Hibernian 3-0 Aberdeen | Boyle Bags a Brace as Hibs Batter Dons! | Ladbrokes Premiership

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • A Martin Boyle double with another from Florian Kamberi gave Jack Ross his third win in five matches as boss.
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Comments • 44

  • Bunky Johnson
    Bunky Johnson 29 days ago

    Quality of football on a MLS level. I thought I was watching a bunch of Yanks at LA Galaxy for fucks sake!

  • Mr Dankan
    Mr Dankan Month ago +1

    I’m an Aberdeen fan and this is just embarrassing also sad at the same time because it’s hibs (mid table team)

  • David MacInroy
    David MacInroy Month ago

    Kamberi's goal celebration!

  • Uncle Gilbert
    Uncle Gilbert Month ago

    Nobody there lol

  • George Donaldson
    George Donaldson Month ago

    Great result.... GGTTH

  • Slothy Woffy
    Slothy Woffy Month ago +1

    Some nice football by hibs here to be fair.

  • Arròs Cru
    Arròs Cru Month ago

    Awesome Ofir

  • Arròs Cru
    Arròs Cru Month ago


  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin Month ago +2

    As a Hibby it's always been a frustration that we aren't more consistent against smaller clubs in the league. 10 points against five such teams is a decent start for Ross.

  • Dan T
    Dan T Month ago +1

    Played absolutely amazing

  • PTS82
    PTS82 Month ago

    That pass from Allan... I just wanna have sex with it

  • Mathéo 03
    Mathéo 03 Month ago +2

    Pour moi petit français, c'est pas tous les jours que je vois Aberdeen se faire fister comme ça😂

  • Photographing Scotland

    That through ball from Scott Allan. 😍

  • Daniel Farquhar
    Daniel Farquhar Month ago +5

    Fair play to Hibs but Aberdeen shouldn't be losing 3-0 like that...

  • Ritchie McLeod
    Ritchie McLeod Month ago +3

    lovely commentary in the background from willie miller

  • OhThatDayInMay 7-0GGTTH

    Marvellous performance

  • 1875
    1875 Month ago +11

    Fantastic performance from Porteous yet again in comparison to a shaky one from McKenna. Must be knocking on the door for a Scotland start

    • Alan Morgan
      Alan Morgan Month ago +3

      More likely to be taking said door off its hinges with an unnecessary & agricultural lunge than knocking on it!

  • Kelly Brown
    Kelly Brown Month ago +8

    Can’t wait to see how many fans at our next home game

    After that performance

    • OhThatDayInMay 7-0GGTTH
      OhThatDayInMay 7-0GGTTH Month ago +2

      Kelly Brown the bottom tier of the family stand is always half empty just is what it is

  • GGTTHveteran86
    GGTTHveteran86 Month ago +8

    Imagine we played like this every game?! Our counter attacking was close to genius GGTTH

  • John S
    John S Month ago +1

    Yup Aberdeen certainly turned a corner lol. Only ever play for the badge when it’s against the Gers

    • Big Digits
      Big Digits Month ago +3

      Morelos shites it again against the other ugly sister

    • Pedroban leither Banks
      Pedroban leither Banks Month ago

      Aye it's a conspiracy 🤣

    • Ben7991
      Ben7991 Month ago +3

      @tribute act no he means the gers, can't you read?

    • tribute act
      tribute act Month ago

      you mean the new club.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +8

    Put Rocky back in goals and we get a clean sheet. No surprise. Second half we were class.

  • Can't touch This
    Can't touch This Month ago +3


  • John Legend
    John Legend Month ago +5

    BRAVO Hibernian!!!!!

  • Ben7991
    Ben7991 Month ago +12

    Tinpot club Aberdeen are, they treat the rangers fixtures as cup finals but as soon as they play teams like Hibs this is what happens...

    • Shooter McGavin
      Shooter McGavin Month ago +3

      You should be considering clubs like Aberdeen and Hibs your rivals. Rangers have been humiliated that many times by Celtic you could barely call it a rivalry.

    • Leo Mulgrew
      Leo Mulgrew Month ago +1

      If ur team had Aberdeens budget they would do the same thing.

    • Peter Finnie
      Peter Finnie Month ago

      So rangers can't win cup finals then tin pot club

    • EMTC Matt
      EMTC Matt Month ago

      Raging pal?

    • Nyr 1926
      Nyr 1926 Month ago +6

      A fan of THE Rangers commenting on a game between Hibs and Aberdeen... a game that doesn’t have any connection to his team at all, yet they’re the ones who always call everyone else obsessed. Funny that isn’t it? Anyway Ben how’d the final go iday? Your supposed 40mill striker canna score from a free shot at goal from 12 yards 😂 proper bottle merchants...

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown Month ago +16

    Utterly wonderful. Our legends in defence are playing better now. Well done lads