ahmad
    Maaz Ahmad 15 days ago

    Does anyone remember george valiyntine? What happened to him?

  • Janne
    Janne 15 days ago

    Why don’t you have any fans?

  • Tyler FC
    Tyler FC 16 days ago

    9:57 Me trying to find out who said that.

  • Sean Peppard
    Sean Peppard 16 days ago

    I play for the West Essex under 15s 😂😂good to see our seniors here

  • Frazer Robertson
    Frazer Robertson 16 days ago

    Ross Gleed is a traditional English Center Midfielder and i love it!!.....Better then Pollock????

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming 16 days ago

    Where’s pitman

  • ZidaneHenryFrance
    ZidaneHenryFrance 16 days ago

    Samraj "5 star skiller" Gill

  • Skillybilly
    Skillybilly 16 days ago

    Where are all the originals gone

  • Nerdycrow 212
    Nerdycrow 212 16 days ago

    How many matchs

  • thommo1989
    thommo1989 16 days ago

    Ryan Adams looks like the guy from Paramore the singing band

  • Ben Hesford
    Ben Hesford 16 days ago

    Jesse is such a diver, this is non league, toughen up and stop throwing yourself to the floor

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno 16 days ago


  • Ian Kutch
    Ian Kutch 17 days ago +1

    No Chill Gill and Messi Waller-Lasen! Up the Tags!

  • Cool Midpos777 Adebanjo

    Who better spen or seb

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 17 days ago

      i appreciate that you keep the music off on devs' pre-match talk.

    Ryan SHEPHARD 17 days ago

    Samraj Gill : *does a fake shot*
    Spencer : *5 StAr SkIlLeR*🤤🤩

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 17 days ago

      I live in the south west essex

  • Mckenzie Coulson
    Mckenzie Coulson 17 days ago

    It’s pissing me off how Lewis hawes keeps playing

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 16 days ago

      i appreciate that you keep the music off on devs' pre-match talk.

  • Just Mike Plays
    Just Mike Plays 17 days ago +1

    Mow to Hashtag confirmed transfer.

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan 17 days ago

      I honestly don’t understand why hawes plays instead of pitman it blows my mind

  • David Ahmad
    David Ahmad 17 days ago

    Good ferformance
    Fans hashtag united from indonesia

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili 17 days ago +1

    At this point Hashtag United are better than Man Utd.

  • Simon Walton
    Simon Walton 17 days ago

    Who is faster Osude or Honesty?

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 17 days ago

    At this point Hashtag United are better than Man Utd.

  • RineyyHD
    RineyyHD 18 days ago

    Give glees a pro contract already

  • Caleb Short
    Caleb Short 18 days ago

    Did hashtag get a new home ground. And I just missed it.

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 18 days ago

    Imagine hashtag in the prem

  • HarmlessDino _
    HarmlessDino _ 18 days ago +1

    Guys what happened to Matt carter?

  • B-Twin40
    B-Twin40 18 days ago

    13:01 who's the crackhead at the back

  • Ben Welsh
    Ben Welsh 18 days ago +1

    Lp getting ran over has to be my highlight off the day 😂😂

  • Robin S
    Robin S 18 days ago +1

    Who's better?Ross Gleed or Lee Hursit?

  • 2 EZ
    2 EZ 18 days ago

    Gill is like Mahrez

  • Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Lewis 18 days ago

    I live in the south west essex

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 18 days ago

    i appreciate that you keep the music off on devs' pre-match talk.

  • Freddie Bennett
    Freddie Bennett 18 days ago

    Get UTR vs Hashtag united

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan 18 days ago

      Lets go for the W against Walhamstow!!! Come on boysss!! #UpTheTags

  • O driblador
    O driblador 18 days ago

    Por favor coloca lengendas em português bos vídeos eu sou do Brasil não entendo inglês

  • Hamza A
    Hamza A 18 days ago

    I honestly don’t understand why hawes plays instead of pitman it blows my mind

  • Football Life
    Football Life 18 days ago

    Jay should have got Tottenham job

  • Ignas Ramanauskas
    Ignas Ramanauskas 18 days ago

    You know you've lost bad when u celebrate a trip of a striker like a goal. That's the loudest those home fans were

  • shazeus7
    shazeus7 18 days ago

    Samraj Gill 🔥🔥🔥