Survival Logic Riddles To Quiz Your Mystery Skills 👀 w/ @LaurenzSide

  • LaurenzSide and Gloom?! Doing riddles?! Let's solve some puzzles and try to outsmart each other. We're a good team for a daily IQ test. Is the title just a jumble of words that don't make sense? Yeah it is.
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  • Elisha Wagner-Lopez
    Elisha Wagner-Lopez 14 minutes ago

    Gloom/kassie: only old peeps use Facebook
    Meh: I watch meh mom do Facebook and I watch 5 min crafts on facebook

  • Monique Moss
    Monique Moss 3 hours ago

    My mom is on Facebook and she is in her 30s

  • Dylan Said
    Dylan Said 13 hours ago

    I know laurenzside

  • Michaela Stamenova
    Michaela Stamenova 15 hours ago

    I don’t have a date😿

  • TheTishaVerse
    TheTishaVerse 15 hours ago

    Alisons house looks very much like the gacha bedroom

    Alison must be a gacha person

  • Cameron Bigford
    Cameron Bigford 16 hours ago


  • Alisson Recinos
    Alisson Recinos 19 hours ago

    My name is alisson

  • heather pifer
    heather pifer 21 hour ago

    My mom is on Facebook

  • Riley Slagle
    Riley Slagle 21 hour ago

    I would save my animals I don’t need no one of the others

    • Riley Slagle
      Riley Slagle 21 hour ago

      Like not in real life I would try and save my mom,dad,cat,dog,and my sister

  • Cookielover
    Cookielover Day ago

    Am a kid i have facebook

  • cool girl100
    cool girl100 Day ago +1

    Kassie: only old people use facebook

    Well everybody in philippines ok im a filipino so ya

    • Autumn
      Autumn 13 hours ago

      It’s 17+ I-

  • Rahwa Abrha
    Rahwa Abrha Day ago

    Kassie: have you ever been cheated on?

  • Forbes Twins
    Forbes Twins Day ago +1

    Have you ever been locked in a house bofore kassie ?

  • Little_ Eggs
    Little_ Eggs Day ago

    Kassie: Have you been cheated on?

    Me: No because i'm 9 years old. :3 I don't deal with all that CHAOS

  • Vaida Kulikauskaite


  • Thomas jamotte
    Thomas jamotte Day ago

    I would grab the dog and only the dog 🐶

  • zuzanas world
    zuzanas world Day ago

    kassie:can i have an auto graph


    Kassie: oh

  • Nikewester YT
    Nikewester YT Day ago

    13:44 a part of the backround is gacha life lol

  • Khitam H
    Khitam H 2 days ago

    Hey lankybox did the second riddle were lauren is the "vlogger"

  • Foxy Z5
    Foxy Z5 2 days ago


  • Vanessa Harlow
    Vanessa Harlow 2 days ago

    It's official I'm unsubscribing I use Facebook and I'm only 32

  • RAUL alonso
    RAUL alonso 2 days ago

    the cat's name is my name

  • Don Andres
    Don Andres 2 days ago

    Kids like Facebook not just old people

  • Chloe Williams-moorey

    11:16 my old schoolmate and ex can just get out anyway

  • Kyrah white
    Kyrah white 2 days ago

    i love u and hope your day is great

  • Jadyn’s Gacha Life Animations

    Kassie:have you ever been cheated on

    Me:I feel your pain I got cheated on by my Pringles my dog stole them she stole there hearts😭😭😭😭
    Like if you feel my pain

  • Oriannys Villalonga
    Oriannys Villalonga 2 days ago


    WOLFY17 DRAWS 2 days ago

    12:45 I said twilight saga😂😂

  • Shyamalie Wijeratne
    Shyamalie Wijeratne 2 days ago

    Joanna fears even the smallest height so we tied her to a tree

    my face = :DDDDDD

  • Ayush Thakur
    Ayush Thakur 2 days ago

    this video has more views the Laurens video

  • kaynetheballplayer is so cool

    If u r deaf u can not talk

  • Kirste McCrindle
    Kirste McCrindle 3 days ago

    My sister that is 18 and she has facebook drop a like if you dont agree kassie!

  • Daria Hachem
    Daria Hachem 3 days ago

    I would save my dog

  • bella schneider
    bella schneider 3 days ago

    recently, i saw one of Lauren"s videos and it was called: tamodatchi life drama, and at he BBQ oli got smoke in his eye and someone eles said "this is fun" in that way she said it

  • Shirley Regalado
    Shirley Regalado 3 days ago

    No because if you save your ex then that means you're not a psychopath and you don't want them dead

  • Me Name Jeff
    Me Name Jeff 3 days ago


    JESS ZAGWYN 3 days ago

    I have Facebook and I’m 8

    JESS ZAGWYN 3 days ago

    Gloom says her name is Lauren and really her name is Kim

  • Xxwolfie tearsXx
    Xxwolfie tearsXx 3 days ago

    Kasey:only old people play Facebook.
    Me: show's facebook account but I'm not old..☹️

  • Stormy Prine
    Stormy Prine 4 days ago

    I went with dog and it’s true

  • kcf
    kcf 4 days ago

    kassie have you been cheated on and you saw

    RBLX MmoSRUP 4 days ago


  • Addiemation Gamer
    Addiemation Gamer 4 days ago

    I know her last name

  • Artic LPS
    Artic LPS 4 days ago +2

    These riddles are dumb.........GET A MIND!👺

  • HuskyGirlYT
    HuskyGirlYT 4 days ago

    I didnt see the answer but it was the girl because the boy may of tride to save her

  • Cresenciana Bautista

    Kassie:"Well old people use facebok"
    Me:my classmates and me use facebook and
    im 9 and 3rd grade
    Lauren:"No its facebook"

  • Mecha gamer’s Sister

    You must stop on one part you said Kim

  • x d
    x d 5 days ago +6

    Kassie: have you ever been cheated on
    Lauren: actually yeah *at this point Kassie realized that Lauren is dead in side*

  • Stacy Wilson
    Stacy Wilson 5 days ago +1

    Because they agree no parachutes

  • TheoLOLxD
    TheoLOLxD 5 days ago

    kassie really doesnt like alison

  • Armen Dermentjian
    Armen Dermentjian 5 days ago

    6:17 she didn’t say Lauren!!!

  • Hoi im TEMMIE
    Hoi im TEMMIE 6 days ago

    I have a few phobias!
    Phobias fears of:
    Being Alone
    The dark
    and i forgot the others LOL

  • skullcrusher101 gamer

    My brother 12mm hey Trace Facebook

  • Allie Pop
    Allie Pop 6 days ago

    My name is Allison.......😥

  • Bee Kay
    Bee Kay 6 days ago

    That was a gacha life bedroom

  • althea laurice
    althea laurice 6 days ago +1


  • Janet Bower
    Janet Bower 6 days ago


  • Jamontae Swint
    Jamontae Swint 7 days ago

    Who is Kim

  • Daniel Kofler
    Daniel Kofler 7 days ago

    5:23 Kassie said Kim not Lauren

  • shortyshortsmcshorts

    at 5:23 she said Kim instead of Lauren

  • moonlxght lilo
    moonlxght lilo 7 days ago

    My name is Jenifer but with one "n"

  • IVANA Ajtovska
    IVANA Ajtovska 7 days ago


  • Naomi Tewolde
    Naomi Tewolde 7 days ago

    i like azzyland more than that girl

  • juliana19845
    juliana19845 7 days ago

    Iam 9 and iam an facebook

  • Atllantida Rexha
    Atllantida Rexha 7 days ago

    Hay kassi wat es Loren qanol

  • Amira Ahmed
    Amira Ahmed 8 days ago

    Me I just fell on the floor

  • premiliza sanchez
    premiliza sanchez 8 days ago

    I like lauran she look like Mal

  • Yohann Michael
    Yohann Michael 8 days ago

    5:22 gloom just called lauren kim!?!?!?!
    Like if heard

  • Yumeko San
    Yumeko San 8 days ago

    The first quiz the boy looks like boby XD

  • Delaine Duffey
    Delaine Duffey 8 days ago


  • gulbike bulatova
    gulbike bulatova 8 days ago +1

    Everyone:Talking about Cassie asking Lauren if she was cheated on
    Me:he doesnt have ears...those are envelopes

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 8 days ago

    13:42 *THE GACHA BED!!!!*

  • Panda06 Cocoa
    Panda06 Cocoa 8 days ago +1

    Um Kassie mu mom is still on face book and she doesn't like being called old but no offence.😊

  • Tyler Julliard
    Tyler Julliard 8 days ago

    I am very disappointed in people sometimes

    KITTYMEWZIK 8 days ago

    Kassie : can I have an autograph?


  • Tyler Julliard
    Tyler Julliard 8 days ago

    Your lucky Kassie! You know Lauren and Azzy!

  • Elena Paquette Birch

    My mom and dad go on facebook

  • Betiel Tekie, Ängskolan 7-9, 8A


  • Jennifer Carrick
    Jennifer Carrick 9 days ago +1

    When the video says
    "Is he or her cheating?"
    Me "well if he wasn't cheating you would not of said is he cheating!"

  • Kyla Cavan
    Kyla Cavan 9 days ago

    Falsehood!i have facebook and im 10