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  • Published on Sep 29, 2017
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu and his whistle controlled Yaka arrow, I think you can see where this is going, but this time real life. In this video we take a look a how I built a 'Yondu box', a whistle controlled rocket launcher that listens only for whistling and two distinct changes of pitch, even when there may be background noise. Keep an eye out for part two of project Yondu where I build and launch a homemade Yaka arrow.
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  • _ fcxrl
    _ fcxrl 5 months ago +2

    Who else are whistling while the vid is playing?

  • Michelle Traynor
    Michelle Traynor 6 months ago +1

    Step by step guide of how to become Mary Poppins

  • ASAR Gamers
    ASAR Gamers 6 months ago

    What is the name of the module


    Sir, from where I can purchase that whistle microcontroller

  • Erilaz
    Erilaz Year ago +1

    lol those two guys. That's almost like The Dude, from Big Lebowski strolled there.

  • lochan Parajuli
    lochan Parajuli Year ago

    Where can we buy the whistle

  • Jaden Murray
    Jaden Murray Year ago

    What's The Programmed whistle machine Called again??

  • Janthony Belk
    Janthony Belk Year ago

    Where did he get the whistle contraption

  • bikashakumar sahoo
    bikashakumar sahoo 2 years ago

    How to made at home

  • bikashakumar sahoo
    bikashakumar sahoo 2 years ago

    Plz give me your phone number

  • SPSplayerBG
    SPSplayerBG 2 years ago +1

    You should make one that return xD

  • Atakan561
    Atakan561 2 years ago

    thats so cool

  • Anton H
    Anton H 2 years ago

    The end was just brilliant!

  • Seung-Un Jin
    Seung-Un Jin 2 years ago

    try to integrate this arrow to your match rocket!

  • garima sharma
    garima sharma 2 years ago

    And add comment

  • garima sharma
    garima sharma 2 years ago

    Can't you see my video type namak sharma

  • Mandel YouTube
    Mandel YouTube 2 years ago

    42.3 pound Thor's hammer plz

  • Green Apple Bleach
    Green Apple Bleach 2 years ago

    BrainfooTV is brain food better than bleach?

  • Tealmoon18
    Tealmoon18 2 years ago +2

    But what if I can’t whistle?

  • AtrumNoxProductions
    AtrumNoxProductions 2 years ago +1

    Now, drop Thor's hammer as you whistle. Mid-air who would win!
    (Okay... maybe this isn't a good idea...)

  • Wooosh Farmer
    Wooosh Farmer 2 years ago

    do 91 lb thor hammer vs line-x next please

  • Ben Dordoy
    Ben Dordoy 2 years ago


  • St3ph0ninja
    St3ph0ninja 2 years ago

    Omg so cool and the end hilarious

  • Let's get GEEKY
    Let's get GEEKY 2 years ago +1

    That North Karen joke at da end do

  • dudi miah
    dudi miah 2 years ago +2

    is brainfoo a real drink xD

  • Olykir
    Olykir 2 years ago

    it seems so boring but it is so cool once you see it

  • MrSmoothvideos
    MrSmoothvideos 2 years ago

    Do a wireless version :) so the mic can be anywhere

  • Uncle D is Scary
    Uncle D is Scary 2 years ago


  • Pcssfc
    Pcssfc 2 years ago +2

    Watch out here comes my arrow it flies super fast

  • PigBroh
    PigBroh 2 years ago

    Can you cook an egg on a 1000 degree knife?

  • Ramiel-GP
    Ramiel-GP 2 years ago

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  • mark ward
    mark ward 2 years ago

    this was messing with my dog!

  • Craig Lister
    Craig Lister 2 years ago

    Very cool :)

  • Tahir Vivian
    Tahir Vivian 2 years ago

    Really cool and clever stuff!!!

  • koooo34
    koooo34 2 years ago

    Now, put it on your head!

  • General Junkman
    General Junkman 2 years ago

    Trumps gonna have his eyes on you!

  • frultimas prime
    frultimas prime 2 years ago +1

    Can u do a mini attack on titan sword with the detachable blades

  • xx ristevski
    xx ristevski 2 years ago

    amazin broooo

  • the scorching inventor

    Thank you you inspired me for a new projekt...

  • Shivank M
    Shivank M 2 years ago

    Let's just hope it doesn't fly into someone's throut

    • Ryan DeLeva
      Ryan DeLeva 2 years ago +1

      Awe5ome9amer21 dude that's exactly what you want

    • Matt
      Matt 2 years ago

      Awe5ome9amer21 *throat

  • Everything With Reza
    Everything With Reza 2 years ago

    Finally this is so amazing

  • Adam_7515
    Adam_7515 2 years ago +10

    Finally this is so amazing

    • Adam_7515
      Adam_7515 2 years ago +1

      BrainfooTV well when you do I'm sure it'll be brilliant like everything else you do

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago +1

      Thanks pal, just need to get Yondu's arrows built now 😀

  • Rishon Fernando
    Rishon Fernando 2 years ago


  • Bitchboy Brennan
    Bitchboy Brennan 2 years ago +1

    Can't wait for part 2

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago

      Should be a laugh, just building the arrows now

  • Jacob Fountain
    Jacob Fountain 2 years ago +1

    Do you have any other YT channels because you sound very familiar, jade plays games?

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago +2

      No, I have one of those annoying voices, that sound like other annoying voices

  • Awsome Magic
    Awsome Magic 2 years ago

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    • Awsome Magic
      Awsome Magic 2 years ago

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      Awsome Magic 2 years ago

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    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago

      Sorry, I have to buy them just like everyone else.

    • Awsome Magic
      Awsome Magic 2 years ago

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    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago

      I will have links to the unit on the website soon

  • Awsome Magic
    Awsome Magic 2 years ago


  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 2 years ago +59

    Let's hope Kim Jong Un can't whistle 😉

  • Tordenbob
    Tordenbob 2 years ago +18

    "real" footage of North Korean rocket test! Truly a spectacular show of strength!

  • Chris Evz
    Chris Evz 2 years ago +9

    Like this comment if you think @brainfootv should FaceTime me so I can set one off

    • Chris Evz
      Chris Evz 2 years ago

      DESFxNOVA haha I thought you were proper trolling me then 🤣

    • The Krimson King
      The Krimson King 2 years ago +1

      Nice try. But you'll need to try a bit harder than that to earn my like mate.

      JK LMAO you just got +1 like

    • Chris Evz
      Chris Evz 2 years ago

      Perfect just what you wanted then!

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago +1

      This added complication on top of filming and being next to 500mph rockets is exactly the sort of added danger I'm always looking to bring in 😂😂😂

  • GameFreak
    GameFreak 2 years ago


  • fadi shafo
    fadi shafo 2 years ago +1

    Wow thats cool

  • Digital Pyro
    Digital Pyro 2 years ago +48

    And then when everything is ready and set, a bird comes and fucks it all up.

  • schel sullivan
    schel sullivan 2 years ago +1

    Loved this one! Big smiles.

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago

      Thanks, It has Pyro in it Schel, it's a bit of you this one 👌

  • varaang tiwari
    varaang tiwari 2 years ago +2

    Brainfoo you know that i have been in the notification sqaud and i am commenting and seeing before 100 views

  • varaang tiwari
    varaang tiwari 2 years ago +4

    Nice loved it sooooo much

  • kruentis
    kruentis 2 years ago +2

    Omg I'm so early

  • Illumin4rchie
    Illumin4rchie 2 years ago +15

    I’m Mary Popins ya’ll

  • Major
    Major 2 years ago

    First (probably not)

  • StickNodes FTW
    StickNodes FTW 2 years ago +1

    That's the next gen weapon